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  1. garfieldsnose

    So... what happened?

    Lots of contradicting going on with the new regime. You're left with the gems like goldengreek, Enigma, and theone. Makes this board elite, doesn't it?
  2. garfieldsnose

    So... what happened?

    Thanks to most of the members who won't stay here. Quit trying to justify that.
  3. garfieldsnose

    Leena's Resignation

    You're gay.
  4. garfieldsnose

    Vince Mcmahon calls TNA programming "Reprehensible"

    Because that's the difference between becoming a monster powerhouse company that could actually compete with WWE or Panda Energy saying fuck you and pulling all of their money out of the company. Were you born yesterday?
  5. garfieldsnose

    Vince Mcmahon calls TNA programming "Reprehensible"

    Come on. TNA is nowhere near the WWE in terms of "real" ratings. If they went head to head, WWE would easily win out. And ratings don't mean much when your PPV buys are in the fucking shitter, and WWE's are not compared to TNA's.
  6. garfieldsnose

    DECLASSIFIED: Well I guess that confirms it's Leena

    nice Pee Wee Herman reference.
  7. garfieldsnose

    CTDWAT: TNA Edition

    I totally agree.......it's nothing but a good thing that he is the way he is right now, and it certainly doesn't appear that he's in any sort of health risk at all anymore. I don't know if you could say that. Certainly, he's not anywhere near as bad as he was towards the end of his WWE run, but even just looking at him now, he's not exactly a picture of health. I think Kurt has done himself so much damage over the years, he's never going to be entirely in the clear, not while he's wrestling anyway. It doesn't help that he still seems intent on taking the same risks now, that he was earlier in his career. There are always stories going around various newssites and publications that he's still struggling physically, and he's not in great shape at all. I think, to an extent, Kurt's always going to be a health risk, it's just not as bad as it used to be. I'm missing where he looks unhealthy, since to me he just looks small, not anemic or anything. Just because he's not juiced up and huge means he's struggling physically? Come on, RedJed, you don't need to bring up steroids. A lot of guys on here read the dirtsheets and want to believe 99% of it as fact, and the fact is that in these dirtsheets, for the better part of his TNA run, they've said he's not doing well at all. Sure, the limited schedule probably works in his favor, but I also agree with MillenniumMan about the Paul Orndorff type injury. Guys can keep their arms big after stopping steroids, but his just look weak and frail.
  8. garfieldsnose

    Vince Mcmahon calls TNA programming "Reprehensible"

    Honestly, he probably does feel that to some extent. I took this as more of a "if I have to go and do that [what TNA is doing], I can and I will win, but family entertainment is where the big bucks come in" and he's been right so far.
  9. garfieldsnose

    Ask Leena thread.

    Regular posters have never been able to delete their own posts.
  10. garfieldsnose

    NHL Discussion

    God, I hate Tim Thomas. Dominik Hasek V 2.0.
  11. garfieldsnose

    The Sweet 16 & Elite 8 Thread

    Don't worry, Villanova is going all the way.
  12. garfieldsnose


    YOU GOT FUKED UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Elaborate.
  13. garfieldsnose

    The End - Part Deux

    Hacking TSM and then banning almost every mod after buying the fucking forum will still be the most retarded decision you've ever made.
  14. garfieldsnose

    The End - Part Deux

    Deleting threads to repost it under other users = apparently the new direction here.
  15. garfieldsnose

    The Sweet 16 & Elite 8 Thread

    Final. Four.