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    Storm Predictions

    Bonus Prediction: Will the federation thrive until October? I hope so, I'll try to do my part (On that note, we need more feuds! Who wants to kick Myers ass? Come on now you all know you want to) NON-TITLE MATCH Gabriel Drake© vs Ricky Barbosa Barbosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! As surprising as the end of Pirates of the Caribean 2 SWF INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP #1 CONTENDERSHIP Alan Clark© Vs Michael Stephens probably NOT as surprising as the end of PotC 2 with Toxxphens winning HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH Insane Luchador Vs Jimmy the Doom © tough one if both writes, hella easy if only one writes in a pinch I'll go with IL HARDCORE MATCH Matt "Insert Gimmick Here" Myers (with James "Insert Adjunct Gimmick Here" Matheson) vs. Zyon I'll take side bets on what gimmick I wrote, come on you know you want to guess TAG TEAM ACTION JJ Johnson and Manson vs. Asia Underground (Michael Cross and Akira Kaibatsu) Asian Underground promises team work, unity, motivation - WORKRATE~! So I'll go with JJ'N'M SINGLES MATCH Johnny ‘the Barracuda’ Dangerous Vs Calvin Szechstein C-Alvin the chipmunk NON-TITLE SINGLES MATCH Wildchild© vs Zack Malibu This should be a hell of a match since these guys are some of the best match writers I've ever seen WC takes it since he only has SWF focus
  2. So awesome that he's marking the whole shebang *thumbs up*
  3. Bruce Blank

    Wrestling Society X (WSX)

    .....huh? Sorry I'll edit it: Hart & Dogg vs Trailer Park Boys w/Webb as manager Kaos & Aaron Aguliera vs Luke & some deathmatch guy And Kriss Kloss saying "XPW" alot Ohhhh okie dokie. I think the other deathmatch guy might be Youth Suicide. it's Alkatrazz actually, who was in the 10 man explode-a-thon in episode 1
  4. Zyon? Hardcore? Myers is in deep doo-doo. Should be fun
  5. Bruce Blank

    Feedback for 2/8 HD

    Tony-Toni-Tone, you forgot the H1 Grand Prix update segment with Tony Schiavone.
  6. Bruce Blank

    HeldDOwn booking FEb 8th

    H1 Grand Prix Qualifying Tournament Round 1 James Blonde Vs Jumbo the winner of this match faces Ramone Guterrez for the spot in the H1 Grand Prix tournament Lumberjack Match James Wolfenstein Vs Asmodai Wolfenstein is still working with more or less one good arm but he's still bound and determined to get his revenge on Gibraltar, Saint Andrew and anyone else who's been attacking him - which brings us to Asmodai, the Foot Solider who's so far run away every time he's had a match scheduled with the Lone Wolf. Enter the Lumberjacks - five guys on each side with the express purpose of keeping the two men in the ring. Will Gibraltar be one of the lumberjacks? Will Bill Neilson? Also: An update on the H1 Grand Prix qualifiers from around the world (Done) Match The Freebird Vs the Sadist (Done) Thursday the colorful & powerful Freebird made his debut, but it seems to have ruffled some feathers both with the fans and the boys in the back, despite being a clean match and the Freebird being respectful towards everyone. Suspicious have been hinted at but no one has come right out and said what they were talking about. Maybe tonight is the night if I have time Ramone & "Big" Dave Vs Venom & Discovery like you don't know the story here by now - fun fact, El Esperito, Supernova & Space Phaero will all be unavailable on Thursday as they compete in the latter rounds of the HI-YAH: Mexico and HI-GATE H1 Grand prix qualifying tournaments, so hopefully interferance should be at a minimum.
  7. Bruce Blank

    Clusterfuck Comments...

    That main event... wow, a thing of beauty. Now I'm really glad I didn't write because I doubt I could have beaten THAT! and "The Donald"? Nice one, in fact I liked it so much I've decided that "The Donald" will appear on Storm as well Man once again JJJ is denied the big prize as "The Beast" adds another name to his list - You'd almost think this was all pre-booked with Landon being more or less the only guy to beat Drake so far. It's a PPV main event I can't wait to see as for Wild & Dangerous remind me to *NOT* find a partner for Matt Myers In closing Matt "Ash Ketchum" Myers you say? funny cause I had Myers imitate another SWF wrestler in my plans, only I had him come out as Janus, only to have the real deal come out as the next entrant and put the poor guy through a table (so he'd be out of the match for a while as eliminations take place) I may just have to use Ash Ketchum down the road
  8. Bruce Blank

    Promo: Losing

    Is Mr. Kobe going to find a ventriliquist's dummy? If he is then I'm digging it.
  9. Bruce Blank


    Spoilsport - a 15 match PPV would rock! I got two planned right now H1 Grand Prix Tournament Final Mask Vs Mask Ramone Juan Jesus Gutierrez Vs Venom It's the time honored tradition when finishing off a big feud in Mexico I don't think I'll even contemplate writing more myself, I want these two to have my undivided focus when the time comes.
  10. Backlund showed up at least once in Herb Abrams UWF somewhere between 90 and 92
  11. Bruce Blank

    Comments which don't warrant a thread

    You know what? Handing in the notice isn't necessarily an indicator that he isn't willing to make a deal with the WWE - but now he's free to explore his options, talk to TNA and see what they got to offer. Maybe even squeeze more money out of Vince to keep him away from TNA instead of just letting them roll over on the current contract. Smart move, he either stays and makes a lot more money or he leaves for TNA.
  12. Bruce Blank

    Storm Card for February 7

    Yeah but who calls for Pizza?
  13. Bruce Blank

    Wrestling Society X (WSX)

    And here it is for those who can't watch it on their website: Puma Vs Human Tornado Vs Luke
  14. Bruce Blank

    Feedback Thread For The February 1, 2007 OAOAST HeldDOWN~!

    Well this was a weird show for me – I was like “Kawada has a match” The inclusion of Kawada & Ramone in the tournament surprised me – although I think I remember talking to someone about it like over a month ago, slipped my mind. Btw – I forget who’s in charge of the X-Division tournament but could you gimme a quick PM with what sort of plans (time wise & involvement wise) you have for Ramone (and the other H1 qualifier participant James Blonde) if you will? Cause that way I can make sure we don’t have any plans clashing. And yes there are 3 tournaments under way – fortunately they’re pretty different, tag, singles and the H1 Tournament will be a round robin point scoring type of thing, so I think they’ll co-exists nicely. What else can I say? The X-Division tournament were great, in fact the way Kawada lost plays into an overall storyarch I’m building for him *thumbs up* And yet another strong CoD match – the South Central Militia looked more competitive than they did against the Lone Wolfs last week… so we all know what that means Bill Neilson >>>>>> Chicks Over Dicks Or maybe not Good show, I see a *LOT* of build towards AngleMania, almost time to post a booking thread
  15. Bruce Blank

    HeldDOWN booking Feb 1st

    I know it's a bit early and that everyone has PPV things on their mind - but see I'm looking towards the NEXT angle after Zack/Bruce (since one way or the other it ends Sunday) and well I need 2 people, prefereably a face & a heel or two faces for HeldDOWN in regards to an angle involving one of my characters (gotta keep up the mystery of if it's Bruce or not) Their part in the angle would only see them used for one week then then they'll be free for anyone to use at all. I'd love to have someone who's a step above Asmodai & other jobbers to give it an air of credibility since it is an angle with a shiny golden belt involved. And I'm fully prepared to return the favor for anyone who lends me their character for a week.
  16. Bruce Blank

    WWE 24/7

    Urgh - talk about a program that does NOT want me to plunk money down for 24/7
  17. Bruce Blank

    HeldDOWN booking Feb 1st

    I can't believe it - I've managed to do everything I set out to do, tonight I'm not the guy holding it up (for a change)
  18. Bruce Blank

    Wrestling Society X (WSX)

    Yep it is.
  19. Bruce Blank

    Wrestling Society X (WSX)

    Are you referring to WWE and TNA as being about psychology and story telling? Well.... thank god for my tape collection
  20. Bruce Blank

    Wrestling Society X (WSX)

    It'll probably hit YouTube in a few days, that's where I watched the first episode. and yes it's a little goofy and "MTV-ized" but the Sydal/Evans match was entertaining and most of the main event was cool - seeing Justin Credible do something other than work at Target, Vampiro looking pretty good and all and the fact that the only guy who seemed to get an instant negative reaction before doing anything at all was 6-Pac who is blessed with the incredible "Go away you annoying toerag" kinda heat that he seems to convince promoters is legit, money drawing heel heat LOL. I was entertained - that'll do for me, let other federations be about psychology and selling and story telling in the ring, bring on the spot-tastics. Side Note: You can also use a US Based proxy to watch the video - I do it all the time, it's dead easy with FireFox
  21. Well ... erm... it's not happening this year, I sat down and I tried, I got through Mike, Zyon and like 2 more but that's all I've got and little time to write in - which is a shame cause I had a really awesome gimmick picked out for Myers. There is also the fact that Mike is writing and well I've never beaten Mike which may also explain why I'm just mentally blocked (and tied up at work) Then again Matt Myers winning the Clusterfuck? No one would ever believe that - I mean does the Brooklyn Brawler win the Rumble?
  22. Bruce Blank

    No Way Out Main Event Announced

    make it a three way match with Lashley and Holly, after all Taker might feel like slumming and going for that title as well
  23. Bruce Blank

    California Championship Wrestling

    Now when you say "Virgil" - you don't mean "Bodyguard" Virgil / "nWo B-Team" Vincent / Curley Joe / Mr. Lonely at an autograph signing do you?
  24. Bruce Blank

    Anglepalooza After Party

    LOL no I meant in character, none of the OAOAST wrestlers liked Bruce at all - it's not rare to be disliked by the fans but by the entire locker room? that usually only happens if you forget to shake the Undertaker's hand
  25. I think it was the middle of june in 1982 if I'm not mistaken