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  1. RonL21

    Sports Cliches

    A better example would be Gruden won with Dungy's team
  2. RonL21

    Sports Cliches

    Surprised we went this long without the "Manny being Manny" cliche' that's been run into the ground..
  3. RonL21

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    If Mike Shanahan got fired, there's no way Wade Phillips should make it to 2009
  4. Obama and one of his Secret Service agents Little Sasha and Secret Service
  5. RonL21

    Actors/Actress Draft!

    Since Ive been MIA for a while, Ive decided to release all of my picks into Free Agency if approved by the thread creator. However, if you do take one of my picks, I will require a cash compensation and future draft pick considerations.
  6. RonL21

    Actors/Actress Draft!

    Cameron Diaz
  7. Baseball only went into November once, and that was because a week was lost due to 9/11.
  8. RonL21

    Actors/Actress Draft!

    Bernie Mac
  9. RonL21

    Actors/Actress Draft!

    Steven Segal
  10. RonL21

    Actors/Actress Draft!

    Antoine Fuqua-Director