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    This Week in College Football 9/21 - 9/23

    I can't stand Oklahoma. My most hated college team along with USC and Ohio State. But that's another story. Even though I'm a Michigan fan, I love the way Drew Stanton plays and this is his best chance to show the Heisman voters something. I think the Spartans are gonna win this game, something like 38-31.
  2. MFer


    Did you ever beat Zombies? Cause I was a youngin back then and didn't have the gaming skills or patience to beat that game. I think the farthest I got was around level 7.
  3. MFer

    Box Office Report...

    I really joined Gridiron Gang. I saw it on Friday and was impressed with The Rock's performance. Sure there were some predictable spots, but that's the case in most movies like this. I think this film had more of an edge than some of the more recent sports flicks. All in all, I would recommend this movie to anyone.
  4. MFer

    NFL Week 2

    Thanks Roy, thanks a lot.
  5. MFer

    This Week in College Football 9/14 - 9/16

    It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine!!! Plus Oklahoma lost(I really don't care if they got screwed or not). If USC loses that would make my day.
  6. MFer

    Your Wrestlemania Card

    Alright, since Summer Slam is coming up and Survivor Series is only a few months away, I think it's time to look at possible Wrestlemania matchups. You guys come up with your ideal Mania card using the current roster. I came up with mine while getting bored to death in my summer sociology course. Obviously this would never happen in real life knowing McMahon. Raw Matches Cena vs. Orton Kane vs. Umaga (Might as well.) Benjamin/Haas vs. Kenny/Mikey-World Tag Titles Nitro vs. Masters vs. Harry Smith vs. Carlito-I.C. Elimination Title Match Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix-Women's Title (Hopefully their history will play out on T.V. well) Edge vs. Jeff Hardy-Cage Match (Jeff can blame Edge for his family's problems.) HBK vs. Flair-WWE Title (Why not have a face vs. face match between two legends? At least it's different.) Smackdown Matches London/Kendrick vs. Matt Hardy/Gregory Helms-WWE Tag Title Ladder Match Chris Benoit vs. Finlay-U.S. Title Rey Mysterio vs. Kid Kash-Cruiserweight Title Batista vs. Lashley vs. JBL-#1 Contender's Match King Booker vs. Kennedy-World Heavyweight Title ECW Matches Big Show vs. RVD vs. Sabu-ECW Rules #1 Contender's Match CM Punk vs. Kurt Angle-ECW Title (This doesn't need to be an Extreme Rules match for it to be great.) Inter-Promtional Match HHH vs. Taker (No reason other than those are the only two big names left over.) A couple notes: -I'm making a few assumptions as to who's returning from injury or otherwise. -Cena vs. Orton could be for the WWE Title instead of HBK vs. Flair. -Edge vs. Jeff could be a #1 Contender's match for the I.C. or WWE Title. -Hogan, Foley, Rock, and/or Austin could be incorporated into the show in some way.
  7. MFer

    Question for those who work out

    I started lifting in 10th grade and my bench has never been that great for how big I am. I weigh probably 250-260 and I bench around 285. I played D-II college football last year (not on team anymore) and it helped build my strength. I haven't maxed out in a while, but I can probably do 300+ now. I press around 200. Squatting and dead-lifting are more my speed. I've squatted as much as 550 and dead-lifted as much as 650 but that shit fucked up my back so I don't really max out on lower body much anymore. I've also never taken any supplements or anything like that so I'm going to try to get on that stuff this year.
  8. MFer

    NFL - Week One.

    Gallery basically got raped by Merriman last night. It didn't matter what Shawne did, spin move, swim, step one way and go the other, or just plain rush right past the supposed #2 overall pick from a school(and conference) that is known for producing great linemen. That was easily the worst O-line performance I can ever remember.
  9. MFer

    Fantasy Football

    I scored the most points in the first league, which I honestly wasn't expecting. Cincy's D stepped up big time against LJ. In the third league, I won my matchup despite getting nothing from Palmer and Galloway. And I'm sure glad to have LT on my teams
  10. MFer

    Fantasy Football

    I should've stuck with Gonzo in the Ben Graham Yahoo league. I instead went with the matchup strategy and started Watson against Buffalo. Now I'm going to have a tough time winning my matchup.
  11. MFer

    Fantasy Football

    That would be my oppnent LOL. And it's only gonna get worse. I don't know if the ESPN league still counts but I logged in and it's up there.
  12. MFer

    Fantasy Football

    Leena, I'm facing you in the ESPN league but I fucked up by leaving Davis in the lineup. I couldn't log into ESPN for the longest so I just ignored it. My Yahoo teams are looking good though...
  13. MFer

    NFL - Week One.

    Josh Brown FG, Seahawks win 9-6. Detroit's D was impressive, but they couldn't hold up in the final minutes.
  14. I find it tough you can love three teams per sport. For me, I find it tough to love more than one team per sport. I love the Cubs (ugh), but I like the Indians and A's, too. That doesn't mean I'm getting too upset or happy if those last two win or lose. As for me, I curse that 1994 summer day when I came across WGN. Truth be told, I had only took an interest in baseball because of Frank Thomas and wound up watching my first Cubs game just to hold me over until I could watch Frank Thomas and the Sox play later. *cringe* I need a shower. Alrighty then, I LOVE Detroit teams and LIKE the other teams. I'm not sure that's good enough in a couple of cases. If you're a fan of an Original Six team then you really shouldn't be rooting for anyone else. You should be a Red Wings fan, period. For similar reasons, you should either be a Tigers fan or a Red Sox fan. As for the NFL, from previously living in the Detroit area I have some former colleagues who renounced their allegiance after the Barry retiring/Matt Millen double whammy (yes, I know it didn't happen at the same time but it was a cumulative thing). I think they may have even been part of the Millen Man March. I'd suggest you do the same and pick one of the other teams. Hey there's no question that I favor Detroit over any other team. I've been to the games, even when the teams sucked major ass. I've got my gear. I've watched meaningless regular season games. The first Tiger season I remember was in '96 when they lost something like 109 games. But I never stopped watching them and these days I feel good about being a fan through all the crappy seasons. I could've stopped watching the Pistons when they got rid of Grant Hill then or Ben Wallace now but that wasn't the case. I've watched the Red Wings well before they won 3 titles in 6 years I've never wavered in my loyalty to Detroit sports. I will easily root for the Tigers over the Red Sox any day of the week. My fondness for Boston stems from a few things: my hate for the Yankees, Fenway Park, and the players, guys like a young Nomar back in '97 and guys like Manny now. However, if Boston and Detroit met in the playoffs someday, I will always go with the Tigers. With all the shit that Millen's done I will still defend him and the Lions. I won't go to the games with a paper bag on my head or any of that other bullshit. After Barry left, I still cheered for the Lions. I'm not a bandwaggoner or fair-weather fan or whatever. I'm a Detroit sports fan. The other teams I listed, I will root for them over all other teams in their respective leagues except Detroit. I can explain why i "like" everyone of those teams if anyone would like. Ok, so i don't "love" every team that I listed, but people use the "love" word loosely all the time so I didn't think it was that big of a deal. I don't need my loyalties questioned, I know where I stand. Is it really that wrong to "like" other teams?
  15. I find it tough you can love three teams per sport. For me, I find it tough to love more than one team per sport. I love the Cubs (ugh), but I like the Indians and A's, too. That doesn't mean I'm getting too upset or happy if those last two win or lose. As for me, I curse that 1994 summer day when I came across WGN. Truth be told, I had only took an interest in baseball because of Frank Thomas and wound up watching my first Cubs game just to hold me over until I could watch Frank Thomas and the Sox play later. *cringe* I need a shower. Alrighty then, I LOVE Detroit teams and LIKE the other teams.
  16. MFer

    The 99 Problems Of Jay-Z

    14. Carlito Brigante
  17. NFL-Lions, Raiders, Seahawks, Falcons, Bucs, Jags NBA-Pistons, Magic, Rockets, Jazz NHL-Red Wings, Sharks, Kings, Oilers, Ducks MLB-Tigers, Red Sox, Mariners, Astros These are pretty much the teams I have always loved. There are several other teams who I loved before and don't now and vice-versa. Since I'm from Michigan, the Detroit teams have always and forever will be my favorites. With me I kind of have this funny thing about hating teams that have been on top for extended periods of time(unless they're from Detroit). That's why I hated some teams like the Lakers and Bulls and now they're two of my favorite NBA teams. I've loved these teams for all different types of reasons, whether it be the uniforms, the venue they play in, certain players, or the way they played.
  18. MFer

    NFL - Week One.

    I will...nothing like a good white receiver(Stokley, Bennett, Jurevicius etc...)
  19. MFer

    This Week in College Football 8/31 - 9/4

    Garrett Wolfe is the fuckin man-171 rush yds, 114 rec yards, 1 rec TD. I know OSU lost 9 defensive starters but that's still awfully impressive. Reminds me of Darren Sproles of a couple years back.
  20. MFer

    This Week in College Football 8/31 - 9/4

    I believe he transferred a while ago. It sucks for him that he got hurt in '04 and then Henne came in and had a great freshman year and never gave the job back. Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes. I didn't think Gutierrez was anything special anyways, just ok.
  21. Someone called Regal doing the job earlier.
  22. Cause all of his movies have been pretty shitty! I didn't think Walking Tall was that bad....Doom and The Rumdown were abysmal however. Well this looks like your standard inspirational sports movie, so it can't possibly be bad.
  23. MFer

    Fantasy Football

    Well it's 9 A.M. for me during history class. I might be able to make it if I can use my laptop during class. but i pre-ranked to make sure. Hopefully it doesn't fuck me over.
  24. This is my theory on Nitro/Melina's involvment in the Flair/Foley feud...Foley, for his own reasons, saw Melina as more than what she's portrayed as in the ring. To me, Melina was annoyed by Foley all along and wished he would go away. But before she got rid of him, she could get something out of him for her and Nitro. These things were: 1. Foley was used as backup for Nitro when he was feuding with Flair, knowing the history between those two. 2. The big time exposure given to Nitro/Melina from being involved with two legends like Flair/Foley. Nitro stayed in the background b/c he knew that nothing would happen between Melina and Foley. Once Nitro/Melina had no more use for Foley, they tried to think of a way to get rid of him and, lo and behold, the KMAC fell into their laps. So once Vince told Foley to kiss his ass, Melina told Vince (in an untelevised segment) how to get Foley to kiss his ass and get fired at the same time. That's the best way I can explain this storyline.
  25. Maybe Vince secretly thinks that HHH and HBK are too big of draws to get rid of them? In Foley's case, he's not around enough to feel bad about firing him.