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    SWF Storm Card, 9-2-05!

    Yes it was quite a good movie and the stage play was good too *Looks around, realises he's just gayed himself up* Erm... how bout them Jets huh?? Huh?? I wonder if SWF is having an "Open challenge" night? maybe that's why the card is more or less blank unless it's a tribute to Bruce BLANK! which is nice but a bit too soon
  2. Bruce Blank

    SWF End-Of-Year Awards

    These are just nominations right? 1 nomination and you're in the vote is later? I'm too new to actually nominate anyone for the last year - but I am reading up on stuff so I will pitch in and vote when the time comes.
  3. Bruce Blank

    SWF Storm Card, 9-2-05!

    Parking lot? I like, I like - could make for some sweet, sweet brawls *hint*hint* hell of a main event too *thumbs up*
  4. Bruce Blank

    Attention Bruce Blank:

    Now who can blame ya? it is etremly hot making me doubt my own Heterosexuality when I look at it - I mean that cowboy hat, the mullet... grrrrr baby
  5. Bruce Blank

    Lockdown Comments

    thrills, spills and something disturing at the beginning of the Skull / Machine match oh and I was there... TWICE!! in your fa... oh wait I know I'm new but once I've had time to give it a detailed read through I'll give you my thoughts but first I have arrived
  6. Bruce Blank

    Losing Match Thread

    I didn't check your stats, I just assumed it was a finisher - it just came off as one, like the name of it. I hope I was a little helpful at least.
  7. Bruce Blank

    Lockdown Comments

    oh woops - I guess I read the intro bit about both of you being in the Hardcore division and all the wrong way my bad I read, I write... but the comprehension inbetween is shaky
  8. Bruce Blank

    Lockdown Comments

    AHHHH... Crazy MAX yes, yes I know it well ** Just fake it Bruce ** Yes that Crazy Max guy is the bestest
  9. Bruce Blank

    Losing Match Thread

    How bout I start it off then? Cause I’d love some feedback when I have a match under my belt (or more – always room for improvement IMO) I’ve ready your match (and the one that won obviously as it was on the card ) and I’d be happy to provide you with some feedback. I may go into some details but it’s to illustrate what could be a general thing to improve on. First off I liked how you handled your entrance music and the “Family Friendly” stip – that was a good way to set it apart, I would have probably “felt” it more if you had added like the tail end of the fan reaction to Ward’s entrance and all instead of him just standing there. And then you follow up by being knocked out of the ring and generally taking a LOT of punishment Off the European uppercut? A move from his common moves list sends you down with ONE blow in the match? To me that’s just wrong psychology for that move – it’s just a European Uppercut It’s oversell to a degree that it just too much – I did notice that it played into your finish and all and I know where you were going with it, but still that was a bit over the top. - is “Retaining wall” that barrier around the ring that keeps the fans away? Cause I’ve only heard that called the “Guard Rail” or something like that, I had to stop for a moment to make the connection (well unless it’s something else and I’ve just flaunted the fact that I’m not American and English isn’t my native language) - You seem to have very little crowd reaction in your match especially early on – the leap out of the ring from Cortez for instance would have been a great place to describe how the crowd popped for it. You add some booing, some chanting, some general reactions it makes the reader feel more like they’re in the arena watching the match. - I’m having a hard time picturing this move in my head, especially for a guy who’s not got higher speed stats it’s a flash move and it makes Todd look good I admit but I would have personally gone for a less “Rey Misterio” move that was still big and flash – maybe something closer to his moveset. - And how does he follow up on the super high impact move? A tilt-a-whirl backbreaker counter – to me that’s a little too “out of the blue” even if there is abdominal pain selling A good option could have been for him to attempt the tilt-a-whirl but not be able to do it and just drop Todd on his face or in the ropes or something Fucking up the move, selling the pain yet giving you the momentum. The selling of the abdominal pain through the match is a good touch – *thumbs up* - You hit your 4S finisher and he kicks out – which is cool, put your opponent over even in defeat. I question the positioning of it in the match It was too soon in my view – I think a series of 2 and a half counts before having to resort to the finishing move would build the suspense for the finish more. Give them a feeling that “this could be it” in the match instead of having it be your first pinfall attempt If that makes sense? Thumbs up though for having the move play a part in the actual finish *thumbs up* - After hitting him with a finisher and heavy blows Todd just shrugs it off and goes on a rampage – while you sell the Abdomen pain it’d been great to sell a bit of the punishment you inflicted on him as well - The Springboard C-4 move I had a hard time picturing it mentally And the chant of “TODD “MF’N” CORTEZ” is odd – now if they had chanted “Tood!! Todd!! Todd!” or something that’d be cool or something, yeah I’d buy it But the full name? I’ve never heard a crowd chant that (unless someone’s full name is “asshole” then I’ve heard them chant that a lot ) It’s a minor change but it’d make it connect more I think. - I liked the Dusty finish, even though traditionally it’s the heel that wins but ends up losing, but I can see it working here – thought for a second you’d written yourself to lose Nice twist. - You’re in the finishing moments of the match, the excitement is high you’re driving the match home you gotta write out the count and all – the description here is perfect for early on in the match, but it’s the home stretch, make the readers feel it, make the fans WANT it! - an effective way to build the suspense of ”will the hurt abdomen stand the pressure” would have been to have Ward go for it once but have to give it up due to the pain Later in the match you can then go for the Torture Rack again with the last attempt in the back of the readers head – then pull it home that Marcus pulled it off. It would have made it a more intense moment IMO. - One last comment I promise Several places I see you write MW, TC, LP etc No abbreviations in matches as a rule You tired of writing Marcus Ward? Then just call him Marcus, or Ward or “the Mastermind” But never an abbreviation. ---------- Hope I was helpful in some way?
  10. Bruce Blank

    Lockdown Comments

    Well since no one else seems to do this I’ll have a crack at a Lockdown-Breakdown (it’s my first review and I’ve never written an SWF style match but I’ve written plenty of matches for e-feds – I don’t intent to insult anyone so please don’t take it personally) After praising the lord and passing the ammunition (man does that ever sound like a bad idea with wrestling fans?) we’re off to Lockdown Excuse me – Family Friendly Lockdown from Des Moines (thumbs up – cheap pop) The Japanese super-über-badass heel team of TKO took on Ordonez and Brody – would this be the night Brody & Ordonez wins one? No – but they do get in some offence along the way two moves, maybe two and a half during a Japanese onslaught not seen since Jerry Bruckheimer’s Pearl Harbour Except here the Japanese come off much less sympathetic – that’s tweener-dom in Japan? A match that’ll put TKO on the mat, be nice to see what’ll happen when the face you know credible competition ---- Next we see Wild AND Dangerous… in the same place… at the same time. Hints of Wild & Dangerous breaking up were given WHEN W & D COLLIDE!! Which I’m sure will be a hell of a match from what I’ve read of both guys work in the past ---- Ah the Crimson Skull *marks out* poor guy being held down by the man and can’t have his Dance Squad there – so we get Lord help us all Heff shaking his groove thang before Skull takes out the Ghost Machine with a Hmmmm what did take out Ghost Machine?? Deux Ex Machina perhaps? Funny stuff, I just wanna see the comedy stretched out to a longer match, gimme more Skully!! ---- Jay Hawke is interviewed and does the annoyed chickenshit heel bit by trying to get out of the match with Zyon at the PPV. With the match already signed for Genesis Hawke tries to get out of it – will Zyon take the challenge and risk it or play it safe?? Only Zyon knowns!! Then Marcus Ward does his “master plan” – which left me feeling a bit “Dean Douglas” by the end – all he needs are powder blue tights and a paddle No offence, just hot really “feeling” the promo ---- A match!! I knew SWF wouldn’t go 3 segments in a row – it’s not the WWE for chrissake! A hardcore division clash!!!! But with normal rules – nice curve ball. Can they put together an exciting match without Kendo sticks and trashcans?? Cortez comes blasting out of the shoot only to be stopped by the ref who’s name I believe is also the Swahili for “momentum killah” power vs speed is the name of the game as they go back and forth in the initial stages. For two guys who’ve fought each other in hardcore matches the first pinfall attempt comes a bit premature IMO. Ward really wears on Cortez after the first pinfall attempt, good psychology of slowing it down and using his power. Cortez shakes the wearing down and all mighty quickly and out of the blue. Also out of the blue – the finish of the match, I never felt the match kicked into the build to the end but stayed in the middle back and forth section – not a bad match at all, but the ending was a bit “too out of the blue” – unless the storyline was “Underdog pulls off the upset win” The Todd’N’Landon (no longer) sitting in a tree story continues as Landon Maddix sends his love from his vacation and tells Todd that he’ll face him when he’s good and ready. Even with Maddix on vacation they keep the feud a’rolling which is good stuff. ---- Ben Hardy interviews some new guy Can’t comment on it ---- Then we get ELM Vs Manson Or well we will Eventually Moving on ---- Wildchild resurfaces after his initial promo with his Wet & Dange--- sorry that’s Wild & Dangerous partner. Wildchild still has faith in his friend, believes he isn’t all bad Melissa reserves the right to disagree (a right every woman has and uses quite often) ---- Neeeeeeeeeeeeeext up we have the Karma Warrior and Jay Hawke – this could and should be good as the International champ and the undefeated big man lock up. The selling of the back story and current angle with Zyon is good and doesn’t take attention away from the match, thumbs up for that. Man Devon just whoops ass in the early parts of the match! The monster is mauling the Hawk! Good way to turn the tide, mistake by Devon and Jay makes the most of it, good way for the much smaller man to take control. – I can’t get a mental image of a small guy like Hawke getting the SFT on the giant of a man, but I suppose it’s possible and it doesn’t make me go “Oh that’s bogus”, just had me paused for a moment. A yakuza kick following all the leg work – it would have been cool if someone had pointed out that the Yakuza kick didn’t put him away because of the leg damage thus making the move less powerful. The boot to Devon’s face must have been WAAAAAAAAY up there Keeping the focus on the leg is the perfect way for a smart guy to wrestle a giant, doesn’t matter if his finishing moves don’t’ focus on the leg or not – it’s how you take a giant down. And the finish comes off that leg too, good job. ---- Up next is the man that got under Jay’s skin Zyon himself! *wet panties left and right* And it turns out that Zyon likes to fight the odds – so it’s non-title against Hawke with the title shot on the line The tension rises!! (excellent build to the PPV blow off we’ll hopefully have ) ---- Up next Spike Jonez – woops it’s Jenkins, what a mistaka to maka Against JJ Johnson no less for the Cruiserweight title, under pure rules and all that jazz. Funny bit with the pure rules bothering JJ Johnson. Tom Flesher spotting! By the way Mick Foley says “You’re a shameless shill for your book” (and he would know ) Johnson retains after Flesher does the dirty – on a clean show no less, he’s quite the RUDO~!!!! Not a bad match at all, shame the ending didn’t really give JJJ much credit for the win, but he’s still got the title so he’s got that going for him. ---- All in all a good show, my comments were mainly nitpicking as it was a really good read.
  11. Bruce Blank

    Lockdown Comments

    Erm past tense yeah... have to really remember not doing that hadn't even thought of that - 'preciate it
  12. Bruce Blank

    SMARKDOWN CARD for August 29

    the Redneck Vs Big Country we just need a Hillbilly Jim guest referee and a hog pen This is gonna be fun
  13. Bruce Blank

    SWF Lockdown Card 8-24-05

    I hope I didn't make a boo-boo - I sent a promo to Ace (Tom) that'll hopefully make it on the show - did I need to send it to you instead?
  14. Bruce Blank

    SWF Lockdown Card 8-24-05

    Tag-Teams? *sighs* there is a lost art - the Steiners, Road Warriors, Demolition, Midnight Express and on and on Animal and Hawkenreich just doesn't cut it (sorry about the side note) but I'd be happy to team with someone although I really have no clue how a tag-team match is written in this type of fed - do the two guys on a team write half and put it together or what??
  15. Bruce Blank

    Which Puroresu star is YOUR character?

    You are Kenta Kobashi. You are one of the strongest and most skilled wrestlers in the world. Not even chronic knee injuries can keep you down. And it said no one else got that *does the strut Freebird style* and good to know about the knee injury - should one happen in my future
  16. Bruce Blank

    Storm Comments

    Well being brand spanking new (I walked through that door over there just a moment ago) I must say Storm was a good read, just hope I can put in a quality effort. And just call me a Crimson Skull mark Look forward to actually being on a show soon
  17. Edit Feb 20 - Profile for Wayne Blank added ~~~~~~~~~ Smarks Board Name: Bruce Blank Wrestlers Name: Bruce Blank Nicknames: "King of Pain", "Trailerpark Messiah" Height: 6’7’’ Weight: 295 Hometown: Mobile Alabama, specifically the “Dirty Tornado Trailer Park” Age: 33 (almost 34) Face/Heel: Heel, dirty, rotten, cheating bastard with few redeeming qualities. Stable: None Ring Escort: Not at the moment Weapon(s): Preferred weapon - Barbwire bat (or anything else wrapped in barbwire) also Lead pipe, brass knucks, handful of salt, chain – old school cheatin’ Quote: Why take the long road when you can take a short cut? Looks: Bruce is a redneck, in fact he’s white trash dressed up as a red neck. He’s got the build of a Road Warrior Animal (Younger version, less gut) – he’s strong, he’s big but he also likes the food and beer so he isn’t “cut” but he’s got the body and demeanour of a power lifter. He’s got a dirty black mullet that looks like it’s only washed twice a year – Christmas and his on Willie Nelson’s birthday. Always looking a little unshaved and unkempt in general. Hairy chest, shoulders and forearms (not so much back) Lately he's taken to wearing a football jersey from the University of Alabama's "Crimson Tide" with "Bruce Blank" across the back while wrestling - this is mainly to cover up some of his scars and burns from some brutal battles in the Ultraviolent division. In the ring he’s got his hands and forearms heavily taped up half way up his forearms that he’s not above using to cheat. He’s got cowboy boots on which in a pinch comes in handy as a weapon, but also keeps him from really climbing the ropes due to the semi-slippery soles. Another recent addition is that of a heavy metallic knee brace on his right knee - he doesn't need it as he faked a knee injury to get the doctor's note on it. He uses it to cheat when he feels like it and also fakes the knee injury now and again just to mock opponents / fans (and it works they hate it) Also a faded blue jeans, torn at the knee, with blood stains all over it as a testament to the brutal, bloody brawls he's been in. Jeans also have the advantage of pockets to hide all sorts of fun stuff in. After having his confedrate flag belt backfire on him in a match with TORU he's switched to a leather belt with a big buckle that can come in handy for cheating. Outside the ring he tends to go for T-shirts, sleeveless shirts – that kind of thing you know hasn't been that expensive. With his success in the Ultraviolent division Bruce has adopted the "King of Pain" Nickname and even fashioned his own crown - Bruce style. It's a brand new black cowboy had with golden (well gold painted) barbwire wrapped around it with the strands bend up into points like a traditional crown. Ring Entrance: Music “Don’t ask me no questions” by Lynyrd Skynyrd (greatest band of all times – Hail Skynyrd) Bruce tends to take his time walking to the ring, flexing his muscles – yelling at the fans, sometimes stopping to talk trash or tear up a sign. May even have a hot dog and a beer if the opportunity is there. Traditional FAN Chant: WHITEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TRASH!! WHITEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE TRASH!! Stats: ¯¯¯¯¯ Strength: 9 Speed: 3 Vitality: 5 Charisma: 3 Style: Bruce is an old school Southern Brawler – that’s what he done seen on TV that’s what he knows in the ring. He’ll usually take some punishment as long as it gives him a chance to dish more out, if he needs to cheat to get that chance – he will, boy howdy will he ever. He just wants to win, he’s not looking for points on style or match length, he’ll go out there and try to muscle you down. If at some point during the match one of the participants is busted open it tends to send Bruce into the dark corners of depravity and he just wants to see more blood, more carnage. of course if the match is a Hardcore he's looking for blood and carnage right out of the shute. Now Bruce ain’t your brightest bulb, nor has he really been exposed to much other than Southern wrestling from the good old days and the watered down WWE products he sees on TV (he thinks they’re pansies by the way) – the combination of the two means that he’ll be confuckled by this here newfangled Mexican and Japanese jumpin’ bumpin’ style He’ll probably not adapt to the style very well until he’s had 4-5 matches against cruiserweights, until then it’ll confuse him more than any other style. But when in doubt he’ll try to do the old “Ground and pound” on them, even though he’s slower – a game of cat and mouse to be enjoyed by all (except whomever loses) Shooters – bring them on, he can take pain, he can dish it out hopefully Mat wrestlers – erm... this may be more of a problem, he’s not that quick, nor that agile so a ground wrestler may have the advantage – except if they go for a finisher on his arms. Huge hamhocks can resist more punishment than his legs. Hope that’s sufficient Signature moves: 1) Gorilla Press: Cruiserweights & lighter heavyweights get 10 reps to show off his power before he drops them or tosses them. Heavyweights are just dropped unceremoniously. Sometimes drops opponent throat or stomach first across the top ring rope Bruce has a sadistic tendency to try and toss Cruiserweights out of the ring and into the crowd whenever he can. 2) Clothesline – one of the few moves he goes off his feet for, flying clothesline on an opponent that’s worn down. 3) Power Slams – either off Irish whip or to counter a running attack, these have a lot of “mustard” behind them, a true “signature” move 4) Big Boot – more of running/walking big boot to the head than Hogan’s “Standing Still” one, the added force of his cowboy boot tends to make this a very effective move. 5) Tree of Woe – Hangs opponents upside down in the corner and then stomps a mud hole in them 6) Inverted Atomic Drop – when he sees the opportunity he’ll add an extra “nut shot” to the opponent as he lifts him in the air (only if he can shield it from the referee) 7) Fists of Fury – Opponent on the ground, starts off as a standing head vice but is turned into a series of clubbing blows with Bruce’s right arm as his left hand holds the hair of the opponent – can at times develop into a berserker rage (very rare) 8) Backdrop & punch combo – Lighter opponents are thrown up into the air with a backdrop and then punched hard in the gut as they drop down face first to the mat. 9) Super-Plex – Bruce on the second rope, opponent suplexed off the top. One of the few moves he does off the ropes. Would never EVER go up to the top rope to try the move 10) Turnbuckle Power Bomb – starts out as a regular power bomb but opponent is dropped head and neck first onto the turnbuckle (very heavy opponents may only reach 2nd rope turnbuckle but still) Common moves: 1) Forearm blows – Big clubbing forearms, to the chest, to the head, the neck or the back, he’ll dish them out 2) Elbow smashes in the corner 3) Fist drop – opponent down, drops and lands a blow to the head of an opponent 4) Suplex 5) Running Shoulder block – he coulda’ played for the NFL with that one 6) Eye gouge 7) Back rake 8) Shoulder thrusts into the corner. 9) Shoulder breaker 10) Clotheslines – he always seems to accelerate just a little bit when he hits a clothesline, as if he’s aiming for a spot 5 inches behind the opponent’s head. 11) Punches 12) Kicks – mud hole stompin’ 13) Leg drop 14) Backdrop 15) Rubbing opponents face against top rope (Eyes) 16) Side Russian Leg Sweep – that old classic. Bruce stands to the right of the opponent, wraps his left arm around opponents head, left leg around opponents leg and then snaps back driving opponents head into the mat. 17) Leg clip from behind 18) 10 head smashes into corner. 19) Choke 20) Short-Arm Clothesline Rare moves: 1) Power Bomb over the balcony/edge/window - if pressed Bruce is not above sending opponents over the side of whatever he can find. 2) The Trailerpark Tornado – Dust off the old Garvin stomp babeee!! For those that do not know this glorious move it goes as this. Opponent is on the ground, on his back. Bruce starts off by stomping on opponents right shoulder, then in a swift motion jumps forward a little and stomps on the opponents right arm, then the right side of the chests, then the right thigh, the right shin, the right foot – then working in reverse up the left side until he finishes off with a might big stomp to the side of the opponents face. It ain’t seen much these days – so I’m dusting it off. 3) Drop Kick counter & Slingshot – Done as a reversal to a drop kick, catches opponent in the air by the legs, holds them in the initial position for a Boston Crab, then lets his body fall backwards catapulting the opponent up and over Bruce’s body face first into the turnbuckle. 4) Triple Power Bomb – after power bombing someone once he lifts him back up and does it two more times – rarely used as it usually takes a lot of energy out of Bruce unless it’s a very light cruiserweight opponent. 5) Occasionally tries a move he’s been exposed to in a previous match, doesn’t always work – use it as you see fit. Finishers: The Blank Bomb: lifts up opponent in Suplex position and stalls with opponent upside down – pauses varies due to weight, lateness in match etc – then drops opponent down into a sit down power bomb position that leads to a pin attempt at least This move can be executed on most guys except super heavyweights (up to around his own weight probably) – he’s that kind of strong. “Sweet Home Alabama” - Running Power Bomb (Homage to Skynyrd): As the name suggests, Bruce has an opponent up in a power bomb position, runs from one corner in a half circle around the ring to get momentum and then power bombs the crap out of ya – the long set up time does leave him open to reversals and escapes though. The Iron Claw: In Memoriam the Von Erich clan Bruce has the old school submission hold the Iron Claw. Bruce clamps his right hand over the forehead of an opponent and then squeezes hard with all five fingers putting a tremendous amount of pressure on the skull – has been known to draw blood on some opponents from the pressure itself. Was actually taught the move by Kevin Von Erich himself while working as a farm hand at the Von Erich ranch some years ago. Notes: Bruce Blank is a con man of the highest degree, if he can get out of paying a bill he will, if he can take the easy way out and blind you with salt before finishing you off he will. He might shake your hand but contemplate where to stab you in the back. He’s not one to have friends or trusted partners – occasionally will work for money if the wad is thick enough (even if it means losing the occasional match – money talks) Bio: Bruce is a bit of a “Good old’ boy” (but with a bad attitude) – he likes his NASCAR, his SEC football, his grits’n’tits, his beer, his food, Larry the “Cable Guy”, his cigarettes and on and on In other words he’s no stranger to vices. The 7 sins?? That’s Bruce’s first marriage right there, he’s currently recovering financially from his 3rd marriage and the tragic fact that his latest ex got custody of his beloved coon-hound. You need money to live it up large in a trailer park, especially if you eat, drink & smoke like he does so SWF is all about the money - which is part of the reason why he's been on such a tear in the Ultraviolent division, if he can make a name for himself there the pay increases. Now as I said above Bruce ain't the brightest guy, he'll get overconfident and try something stupid at times - it may pay off or it may come back to bite him in the ass. So he's not going to be able to out think you, so instead he tries to run through you. Past history in wrestling: Little is really known about Bruce’s past before he joined the SWF. But it has been revealed that he’s a 17 year journey man in the sport, never having made a name for himself but usually stuck under some gimmick Only now are we starting to learn a few choice details about Bruce’s past Chapter 1 - USWA 1989 === Profile for Manager / Brother / Crony === Wrestlers Name: Wayne Blank Nicknames: “the Drunken Dragon” Height: 5’8’’ Weight: 175 Hometown: Mobile, Alabama Age: 29 Face/Heel: Heel (and how) Stable: He’ll hang around his brother Bruce, mooch off his success and generally do his big brother’s bidding. Weapon(s): A red cattle prod (the Dragon’s Claw) Quote: “It was like that when I got here.” “Hey look at me” Looks: Wayne is a skinny, short dude with a goatee that makes him resemble a rat at times, especially when he’s scheming. (picture Giovani Ribesi as he looks on “My name is Earl”) Better yet here he is Out of the ring he’ll wear your traditional bad taste cowboy shirts, very tight jeans and black cowboy boots. In the rare event that the SWF lets him wrestle he sports a look very similar to Super Dragon – he’s got a dragon’s face looking mask (in red & black) a sleeveless tightfitting black shirt and loose fitting pants that have the body of the red dragon twisting it’s way down his body finishing off with black boots & red trim. He’s been known as the “Reckless Dragon”, “Drunken Dragon”, “Red Dragon” and so on, keeping the dragon look wherever he went. Interesting note: he will only wear the Dragon mask for matches, not backstage interviews and other appearances even if he’s in full wrestling get up otherwise, then the mask it tugged into the waistband of his tights and is only put on when it’s “match time” – it’s one of his little “rituals” that helps him get in the right frame of mind for a match. Ring Entrance: Alice Cooper's “School's Out” starts up as the big screen TV flashes highlights of Wayne’s exploits in the ring. Wayne slowly walks out unmasked looking down. He’ll be about half way down to the ring as the lyrics to “School's Out” kicks in then he quickly pulls the mask on, runs to the ring and slides in posing in the ring as fireworks shoot out from the ring posts. Of course being accident prone – it may mess with his entrance at times Stats: ¯¯¯¯¯ Strength: 2 (he ain’t going to be able to lift ya if you’re more than 220, he’s not even going to try) Speed: 9 (Quicker than a hiccup) Vitality: 6 (He’s young, he’s fit and he could pull off a full iron man match if need be. Wouldn’t even be winded by anything under 20 minutes) Charisma: 3 (he’s a whiner, he’s not very charismatic at all – he’s got a really annoying voice that just makes you want to stuff something in his mouth when he talks. Which of course doesn’t make him very popular when he talks) Style: He’s been trained in Mexico, Japan and on the indy circuit for many years now, he knows 2 things – how to fly and how to cheat and he’s damn good at mixing the two into his own brand of “chying” (cheating & flying combined). He’s reckless in the ring and may at times take stupid chances, he’s also known to be drunk (it actually improves his performance ) hence the nickname “Drunken Dragon”. Wayne has been trained by a lot of people who’ve showed him high spot after high spot mixed in with regular wrestling but well Wayne has kinda only really taken the high spots to heart and the rest is kinda sorta just “whatever he can think off (in other words he’s the biggest Spot Primate since Nelly the 800 pound Orangutan from the NY Zoo got a spotty rash all over her backside) Signature moves: 1) Drop kick to the corner, followed by drop kick to the face of opponent that’s now sitting in the corner 2) Wayne’s Wild Ride: The ever popular Bronco Buster to the corner. 3) Running Shooting Star Press – opponent on the ground Wayne runs towards opponent, leaps and flips for a Shooting Star press 4) Walks the top rope before a dive off it (any dive move you want) 5) High Standing drop kick (can hit a guy up to about 6’6’’ square in the nose from a standing position due to pure vertical leaping abilities – which comes in handy for any aerial move really) 7) Asai Moonsault (Inside or outside the ring) 8) Flying Fame-Asser: Leaps off the top rope and catches opponent with a Fame-Asser 9) Enzugiri, with or without one leg being held by the opponent, can be hit out of nowhere, anywhere 10) Spider Suplex: opponent on top for a super-plex. Wayne sits down on the top turnbuckle and hooks his legs around it to hold him on the top as he suplexs the opponent down (Usually followed by him hitting a move off the top) Common moves: 1) Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker (on CWs only) 2) Hand Spring Elbow 3) Spinning Back Kick, front kick, if it spins and kicks he’ll hit it. 4) DDT variations – Tornado, jumping, regular old. 5) Rolling Heel Kick 6) Flying Forearm (off anything and everything) 7) Clothesline over the top rope to the floor 8) Short Arm Clothesline 9) Dirty tactics as needed. 10) Top rope arm drag (running up the corner ropes) 11) Planchas & Topes to opponents on the floor 12) Space Tiger Drop (Opponent on the floor) 13) Springboard moves off the middle of the top rope or turnbuckles 14) Sunset powerbomb to floor (Opponent on the apron, Wayne leaps over the top rope into a sunset flip / Power bomb combo to the floor) 15) Drop Kick 16) Deep arm drags (Ricky Steamboat style) 17) Huracanranna (any, all you can think off) 743) – ARM BAR! (come on Jerichoholics!) Rare moves: 1) The Drunken Driver: (The Michinoku Driver) – since he’s not that strong he would only pull this move out for small opponents 220 and under, and only rarely at that. 2) Tarantula: When the rules means he can use it and lock it on without being Disqualified, if he can straddle an opponent across barbwire or lighttubes or something else to inflict pain then he’s really happy. 3) Fisherman’s suplex into pin: Again only on Lightheavyweight opponents. 4) “Wipe Out”: Opponent on the floor, Wayne leaps over the top rope, wraps arm around opponent and swings his whole body round behind the opponent driving him backwards into the guard rail from Wayne’s momentum. The biggest risk move short of jumping off a balcony/scaffold etc that Wayne Blank can take as he always aims to send the opponent into the guardrail and at times hits it himself. 5) Jumping off a balcony / Scaffold / ect. – the ultimate high risk move. Only used in a very heated feud, the implication is that this move could easily cripple Wayne or the opponent he hits it on. Finishers: 1) “What the hell was that?”: Opponent standing facing away from turnbuckle. Wayne runs up the ropes, flips over in a moonsault motion and catches opponent around the head for a vicious DDT! (Move named after the reaction to the first time he did it in a match about 6 years ago) 2) Unluckly 13: the Diamondcutter – can be hit from anywhere on opponents in more or less any position. Off the top rope, driving opponents head into steel steps. Any variation you can think of. 3) El Roshambo – you see South Park? Then you know what this is – but to the uninitiated El Roshambo is a kick in the testicles. When Wayne does it it’s done when the referee isn’t looking or disguised as a drop kick that “accidentally” hit too low, something like that. Since a nut shot = automatic DQ in Mexico where he’s worked a lot he’s very good at hiding it from the referee. If he can’t take you down with either of his other finishers he’ll go for this one as a last resort. Notes: Wayne is a bit accident prone both back stage and in the ring – not in such a way that he never wins but at some point during the match (maybe more than once) he will have some sort of accident, a slip, a fall, something breaks or moves on him and he’ll end up ass over elbow. It usually stems from him getting a little too excited. Bio: Wayne Blank is the younger brother of SWF Superstar Bruce Blank (Bruce & Wayne – yes momma was a genius) but where Bruce is big and powerful Wayne is small and fast – it’s almost as if they didn’t have the same daddy, but that kind of comments could get your ass kicked by both Blank boys. Some 10 years ago Bruce and Wayne’s mother was taken from them and the young Wayne ended up tagging along with his brother as Bruce worked in various federations all over the world, with mixed (read: little) success. But Wayne liked the life style and well he was always a reckless one who liked to take risks (and a bit on the slow side mentally) so Wayne figured he could do it too. He trained for quite a while (over 2 years) both in the US, Japan and Mexico (if Bruce moved on he moved on too) before he made his debut as “The Grand Dragon” in 1999 Of course that gimmick went over like a fart in church in the North Eastern federation he debuted in (Wayne claims to this day that he didn’t know that the “Grand Dragon” was something in KKK terms and he may just be ignorant enough to be telling the truth – hard to say) Later on he hit on various other “Dragon” names with much more luck and carved a name for himself as a risk taker and a guy who didn’t mind sacrificing his body to put on a show Of course he usually didn’t mind risking his body because he was drunk off his ass, but that never stopped promoters from booking him for a while. But never for too long because Wayne just can’t control his temper nor his hands (read – he fought and stole from anyone he got near) These days Wayne is more or less blackballed from American federations and thus has joined his brother in the SWF, not as a full time wrestler but as his “partner in crime” so to speak. Wayne idolizes his older brother; in fact he’s the only guy in the world Wayne really takes orders from. So now the brothers are united again, up to their usual antics of stealing and conning and doing whatever the hell they want. Note: Wayne doesn’t usually accompany his brother to the ring like a traditional manager usually does. For big matches he’ll come out with him and he can appear during matches. With the crack down on security Wayne is “technically” Bruce’s manager and not just his brother who hangs around without a contract