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  1. MFer

    WWE Raw - January 19, 2009

    This is quite a long overrun here...
  2. MFer

    WWE Raw - January 19, 2009

    For a second there, I thought he said tacos.
  3. MFer

    WWE Raw - January 19, 2009

    I was hoping that Stephanie would make Jericho kiss her ass. EDIT: "ON YOUR KNEES!!!"
  4. MFer

    WWE Raw - January 19, 2009

    Looks like another Diva's having trouble keeping her pants on. Man, these matches sure are quick tonight.
  5. MFer

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    I guess I just don't see who the Eagles could replace McNabb with and expect to take that next step. They don't have a high enough draft pick to get a Stafford or a Sanchez unless they trade up. Besides, they just drafted Kolb in 2007. To be fair, Kolb doesn't have a large body of work, but the comments I've heard on him haven't been favorable. The free agent class doesn't look too promising overall. Cassell's gonna cost a fortune. There's always Warner (ironically), but I don't see that happening. Collins, Garcia, and Garrard are the next best options, but those would probably be lateral moves at best, if not taking a step back.
  6. MFer

    AFC Championship Thread

    Man, that 2nd quarter was a total clusterfuck.
  7. MFer

    NFC Championship Thread

    Craig Morton was the only one prior to this.
  8. MFer

    NFC Championship Thread

    Well, if 0-16 didn't do it, the Cardinals going to the Super Bowl certainly makes the Lions the worst franchise in NFL history (at least in the Super Bowl era). Good for them though, it'll be interesting to see their offense go up against the Ravens' or Steelers' D.
  9. MFer

    NFC Championship Thread

    They just went over it on the halftime show...once a ball has been ruled out of bounds, the play is dead and is not reviewable. I can't believe you can't review whether the ball actually was out of bounds, though. Should've specified, I meant on regular fumbles. Hell of a play by McNabb, too bad it was called back. Avant and Jackson with nice catches as well.
  10. MFer

    NFC Championship Thread

    On the ref thing, I have seen a couple cases (can't think of a specific one) where they would award the ball to the recovering team, even if the play was blown dead. The reasoning was that said player would've undoubtedly recovered the fumble whether the whistle had blown or not. That's kind of a weird situation though.
  11. MFer

    NFC Championship Thread

    That's why refs need to let the play go on more often. That way, they can change it back later if they're wrong (same deal with the Hochuli play).
  12. MFer

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    It'd be great if the Lions could get Scott (he's a Detroit native), but I'm not holding my breath on them getting any quality free agents.
  13. MFer

    The sports coverage and announcing thread

    You just gotta love Emmitt Smith on ESPN making references to "Troy Palamolu" and "Samari Rolls".
  14. MFer

    Teens face child porn charges

    Yeah, there's been a few cases in Michigan over the last year or two.
  15. MFer

    This week in the NBA

    The Pistons continually losing to shitty teams is really getting old.
  16. MFer

    Attitude Era Timeline in your opinion?

    I just wish I had become a regular viewer of WWF/E (or just wrestling in general) back then. I didn't start watching full-time until RAW moved to TNN, which was like late 2000. I'd also agree that the Attitude era ended around WM X-7.
  17. MFer

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Lions hired Titans DC Jim Schwartz as head coach. Sounds good to me, Detroit really needed a defensive-minded coach (no, Rod Marinelli doesn't count). Hopefully he'll have a big influence on the draft in a few months. Who knows, maybe they can make a run at Haynesworth now (yeah right).
  18. MFer

    RICKEY~ and Jim Rice elected to HOF

    Obviously I'd like to see Trammell get in one day, but I doubt that'll ever happen. Speaking of former Tigers, how about Jack Morris, Al? Seems like his numbers are a little under par, but he's got other things going for him (such as his playoff resume).
  19. MFer

    NFC Championship Thread

    I tend to agree with this. McNabb's numbers are better than McNair's in TD's, TD/INT ratio, regular season and playoff win % (he only needs another season to pass him in passing yards as well). He's had more team success than Brees and Palmer. McNabb vs. Favre for this decade...maybe I'd go with Favre but he's had his ups and downs since 2000 as well. Probably a little early to throw Eli and Big Ben in the discussion right now (although Ben would shoot up the ranks if he wins the Super Bowl this year). As some have pointed out, McNabb's only had a true #1 WR for one season, and even then, T.O. didn't play in the playoffs that year until the Super Bowl. Also, McNabb had some good seasons before Westbrook became the player he is now. Yes, McNabb does have some warts on his resume, but I've always felt like he's been unfairly criticized relative to what he's accomplished in his career. It just seems like most people want to highlight the negative points in his career and/or minimize the positive points he's had for some reason.
  20. MFer

    AFC Championship Thread

    Yeah, I was wondering why the Chargers didn't blitz more, especially after the Steelers kept converting 3rd down after 3rd down. I would expect the Ravens to turn up the heat a lot more in this game.
  21. MFer


    Didn't the Eagles draft Tony Hunt a year or two ago to be the power back? They made that TD look harder than it needed to be.
  22. MFer

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Hey, has anyone else heard of the A-11 offense? It looks basically like a fake punt being run every play. Pretty crazy stuff, wonder how long it'll last or how far it'll go. On another note, forgot to mention the new ESPN.com homepage...thoughts anyone?
  23. MFer

    BCS Championship Game Thread

    It really did seem like Stoops micromanaged (someone else's word) this game. Oklahoma's offense looked to the sidelines way more often that usual instead of just playing at their normal fast pace. Brown ran well but OU's offense as a whole was just stagnant. I just can't believe how far Florida's defense has come along since Michigan lit them up pretty good last year. Anyways...a pretty underwhelming game for the most part.