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  1. ulfistgut

    What is the future of TV and Movies?

    Surfthechannel is still pretty hit or miss, some stuff you can find everything in high quality, others nothing - or really crap quality rips. I don't think broadcast is going to go away any time soon, stuff like news and sports will always suit broadcast better than web based content delivery. Also sometimes you don't know exactly what you want to watch, so it's nice to have a bunch of channels with differing stuff on.. Also you say you do record the broadcast, and whilst you could have the same end product with downloadable content you're still using the medium of broadcast television. I imagine places will have to improve their web stuff (although most seem to have sorted it now) but to fit alongside their broadcast television. I live in the UK so I download most everything I watch so I can see it as soon as it comes out. However if I could watch it on first broadcast I probably would (providing I was around), even with all the adverts. Do you guys find this is the case, or even being able to watch it on TV you still wait to dl it...
  2. ulfistgut

    Dead Like Me Cancelled?

    The movie is available in the usual sort of places. Question though?
  3. ulfistgut

    The Office Season 5

    Yeah, people would be complaining if they had never gotten together - that the Jim and Pam relationship was 'stale' and so on. But bps is right, they could have got an extra season if they'd moved the kiss - once that had happened they were stuck because there was only so many obstacles they could have before it got silly. But they probably couldn't have done that kiss much later than the 3rd season.
  4. ulfistgut


    Yeah, it works that way because the guy who Hurley worked for ended up working for Hurley (as Locke's boss, as mentioned they suggested Hurley owned Locke's company) - fits with TV logic or something
  5. ulfistgut

    Need suggestions/help

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/database...arb_68036.shtml This is awesome, impressive and fairly straightforward to make (unlike most risottos it's oven cooked so you don't need to be over a pan for the whole thing). You can swap out Pecorino for Parmesan if thats easier, and you don't need the specific rice (but it may need a little longer in the oven). Roast some nice mushrooms alongside it and you've got a winner.
  6. ulfistgut

    Marijuana in Sitcoms

    I find it quite facinating watching the progression of attiudes towards drugs in sitcoms. Early stuff uses it as a device but characters accidentally take it - it's rarely their decision. Then friends for example had characters refer to having done it but still in a fairly negative light (that episode where Ross' parents hate Chandler or something cos Ross did it once, they caught him and he blamed Chandler - but the emphasis is that Ross did it *once* [i think]). In that 70s show you can almost watch the change in attitudes through the series, to begin with it had the characters doing it for fun with little evidence of negative repurcussions (don't think there was much like this on normal TV previous) but they'd kinda dance around it (smoke in background, no direct reference) - towards the end they were vary blatant. Nowadays there isn't even much of a joke about it - it's just seen quite normal. How I met your mother for example shows the characters having smoked, and smoking in the future - and it's just treated as perfectly normal (although I don't know if the sandwhich joke was due to network restrictions or due to the narrative style of the show) for characters to dabble. Now you can see further changing attiudes towards other drugs. How I met your mother (again) had a bunch of exstacy jokes in that club episodes - no negative moral like effects but they danced around the issue and if you didn't know about the drug you probably wouldn't realise thats what they were doing..
  7. ulfistgut


    If it was Quinn it would be more he's connected to the Freebo case as opposed to Deb (unlike the other killer where he was connect via being Dex's brother), Deb just happens to be a part of that case - which means she cannot not be connected to the killer. Although, I see what you mean - he's somewhat connected to her as a coworker. I wouldn't find it too far, you say one time too many like it's been done before more than once. And I don't think Quinns motives would involve Deb/Dexter unlike the Ice Truck Killer so it's more coincidence they're connected. The murder being someone we know is just more interesting storywise than them bringing out some randomer.
  8. ulfistgut


    Traditionally it's baked, but yeah it's awesome - why would anyone need to defend it. The taste and texture is such a perfect compliment to a roast, plus Toad in the Hole is genius (essentially yorkshire pudding with sausages cooked in it, lots of gravy is vital). Because the batter doesn't really go soggy with all the other stuff it works so well, I've seen meals involving a giant yorkshire pud filled with gravy, meat and veg. Good stuff!
  9. ulfistgut


    When I was in Italy they showed me an awesome way to cook it where you line the bottom of the pan with the lasagna pasta so that the bottom layer goes up the sides and way over the edges of the pan on all sides, you make it as normal but instead of putting on the top layer of pasta you fold all the excess of the bottom layer in so it's essentially enclosed (then add topping), keeps more moist. The trick is to line the tray with some sauce so it doesn't stick Also, chopped up hard boiled eggs they add. Not as bad as it sounds.
  10. ulfistgut

    Who can we do without.

    Not the band
  11. ulfistgut

    Who can we do without.

    I hate van halen.
  12. ulfistgut

    The Master of the Appetizer Tournament

    Stuffed Jalapenos (you know the ones with cream cheese in batter deep fried) - I think they might be called poppers? I wish they were more popular here in the UK, can't find them anywhere most of the time - love 'em to pieces though. And what on earth are Stuffed Baby Bellas, stuffed mushrooms?
  13. ulfistgut

    Need help identifying a movie

    The Hole? Starring Thora Birch and Kiera Knightley - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hole_%282001_film%29 They don't eat each other but the other kids die, other than that the plot sounds pretty much the same
  14. ulfistgut


    The problem with the 'same thing different perspective' is that whilst yeah the story is about the people much of their story is being scared about whats going on, dealing with it blahblahblah. No idea how you could have an engaging second story that would be different. It would mostly be the same but maybe with some slightly different motivations and actions. Now a story about what happens if the monster survives and moves onto a different city would be awesome - how people react to something like that, what would they do and all that.
  15. ulfistgut

    The Incredible Threadable Egg

    Haggis is pretty nondescript if you don't get involved in the prepairing side. I've had it a fair few times and it's just kinda like mince and oats, not served up as a big ole stomach ball or anything. Spretty good though, especially with a bit of whisky on drizzled over and some strong mustard. Hard to describe the flavour, salty meat like - good texture too, not to much gristle and the like.