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  1. Ginger Snaps

    Walmart clerk trampled to death

    Only the usual portions of it. Yep, Black Friday indeed.
  2. Ginger Snaps

    WWE Raw - October 20, 2008

    It's Batista. Yawn.
  3. Ginger Snaps


    I watched it but I'm not sure what is exactly going on with this show. What's the plot? They're supposed to be investigating mysterious viruses every week?
  4. Ginger Snaps

    WWE Raw - September 1, 2008

    Mysterio's a lot smaller now that he's off the juice. And he has more ugly tats.
  5. Ginger Snaps

    Pictures I Like

    The Icy Hot Stuntaz should totally be in the White House. I know a guy who looks almost exactly like the guy on the far right. Only not as orange.
  6. Ginger Snaps

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    Just smoke a cigar you philistines.
  7. Ginger Snaps

    The Mike Levy Incident

    Who enjoys this shit?
  8. Ginger Snaps

    Supreme Court upholds the Right to Bear Arms

    There's an easy way to improve the city of D.C., but it's not politically correct to mention it. It's called "gentrification". It's already begun happening, which is why PG county is terrible now.
  9. Ginger Snaps

    WWE Raw (6/30/2008)

    There's still an hour and a half left in the show.
  10. Ginger Snaps

    WWE Raw (6/30/2008)

    I can't believe they actually gave him the title!!!
  11. Ginger Snaps

    OAO Raw Thread 6/23/08

    No, it's a big loss. Injured or not he's like their biggest draw. Smackdown gets raped early this year unless they do wind up with Cena.
  12. Ginger Snaps

    Box Office Report...

    They released it in the wrong time of the year. This shouldn't be a summer film. If they had released it in the spring or the fall, they'd probably do pretty okay, but it's going to get destroyed by everything else out there. A 60% dropoff is never good but I think this one will do better than the other Hulk film because this one will probably have more longevity. Unlike the earlier Hulk movie this one is more of a popcorn action flick so it'll probably still make a good amount of money for the next few weeks due to repeat viewings by comic nerds and people looking for a fun action movie.
  13. Ginger Snaps


    It's like Interview with a Vampire for the Myspace generation, only a lot less gay and a lot more soap opera angst.
  14. Ginger Snaps

    I taught somebody a lesson

    That might improve the taco
  15. Ginger Snaps

    ICP fans give their baby a Jullago funeral.

    If there is a god he must never let this woman conceive again.