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  1. I dontthink the titles mean anything anymore and having 3 big ones for all the shows and every ppv has already watered it down even more. All the changes for the SD title makes it look weak although it does crate more top guys, which is what TNA has tried to over the last year I think. They jumped the gun with the Kennedy injury and it worked out well except for him. When Dave got injured he kept working as champ minimally until he got injured again where he had to drop the title. I thought it was lame to do a battle royal to become champ back then and it's still lame now. I think if Edge is presumed out 4 mos. they could have gone max maybe 2 and half mos. without wrestling. The titles dont mean anything to ratings or live events so as long as they have stars on the show, no one would care if the title wasnt defended or if you had the same stars but now you cant even remember all 3 title matches on all the ppvs. They should have kept it with Edge or done something with Nitro but they didnt. Nitro has/had no credibility as a champ because of the weird circumstances as how he won it and also because it's for a crappy show with only 10 guys in it, half of which are losing jobbers anyway, so having a champ there makes as much sense as a HEat or Velocity world champion. Edge seemed to be someone who heeded the Wellness policy since he's the only one who seemed to slim down over the last 2 years and has stayed that way. I jus saw the Ladder Match dvd and he was huge compared to now in the 1st MITB, but was smaller by the time he cashed it in. Steroids are supposedly helpful in muscle growth and injuries recovery and pain if you're larger but not for tears involving tendons and ligaments. So Edge seems to be injury prone either way. He also seemed to be the only guy the last 5 years who was moved to the top where you didnt think "that's exactly the type of guy who I expect wwe to push" before and since. Basically I'm saying having the title vacant or dormant is less damaging then all these title switches.
  2. uhftv

    More comes from tonights tapings.....

    what the hell happened to this thread
  3. I dunno what people were expecting that would make them feel better, outside of: Coroner: Uh we found 3 doses of Crazy juice, well past normal levels.
  4. The swiftly approaching day when Snisky and Khali headline a ppv in separate matches. The ppvs have been pretty atrocious after Backlash with the tribranded stuff As for the tvs, both have been consistently bad after WM and the got worse after both shows decided to get rid of their worst workers using the DRAFT. I think they keep fans longer by not watching consistently.
  5. Dave mentions the Mark Henry interview at the end of his rant, noting that he'll probably get in trouble for it, for actually suggesting that other wrestlers actually have drugs or do drugs when "the locker room's clean!! the policy works!!"
  6. And apparently Ken Kennedy was on Greta Van Sustern tonight too but I missed that.
  7. I saw the Illustrious Johnny Stewart on the Factor replay. Who the hell is he?
  8. They rerun Nancy Grace every 2 hours until 5am here on the East coast for those who might miss the live show.
  9. Finlay totally punked out Bryan Alveraz on Nancy Grace about getting around the drug testing. That was awesome.
  10. WWE-sponsored gas station in Delaware. He said Ephedrine and I see it at gas stations everywhere with other generic fat burners. Ephedra was banned a couple of years back though, yea. what's the difference? Shouldnt they both be banned? One is the name of the plant and the other is what's extracted from the plant. Somebody show me where these gas stations are!!
  11. Find any old OVW show with matches involving KEN ANDERSON. That guy's huge. Hit the gym Kennedy!! Odd that Kennedy attacks Graham who's the least offensive on these shows and really tries to deflect any wwe bashing. And what year does Kennedy live in where he can buy ephedra at any gas station? edit: Keller posted a good response here: http://www.pwtorch.com/artman/publish/article_20941.shtml
  12. OReilly looked 70 years old in that clip from 2002. Linda looked the same as most cyborgs would. I dont understand the point of that clip since it didnt have anything to do with... anything unless they wanted to prove that nothing ever changes in wrestling. Maybe they pulled out at the last minute, since the rest of the show was live so it would be pointless unless Bill needed a long bathroom break. I'd like to believe Matt Hardy too but I dont know about guaranteeing his generation will have less deaths in the future than the previous one. And saying that older wrestlers speaking out now for fame is "not cool." But what is cool is any wrestler now who defends wwe. I'd think they would have as much of an agenda as the ones who bash them. You're not gonna get anything negative from anyone under 40 even if theyre no longer wrestling, just look at CHIROPRACTIC SHAWN STASIAK, youll jus get other people in trouble and its a coworker thing. I dont think anyone thats speaking out, even the worst ones, have a horrible selfserving agenda, it's just a matter of drawing attention to things that they dont want attention on. Back in 2005 Piper did that interview about drugs and steroids etc he never badmouthed wwe he jus spoke of the environment and how hard it is and they fired him because wwe decided from the interview that he was 'miserable' so he should go out and do something else. The stuff with the guys associated with Astin, I think theyll just ignore it like before. The big sting operation a few months back had wrestlers associated with it and there was a brief flurry of statements and that was it. Theyre ok as long as the injury/prescription loophole still stands.
  13. last week they had some kind of clip show on larry's 50 years in the business or whatever and they show him with all these famous people and alot of what he gets is because its really a softball show which is how he gets the big exclusive interviews. he has the rep for not going for the big hardhitting questions but from the clips you wouldnt know that. like the stuff about steroids with hogan and when he asked bret about owen. his show is so harmless that he slips in a pretty good question toally nonsequitir but that makes all the clips makin him look like a hard hitting newsman so he's not an asshole but that's the show you go on when you want to come off looking really good. It was reported that Mero WAS supposed to be on King with his tagpartner Blackman but they told him to hit the road, and he ended up only being on Nancy Grace and Abrams an hour later. But still wwe very LAME pulling him off the show. Anyone who saw Larry knows the whole show was a total wwe lovefest. There was an awesome part in the Nancy Grace show where Konnan calls out "guy with the beard, he's a fukin moron" Best Nancy Grace show ever.
  14. Unless Umaga is right behind Linda I'd suggest canceling her appearance on OReilly And they should show footage of her and Kane for no reason.
  15. uhftv

    ECW 7.10.07

    Extreme Expose' talkin about how hot the Miz is is the most disgusting promotional tactic of the last 5 years. Im more offended by that and it's lack of realism; I can handle faux 10 bell salutes more than that. Maybe if he hit "the gym" once in a while.