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  1. veseo

    WWE Great American Bash 2008

    This one is actually an exception to the opinion I expressed above. I think WWE will put the belt on McCool to give the belt a face start. It's somewhat similar to RVD getting the first WWECW title reign (even though RVD not getting the title there would be a crime). Heel Big Show getting his reign shortly after proves my point.
  2. veseo

    WWE Great American Bash 2008

    My point is that faces are naturally better chasers. After all, fans are more interested to see if the face will finally beat <dominant or sneaky heel> at the next PPV.
  3. veseo

    WWE Great American Bash 2008

    You mean my favourite wrestler of all time John Cena as a champ is more interesting than Cena as a contender?
  4. veseo

    WWE Great American Bash 2008

    Edge vs. HHH for the WWE Championship I'm 50-50% here, Vickie will surely try to interfere, but not sure if that would be enough to "dethrone the King of Kings". Batista vs. CM Punk for the World Heavyweight Championship Punk retains 100%. Tommy Dreamer vs. Mark Henry for the ECW Championship Henry squash. After all, he needs some wins as a champ now. Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy for the US Championship I expected Chavo to be placed in the US title hunt and then La Familia winning all the belts. But with Shelton instead of him, Hardy retains. Finlay & Hornswoggle vs. Jesse & Festus vs. Hawkins & Ryder vs. Miz & Morrison for the WWE Tag Team Championships Hope Miz&Morison (M'n'M?) retain, but a fatal fourway often means champs dropping the belts without looking weak. If their title reign end means a singles push for Morrison, then I'm okay with it, but chances are slim. John Cena vs. JBL in a NYC Parking Lot Brawl Cena wins. Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho HBK cheats to win and Y2J rants the next RAW about that. Michelle McCool vs. Natalya for the Divas Championship Hope Natalya wins, but I'm leaning towards a McCool win.
  5. veseo

    News You Can (barely) Use

    Storm is right. Nothing against Harris, I loved his First Blood(?) match with Storm and all, but he's in no shape at all. Wonder if it was Vince's idea to "show" that TNA talent ain't athletic at all by debuting him at that moment.
  6. veseo

    News You Can (barely) Use

    I think Ryder&Hawkins will get them, Chavo winning the US title and Edge retaining, leading to La Familia holding all the titles on SD!. How can Edge retain when he's not the champion? And yeah, Hawkins and Ryder probably will win, but I want Jesse and Festus to win. My mistake. Of course I meant Edge winning the title, you got my point.
  7. veseo

    News You Can (barely) Use

    I think Ryder&Hawkins will get them, Chavo winning the US title and Edge retaining, leading to La Familia holding all the titles on SD!.
  8. veseo

    Smackdown Spoilers for 7/18

    Well, at least this time she's cheated on with a hot woman. It's still an improvement.
  9. veseo

    WWE Raw (7/14/2008)

    Coach came and went. Dusty Rhodes could be interesting. Would he side with his heelish son or would he oppose him. That would make a good storyline. Bischoff and I can't see returning but I will mark out if next Raw I hear IM BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER scream out of the speakers. Bischoff was a good onscreen general manager and he seemed to be good in his heel role of "booking". Eugene I think no longer works with WWE but I would honestly pay to see him be GM just so that Santino could have a comedy feud with him. Eugene as GM could be like COOL YOURE JOHN CENA ILL GIVE YOU A MATCH etc. But I probably see Regal returning in some random thing that HAHA I'm not fired because the Queen vetoed the thing backstage or something. Nick Dinsmore is currently in OVW as himself, not Eugene, but I'm not sure if OVW is still a dev territory for WWE? I heard something about WWE distancing themselves from OVW, but at the official website of OVW there's a schedule of many WWE superstars who will be special guests. Anyone knows what's the situation?
  10. veseo

    WWE Raw (7/14/2008)

    I actually thought the best sign out there was "I DON'T GIVE A SNITSKY" I think I saw at some point.
  11. veseo

    ECW on Sci-Fi (7/1/2008)

    Sorry to bring back a topic from the first page, but why should Carlitto be afraid of Atlas? Some backstage heat or what?
  12. veseo

    WWE General Discussion - January 2008

    No. All analog signals will be dead next Feb. which means if you get your local channels via antenna, you'll have to get a new tv or a converter box( the government will give you $50 to buy one) If you have basic analog cable, that won't die until 2012. If you have digital cable without a HD package, nothing will change at all. If you have basic cable and a tv that has a QAM tuner, you can get all your local digital channels that way. Switching to digital doesn't automatically make programming HD, but it's a noticeable difference in picture quality. I watch Raw live on the USA digital channel while recording it using the analog channel and the difference is huge. About the torrent file size for HD shows, for a 48 minute HD show encoded in divx, the file size should be around 350MBs Nah. It's gonna be WAY bigger than 350MBs if you're getting true HD. I guess he's calling the xvid encoded crap HD, lol. An 1h show, 720p, encoded in x264 is about a GB, so RAW and SD! would be about 1.5GBs and ECW would be about a GB.
  13. veseo

    ECW 11.20.07

    Yea, that segment was SO bad that I'm even wondering if they can produce even worse match next week. I mean, the whole thing was so forced because of their reactions (not moving, not fighting, just closing their eyes so the pie(?) won't get in their eyes, etc) that even I was turned off. And I'm not easily turned off by segments with divas.
  14. veseo

    Masters and DH Smith suspended

    Can't say they are really saving face if these rumors turn out to be true and become more public. The fact they're giving a fake push to a wrestler just to make their Wellness program look more 'real', using a lie, wouldn't do them any favors.
  15. veseo

    WWE General Discussion - November 2007

    If it's one-time thing, yea, but from this quote I get it as he's gearing to be a full-time wrestler.