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  1. Mik

    Virus e-mails

    Mine has already stopped.
  2. Mik

    Marci X

    Kangaroo Jack was in part a movie kids wanted to see, hence its success. And it had Anthony Anderson.
  3. Mik

    My Farewell Speech

    Hey DFA, I did mean Gods you stupid fuck. I made no mistake. I used the same word your boyfriend used in his goodbye post. Go read a book.
  4. Mik

    My Farewell Speech

    Is this even english? On a side note, you're a pussy. I actually read HBK's soliloquy and he made at least one point that I totally agree with, which is more than I can say for most things I read here. The point that I agreed with is that this board is in reverse of the real world and that the Gods here are probably total losers in life (but bonus points to the ones who would actually admit it and not act all cool like, "Dude I bench press 300 pounds and I have a hot girlfriend." Yeah right, shut the fuck up). I mean think about it, if you have time to start 5 TSM cliques and make 100 posts a day, I doubt you have time for a raging social life. If you ever had the time or desire to make your own gimmick poster, I doubt you have good social skills. But HBK is still a total joke. I hope your car gets stolen, dude, seriously. That is all.
  5. Mik

    the GRE

    And kkk is right. That's the new system. It's called CAT diagnostic. It tailers the question based on your previous question. It is actually better to get a hard question wrong than an easy question correct.
  6. Mik

    the GRE

    I too am going to be a senior in college. I took them already. I didn't use a Kaplan course and I was in the 80th to 90th percentile on all 3 areas. Just buy the Kaplan book and use the CD rom and you should be golden. They aren't too bad.
  7. As for Bonds, I asked prime about Bonds in the same conversation. It took him quite a few tries at typing a reply (blah blah is typing...and then erase...repeat) before he simply answered Steroids. I said that is not only not proven but highly unlikely, and he claims he read it in a newspaper that Barry Bonds openly proclaimed that he started taking steroids after the 1999 season. I told him he was just thinking up bullshit because Barry disproved his theory but he swore that Bonds doesn't count because he's on steroids.
  8. U Love Mik: what about any president of the united states...ever. you have to be 35+ to be...i bet every one would tell you it was the prime of their life Lkdg32: nope Lkdg32: It is because the consitution was writen by past primers Lkdg32: They were jealous of primes, so they made the law that you must be a past primer to become president U Love Mik: oh, see luckily you have enough loopholes for your theory to make sure that it always works Lkdg32: there are no loopholes U Love Mik: jealous of past primers isn't a loophole? Lkdg32: no Lkdg32: It explains why the law is the way it is U Love Mik: what exactly would you call it? U Love Mik: because it fits what you want it to fit U Love Mik: that's not logical at all Lkdg32: Jealous past primers Lkdg32: Past primers jealous of primes Lkdg32: That is untrue Lkdg32: Old people want to hang around with old people I had my laugh for the night. Nice to see that I'm important enough to be IMed by Prime.
  9. Mik

    Michael Vick fractures fibula

    Everyone is talking about the Madden curse now, but when I started the thread on it a few months ago, it got totally no sold. http://forums.thesmartmarks.com/index.php?...31774&hl=madden Click on that bad boy to see who predicted Vick's injury first. That's right, ME BABY! Not like I'm happy about it or anything, because he's one of my favorite players. I am psychic.
  10. Mik

    Marlins Pitcher questions fairness of Ump

    Redman has retracted his statment, FYI.
  11. Mik

    The Rock being " bald "

    I don't know if this is a running joke or not because I try and stay out of the WWE folder, but this made me laugh my ass off.
  12. Mik

    Bonds hits two meaningless homeruns...

    My sentiments exactly. I can see how you can not like Bonds, because he has been an egotistical prick his entire career, but to not care about what he is doing is absurd. He is the BEST ballplayer I have ever had the priviledge to see, and the best player in my lifetime (I'm 21, fyi). Just step back and think of the numbers he is putting up. He broke Ruth's slugging percentage season record, which was essentially unbeatable. He erased McGwire's record, in the most dramatic of fashions. I remember homeruns 68-73 like it was yesterday, because ESPN would constantly cut in on them and each one was magical. I remember one (I think 70) against the Astros where he got walked intentionally on 4 pitches EVERY at bat, and in the 8th inning of a meaningless game, they threw to him just ONCE in the game and he hit it out. Just unreal. And if you ever played baseball, you have no choice but to respect what he is doing, no matter what kind of a person he is. And to make this relevant to the arguement, I think 650 is an important number. As pointed out by others, it's a nice round number, and it should be celebrated. As should 661, 700, 715, 756, and 800. They are all important.
  13. Mik

    David Gray

    His new CD, A New Day at Midnight is quite good as well. I'd suggest picking it up or downloading it if you are a fan of anything else.
  14. Mik

    Sammy Sosa...MVP candidate

    Webb might be more solid than Willis but awards are part popularity contest, Gagne. If you think anyone other than D-Train is taking the NL ROY, you're crazy.
  15. Mik

    Who will win

    Ok, everyone here probably knows by now that I am a Marlins fan and I started a topic on them winning the wild card the first week of July (when it looked improbable), BUT here is why I truly believe it will happen... Al you are right, the marlins are playing over their heads right now, but that's the best thing for them. That might sound crazy, but they, as a team, are at that magical place right now where they think they are unbeatable. Ramon Castro, 13th inning walk-off homerun Tuesday. Mike Mordecai, 11th inning walkoff homerun Wednesday after Urbina blew the save in the 9th. No matter what the situation, I think this team is so young that they feel they can win. That's half the battle right there. They won't give up, quit, or die until the last out is recorded. You would think you'd be able to say that about all teams, but it's not always the case. This is the Marlins year, I can feel it.
  16. I think Pixar has a niche in the market and they would be CRAZY to give up making children's films. The reasoning is simple enough, they make characters that kids will want to see (and also buy the merch) but they give a story that adults can appreciate and love. They truly have a winning formula and they would be crazy to break it for more than one movie.
  17. Mik

    Sweet promotion this Thursday!

    Yeah, Jeff Conine is STILL Mr. Marlin, so it makes perfect sense for them to have that promotion. I hope he retires for Florida, because he made his career there. (All Star Game MVP, World Series)
  18. Mik

    Sammy Sosa...MVP candidate

    Well, he has gone from NO output the beginning of the season to having 30 homeruns and he has energized the Cubbies back into the playoff race. I don't think he should be MVP, and he won't be. It's a two man race, Pujols or Bonds. Pick your horse. I pick Pujols.
  19. Mik

    Florida Marlins

    Tied for the wild card currently.