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  1. TheSSNintendo

    Stanley Cup Playoffs

    Ovie scores the hat trick, and the Caps take a 2-0 lead against Pittsburgh in their series.
  2. TheSSNintendo

    Monday Night Wars

    I watched that episode last evening, and now I sorta have the song stuck in my head. And it's kinda funny how Mongo and Brain just sometimes ramble on about it. Never realized that the old Nitro shows took place in smaller buildings, compared to when WCW gained steam. And even when I was younger, I still thought it was stupid for WWE to kinda give a sneak peak at the following week's Raw, showing a match that hadn't even aired at the moment.
  3. TheSSNintendo

    Monday Night Wars

    I don't really mind seeing the old Raw and Nitro shows from the beginning, being that I didn't have the service back then. Gives me a chance to see the Nitro shows that I missed.
  4. TheSSNintendo

    WWE Superstars 4/16/09 Discussion

    I can't see this show because Comcast doesn't carry WGN.
  5. TheSSNintendo

    The 2009 NFL Offseason

    Well, I guess I won't be seeing any Thursday night games on NFL Network anymore. When Brandon Lloyd is one of your top receivers, you know you have a problem.
  6. TheSSNintendo

    The Youtube Thread

    The Undertaker returns at Judgement Day 2000. Austin destroys the DX Bus.
  7. For anybody on here who is a fan of the original American Gladiators series (like me), this bit of news will make your day: Original AG on DVD
  8. TheSSNintendo

    NHL Discussion

    I went to the Caps/Penguins game on Sunday. Was a very fun game, even though the Caps lost. The Penguins fans all act like they pulled off something impressive, even though the Caps are 3-0-1 against them this year. It took the gimmicked shoot out for the Caps to lose.
  9. TheSSNintendo

    WWE.com Legacy

    Seems like WWE.com is a little behind on adding new stuff to Legacy. It's Monday March 2nd, and they still have February's up.
  10. TheSSNintendo

    The Youtube Thread

    Damn, I remember that crazy bitch attacking him and the camera showing it for a lot longer than they should have. LOL at Creature of the Night. Paul Bearer was fucking hilarious. He's one of the funniest people ever to me. You want hilarity? You got it.
  11. TheSSNintendo

    The Youtube Thread

    Undertaker explains his side.
  12. TheSSNintendo

    The Youtube Thread

    Undertaker's secret is revealed.
  13. TheSSNintendo

    WWE.com Legacy

    Oh man am I glad to hear they're airing the old WWE Superstars shows. Now I get to relive the shows that I missed before April of '93 and after June of '93.
  14. TheSSNintendo

    The OAO WWE DVD Thread

    I bought the Starrcade DVD yesterday at Walmart, but I haven't watched it yet. Probably won't happen, but it would be cool if WWE did something like that for SuperBrawl and Halloween Havoc.
  15. TheSSNintendo

    Biggest Flash in the Pan

    I'm not sure if you'd call him a "flash in the pan", maybe a fluke, but Sidney Ponson for the Orioles and Giants back in '03. He went 17-13 that year, but other than the rest of his career, he never really amounted to anything.