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  1. Or did all the 'who has the biggest knob' chat take over the board?
  2. Take it

    Gridiron gang

    Ah it's alright BL, I don't mind. I was mostly interested in how people enjoy wrestler movies, especially in the US. No-one has much of an opinion here and I have really enjoyed some I couldn't find anyone here who had seen Gridiron gang and I thought even without the wrestling connection, it was an awesome film.
  3. Take it

    Gridiron gang

    Thanks Have you enjoyed the Rock in other films? I liked Be Cool, aside from Uma Thurman.... but I'm not sure if I find watching him in films generaly enjoyable? I think I liked Gridiron Gang more than some other movies of this type because it wasn't Adam Sandler and I enjoyed the Disney format with some nice violence. Kinda like RAW.
  4. Take it

    Gridiron gang

    Clever. I thought I may start a conversation about the much plugged movies from wwe lately. I did read through some old threads and couldn't find more than a comment. I am currently getting anyone to watch the marine, it's short and full of explosions and John Cena isn't entirely insufferable. Gridiron gang was a disney movie with cool leg breaks and swearing, seriously the car hitting him. I love a good bone break. I didn't like the condemned or see no evil. Is Vyce still about, I would like his pov on that one?
  5. Take it

    Gridiron gang

    Come on now, how good was that?.....
  6. Take it

    Raw Thread 12/24

    I've seen some people online still mark hard for Mark Henry. Why? Sadly we all watch raw at my house on a tuesday (me and my friends, not all of England) and we have decided that if you were blind Mark Henry would be better as they pronounce his name 'Ma Kennery.... We are also of the opinion that it would be better for everyone if he just fucked off. We are grown ups
  7. Take it

    Ever got so drunk that you...

    Without lemons, no tequila, no threads like this Ever got so drunk that you thought something was a toilet that wasn't?
  8. Take it


    Leena doesn't smoke right? It doesn't look natural in the pic.... you can spot a natural smoker. However not smoking is by far the sensible option, I have been quitting for ages as it may look hot, but unless I date a smoker it must be off putting.
  9. Take it

    "Hey 12 posts, keep it down."

    What makes you think that? Engalnd is not THAT small!
  10. Take it

    Why have we been

    She would make FAR more money just charging you guys!
  11. Take it

    On Y2Jerk.

    In all the best possible ways *hates*
  12. Take it

    On Y2Jerk.

    I don't come off as trying to be imposing...do I??? I don't mean to! I'll freely admit, I'm not the funniest guy in the world. No, you are one of the nicest people here
  13. Take it


  14. Take it

    World Cup 2006 in Germany

    Proper dicks. It was all quite good natured however UNTILL the police turned up...... There was blood and everything!
  15. Take it

    World Cup 2006 in Germany

    You should see the police down here Chave, went to watch the game (despite hating football) at the guildhall and the fights were many, but shit..... The first half was really good, we totally had it together but the second half was flakey, that's when the police had to come out.