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  1. JPopStarKami

    Your WWE / Wrestling level of interest

    I have to disagree with you on this one. TNA doesn't let anything sink in, and that's much worse. The announcers constantly talk over everything and spell everything out for the viewers. The silence at times can help.
  2. (Credit: F4WOnline) A strap match between Umaga and Punk? That's not quite what I was expecting but at least they're continuing the feud.
  3. JPopStarKami

    Judgment Day 2009 Thread

    I think they'll cheer Punk regardless. Umaga didn't squash him, he looked decent against him, and if they continue the feud with Punk going over at Extreme Rules it'll work out.
  4. JPopStarKami

    Monday Night Raw Discussion

    Yes it has. Jericho vs. Batista.
  5. JPopStarKami

    WWE General Discussion - May 2009

    This isn't a joke, is it? April 1st passed a month ago... Otherwise, this is great news for the talent.
  6. JPopStarKami

    The OaO Monday Night Raw thread for 5/4/09!

    Honestly, I liked that. Cena sold it well. He can actually take a beatdown and look vulnerable, unlike HHH. My opinion? Cena isn't winning. He has a movie to film.
  7. JPopStarKami

    Smackdown Spoilers for 5/1

    He hasn't used it since he first debuted the Go 2 Sleep against Johnny Nitro (now Morrison), for his first Money in the Bank qualifier. That was kind of a turning point in his career since he lost his undefeated streak to Bobcore of all people, and reports were coming out that road agents were depushing him because of his attitude...and then he wins this match and suddenly has a Mania spot.
  8. JPopStarKami

    Smackdown Spoilers for 5/1

    He's G2S'd Snitsky but who knows. They really do need to give him a secondary finisher for big guys.
  9. JPopStarKami

    Smackdown Spoilers for 5/1

    What would add to the match is if the MITB briefcase was on the line for Punk / Umaga. We know Umaga wouldn't win, but it would make the match mean something in the eyes of the marks/casual fans. Punk losing to Kane in the rematch makes sense now. They wanted to keep us wondering whether or not Punk could beat a monster convincingly.
  10. JPopStarKami


    I always wondered what would happen if someone who lost a 'you have to do this if you lose' match tried to skip out on the show, like Santina.
  11. JPopStarKami

    The future of WWE.

    I'm not sure why everyone keeps saying Ted DiBiase Jr. He hasn't shown anything special to me.
  12. JPopStarKami

    Punk's booking?

    On paper, this is a good idea, but if you're doing it for a PPV, having the challenger get taken out beforehand makes the viewers seem cheated with a bait and switch. You could potentially solve this by having a heel challenger get a title shot in a completely undeserving fashion, and pull this, however.
  13. JPopStarKami

    The future of WWE.

    Punk's got all the tools, WWE just needs to book him properly.
  14. JPopStarKami

    Cornette Bashes WWE Creative

    Do you honestly think he's going to openly bash a company he works for? And besides, this isn't about TNA, it's about WWE. This isn't evolution, anyway. This is the decline of the wrestling business and every single point he's made I agree with.
  15. JPopStarKami

    The TSM Fantasy Game - Season Two

    Heh. DH Smith with 0 points. I had money left though so I took him as filler and figured that maybe I'd get lucky and he'd join Legacy or something.