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    AnglePalooza booking

    There will be one late addtion James Wolfenstein Vs "The guy that paid off the Footsoldiers & the South Central Militia"
  2. Bruce Blank

    1/17 Storm Comments

    3.0 was me for one match... well 2 now And I'm glad people are enjoying the Myers stuff, I always wanted to do comedy but Bruce Blank usually got too heavy handed and vile to invite the comedy, but Myers is perfect. And I've wanted to do an underdog character for a long time, it was either take over or just job out for 6 months straight and then win. the always "changing gimmick" gimmick doesn't hurt either
  3. Bruce Blank

    WON News + Notes, Jan 15 Issue

    Yeah but that was a TOTAL fluke - come on now we ALL know that, it was just LUCKY that it happened like that, not something that Heyman put some energy and thought into making happen coupled with Punk's own intangiable qualities, no, no it was just a fluke. then again if say Lasley's verness is what happens "by desgin" then sign me up for the "Fluke overness" any day.
  4. Bruce Blank

    HD Booking for 1/25/07

    Maybe Landon is working a "Memento" short term memory loss gimmick And as for me - well HOPEFULLY I can get the South Central Militia Vs Wolfenstein & "Partner" together plus a few words on their Rumble chances from Kawada, Esperito & It
  5. Bruce Blank

    1/17 Storm Comments

    Ah come on if they're from one of those islands over there in that general area they're ALL Jamaican come back when the Bahamas has bobsleigh team in the olympics (side note: Are they called Bahamian? Bahamamamas? Bahamaranians? Bahamericans?)
  6. Bruce Blank

    1/17 Storm Comments

    Clark is more "fuzzy-wuzzy" loveable like Foley than Mike is. And yes I'm back, but with a personality disorder I wanted a total departure from the Blank character, so what better than everyone's favorite underdog Matt Myers? Good show from what I've read so far, interesting developments and congratulations to a certain Jamaican as well
  7. Bruce Blank

    SWF Storm Card for January 24, 2007

    Note to the Neutral One... and well everyone else I guess. My profile is up in the appropriate thread, it's probably NOT what you expected
  8. Bruce Blank


    (I'm back - but not as you think ) Wrestlers Name: Matt "<Insert Thing Here>" Myers Height: 6'3" Weight: 221 Hometown: Honolulu, Hawaii (Origonally from New Haven, Connecticut) Age: 23 Face/Heel: Super-Underdog-Face Stable: None Ring Escort: None Weapon(s): Anything ringside, but if he happens to stumble across his trusty wallet-chain, HELL YES! Quote: No real quotes here, after all when you don’t win a lot you hardly ever get mic time. Looks: Basic Looks/Outside Of The Ring: Meh, whatever. It doesn't really matter he’ll generally be “In character” after all Ring Gear: It’s different each time depending on what gimmick he’s got this week. Ring Entrance: Whatever song you want, but no pyro, and the lights do not dim in any way. Myers is not good enough to get dim lights or explosions although the occasional color change or smoke effect to go with the gimmick is acceptable. Stats: ¯¯¯¯¯ Strength: 4 (Can pull of a few power moves, but would rather stick to arm drags, scoop slams if anything other than flying moves. His strength is similar to the amount of Christian; he can lift people that weigh up to 250 Pounds) Speed: 8 (What the...Which way did he go? His judo kicks are similar to Tajiri, very swifts and making a big impact sound and same for his high-flying moves. Has qualities of Rob Van Dam, Tajiri, with a smidgen of Billy Kidman) Vitality: 2 (He can take somewhat of a beating, but a finisher will put him to rest as demonstrated repeatedly on SWF Television) Charisma: 6 (He's so fricken' over! People love Matt Myers especially now that he’s been able to pick up a surprise victory!) Style: Matt Myers wrestles kind of like a cruiserweight, as he uses both high-flying moves and he has some technical moves up his sleeve. Also, Matt Myers will resort to martial art moves to get him trough matches, such as any martial arts kick, punch, or combos, such as spinning kicks and punch/kick combos, he often uses a swift kick to any body part to get out of a hold or submission Myers style is influenced by the fact that he’s been beaten so many times that he’s lost confidence in his skills, he’ll be a bit apprehensions at times (especially with bigger opponents) and has to fight against the “Jobber mentality” that he’s had drilled into him since he returned in 2005 – with a few victories under his belt the Matt Myers of old may reappear Signature moves: 1) Corkscrew Moonsault. Sometimes will use this as a finisher in matches 2) 450 Splash. If Myers misses this, he'll be down for a bit 3) Diamond Cutter 4) Basically an evenflow DDT, all expect it's good enough to use as a finisher sometimes 5) Dragon Sleeper hold, but Myers usually sweeps the legs of his oponent, and hooks them as well, so they fall to the mat, making it very hard to move around 6) Formerly known as Death Myers Driver I, Matt Myers scoops his oponent up into a Death Valley Driver Position, and then pushes his oponent over into a tombstone piledriver, and then slams them down. Even with a 4/10 strength, Matt can pull this off, just very quickly and not as effective and only to people in the Cruiserweight division. Common moves: 1) Leg Drop 2) Moonsault 3) Spinning Wheel Kick 4) Super Kick 5) Running Powerslam 6) Spinebuster 7) Powerbomb 8) Russian Leg Sweep 9) Tornado DDT 10) Flying Cross-body 11) Belly-To-Belly Suplex 12) Frogsplash Rare moves: 1) Shooting Star Press 2) Gorilla Press (Usually Done to smaller opponents that are less than 200 pounds) 3) TKO (Usually a last resort, but can be done when driven to the edge in matches. He usually does this one and only one, and it’s usually a complete desperation attempt) Finishers: 1) Basically a Ki Krusher 99, Matt catches his opponent in a fisherman's suplex position, pulls them up into the air, and then turns them on to their back and slams them down in a piledriver type move. Very devastating 2) For people who he quite can't pick up with the above, Matt kicks them in their gut, as they double over. Now this is where it gets kind of confusing. Matt gets on their neck so he's facing the way they are facing, grabs the arm and hooks them as if he was to do a pedigree, and jumps into the air and slams their head and neck on to the ground. So it's basically a pedigree with Matt facing the other direction 3) Black Mist (The traditional black mist. Also comes in other colors) Myers, well, Myers sucks in general. Those signature moves up there? You can ignore them if you want, or use them and give them a fitting name that goes with the gimmick of the week. So, yeah...it's Matt Myers, everyone’s favorite job boy. History: Matt Myers is your basic “Enhancement Talent”, he has been since he made his SWF return late in 2005. The only real difference between Matt Myers and the other people on the roster hired just to make guys look good is that Myers has a “rotating gimmick” gimmick – the higher ups thought it’d be a cool way to do product ties ins, take advantage of current events and well generally have a laugh – usually at Myers expense. But he’s taken the idea to heart, coming up with gimmick after gimmick week in and week out while also making time to squeeze in time to look at the arena lights. Spending more time on the canvas than Michelangelo has taken it’s toll on Matt though, his confidence is at an all time low right now. There is one positive thing that’s happened though, Myers managed to pull off a huge upset by beating the returning Ghost Machine V3.0 and then a week later he lucked into a victory over Wayne Blank due to an unscheduled appearance of Zack Malibu. Has Myers broken his streak of bad luck? Will the plucky kid overcome? Will he actually rise up and make a name of himself after paying enough dues to build him a separate win in the Hall of Fame? Time will tell, then fans are rooting for Matt – they want the underdog to succeed, whether he can or not is up to Matt. The pressure is on.
  9. Bruce Blank

    HD Booking for 1/25/07

    With James Riggs on the otherside it screams for Dance Dance Dragon to be the "?"
  10. Bruce Blank

    HeldDOWN booking 18 Jan

    Segment "Zack Malibu: This will be your life" Tag-Team Revenge James Wolfenstein & "Partner" Vs the South Central Militia And well I wouldn't be surprised to see something from the Vatos/Space Cadets feud, could be a few (Japanese) words from Kawada after his bloodbad with Esperito and well who knows after "It's" singles match from this week
  11. Bruce Blank

    WON News + Notes, Jan 15 Issue

    Well I didn't say "surprised" - amused by their total lack of common sense (and glad that because of the net the WWE aren't my only source of wrestling any more)
  12. Bruce Blank

    Puroresu comments

    Definitly Muta scale, and the Vader/Inoki match is I believe Vader's debut with the gimmick (or one of his very early matches, pre-WCW for sure)
  13. Bruce Blank

    Clusterfuck Discussion

    Common Sense?? well then I'm boned
  14. Bruce Blank

    WCW facts, tidbits, and stuff people forgot

    Because they weren't "Whacky tag-team partners that didn't get along" and thus not the type of team Russo would push 99% of the time.
  15. Bruce Blank

    Puroresu comments

    I have a question that some of you may be able to answer - is there a site or sites outthere with NJPW/AJPW etc show results going way back? I've gotten a bunch of Japanese matches (bunch of muta matches, some old Road Warriors in Japan, Vader etc) and I'm looking for the dates of these matches. Anyone know where I'd be able to look up when the Muta/Hase match happened for instance - or Vader/Inoki?
  16. Bruce Blank

    SpoilDown! Smacklers

    Oh just fuckin' lovely - Undertaker/Batista coming our way whether we want it or not. Then again I can hope they use that for No Way Out instead of WM... yeah I doubt it too
  17. Bruce Blank

    AnglePalooza booking

    And Faqu was one of the featured players in the New Year's Knock Out, I'd say he'd be a good addition
  18. Bruce Blank

    AnglePalooza booking

    YES!! It has made it to the big times
  19. Bruce Blank

    WON News + Notes, Jan 15 Issue

    Man I looooooooooove their ability to talk out of both sides of their asses in the WWE CM Punk: Pay your dues you little know-nothing n00b Lashley: Have the ECW Title Mr. Lashley and can I polish your car? pathetic, but unfortunately not surprising
  20. Bruce Blank

    The Old School questions thread

    The only time I've ever seen them was at Wrestlemania III and VI. Since those were huge stadium shows, the idea (I would guess) was to get the wrestlers to the ring faster and without exerting undue energy. My personal theory is that they used to carts because Andre the Giant couldn't walk that far to the ring. They were different carts each time, no recycling there - I think part of the reason was because of Andre, he'd be too frigging winded if he had to walk half way across the Silverdome or the Sky dome, plus it looked really cool, added a "this is big time" vibe to it that I liked.
  21. Bruce Blank

    Wrestling Society X (WSX)

    I stumbled on this and then felt like adding "and X-Pac"
  22. Bruce Blank

    Clusterfuck Discussion

    Two words - WOOOOO and HOOOO (or: I like) And maybe I'll finally kick Mike's ass... erm I mean, not that I'm in the SWF or anything, nope, not me *waves hand* nothing to see here
  23. Bruce Blank

    Feedback for 1/11 HD

    Execllent show - the tag-team tournament is definitly wide open right now, the semis should be really interesting. Poor Heat, althought he seems to be getting over it - he don't like no golddiggers, excellent turn of events and Heat definitly has heaps of sympathy going into the big title defense next week, I can't wait to read it. we're 3 for 3 in 2007
  24. Bruce Blank

    SWF Storm Card for January 17, 2007

    Now, Now it was quite OBVIOUSLY a robot that Matt Myers beat on Storm not the Blankster And that's a sweet card
  25. Maybe a Smackdown guy won't win the Rumble and they'll have to find another way to set up the WrestleMania match