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  1. NyqZoo

    SummerSlam 2009

    Everything sucked up until Orton and Cena and the ending was such a clusterfuck it wipes anything the match had from my memory. Hardy and Punk was just a spotfest, I know that's sort of what a TLC match is supposed to be but I expected more. The only good thing about the whole night was Punk winning the belt back, and maybe the slight hopes of Punk beating Undertaker at Wrestlemania which will probably never happen.
  2. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    Might have been, I was in the bathroom for most of that match.
  3. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    Decent show all around, nothing to really write home about though. The highlights would be the two world title matches for me. Great heel work by Punk, I think they made a big mistake taking the belt off him so soon, unless they are planning on giving it back to him right away. The crowd reactions helped out the triple threat a lot with whoever was beating up Cena at the time getting cheered. Night of Champions is probably the least interesting gimmick for a PPV where most of the titles should be defended anyway. It just causes nonsensical angles to be drummed up to have an excuse for all the belts that aren't getting attention at the time. Aside from that, it was OK, no horrible matches.
  4. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Hardy wins.
  5. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    Hardy kicks out of the GTS, they let him kick out of everything.
  6. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    I'm hoping Teddy Long comes out after Hardy wins and announces that Hardy tested positive for steroids prior to the match so CM Punk retains. I could really go for some drug test tampering angles.
  7. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    Magic the gathering gamerankings Matt? You're lucky nobody is reading this thread.
  8. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    Mysterio retains against Ziggler. Maria was sad.
  9. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    Mickie James beats Maurice with her DDT to become the my little princess champion.
  10. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    Unique finish, Triple H puts Orton in the sharpshooter, then Cena locks in the STF on Orton's top half, Orton taps but the ref doesn't end the match because he apparently is a retard and can't figure out what to do. Legacy hits the ring, Orton hits an rko on Cena while he's trying to Attitude Adjust Rhodes for the pin. Let me get my Cole bingo card. And nobody even went through that announce table. Randy broke monitors for nothing.
  11. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    Well somebody better go through that table.
  12. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    WWE championship triple threat is up next. Match placement would suggest Randy retaining here followed by a cringe worthy rant about opportunism and vipers and other dastardly things by Cole.
  13. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    McCool retains in a pretty good match with a pretty bad finish. Reversed rollup that took about 6 seconds because the ref was slow.
  14. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    Kofi retains via being 5th in line in the parade of finishers.
  15. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    Texas Clover Leaf by Dreamer on Christian and Dean Malenko reference from Striker. Christian winner and new champion via kill switch. Poor Tommy had to lose in Philadelphia.
  16. NyqZoo

    WWE Night of Champions

    So if anyone was curious, Jericho brought out Big Show to be his partner; match ended with a codebreaker followed by the "colossal clutch". CM Punk delivered a pretty good heel promo afterward in front of the crowd.
  17. NyqZoo

    EC Dub EC Dub 7/21/09

    Regal is old news, Jpop is new the wave of the future.
  18. NyqZoo

    Jericho and Kelly Kelly

    That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
  19. NyqZoo

    ECW - January 13, 2009

    With Cole on Raw and Smackdown being Smackdown, I find it hard not to put ECW on the top of my list nowadays. Fewer promos, more wrestling, excellent announcing.
  20. NyqZoo

    TNA Genesis 2009

    Seriously, when was the last time someone was hit with a finisher on a TNA PPV and pinned?
  21. NyqZoo

    WWE Raw; 11-24-08

    No comment on Melina's sunset flip powerbomb? I thought that was pretty cool; they beat TNA to the punch with that one.
  22. NyqZoo

    Campaign 2008

    I wonder if they know how pro-choice Ayn Rand is.
  23. NyqZoo

    Cyber Sunday - October 26 2008

    Sounded like Vickie thought it was Smackdown and they could edit her part up. She just kinda started over and read the match stips again with the right result.
  24. NyqZoo

    Campaign 2008

    I'm gonna stay far away from Macedonia.
  25. NyqZoo

    Spoiler for 10-02-2008

    Anyone else notice they cut the airplane crashing sounds from the beginning of his entrance music? I'm indifferent about that.