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    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Not that anyone cares, but Pat Summitt won her 1,000th game tonight. Where would you say this accomplishment ranks among all-time coaching achievements?
  2. Even worst, MTV2, which was initially created to make up for the decreasing number of hours that the regular MTV was putting for music videos, has in recent years, degraded into purely a backhaul of the regular MTV's programming (a la ESPN2). I wish they still had The Box.
  3. MFer

    Greatest Living Ballplayers

    I actually had LeBron pegged in Erving's spot, but I changed my mind (part of it due to my biases, but whatever). LeBron would easily be on the roster if it was 15. As for greatest pitcher ever, I think I'd have to go with Clemens as well (not taking into account the whole steroids thing and all).
  4. MFer

    Greatest Living Ballplayers

    Starters: PG: Magic Johnson SG: Michael Jordan SF: Larry Bird PF: Bill Russell C: Shaquille O’Neal Reserves: PG: Oscar Robertson SG: Kobe Bryant SG: Jerry West SF: Julius Erving PF: Tim Duncan C: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar C: Hakeem Olajuwon Coach: Phil Jackson Hate to leave Isiah off, but 3 point guards seemed like overkill.
  5. MFer

    Greatest Living Ballplayers

    Dead. Get bent. Bah... Edited with LT2 in place of Payton.
  6. If you mean every once in a blue moon during that 5-9 A.M. time frame, then yeah.
  7. MFer

    The MagicJack Offseason Bowl

    Pretty good showing by Michigan, considering how they finished last year. They did miss out on a couple DT's, but still great overall. Michigan's QB situation should improve by leaps and bounds this upcoming season.
  8. MFer

    Greatest Living Ballplayers

    I'll take a shot at an NFL 53-man roster. Everyone on here is alive last I checked. It gets pretty damn hard once you get further along (to the point where I had to put 5 MLB's on the roster and move some players into different positions), but that's the way it goes. Starters-Offense: QB: Joe Montana (1) RB: Barry Sanders (2) FB: Jim Brown (3) WR: Jerry Rice (4) WR: Randy Moss (5) TE: Kellen Winslow (6) LT: Anthony Munoz (7) LG: John Hannah (8) C: Dwight Stephenson (9) RG: Larry Allen (10) RT: Art Shell (11) Starters-Defense: DE: Deacon Jones (12) DE: Gino Marchetti (13) DT: Mean Joe Greene (14) DT: Bob Lilly (15) MLB: Dick Butkus (16) OLB: Lawrence Taylor (17) OLB: Jack Ham (18) CB: Deion Sanders (19) CB: Mel Blount (20) FS: Rod Woodson (21) SS: Ronnie Lott (22) Special Teams: K: Adam Vinatieri (23) P: Ray Guy (24) KR: Gale Sayers (25) PR: Devin Hester (26) Reserves-Offense: QB: John Elway (27) RB: LaDainian Tomlinson (28) RB: Emmitt Smith (29) FB: John Riggins (30) WR: Marvin Harrison(31) WR: Cris Carter (32) WR: Michael Irvin (33) TE: Shannon Sharpe (34) TE: Tony Gonzalez (35) LT: Jonathan Ogden (36) LG: Randall McDaniel (37) C: Dermontti Dawson (38) RG: Bruce Matthews (39) RT: Dan Dierdorf (40) Reserves-Defense: DE: Bruce Smith (41) DE/DT: Randy White (42) DT: Alan Page (43) DT: Merlin Olsen (44) MLB: Jack Lambert (45) MLB: Ray Lewis (46) MLB: Mike Singletary (47) OLB: Junior Seau (48) OLB: Ted Hendricks (49) CB: Mike Haynes(50) CB: Darrell Green (51) FS: Ed Reed (52) SS: Ken Houston (53) Coach: Bill Belichick
  9. MFer

    VH1 Trash TV Compendium

    Yeah, that chick's got issues... "No Buddha."
  10. MFer

    Tennis Thread.

    Also, LeBron/Nadal are greater "physical specimens" than Kobe/Federer. LeBron's basically the small forward version of Shaq. Tennis commentators are always referencing Nadal's "guns" plus he's athletic to the point where you can't get a fucking shot past him.
  11. MFer

    The sports coverage and announcing thread

    Man, fuck Jay Bilas. It's bad enough that he's a Dukie, but this guy is so obviously biased against Michigan...he just needs to shut the fuck up. This article pretty much sums up why.
  12. MFer

    WWE Raw - February 2, 2009

    Orton pretty much just played it off as "tough love", and I guess Ted decided it was worth it to stick with Legacy.
  13. Besides, you can see a lot worse on any given punt during a game. I've seen many times where two defenders are practically mugging one of the gunners and no penalty flag is thrown.
  14. MFer

    Biggest Flash in the Pan

    Larry Johnson? He had over 1750 yards and 20 TD's in a season where he started 9 games. Followed that up with 1789 yards and 17 TD's in 2006. Since then, he hasn't done much other than getting injured and running afoul of the law. So basically, LJ had as great of a 1 1/2 year stretch as anyone and that's pretty much been the extent of his career. He'll be 30 in November so it's hard to envision him having anymore great seasons. I'm not saying that LJ fell off the face of the earth, but he did go from being a top-5 player to just a guy in an awfully short time.
  15. Don't know if anyone else saw this, but on that Harrison TD, Antrell Rolle was practically on the field instead of being back behind the sideline. Rolle got into Fitzgerald's way, and that probably cost Fitz a chance to tackle Harrison earlier. Also, there was a Woodley clip on that runback that should've been called.
  16. If nothing else, this game served as another example of the prevent defense preventing a team from winning. I realize that Big Ben made several escapes when being pressured earlier, but giving him all day to throw isn't the answer. You don't have to go all Jim Johnston, but mix it up some, don't give Holmes time to find an open spot in the zone. And, hey there were no "gadget plays" (a phrase that's a definite candidate for the sports cliches thread btw) run by either team.
  17. MFer

    Sports Cliches

    "Coach X won with Coach Y's players/team." (In this case, Tomlin won with Cowher's team.)
  18. Once again, the opposing team can't get to Big Ben at the most critical times (see: Chargers and Ravens prior to this). Oh well.
  19. MFer

    The Youtube thread

  20. MFer

    NFL Preliminary Hall of Fame 09 List

    I was surprised that Thomas and McDaniel made it, but I believe they both deserved to get in. I think the max number for enshrinement was 7, so they could've bumped Wilson and got Carter and Sharpe in. I'd love to hear an explanation from the people who didn't vote for them.
  21. MFer

    This week in the NBA

    I brought up this topic before, but a recent SI article (as well as other stories from a month or two ago) speculates that LeBron may be as big as 6'9", 274. I'm not sure if I'm buying 274, but if he's that big, that's insane. He'd basically be a DE with WR speed that happens to have PG/SG abilities.
  22. MFer

    Tennis Thread.

    Bah, Nadal wins AGAIN. Didn't get to see the whole match so I'll have to catch a replay. Federer would be threatening 20 majors already but Nadal just has his number. At this rate, Nadal might end up breaking all these records, especially considering he's 5 years younger than Federer. This seems somewhat similar to LeBron (although he doesn't have a ring yet) overtaking Kobe as the best player in the NBA (sadly, because I definitely prefer Kobe and Federer in their respective sports).
  23. MFer

    The TSM Hall of Very Good

    Oh yeah, with all those WR's I mentioned, how could I forget about Herman Moore? He was arguably the best WR not named Rice in the mid-90's.