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    World Champions biggest attendance drawn...

    Konnan 48,000 Triplemania 1
  2. I just seen the big Wagner vs. Mistico match, it was awesome. Wagner basically destroy Mistico but of course Mistico won and the crowd hated it.
  3. How many people think FOX wants Kurt Angle as champion? How will this affect Joe?
  4. It's a business and reasonable deal. ROH will eventually do the same thing. Don't sign contracts if you worry.
  5. Agree I think Killings is really injured. When the last time he wrestle for any company? I think the going to Hollywood storyline was a way to get him off tv.
  6. You have to look at the situation from a realistic point of view. Just because TNA is horrible don't give the right for talent to act out. You can't make a case for Austin Starr.
  7. Was it in a TNA ring against a TNA wrestler? TNA has never been obligated to pay for surgery. It's not in the contracts. Just like Killings,TNA IS NOT OBLIGATED to pay and it does not say that in the contracts. Konnan injuries happen long before TNA. TNA loaning him money just so he can pay it back is reasonable and very professional. Who make more money,wrestlers or non-wrestlers? The wrestlers, they only have to go to Orlando three times a month. It's not that expensive. The regular guys don't really have the money that the wrestlers make, so TNA feel more obligated to pay them. The wrestlers should not be spoil. WWE don't pay for all the wrestlers hotel or hospital bills(it depends on certain wrestlers contracts like JBL or HBK) How long ago that was? Every company gives wrestlers special treatment sometimes. It's a common mistake in the business. You forgot who basically runs AAA right now,KONNAN. He probably came up with the idea himself. Bryan Alvarez hates wrestling and is very annoying.

    JoeDirt's old school match thread

    http://www.sendspace.com/file/kb5bqe I hope you like headlocks and shitty strikes. This will go down as the most overrated match by the end of the year when people forget about it. Just like people forgot about those Benoit/HBK Raw matches(remember when people were calling it the greatest match in Raw history).
  9. Like what? TNA is not perfect product wise but I can't remember anything about being un-professional unless you can point out a situation.Bush League? Yes! Unprofessional? NO! With the attitude Starr has, he will not last on a major level at all. Not WWE,NOAH,New Japan,TNA,etc. these guys will not take your sh!t despite the situation. Since when did wrestling companies listen to wrestlers?
  10. I'm with TNA,they trying to have control over the company and avoid a WCW situation where guys had more freedom. What made Vince McMAHON more successful than other promoters is his strict persona "I'm the boss and you the employee". Explain how suspending Austin Starr, while refusing to accept where the problem really lies, does anything positive? It does nothing to solve their many problems, and only lowers morale even further. Well, it does not solve their problems but it also sends a message who the boss is. If you walking around with a bad attitude and expressing your emotions out loud constantly, you have to be dealt with. I hate my current job and so does my co-workers. Should we walk around showing our anger or be professional? My boss had a meeting with us and gave us a reality check basically saying we can be replace. Starr can be replace as well. I don't disagree with Starr views, he just going about it in the wrong way. The morale might be low but the other guys is not complaining as long as they get their paychecks.
  11. I'm with TNA,they trying to have control over the company and avoid a WCW situation where guys had more freedom. What made Vince McMAHON more successful than other promoters is his strict persona "I'm the boss and you the employee".
  12. Not everywhere. I don't get WGN. And I don't get mynetworktv but I do got WGN.
  13. Jarrett returning is the GREATEST thing that will happen to TNA. He will have complete control over booking. Think about it????
  14. GODSON

    OAO 2/8 Impact Thread

    I've seen people say that but I think the build up towards WM is always above average. Usually around this time of year, they pick up in quality. If you a wrestling fan and want to know about the WWE, just watch the shows from November to March. There's no need to watch from April to October because that's when the product suck balls.
  15. GODSON

    OAO 2/8 Impact Thread

    Ive asked this before, theres no real answer for why we watch TNA when its been sucking quite a bit lately. Now, i didnt watch WCW at all, was quite difficult in the UK when you dont have Sky TV. But id imagine i would have tuned in each week just to see how bad the show sucks. I get tempted to do it each week when Raw is on, but i stop myself most times. I also did the same thing with ECW v2 untill i decided to boycott it (which, FYI i've stuck to, unlike Lance...) Why do i tune into Impact each week? Its the only show where i can see Christian, Angle, Joe, Sting, Shelley, Nash, Sabin, Rhino, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Daniels etc on TV. Because Impact is a hour long and a fast pace show. Raw is usually long and drawn out. WCW had two hours as well. When Impact moves to two hours and stays in the Russo funk, I don't know if you will continue to watch. WSX is also a show some people hate but will continue to watch because it's only 30 minutes. Impact and WSX don't take up too much time, by time you turn the channel the show will be over.