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  1. In Credible

    Eastbound and Down

    really funny show, great one liners
  2. In Credible

    Street Fighter IV announced...

    Just got the game, and I suck ass. I also really hate Seth, what a fucking bastard.
  3. In Credible

    Disc Golf....

    Frolfin ain't easy...
  4. In Credible


    I'm guessing she did the "removing the firing pin" trick that she used before.
  5. In Credible


    Kelso made me laugh a lot last night. "I like her...she's got girl balls" (Elliot says something about that being the chair J.D. sat in the 3rd time they kissed) "Oh, how romantic...I'll try to stop drilling farts into it."
  6. In Credible


    The show is getting much better, and actually I don't mind the lead character, she's still not that great, but getting better.
  7. In Credible

    This week in the NBA

    Go Wolves!
  8. In Credible

    Friday The 13th (2009)

    I've hated every Rob Zombie movie so far, he just doesn't get it. He chooses bad actors and gets bad performances out of them. House of 1000 Corpses sucked, Devil's Rejects was better, but was still pretty bad. And he totally whiffed on Halloween. Michael Myers is my favorite horror villain and as a kid, he scared the shit out of me. His motives were mysterious and his mask made his killing even more unsettling (shows absolutely no emotion). The thing that Zombie didn't realize is what many film makers don't, the unexplained and the unseen is the most frightening tool in a story tellers arsenal. When you try to explain Michael Myers or give him motivations you just turn him into another serial killer with a mask. It's like when you are building up a monster in a movie, you may hear it at the door and it could make the most horrific sounds. No matter what you show when you finally show it, it will be a let down. The imagination of each viewer will create something infinitely more frightening than you could possibly put on screen. Carpenter made a great decision in not explaining the why behind Myers. People think it's lazy, but no matter how he would have explained it, it wouldn't have had the same effect.
  9. In Credible


    Because that would go against it was meant for. The reason they used the giant squid is so that there would be speculation that it was alien, it wasn't actually supposed to be an alien invasion.
  10. In Credible


    I don't mind not using the squid (though in the story it makes sense, but would be harder to explain in movie form imo), but making it Dr. Manhattan as the cause is just dumb. It's supposed to be an event that not only shocks (and horrifies), but also unites the world. Manhattan would just make Russia happy, America's Superman turns on them. Like I said if they can find an alternative to the squid that's fine, but I don't think the mentioned way of changing it keeps the right feel.
  11. In Credible

    Role Models

    Yeah as soon as I saw Bobbi J I knew it would be gold.
  12. In Credible

    Zack and Miri Make a Porno

    I liked it, it made me laugh a lot. That's what I look for in a comedy.
  13. In Credible

    If I get a new DVR, can I transfer my shows to the new unit?

    To answer OP's question, No.
  14. In Credible

    It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    Super drunk Charlie was just all kinds of awesome.
  15. In Credible


    I think most of the issues are with the lead character. She seems like she went to the Michelle Rodriguez school of acting, where she has to act tough all of the time and never shows any vulnerability or female characteristics. The reason Garner worked so well in Alias is that when she needed to she would be tough and strong, but when things really effected her, she would show it when she was alone. I don't like how they tacked on her boyfriend being involved in shady things, but I guess they didn't want it to be too much like the start of Alias. The problem is she can't convey the emotion needed to really sell the relationship and the effect of his betrayal.