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    Greatest Living Ballplayers

    Wagner's on there because I needed as least one lefty reliever. That's what Franco is for! And replacing Tom Seaver and Pedro Martinez would not be even a little bit smart. Seaver had more wins, a lower ERA, and more strikeouts than Gibson, and I feel like Al would have included Steve Carlton if he could, ya know. Pedro, meanwhile, actually has an ERA identical to Gibson, and was the best pitcher of our era. Pedro and Seaver stay, I say!
  2. Smartly Pretty

    TSM's Worth

    That's astonishing.
  3. Smartly Pretty

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Hey, Mecca, to say that linebackers are not worth top 5 picks is pretty sketchy when you consider the fact that the last 6 Defensive Rookies of the Year, and 8 of the last 9, have been linebackers.
  4. Smartly Pretty

    2009 Carribean Series

    Eh, for a guy who is supposedly our only really top notch prospect, I'm not impressed. It's the injuries that are making me really flip shit, but I'm still not impressed with his numbers. From what I hear his pitch recognition isn't where it should be, either.
  5. Smartly Pretty

    2009 Carribean Series

    Carlos Gomez will probably end up being a better player, don't worry. Martinez has been unable to hit for power at AA and is 19 and ALREADY injury prone. You know right after that home run he flew to New York to get his elbow checked out my Mets doctors? Now he has hamstring and elbow problems? Wilmer Flores is the best Mets prospect now, I'm convinced. Even if F-Mart does end up awesome, and believe me I hope he does, Carlos Gomez is a stud defensively.
  6. Smartly Pretty

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Franco Harris is opening a furniture line called "The Immaculate Collection." This is awesome.
  7. Smartly Pretty

    Greatest Living Ballplayers

    Excellent point, Bob. All my life I've heard how overrated Ryan was because of the Ks and no-hitters but lackluster numbers otherwise. Those people do have a point, but he was still an above-average pitcher for more than 20 years with the occasional lights-out performance. Al hit it on the head: good pitcher with HOF credentials, but not one of the all-time greats. So who are we, as TSMers, collectively calling the best pitcher ever? Walter Johnson?
  8. Smartly Pretty

    Greatest Living Ballplayers

    With Mike Piazza's bat! I remember that game. I'm sure I've told this story a thousand times, but I went to the Met game where Dontrelle Willis hit a grand slam off Jose Lima.
  9. Smartly Pretty

    Greatest Living Ballplayers

    I'd have Sparky Anderson as the manager of that club. And I'm not certain I'd have Billy Wagner on the team. I'd sooner put John Franco in his spot, but maybe that's my Mets bias coming in from two different directions. Franco has the most saves for a lefty though, and a shitload of appearances. Somewhere high on the list. The hockey goaltender is Patrick Roy, max. C'mon. Even if we extend this to dead guys he's my starting goalie. Otherwise, Howe-Gretzky-Lemieux with Orr-Robinson sounds right to me. Fuck Robbie Alomar.
  10. Smartly Pretty

    Amazing Opportunity to "Change the Game" for Women in Sports

    Women's sports...Women's sports...hmmm...nope. Not ringin' a bell.
  11. Smartly Pretty

    Frozen Foods

    What are your favorites? I'm quite the fan of Bagel Bites. Lean Cuisine ravioli is also a perfectly good frozen food.
  12. Smartly Pretty

    Best MLB pitching seasons

    How about the best pitching season that didn't win a Cy Young? Tom Seaver's 1971 season was probably his best, (20-10, 1.76 ERA, 289 K's,) but Fergie Jenkins won the Cy Young.
  13. I wonder if dumb high school kids will realize Pittsburgh didn't cover the spread...hmmm.
  14. Smartly Pretty

    Things that Amuse or Please You

    I don't know how to spell it, but in French the say "ettessiue" or something which means something like "may all your wishes come true" After a google search, I figured out it was "à tes souhaits"
  15. Smartly Pretty

    TMC1982 is on fire...

    That SNICK thread is retarded. We don't watch nickelodeon because we're not 11 years old anymore. It will serve as a fine nostalgia thread, but the question itself is dumb. But it looks like he's a hockey fan so he's ok with me.
  16. Smartly Pretty

    Recommend me an MP3 player

    How is 4 gigabytes enough for you people?
  17. Smartly Pretty

    Recommend me an MP3 player

    In terms of sheer gigs-per-dollar, I'm pretty sure an iPod classic is the best value. I got an 80 gig for $250. That's what, 3 dollars a gig? As opposed to the nano which is like, 12.5 a gig.
  18. Smartly Pretty

    The TSM Hall of Very Good

    The best American goaltender of all time is a Hall of Famer.
  19. Smartly Pretty

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Yep. Is that where you went, Mandarin?
  20. Smartly Pretty


    The aforementioned Mitch Hedberg is the funniest person to ever walk the planet, but that's a given. My other favorite comedians are Kyle Cease, Mike Birbiglia and Eugene Mirman.
  21. Smartly Pretty

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Nope. Fleming Island.
  22. Smartly Pretty

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Pfft, what's wrong with you.
  23. Smartly Pretty

    NHL - January 2009

    I'm with Max, the Winter Classic is the marquee mid-season event. I bet you could make that a whole weekend too, if they wanted. I wouldn't mind seeing some outdoor event that Saturday (maybe a college game?) and then Sunday is the Winter Classic. That way players still get their mid-season weekend off and nobody has to put up with a asinine "hit styrofoam McDonalds targets" games.
  24. Smartly Pretty

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    A while back, we had a giant light saber battle in the middle of the court yard at my school. I found it on youtube. Surprisingly, no one got in trouble for this. I guess administration recognized how awesome this is. It just occurred to me that this video doesn't give you a good shot of my friend, who is a midget, dressed as yoda. He had a totally badass yoda mask and was doing crazy midget shit with a light saber. Fun!
  25. Smartly Pretty

    NHL - January 2009

    That just sounds like a half moon drill. I'm sure Nabakov and Kipprusoff are looking forward to flying across the continent so they can participate in a drill.