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    Hugh Jackman to host 2009 Oscars

    Huh? The guy was hilarious when he hosted SNL. They should make Steve Martin the permanent host, he was excellent. I also liked Ellen He's a media whore over here constantly telling our Government how to run the country. He's an asshole. Good actor though.
  2. http://www.news.com.au/story/0,27574,24793674-23109,00.html As a fellow Australian citizen, let me be the first to say, Fuck Hugh Jackman.

    Comments which don't warrant a thread.

    New AC/DC song, so you know what to expect: Rock N Roll Train

    Ben Berrnanke doesn't want you to take a raise this year*

    *cough cough* And honestly, if you make minimum wage, I don't think the failing economy is going to hurt you that much. If you were making $7 two years ago at Burger King, chances are, you're still making $7 at Burger King now. $7.25 next July. The main thing that pissed me off about the article is that someone who works hard to try and get a raise is being told "You shouldn't ask for/take a raise this year to help the economy" and yet the government just gave people who don't do anything to try and improve their situation 2 70 cent raises and another 70 cents in 11 months. If getting raises is going to hurt the economy so much, why don't they put that last 70 cent minimum wage increase on hold? As an economics student, let me take a guess on this question: The minimum wage is a government mandated wage. The market doesn't control it. Bernanke is concerned with market wages, which have the potential to spiral upward if several industries receive wage rises (one job sector sees another job sector getting a wage increase, so now they want a wage rise too, etc). This scenario cannot happen to a minimum wage, which is fixed at the will of the government and is not susceptible to market forces.


    The interlude in 'To Live is To Die' is pretty cool.

    Songs you hate by artists you like

    "Big" by Tom Hanks

    2008 Summer Olympics

    Medal Count: 1. China: 35-13-13 2. USA: 19-21-25 3. Australia: 11-10-12 4. Great Britain: 11-7-8 5. Germany: 9-6-7 For interests sake, here are the populations for the top 5 countries: 1. China: 1.33 billion 2. USA: 303 million 3. Australia: 20 million 4. Great Britain: 60 million 5. Germany: 82 million On a per capita basis, Australia is easily the top sporting country.

    Manitoba Greyhound Bus Murder

    Someone told me about this incident, and I was waiting for the punchline. Apparently it actually happened. Damn.

    The Dark Knight

    Just saw the film. Excellent. If you like Batman, you'll enjoy this film. If not, stay clear.


    Awesome. Did everyone in the theatre stand up and applaud, chanting your name and lifting you up onto their shoulders?

    Campaign 2008

    Paul gets points for selling the Austrian Business Cycle Theory as the explanation of possible recession. Ludwig Von Mises should be proud.

    Campaign 2008

    True enough, but you have to choose from the candidates you're given, and McCain is probably the best out of all the republican candidates. They'll probably play him as the old warrior, and he'll probably lose, but it'll be good for the republican party to have someone like McCain as their figurehead for the next year than anyone else.


    A psycho with a gun can kill more people than with a knife. There will always be gun deaths in countries, regardless of the existing gun laws. Surely the aim however would be to stop half-witted suicidal morons from acquiring a gun. In Australia, gun control was boosted heavily after the Port Arthur Massacre which saw about 30+ people get killed. There are still gun deaths, but so far there haven't been any incidents where an idiot was able to easily acquire a gun and start firing at whoever crossed his/her path.


    I'm not an American-hater like so many foreigners are becoming these days, but for GOD'S SAKE, fucking do something about your god damn gun problem. Fuck.

    Worst President Ever?

    Worst President ever? I don't know, which is the one that can claim chief responsibility for turning a reasonably secular, democratic country into a hotbed of religious dicks?