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  1. randomguy

    The Shield

    Julian is doing what any smart person would do. As far as Shane and Mara being scum, at this point all they are doing is trying to escape. Vic has gone totally insane, planning to kill a pregnant woman.
  2. randomguy

    The Shield

    I wasn't a big fan of this episode or really the last season and a half or so. I feel like I did watching "A Simple Plan" where it becomes clear that the writers hate the characters and set up deliberate situations to screw them over. It's kind of silly that when both Corrinne and Ronnie were told that Vic killed Terry neither of them really cared at all. The whole show is based on that but apparently it's not actually important. I guess the idea is that people knew Vic was into some bad shit and so it doesn't come as a surprise, but that bad? Shooting another cop in the face? It's anticlamactic when the big reveal comes along and doesn't register. I love Shane, he's always been my favorite character, and for the first time I hate both Vic and Ronnie. What the hell, *they* tried to kill Shane. I'm not sure where the writers want our sympathies to lie but if they are trying to get me to hate Vic it's working. I don't see it ending well for Shane but I hope he ends up living on that goat farm. Edit: Maybe I'm just worn out by how unrelenting and heavy the last few seasons have been.
  3. randomguy

    Tropic Thunder

    I noticed one scene where he was trying to play serious but was obviously trying not to laugh. He was giving a really eyes-bugged-out expression and alternating between stony and smiling. I love it when the actors enjoy the material and can't help but crack up, it's contagious. Great movie. I agree on the pacing, nothing got old, if you didn't like something it was over before it got annoying. So many great lines. Even the silly stuff like "when we get back to the states I'm going to teach you to juggle" worked. Probably the best laugh-out-loud movie I've seen in the theater. During most movies I'll be bemused or chuckling but during this one I was genuinely laughing hard at a lot of parts. Everything about Robert Downey Jr. was awesome. Not just his acting but also the script and the character concept. An Australian playing a black guy dressing up as an Asian farmer -- whoever thought of that needs a raise. "I'm a dude playing a dude disguised as another dude!" I hope the DVD includes some bonus material.
  4. randomguy

    Weekend Box Office Report

    Statham needs to pick better scripts. Or maybe he isn't being offered good roles. I think he's a fine actor, hate most of his movies though.
  5. The spelling is all A's, no O's. I got 10. How the hell did you get 36?
  6. Since someone spoiled it, Matthew McCaughnawhatever getting eaten was the one good scene in Reign of Fire. And Scary Movie 2 is a great movie.
  7. Reign of Fire. It was good for one scene. If you've seen it you know exactly what I mean.
  8. The Asian remakes are bit different in that at least there is some reason to remake them in that many people wouldn't like subtitles or dubbing and have an aversion to foreign film. (Although personally I love subbed foreign films) I hear that "The Thing" is being remade as is "Escape from New York." Maybe every Carpenter movie will be remade eventually. I hear Stratham was supposed to be the main character in Ghosts of Mars and the studio forced in Ice Cube, maybe he could play that role in a remake... I don't understand the logic behind some remakes. To me it makes sense to either remake something in a new way or to fix some major flaws in the original. For example "The Thing" is a "remake" of the 1951 "The Thing From Another World" but it's actually based much more on the short story. (Which I just read the other night) It doesn't have much to do with the movie other than the basic setting, and it's far more faithful to the story which is a great reason to remake it. Now "Children of the Damned" had nothing new to say and it showed. It was just pointless. So a remake of "Running Man" that is closer to the source material could be cool, a remake of it that followed the same formula would be pointless. I think Halloween the original is a great movie but after 20 years of copycat flicks it can be hard to appreciate. You have to remember that when it came out it was something different. I guess whether you want a Michael backstory is a matter of preference, personally I like movies that don't feel the need to introduce the characters and give them origins. I don't need a real explanation for why Michael is fucked up. Also I would point out that the first Halloween is excellently constructed and shot, especially given the budget. This Death Race seems like it's just a generic, Hollywoodized version of the original that ditches what made the original interesting.
  9. randomguy

    2008 Summer Olympics

    A lot of the gymnasts do have thick necks. I think Nastia is the best looking of the bunch. Maybe I find bitch-face hot.
  10. randomguy

    How strong are you?

    I can bench about 230 and I weigh about 165. I'm naturally weak and unathletic but I work out a fair amount. Right now I'm trying to do more cardio and less weights though. When I was in college I was a workout fiend.
  11. randomguy

    Tropic Thunder

    Downey playing an Australian playing a black guy is by itself absolutely hilarious.
  12. randomguy

    The NFL Preseason Thread.

    That pick wasn't really his fault. Maybe it was a dangerous pass but the receiver had it in his hands. Edit: He looks pretty good at this point.
  13. randomguy

    OMG! They killed Chef!

    The other night I rewatched Escape from New York. Great movie and Isaac Hayes was pretty enjoyable in that.
  14. randomguy

    Japanese Bug Fighting.

    When I was in Japan a few years ago there was a popular arcade-style game based on this. You could find it nearly every big toy store and a lot of department stores. I think you would collect cards based on the type of bug and then fight it out or something. Edit: Here's a random link about it: http://gadgets.boingboing.net/2007/09/12/j...rcade-game.html
  15. randomguy

    Bernie Mac Dead

    Apparently he had some sort of auto-immune disorder. Normal 50-year-olds don't die of pneumonia very often. Man that really sucks.