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    woah we got a bleeder here...

    Mass Transit. When the camera zooms in and the blood is literally shooting out. Ugh, it's so disgusting. I saw Flair vs. Undertaker on a house show in 02-03 where Flair's entire head was red. I thought it was a bit much for a house show.
  2. CookieMueller

    Great Unsolved Crimes or Events

    Also another great mystery: Richey Edwards, original guitarist of the band Manic Street Preachers. I like the fact that the band keeps his royalties (he wrote a lot of their early stuff) in a bank account for him in case he ever returns. I know they sell a lot of records in Europe. If he ever does decide to come out, he'll have a nice chunk of change waiting on him. It sounds like he was travelling/living in his car when it broke down. Who knows where he went from there though.
  3. CookieMueller

    Great Unsolved Crimes or Events

    I just found this thread so I'm going to comment on a lot of stuff. My apologies for the length, but I love these kind of unsolved mysteries too. You asked about Amy Bradley - I think it looks a lot like her. It's not unheard of for stuff like that to happen. As a woman, I would be sure to be extra careful if I ever go on any of those cruises. I've read two books about DB Cooper and I am utterly convinced that he died. None of the money was ever in circulation. The money in the Columbia River was some of the money he got from them. The real mystery is what happened to his body. I still consider the West Memphis 3 case to be unsolved. I just don't believe they did it. The Bojangles thing still freaks me out. The staff saw a big guy with cuts on his arm come in covered in blood and mud, makes a huge mess in their bathroom (including shitting on himself). So they called the police, who took DNA samples from the walls and then lost them??? It's so backwoods. The Bojangles guy was supposed to be a black guy too, and they found "african american hair" on the sheets wrapped around one of the bodies. I swear I once read that someone had come forward as the Max Headroom guy, but I must have been imagining it. I could have been thinking of the Captain Midnight thing. I don't think Darlie Routier killed her children, but I think she could know who did. I've ALWAYS wondered why the husband was never implicated. Surely there's no way she beat/cut herself up like that. Couldn't he have done it? The "gravesite birthday" thing didn't shock me like it did most people. What did they expect her to do? Slit her wrists over her kids' graves on their birthday? I wouldn't begrudge someone to remember their recently murdered children in a happy way, as opposed to a sad way. And it wasn't just her...the whole family was joking around, having a good time. Did they ALL kill them? Anyways, later footage (not originally released by the police - suprise, suprise) showed her mourning before putting on a happy face. I'm glad you had put Bible John in here as I had forgotten the name of the crime, but could remember the details. I thought it was in Ireland though, which is why I could never find it in google searches. Wow, my dad is from Honey Grove, Texas. I've never seen the town mentioned anywhere, ever. Only a few hundred people live there. I'll have to ask if he ever heard that story. I love that show "Cold Case Files" and I once saw one about a case where a mother goes missing during the day. The husband arrived home to find the front door unlocked and his toddler strapped into a high chair screaming, with cheerios flung everywhere. The woman's purse and shoes were untouched so he called the cops. Her strangled and raped body was later found in the woods, surrounded by a case full of empty beer cans and a box of porn. It was the late 80s or early 90s and they didn't have the capability to test the cans, so they did recently but nothing came up. They were asking for information. It was the first time I had ever watched that show where the case hadn't been solved. I wish I could remember where it was to find more info about it. I'm not big into the alien abduction stuff. Not because I don't believe that life COULD exist on other planets/galaxies etc. But because I don't see the point in them probing us in a malicious way. Of course they would be from another universe where their customs are different than ours. So how the fuck do they know we have assholes and why do they need to probe us THERE? Why not through the visible holes such as ears or mouth? It's just so hokey and antiquated. Like Damaramu said, if they've mastered the art of spacetraveling (and can breathe our air etc.) why can't they learn to communicate with us without hurting us?
  4. CookieMueller

    Not Deleting Peoples PMs

    My PM invitation is now blank too. Which sucks because I never even actually got a chance to register there. I've only ever even posted here 40-something times. It's not like I'm vital to the cohesiveness of the board.
  5. CookieMueller

    The OaO Raw Thread - 3/30/09

    They've made HBK look like he at least has a chance of breaking the streak, which is more than can be said of the past few years. At this point Stephanie HAS to side with Legacy. I see no other way for this to work out.
  6. CookieMueller

    The Old School questions thread

    Ok DDP was definately buried, but I wouldn't say Booker T. was. He came in as the top WCW guy & hung around for awhile. Eventually he was put into some shitty feuds, but he went back to championship status & considering his ability to draw, i think he was given plenty of chances. You can only do so much with "Can you dig it sucka!!!!!!!" I agree. I think Booker was given a great push, but in the interview I saw Sting specifically cited him as someone that wasn't "being given a chance to succeed" or somesuch. The interview must have been done during the middle of the invasion angle because once that was over Booker had a great upper-midcard push whereas most of the original WCW guys that came straight in were long gone.
  7. CookieMueller

    The OaO Raw Thread - 3/30/09

    I only watch current WWE sporadically, but what I've seen in the past month or so I feel safe saying Santino is the most entertaining character they have.
  8. CookieMueller

    The Old School questions thread

    Yeah, I remember seeing an interview where Sting said he had everyone around him telling him to join WWE (after WCW died) and he had a couple of meetings with Vince but the dealbreaker was watching guys like Booker and DDP getting buried at that time. He said he knew that Vince was lying to him and would have done him the same way. I agree with him. There's certainly no way they would have let him go over Undertaker at Mania.
  9. CookieMueller

    The "We Watch Shitty Old WCW Shows" Club

    I downloaded some software a while back called Tudouva that makes Youku/Tudou load much faster. I couldn't watch videos on there before either. Unfortunately it was so long ago that I've forgotten where I got it from. I'm pretty sure that this is the link
  10. CookieMueller

    The Old School questions thread

    The kayfabe reason for Sid vs. Hogan was that Hogan cost Sid the WWF title at the Rumble, then Sid interfered in a few matches before turning heel on him on a SNME. Like Bret vs. Austin at WM13, it was billed to mean more than a title, it was personal. The real reason that he didn't get into a title match is that he was "retiring" or leaving for a little while at least. He filmed Mr. Nanny and didn't return until 1993.
  11. CookieMueller

    WWF/E Tidbits from the past

    The rise of the internet in 96-97 is what put a stop to that. Before that it was fairly easy to keep it to a small amount of fans who did go on the internet. The people at the shows knew they were watching a months worth of Raws though, they didn't (and couldn't) hide that fact. Eventually they just started taping two weeks at a time. The MNW lead them to doing it live every week. And some of those venues were just convention centres. Where they have festivals, job fairs, public speaking and stuff like that. It's the same kind of venues that ECW played around the country at their peak.
  12. CookieMueller

    WWE General Discussion - March 2009

    Yeah, well Nancy and Daniel say hi. That's why I hate the whole 'personal choice issue' talking point. People's families don't have a choice do they? Also, it would require wrestling fans to basically ignore the huge body count piling up. I was just going to say that. Three or four years ago, he could have said that and gotten away with it. Now he just sounds like a massive idiot.
  13. CookieMueller

    Unfair to Flair: Celebrating The Worst of The Nature Boy

    It's all on the Smoking Gun. Though to be honest that's the ONLY page with anything amusing other than the fact that Scott Hall's middle name is Oliver.
  14. CookieMueller

    What ended the Late 90's Pro Wrestling Boom?

    It's sort of bullshit answer but everything goes in cycles. Wrestling was popular in the mid 80s, had some of it's worst years in recent history in the early to mid 90s, shot back up in the late 90s/early 00s and will eventually become popular again even if some of us don't live to see it. Trends recycle themselves in pop culture as generations change. Wrestling just needs it's face, gimmick or angle that appeals to the people their show is aimed at (young males mostly). I only bring that up because the stuff that you mentioned was all mainstream media like MTV, TV Guide, etc. But if you're asking a wrestling fan (who will watch no matter what) then they'll almost all tell you the downfall was the dissolving of WCW and ECW. And I would agree. Monopolies aren't good in any line of business, and wrestling is no execption. But even if the "Big Three" still existed and competed with one another, the boom would have died out eventually just like it did in the 80s. Some scandal (like the most recent one) or errant storyline would have turned viewers off. Nothing lasts forever.
  15. CookieMueller

    WWF/E Tidbits from the past

    I remember that too and I've wondered about it as well. I don't remember her reasons for leaving him (or being with him in the first place) being mentioned on air, but it must have been. Is it possible that they were going to feud Dibiase and Michaels at some point over her, but instead put Martel in that role as Dibiase was in Money Inc? Based on that Observer quote it seems like they wanted Dibiase and Michaels to work together.