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  1. I just started "Amusing Ourselves To Death". I'm supposed to have it read/annotated/done an initial reading assignment by 10 am tomorrow. I put a pot of coffee on. I used to kick myself for putting off these books, but now I kind of find these nights fun. Sleep is lame.


    UPDATE: Five chapters done! And it's been what, an hour and a half? Maybe an hour and 45? I overestimated the amount of time this would take. Suck my dick, Neil Postman.


    Anyway, this book is pretty interesting. Some of his ideas are kind of retarded, but some are pretty cool. They're all interesting though. I mean, likening eye glasses to designer babies is a stretch and really contrived, but it's a pretty interesting thought, kind of. I like his idea that politics are just a never-ending loop of news. That's kinda cool.


    UPDATE AGAIN: I finished! Yay! And I liked this one! Fast Food Nation sucked and Walden bored me to tears, but this one was fun. I even finished the assignment that goes with it. I listened to "Fillmore Jive" to celebrate, just for the part that goes "I neeeeeeed to sleeeeeep"

  2. barry_larkin_autograph.jpg


    SS, Barry Larkin.


    In a way I'm glad Youth N Asia picked Ozzie Smith, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to pick him and miss out on Harmon Killebrew, or take Killebrew and get the superior hitter in Larkin later (not that Larkin was a slouch with the glove), so Youth N Asia sorta made that decision for me. There are still two or three guys I'm really afraid aren't going to fall to me this week, but that's kind of the idea of this draft, isn't it?

  3. My family gets along really really well. Both sides, although I'm much closer to my mom's side. We all love each other. Fuck you guys and your dysfunction.


    But if I have to pick one, I'll take my dad's brother's daughter (I felt like I had to be more specific than "cousin"). She's just really loud and I don't like going to restaurants with her. I remember when we were 7 or 8 (not that anyone should be held accountable for dumb things they did when they were 7) we went out to eat at a restaurant and she ordered a kid's pizza as an appetizer, and then the same pizza as an entree. 10 years later though, that story is more endearing than aggravating.

  4. There are no shootouts in the playoffs.


    Whatever happened to the "first team to 6 points" idea from a few years ago? I really liked that idea, although Czech's "college + kickoffs" seems to combine the excitement of college with the common sense that a professional sport craves.

  5. I sent my mom an email with a clip from SNL a couple of weeks ago, and she sent me an email back, asking me who the guy playing Obama was. It's not as hard to avoid exposure to pop culture as you might think.[/color]


    Yeah, the Jonas Brothers are popular but they haven't quite reached Fred Armisen levels yet.