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  1. Biggles

    Something I don't get

    I'm a diehard WCW fan so I can understand taht completely If I'd judged them on their crap I really would have thought they sucked balls, but their great stuff for me always outweighed the WWE's best. And to be honest, at many times throughout the 90's, and beyond, I'd have taken some of WCW's worst shows over the product that Vinnie Mac's promoted to the masses.
  2. Biggles

    Something I don't get

    To be honest I've not really seen anyone do that. I've seen people on various boards comment about how a particular match sucks but I really can't think of any time that I've seen someone say "oh my god, that opening match was crap, what an awful promotion". I think most people will usually bash the workers involved, or some kind of aesthetic or stipulation of the match itself, for stinking, not the entire promotion on the basis of one match.
  3. Biggles

    ROH - Scramble Cage Melee

    yeah, it's a hell of an achievement to do what he does like that. I asumed he couldn't be completely in the dark though, one because it'd be too dangerous for himself and anyone else he's wrestling, surely? and the fact that he's trying to get the light out of his eyes when he comes out for that match.
  4. Biggles

    ROH - Scramble Cage Melee

    Just how blind is this Eddie dude? I mean, how can he wrestle like that, the idea of some blind guy being up on a platform that high and flipping off it while holding someone else seems a bit sadistic to me. And, how come when he makes his understated entrance does he a couple of times put his hand up to get the light out of his eyes?
  5. Biggles

    HTQ on TNA's debut on Spike

    Agree with all that, HTQ. As it's been said over and over, "you don't see this on Smackdown and Raw" and that's what they need to focus on. Jarrett and Nash I just have no faith in. It didn't draw in WCW five years ago when both were better workers and more over. Why will it now, especially when Nash looks ready to cripple over in a heap?