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Guest bps "The Truth" 21

The ONE AND ONLY NWA TNA week 5 thread

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Guest Masked Heel

This was the first time i saw the Nwa stuff and i think the bottom line is that it isn't worth paying for i doubt u guys care but i'll run down what i think of the whole night

Shamrock at the beginning was good showed good emotion like someone else said

Jarret Hall fight in the back was just filler then they take Jerret out of the ladder match makes no sense to me maybe cuz i didn't see last week but if Jarret is a heel him fighting with Hall doesn't make me not want to see him fighting Shamrock next week

Liked the ladder match it was alright not great more of a main event than Hall Lawler though

The Styles Lynn promo was great best angle they have right now in my opionin

Midget stuff was crap i mean they tried but i don't think many people find midget stuff entertaining i don't care how good they are on the mic

Womans stuff had more place than the midget stuff they could have brought in the blue mennie in a better way though and Franshines broken neck thing is stupid

K-Krush promo was good went a little long for me i don't feel he's that great on the mic but if he's going to be a bad ass heel he can't be getting that beat on by Norman Smiliey the end stuff was good but would have been more effective if it was more squashish in the match

The X division Tag match was good great spots many very hard to do seems like the elvisis won't be around for very long less wrestlecrap

Styles Lo Ki was good stiff as hell kicks i felt match of the night could have been better but everything can be better

Main event wasn't much of a main event Hall is pretty over though even if he's not wrestling ***** matches Lawlers promo was solid he seems to be carving out a nitch for himself which is good match was sub par would have rather seen it as the first and the ladder match as the ME but thats my booking more stretcher stuff for Hall again stupid that everytime someone gets beat down that they need a stretcher then Jerret comes back at the end and takes out everyone again that isn't very heelish in my book sounds more like something Austin would do against the oppressive boss so i have no idea where that angle is going and yes the whole night stunk of Russo

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Guest Angle2004


There is no way that the masses would buy into the product if all the matches were that long. The Low Ki/Styles match went 10 minutes last night and the crowd was dead and it was boring. I think that they could do better but having every match 20 minutes is ridiculous. 15-20 minute matches is not what the masses want. The WWE was getting 7.1's at one point and that wasn't because of wrestling. It was because of storyines. And guess what? That 7.1 was during the Ministry storyline that so many people hated. And the person writing those shows that got 7.1's was Vince Russo. They can't just cater to the pure "wrestling" fan. It just doesn't work that way anymore.

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Guest gwf0704

I saw the PPV and I got to admit it was a decent enough show, though I tend to agree with the majority that the midget match had to go. I have never been a fan of that type of match so its more of an annoyance than anything else, though why they have a midget masturbating in a trash can... But I agree with Angle 2004, there were midgets on NWA before Russo so I cant really blame him for this, its really Jarretts fault. But other than that, pretty good show.

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