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  1. Drury37

    NWA Weekly Programming Thread

    Ditto haha. Whenever I hear that theme song I think WCW.
  2. Drury37

    Legends Programming

    In that match Dusty Rhodes mentions that young Cody Runnels won his first medal in the 90 pound division. Pretty wild if you think about it.
  3. Drury37

    Primetime Disscussion Thread

    Yeah it is. They recap it again. Quick question, the bracket must change for the WM IV Title Tournament, right? Cause doesen't Dibiase get put on the top of the bracket, then buys off Andre to get a double DQ.
  4. Drury37

    WWE Raw - March 2, 2009

    Hunter, she was mine before she was your, see there are the towel one says R on it. Ah whoops that storyline was 17 years ago.
  5. Nevermind that makes perfect sense.
  6. Drury37


    This is episode was definitely the best of the season. I would go out on a limb and say it was the best episode since season two. Season two is in it's own rank of greatness as far as I am concerned. I was just captivated for an entire half hour and felt like it was not even a T.V. show by the end. How often can you say that in this day and age?
  7. Drury37

    Family Guy

    I did laugh at the Office Space thing. It is like Stewie and Brian came to play this year and nobody else did. Yes, I know it is a cartoon haha. I actually liked the Shapoopie thing was funny in it's own way.
  8. Drury37

    Family Guy

    I am diehard Family Guy fan, but this episode was horrible. The Bird is the word thing was bad the first time. No Quagmire (Or Joe for that matter). Worst episode I have ever seen, and I have seen them all.
  9. Drury37

    The Youtube Thread

    This footage is unreal. http://www.dailymotion.com/relevance/searc...r-is-stri_sport
  10. Drury37

    WWE Raw - September 8, 2008

    This is awesome.
  11. Drury37

    All-Time Wrestling Roster Draft

    Do I still have a pick from one of the rounds or is it from that scramble thing?
  12. Drury37

    All-Time Wrestling Roster Draft

    Hey, sorry I was in New York City from Tuesday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon, and if anybody is willing to make trades please let me know starting now, and I will negotiate.
  13. Drury37

    All-Time Wrestling Roster Draft

    With my final pick I select... Gary Michael Cappetta. The World's Most Dangerous Announcer my friend. I wanted to pick Howard Finkel, but he was already taken so I went with the next best thing.
  14. Drury37

    All-Time Wrestling Roster Draft

    With my next pick I select... Dink. I need an opponent for Max Mini. He seemed like he was decent in some of those Survivor Series matches.
  15. Drury37

    All-Time Wrestling Roster Draft

    No problem, I just got fed up with people telling me to do something that I was making an honest effort to do.