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Guest bps "The Truth" 21

On the subject of character development

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Guest bps "The Truth" 21

Alright...so week 5 fell short of expectations after week 4's show...and the Russo era was quite evident last night...


However...being the optomist that I am I can find some good things that have happened...and continued to happen last night...in the company.


Namely: Character Development and planning for the future.


Here is my list of the top 10 moves towards character development that I have seen:


10. Marcus Bagwell.


No...I don't like him either. And TNA knows that. So they stopped trying to feed "Buff" Bagwell to everyone. They know he's useless to them. So they did something about it. After his week 3 loss...he renounced teh name Buff took back his name Marcus and said he was going home. Bagwell leaving is good enough to earn a spot in the top ten. Will he be back? Probably...but not as Buff...they'll repackage him. And that is the best thing that could happen for Bagwell's career.



9. Chris Harris and James Storm.


I know...who? Well that was the point. When the Dupps refused to face the Rainbow Express in week 2 because of their "alternative lifestyle", Harris and Storm were offered their spot. They won that match...and in doing so were chosen to compete in week 3s tag tournament. They beat the Johnsons in round 1 but were attacked backstage (by a still unkown person or persons) and could not compete in the finals. These two have some talent...and are certainly no longer an ubscurity. From what I understand they will return on next weeks show. They have the potential to be a good tag team...that's how you use to guys that fans don't know and likely won't identify with.



8. Malice.


He could be higher but something is missing. Obviously the former "Wall" has redifined himself in many ways. But they are missing the key to make this guy a top guy. He's faced Shamrock twice and lost. He lost the #1 contender match to Sabu in week 5...and destroyed him afterwards. Why? That's what's missing. I would assume he destroyed Sabu because he was upset about losing the title shot. But what they should do is make MAlice (who has come SOOO close to winning the NWA title on 2 occassions) really obsessed with getting back there. Beatdowns on Sabu are fun...but crazy obsessed big man who NEEDS, not wants, to get back to the top is better.



7. Sonny Siaki.


As part of the Flying Elvises, Siaki already has a disdain for the rest of the X division. The Elvises are undefeated...but get no consideration for title shots. (SIDE NOTE: How odd is it that everyone in the company actually wants to get to the titles? Like...they feud...because they want to get to the title...crazy enough to work) Week 5 showed another side of Siaki as he bad mouthed his tag partner and fellow Elvii Jorge Estrada. The birth of a new angle? You bet. It looks to me like Siaki has disdain not just for the other X guys...but for everyone. He's a talented guy...and with this character...he could be huge. The possability of it is good enough to rank #7.



6. Jeff Jarrett.


I said it in the One and Only thread: For a heel, JJ sure does get screwed over alot. He wants the title BAD. But something is always standing in his way. Whether it be President Jim Miller, VP Bill Behrens, Jackie Fargo, Scott Hall, Malice...no one wants this guy to get his shot. So he lost it. Now he is a stiff chair swinging take no shit anymore guy who should parlay that into a hot feud with Hall and an eventual one with Shamrock. Like him or hate him...JJ is the top heel in the company...knowing this TNA isn't wasting the biggest money match they have right away. Instead they are giving it time so that when Shamrock vs. JJ DOES eventually take place...people will care more about it.



5. Brian Lawler.


Needs to stop shooting on his father. Not that it isn't enjoyable...just that it does little for the TV audience outside of Tennessee. Other than that...turning Lawler heel was a masterstroke. A heel son of the King in Tennesee is a good idea to start...but how stale was Grand Master Sexay? How stale was Brian Christopher? For the first time I can remember...Lawler has the chance to do something worth watching. A work in progress? Obviously. A step in the right direction? That's for DAMN sure.




4. Ken Shamrock.


Most of Shamrock's development has nothing to do with him. IT has to do with the way TNA plays up the importance of his belt. Everyone wants it...from rookies, to faces like Sabu, to heels like JJ and Malice, to guys from overseas, to rookies like Monte Brown. The goal of the top people in the company right now (as revolutionary as it may sound) is to beat the champion. And that man is Shamrock. IT's hard to argue with their choice of Shamrock as champion. What he lacks in charisma he makes up for in credability. No one on the roster is more credable than Shamrock. I wonder how everyones goal to beat the champ would work if that champ was Hall or even JJ. Those guys are beatable on every night. Shamrock has the air of "if you are going to beat me...it won't be easy...and you may not survive". Week 5 saw Shamrock get some development of his own. He is making strides at being a bad ass beat the shit out of everyone intense fighter. If it carries over into the ring...good stuff. I'd like to see Shamrock develop his anger towards how many people are gunning for him.




3. AJ Styles.


His feud with Lynn has been very good to him. Their are so many levels already built into it: Student vs. Teacher, Glory seeking, envy, teammates, respect...they did all that in basically a month. The feud has the potential to be huge (It's already big IMO) and the payoff should be fantastic. When AJ walked into the feud he was just one of the flashy guys in the X division. Now he's the breakout star of it. They gave him the glory seeking part...he's building up a mean streak....and that was just the last 2 shows. Big things brewing for the "little" guys.



2. Jerry Lynn.


14 year vet...and I didn't know he could deliver a promo like he did last night. This pissed of Jerry Lynn is how you put your company on the map. Period. Lynn is a star...and I only see him getting bigger. Sure he can deliver in ring...but his out of ring work has been just as strong (which says alot...when his matches in TNA have all been highlight reel material). This isn't the Lynn that the WWE misused...or the ECW RVD runner up. This is better than anything I've ever seen him do. I want to watch the show just to see what he will do next...and how it further builds towards the ultimate Styles/Lynn payoff. Feud of the year? Easily. Best feud in recent memory? Looks like it. Up to the lofty Flair/Steamboat feuds of the past. We'll see...and I can't wait to.




1. K-Krush.


No one could have told me I'd give two shits about K-Kwick the rapper from the WWE. No one. But I do. He's got star written all over him...and making that his gimmick...genius. What's more amazing is he has emerged by feuding with race car drivers and beating Norman Smiley. What does that mean? We ain't seen nothing yet. I never thought the day would come that I would pay to see this guy. And while that day may not have arrived yet...I think it's only a matter of time. I can't say the WWE was stupid to let him go...because I know when I read of his release I didn't bat an eye at it. But I can tell you why TNA picked him up. Krush more than anyone shows off what TNA can do for someone. They saw a star and they commited to making it so. And guess what...they're winning that battle.




That is what I think they have done thus far that is worth taking note of.


In the future I'd like to see the following people get similar attention:


1. LowKi

2. Christopher Daniels

3. Apolo

4. Scott Hall (most people hate him...and with reason...but he is a valuable commodity to TNA with his popularity...They need to flesh him out more)

5. Tempest

6. the Dupps

7. Elix Skipper

8. Kid Romeo

9. York and Matthews...bring them back...please?

10. Steve Corino...bring him back...please?

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Guest Your Olympic Hero

Corino & Jarrett should team together... I just see that working out.


Don't be surprised if X-Pac shows up with Hall when the WWE dumps him

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Guest bps "The Truth" 21

hmmm...dead topic.


Should I stop spending time writing them...or should I write another one right away to try and get some interest...



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Guest Zack Malibu

The thing I think they should pay more attention to is the tag division. With a stale, thrown together, and at times, seemingly non-existent tag division in WWE, the tag teams could be the next breakout stars of the show. I agree with you, bps, that Storm and Harris is a good way to start. But now you can flesh the division. Stick Romeo and Skipper together, and play off their past as a team. Continue the Elvis dissention not only around the X Title, but around the tag titles as well. Push the Dupps as Redneck badasses, not Bushwhackers with a babe. The NWA has done so much right these last few weeks, I have no doubt that their tag division would bring as much interest as the X division.

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