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    Who should win the Royal Rumble 07?

    My personal preference would to NOT see Batista/Taker and out of the options left, with a smart build I'd say a Finlay/Batista scrapping type of brawl would rock. Of course that'd mean the WWE writers would have to put some creativity and effort into it, so we'll probably see Taker win the Rumble or something like an ECW/SMackdown unification match with Lashley *rolls eyes*
  2. Bruce Blank

    Jan 11 HeldDOWN booking Thread

    Apparetly we jet to Australia for one show in Melbourne before going back to the US? Man the jetlag will be killing people No Rules<=== Done Kenji Kawada vs El Esperito As ordered by Anglesault "The Lone Wolf" James Wolfenstein Vs Asmodai The strangest Creature in Wrestling<=== Done "It" the alien Vs Bill Neilson (who's NOT the strange creature mentioned above ) Words from Blank? *Shakes Magic 8-Ball* "Outlook is good"
  3. Bruce Blank

    WWE announces 2007 DVDs

    Yeah "Fresh" and "Long Lasting" are two terms OFTEN used about Degeneration-X *rolls eyes*
  4. Bruce Blank

    SWF Storm card for January 10, 2007

    *waves hand* I am not the droid you are looking for
  5. Bruce Blank

    ROH DVD's

    so the site deal is 3 and 1 free but with a wider scope than their arena sales? Excellent, I may just have to look into that (btw - I've seen the FIP abbriviation pop up here and there, what does that stand for?)
  6. Bruce Blank

    WON News + Notes, January 8th Issue

    Oh lord - I'll be back in 800 posts where neither side has managed to convince the other side of a damn thing, this is almost more fanatical than a Christian/Muslim dispute
  7. Bruce Blank

    PROMO - Before HeldDOWN~

    yep they team there, along with Todd Cortez and Bruce Blank
  8. Bruce Blank

    ROH DVD's

    if you think about it then 25% off is a "buy 3 get 1 free" if they're all about the same price
  9. Bruce Blank

    Feedback for the first HD of 2007

    What a show to kick off the HeldDOWNs of 2007, I think we’re in for a banner year of action and entertainment *thumbs up* I didn’t know about the Anglesault promo asking Zack not to go into the SoS match, but it was perfect – just the right vibe to sell the lethal nature of the match and of Bruce Blank, short and effective. The Blondes going to such length to avoid Los Diabolos really says a lot about how far they’ve been built up from their days as “Enhancement tag-team”, before this feud I would have sworn they were doomed to be the “Val Venis” of the OAOAST I sorta know what’s going on with Bloodshed/Alan Clark… yet I don’t so the surprise appearance was a welcome addition but also a bit confusing for most probably, but a clever way to force anyone who’s interested to read the SWF Now either Hammer Henderson deserves his own tribute show (one of the weekend ones, say one that runs at 1 AM) or he’ll return to the ring next week reeking of lion poop With COD back in business the forgotten and much maligned Terry Taylor returns to backstage duty as well (I totally forgot about him) I can’t say enough good stuff about the COD promo – hilarious! And I had to prevent myself from laughing out loud a few times (I read it at work, there ain’t nothing here that’s supposed to be funny so they’d know I was goofing off) it’s great to see Patty back dropping lines of the night left and right And actually getting some character development out of the Gunslingers as well *thumbs up* one interview did more for their characters than their last 20 matches The two first round matches in the Anderson cup were quickies but considering the teams that went down it’s not *THAT* big a surprise and the build up to the next round match promises something good. I’m not going to comment on my own stuff much, only that I tried my best to showcase characters that people were nice enough to let me use for the New Years KO match, I tried to do everyone justice and put over stories other than the Space Cadets/Los Vatos Locos as well. Hope it came across like that. When Heat won I really thought we’d seen a different ending to the whole “Girlfriend spends time with enemies only to side with them over the good guy”, I was digging it… and then I was “unswerved” – talk about bringing plenty of heat to the storyline. All in all great first HeldDOWN of ´07 – let’s make the rest of them great as well.
  10. Bruce Blank

    WON News + Notes, January 8th Issue

    I'm not well informed on these type of matters. So do work visa problems not matter if you have a green card? Could Claudio still have been clear to work for WWE? If you have a green card then you technically have a permit to work and live in the United States for a longer period of time, Work Visas is usually meant for shorter periods of time if I'm not mistaken. if he has a Green Card then he should sue for wrongful termination
  11. Bruce Blank

    AnglePalooza booking

    Survive or Surrender "Career Vs Career" Bruce Blank Vs Zack Malibu It finally comes to a clash - in a match where one man will walk away the undisputed victor and one will walk away from the OAOAST. Also if you need someone for the Lethal Rumble feel free to pick any of the following guys I control: El Esperito, Supernova, Space Phaero, Discovery, Kenji Kawada, "It" the alien (I'd throw in my jobber characters but these guys should add more of a name value to the match) two obvious names are missing, but that's cause they both have plans that I will edit into this post when they become revealed as to not spoil it.
  12. Bruce Blank

    Feedback Thread For OAOAST New Year's Spectacular: Mainframe Monda

    It'll be revealed Thursday when the match WILL happen
  13. Bruce Blank

    Who should win the Royal Rumble 07?

    FINLAY!! *CLAP*CLAP*CLAP* FINLAY!! *CLAP*CLAP*CLAP* FINLAY!! *CLAP*CLAP*CLAP* FINLAY!! *CLAP*CLAP*CLAP* FINLAY!! *CLAP*CLAP*CLAP* FINLAY!! *CLAP*CLAP*CLAP* Have him scrap, bite, scratch, brawl and just bad ass his way through the rumble - come out swinging with his Shilelaley (or whatever) and just tear into people, then push him as the bad ass that he is in a series of matches where he's not limited by disqualifications and you have an instand Batista/Finlay out of control brawl that no one presents an intriguing match but also helps cover up the fact that Batista isn't exactly Benoit in the ring. And after the press conference it's now or never time with Finlay - please let it be "now"
  14. Bruce Blank

    WWE 24/7

    2 Cold Scorpio's partner I think was Max Payne. Easy to forget, lol. Yep it was Maxx Payne - considering the talent of the other three in the match it's easy to see how he'd be the one putting on the forgettable performance. BattleBowl 93 had some great moments, like the before mentioned Rip Rogers beat down from his own partner (Hawk) on the way to the ring. How about Shockmaster NOT fitting in with the awesome talent of Paul Orndorff, Ricky Steamboat & Steven Regal. Vader & Cactus teaming up after Havoc 93 was just surreal Makes me want to go to the basement and get my BattleBowl tape out
  15. Bruce Blank

    Feedback Thread For OAOAST New Year's Spectacular: Mainframe Monda

    Hell of a show guys, I was worried that we'd all be feeling the x-mas/new years rush and have a decent show at best - turns out it was just me who had to wimp out of my match Awesome surprise ending to the gauntlet match, 2007 is only a few days old and a true mark out moment has already happened. Not a weak segment, not a weak match and we even saw the champ in action, best PPV of 2007! and yes READ the Blank/Malibu segment, you won't regret it.
  16. Bruce Blank

    2007 Television Dates

    No, no, no you got it all wrong. I said you guys "Moaned" Totally different from "bitching" (which I've done my fair share of) Man I should go into politics
  17. Bruce Blank

    2007 Television Dates

    LOL then damn I did join the wrong game didn't I? I knew there was something not quite right since I am a very Unprofessional writer And WC - you cannot deny that there was a LOT of moaning, complaining & intentional no-showing going on during that tour, have a beef with me for stating a fact then.
  18. Bruce Blank

    2007 Television Dates

    Trust me no you don't - hearing most of the guys in the SWF whine like girls who experience their first period was *NOT* a pleasant thing the tour itself though was very cool
  19. Bruce Blank

    1/4 HD Booking Thread

    At Mainframe Monday Asmodai claimed that the wrestler we know as James Wolfenstein has a past in UFC & K-1 under the name "John Hawk". Not happy that he may have been misled by one of his wrestlers Anglesault has stated that he will get to the bottom of these allegations as he meets with the Lone Wolf on Thursday. No one knows quite what the outcome of this meeting will be, does James Wolfenstein still have a future with the OAOAST? If he does will he be known as John Hawk? Will he wear red and white striped tights and call himself the Candy Man?... well maybe it won't quite come to that (we hope) And hopefully and without jinxing it then I'm working on the 20 man X-Division Gauntlet match that I wasn't able to write for Mainframe Monday
  20. Bruce Blank

    Suggestion for a Show

    I loved the old Colliseum videos - half the matches were stuff you'd never expect so you couldn't predict who'd be most likely to win. Could be an interesting show, although most of the stuff would probably not have much build to it (which can make for a nice change too at times)
  21. Bruce Blank

    Booking Thread For The December 28, 2006 OAOAST HeldDOWN~!

    I hope I can get Wolfenstein Vs Baron Windel together today, I've been feeling really crappy the last few days. Hopefully I'll get that match together and also a Ramone/Venom feud segment as well.
  22. Bruce Blank

    2006 TNA Televised Win-Loss Records

    and Haircut Kurt Angle = An American Konnan
  23. Bruce Blank

    Impact Spoiler Thread

    Would Stone Cold or any of the other angles you mentioned have been just as effective if EVERYTHING was a matter of shades of grey or was it because they stoood out? If everything is a shade of grey then they wouldn't gather as much attention as those instances had. that's what made them stand out
  24. Bruce Blank

    The Old School questions thread

    You want the EXACT number? they had loads and loads of matches all around the house show circuit (check out www.thehistoryofwwe.com for full show listings)
  25. Bruce Blank


    Well if you were to put up the next one when you reveal what the answer was it'd go faster, or if you said whomever guessed it is the next one to give the clues.