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  1. tpww7

    WWE Smackdown - March 6, 2009

    All three of them attacked Hunter. It was a pretty long beatdown too. Over 5 minutes of them just kicking the crap out of him.
  2. BOSTON – Jeff Hardy was found unconscious in a stairwell at his hotel in Boston today, and was rushed to the nearest emergency room. Due to privacy issues, WWE is not releasing the name of the hospital. WWE.com will have more information if it becomes available.
  3. tpww7

    Prison Break

    It feels like they just ran through about 6 episodes worth of story in that first 15 mins.
  4. tpww7

    *Smackdown Spoilers*

    Any reason Hardy is selling his back in his entrance? Hasent he been off tv 2 weeks?
  5. tpww7

    Judgment Day Roundtable

    So with all the clean finishes thus far, does Umaga help Edge win and move over to Smackdown finally?
  6. tpww7

    Judgment Day Roundtable

    Why in the world did HBK win? Great match though.
  7. tpww7

    Judgment Day Roundtable

    Rambo commercial?
  8. tpww7

    Judgment Day Roundtable

    That was a great match till the finish out of nowhere.
  9. tpww7

    WWE Raw (4/14/2008)

    So, Jericho/HBK in the 1st round next week?
  10. tpww7

    Lockdown (4/13/2008)

    I like how Rhyno pauses and waits for his pyro instead of helping Christian.
  11. tpww7

    Lockdown (4/13/2008)

    I think he called it a superdriver.
  12. tpww7

    OAO Raw Thread 3/17/08

    Flair vs Vince in a street fight was randomly just announced on wwe.com for tonight.
  13. tpww7

    The Youtube Thread

    Can't say I've ever seen that Adam Bomb-Giant Gonzalez footage, good find. That feud would of been...interesting?
  14. This makes no sense but is great.