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  1. fisticuffs

    WWE General Discussion - May 2009

    What happened here? What's the deal with the slow board activity?
  2. fisticuffs

    Monday Night Raw Discussion

    Has anyone had more finishing moves than the Big Show? It seems like he's trying to get a new one over every few months.
  3. fisticuffs

    WWE General Discussion - May 2009

    As for the Raw issue, I wonder if they'd cancel the Raw house show that Sunday and tape Raw that night instead? As for the submission PPV, the only name that sounds remotely decent is Breaking Point (But that sounds too much like a TNA PPV name). It'd be cool if they moved to the smaller building and promoted an old school night where none of the arena is marked off for the Raw set and wrestlers came out from behind a curtain and made their way through the crowd to get to the ring. It would solve the seating issue and I'd be interested in seeing it.
  4. fisticuffs

    Monday Night Raw Discussion

    The Miz/Cena thing reminds me of Jericho/Goldberg from 1998.
  5. fisticuffs

    Who gave the Best/Worst promo

    If I absolutely have to fill the arena, I want Jake Roberts cutting the promo. Paul Heyman's pretty damn good on the stick and I loved Kurt Angle's mic work during the Austin feud.
  6. fisticuffs

    What if? Topics

    What if Edge never fucked Lita? Does he make the main event if that never happened?
  7. fisticuffs

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    That's what I thought.
  8. fisticuffs

    The 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania Thread

    Holy shit, Dragon can still work
  9. fisticuffs

    2009 Hall of Fame

    It's such bullshit that the ravishing one isn't in the HOF yet. And I think you might be selling him short by calling him a mid-level guy. I know he never won the World Championship (they didn't pimp it out as much as they do now), but I considered him to be one of the company's main draws. Is Vince still pissed over Rude leaving the WWF and showing up on Nitro live while being part of the taped edition of RAW? And Tully and Double A have to go in together if they're ever inducted
  10. Jake Roberts would have laughed his ass off if some Hollywood writer handed him a scripted promo.
  11. fisticuffs

    TSM Call to Action Campaign 2009

    This is my favorite segment involving JBL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jOYiEGtD9oo
  12. Workers coming up with their own stuff used to happen. The process of the writers scripting out things word for word has now taken over. Some workers, Jericho and Michaels, for instance, have far more leeway in scripting their promos than others. The major/critical problem about totally scripting a promo or even a match (This was discussed when the TNA script was leaked and the matches were written out, move for move) is that it doesn't allow for the talent to improvise if the crowd doesn't react positively. If the audience starts to crap on a segment and the worker can't improv his way out of it, he'll either panic or continue to give a promo/segment that is already bombing. That's why no one under 40 can cut a money promo.
  13. fisticuffs

    TSM Call to Action Campaign 2009

    No Way Out 2006 Kurt Angle vs the Undertaker http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jhRLM1J4pzs
  14. Every match has a producer listed. That person probably goes over the spots and finish face-to-face.
  15. fisticuffs

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    I'm sure this has been brought up a few times, but would Edge have ever been a maineventer if he never fucked Lita?