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  1. MFer

    What college do you go to?

    Northern Michigan University heading into sophomore year. Thinking about transferring downstate though.
  2. MFer

    Why we're all here.

    The one thing that WWE never screws up on are those video packages. Good stuff.
  3. MFer

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    Anyone else catch that story about Justin Gatlin testing postive for high testosterone levels?
  4. MFer

    2006 NFL Off-Season

    How in the hell did they go 5-11 last year with a top 10 offense and defense plus Neil Rackers who i believe only missed 2 FG's?
  5. MFer

    The Game is off Aftermath Records

    "50 Cent the Career Killer" Not a creative name but hey he killed Ja's now it looks like Game might be done.I used to hate 50 for what he did to Ja. (Note-I loved Ja but I recognize that he's not the most gifted rapper. I just liked that his songs were catchy and upbeat.) I'm over that though and 50 is one of my favorites. It's an unfortunate situation cause I think The Game was in a good position to become just as big as 50 but that's the way it goes sometimes.
  6. MFer

    Comments that don't warrant a thread

    How about Tiger Woods winning the British Open only a couple months after his father's death and Floyd Landis winning the Tour de France with a bad hip? Both great accomplishments. Woods is now tied with Walter Hagen for 2nd all-time with 11 majors. Jack has 18. I kind of wanted to see Sergio or DiMarco win their first. especially with the latter recently losing his mother, but I'll never complain about Tiger winning. Landis' win might be one of the greatest accomplishmets in American sports history.
  7. MFer

    Guess who's doing a nude/sex scene.

    Women and pedophilles (sp?) maybe? (not meant to be a joke)
  8. MFer

    Fantasy Football

    Michigan Bulldogs right here.
  9. MFer

    NCAA Football 07

    I agree with everything the article said. I just got it and was pretty disappointing considering what the 360 is capable of. I might have been better served getting the regular X-Box version.
  10. MFer

    OAO Raw - 7/17

    Well then maybe they could have had Beth talk about her history with Mickie, have Mickie get mad and "injure" Beth to set up her return later on.
  11. MFer

    OAO Raw - 7/17

    Couple notes from me... -I thought the Cena/Umaga match was just about as good as those two could put on. Glad to see that Cena wasn't booked to bury Umaga. -That said, Edge vs. Cena has run its course. It shouldn't go past Summer Slam. -Good to see Nitro doing something different than fighting Shelton and/or Carlito. He even got to speak! -I like DX but at some point SS and the McMahons have to 1-up them. It may happen soon but it really makes the tag champs look weak when they're constantly getting beat down by 2 guys. -I'm really tired of Eugene. -What's up with the Women's division? There was a backstory with Mickie and Beth Phoenix and all of a sudden Beth is nowhere to be found. These days the champ seems to be an afterthought. Plus the Trish-Melina feud has stalled at this moment. -The Highlanders just aren't doing it for me. -I wonder how Foley is going to be convinced to have that match with Flair. Will the hardcore stipulation coerce him into accepting? I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  12. MFer

    *Smackdown Spoilers*

    Hey anytime Matt Hardy wins, its a beautiful thing.
  13. Maybe WWE should combine the rosters.
  14. C'mon you know Val vs. Randall was the MOTN I missed it b/c I was trying to catch the HR derby and kept it on a little long.
  15. Shelton/Cena was decent Same for Cena/Edge interaction Even though it seems wrong for Flair to be involved with ECW, I liked the way it was setup Trish/Melina stuff was OK Everything else I could do without
  16. MFer

    MLB All Star Break/Midseason Review

    AL MVP-Jim Thome (Big Papi close second) AL Cy Young-Jose Contreras AL ROY-Liriano AL MOY-Leyland NL MVP-David Wright (Pujols is best player but i feel that Wright is more valuable) NL Cy Young-Webb NL ROY-Ryan Zimmerman NL MOY-Jerry Narron (Reds)
  17. MFer

    MLB All Star Break/Midseason Review

    Great to see the Tigers represented on this board. I'll throw in my 2 cents... 1. Need to improve avg. with RISP and cut down on strikeouts. 2. I've heard rumors about using a 6-man rotation. Not a bad idea with a bunch of young guys and a 41-year-old. 3. It's been said many times, but they do need a LH bat. 4. ppl have been calling for a change at closer. I think Zumaya has the 'stones to get the job done. He just needs to use his breaking ball more effectively. I won't be mad if Jones remains closer though. 5. Leyland is proof that managers can make a difference in baseball. 6. Detroit should have more than two All-Stars (three with Maggs as a replacement). 7. IMO, the playoffs is pretty much a lock. They may not win the division, but they basically have to play .500 ball to get to 95 wins and a good chunk of those games are against KC, TB, Sea, and Bal. Plus they are an exceptional road team. 27/50
  18. HBK is one of my favorites, however, he falls more intp the category of best entertainers and not necessarily wrestlers. I think his wrestling ability is a little overstated b/c of the way he draws a crowd into his matches. I personally would say (keep in mind I've only been watching wrestling full-time since late 2000 and have not seen much TNA or any ROH) that Kurt Angle is the greatest wrestler of all time.
  19. MFer

    Hulk vs. Orton SSlam

    I wonder if Orton's going to turn out like Jericho (constantly talking about being the youngest World Heavyweight Champion just like Jericho always talked about how he was the first Undisputed Champion) and never make it back to the top, just wallowing in the upper mid-card.
  20. MFer

    OAO ECW Week 4 on Sci-Fi, July 4th

    Someone pointed out earlier that Big Show was the first person to have held the WWE, WCW, and ECW belts at least once. When you think about it, that's a pretty significant feat. Although ECW is owned by WWE (similar to when Rock won the WCW title in WWE during the Invasion period), it still goes in the books as Show being ECW champ. Who would have thought that Show would be the first and likely only one to do it?
  21. MFer

    World Cup 2006 in Germany

    Does anyone else here hate Eric Wynalda? Cause I've been starting to get down on him as an analyst.
  22. MFer

    Hulk vs. Orton SSlam

    No, she's 18. (DOB-5/2/88) OK good. I figured if she was 18, she just had her birthday.
  23. MFer

    Hulk vs. Orton SSlam

    This is my first post here so I'm pretty excited about that. Nothing groundbreaking but I just have one simple question. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't Brooke Hogan 16 or 17, not 18?