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  1. TheTomster

    Awesome Wrestling Pictures

  2. TheTomster

    OAO ECW 5/2

    Didn't catch that match, but Ryder's theme is kinda catchy, anybody know who does it?
  3. TheTomster

    OAO ECW 5/2

    Bourne/Henry was nothing special, but what do you expect out of Henry. I did notice however, Tyson Kidd has a superstar look, and I think he can make it far in the E
  4. TheTomster

    OAO ECW 5/2

    Christian vs Kidd sounds promising, already turned it on Sci-Fi so I won't forget[no tivo or dvr here ] Bourne also mentioned on his Twitter earlier he'd be facing Mark Henry again tonight
  5. TheTomster

    OAO Raw Thread 6/1

    Overall I thought it was a crap show. Glad Flair got punted so he's off TV again for awhile, and Kofi/MVP was amazing and I hope they do some kind of series with these two but other than this it wasn't that great
  6. TheTomster

    OAO Raw Thread 6/1

    Well, I'm now let down about the main event
  7. TheTomster

    OAO Raw Thread 6/1

    No way. They washed there hands of that jackass. I think its Jeff Hardy. Jeff did note on Twitter that he was "called into work today." So I'm thinking its either him or Triple H, as he has been advertised locally
  8. TheTomster

    OAO Raw Thread 6/1

    Mystery partner is Kennedy
  9. TheTomster

    ECW 5/12

    Discuss. I think the formation of the new Hart Foundation went pretty good, only problem was the camera angle, when DH Smith first started to run down the aisle you could see him, but they quickly switched.
  10. TheTomster

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    Roxxi's Twitter update says: I would like to wish TNA the best in there future endeavors
  11. TheTomster

    Lil Wayne is releasing a rock album

    Wrong, Lil Wayne pushed his album back to sometime in early June just days after Eminem annouced his album dropping on May 19
  12. TheTomster

    WrestleMania 25 paid attendance

    I think it was somewhere in the range of 73,000
  13. TheTomster

    WWE Superstars 4/16/09 Discussion

    Good show, coulda did with more time for Christian/Finlay and less time[or match at all]for McMahon/Rhodes but thats my only complaint
  14. TheTomster

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    Too predictable
  15. TheTomster

    WWE Raw Discussion- 4/13/09

    Smackdown! gets last draft pick