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Guest bps "The Truth" 21

The official bps21 NWA TNA Week 7 Preview

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Guest bps "The Truth" 21

The big news this week is the potential lawsuit.


There are threads to cover that so I won't go into it now...except to say that the sky is not falling...there will be TNA this week. (Much to the disapointment of the person who voted 2 weeks in the TNA poll).


Actually...I lied.


I do want to say this to the doom and gloom people that always come running about how something they read spells the end of the promotion:




Every week something new about something pops up to say that it "doesn't look good" or whatnot.


But comeon...they haven't cut talent...in fact if you look at the last 3 weeks...they brought in a wide variety of people to the ppvs:


Week 4: Christopher Daniels, Elix Skipper, Kid Romeo, Tony Mamaluke


Week 5: Sabu, Blue Meanie


Week 6: Red, Simon Diamond and Johnny Swinger, Disco Inferno...


Meanwhile...The WWE cuts as many people a week in a cost cutting measure.


So the ppv consultant fucked them over....big deal.


Live. Learn. Grow.


So they moved into a smaller arena, stopped using pyro and stopped flying as many people in...and as a result they save money until they can get their advertising shit worked out...so when it is worked out they can go all out again...without wasting money.




At the end of the day...I don't think anyone orders pay per views to see Big Shows pyro...they order because the matches appeal to them.


And when the card says Low Ki vs. Red and AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn vs. The Elvises...the ring is the same size.




Now...onto the preview (Which will likely need to be updated when TNA puts out there official preview...but I'm tired of waiting)


Disco Inferno debuted last week. He was funny AND brief. And that's what I hope he is here...funny and BRIEF.


Now...They always do there fare share of promo's and backstage angles during the show...and as long as this Jive Talking segment REPLACES one of those instead of ring time...whatever.


I find Disco funny...just use it to further an angle.


I want K-Krush on that show right now.





Ricky Steamboat returns to TNA this week.


He's going to be in control of the show...whatever that means.


What I think it means is he is going to play Jarrett's foil...and that's a good thing.


The story is that Steamboat has used his powers to revoke JJ's suspension.


Why, you ask?






Scott Hall vs. Jeff Jarrett


Although I prefer when they put the X match in the main event...this is set to be the last match this week.


These are arguably the two biggest names in the promotion...and it has been building for some time.


They were in each others faces in week 1...Hall beat JJ with help fro Toby Keith in week 2...Lawler turned on Hall in a tag match against JJ in week 3 (After the match JJ took Hall out)...Week 5 saw JJ take out Hall again.


Which leads us to week 7.


JJ want's a shot at the NWA title...and he gets Hall instead.


I don't know...the buildup is good...JJ is good...Hall...


Well..we'll see.


If Hall doesn't have a good match with JJ...he isn't going to have one ever again.


I wonder if he knows...or cares.






Apolo vs. Malice


Semi-homegrown stars that are being pushed as top contenders.


I still don't know if this is a #1 contenders match...but I assume it is.


Meltzer thinks it is first blood also...and I hope it is...for a few reasons.


First Blood makes sense as they want to get Apolo over as a beleivable contender...but not sacrafice Malice by having him get pinned. (see...ladder match week 5)


Plus...Apolo still hasn't shown me much of anything...so first blood may distrace me from that.


hmmm...another we'll see.





Now the good stuff.



AJ Styles vs. Elix Skipper


It's for the X title...it should be very good.


Don't ask me why they skipped to the #3 contender (past Daniels and Romeo) cause the answer has to be a scheduling conflict (Daniels is in Japan...I don't know about Romeo)


But I'm not going to compain about Styles vs. Skipper.




Low Ki vs. Jerry Lynn


Should be the MOTN.


I don't have much as to say on that.




I'm sure we'll see further developments in the Styles/Lynn feud (who is the heel in that?)


More K-Krush (In fact...I really really want to see K-Krush vs. Monty Brown after last weeks staredown...so they better capitalize as this may be the one and only time I give a shit about Monty Brown)


And everything else is up in the air to me...


Go K-Krush...the NEW WHOLE F'N SHOW!!!!!

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Guest Tony149

Looks like Steamboat will be in a trouble shooting commissioner-like role. Which fits him well, IMO. He'll come to blows with J.J. at some point.


Am I the only one who likes K-Krush's new name of "The Truth"? I mean, The Truth name screams attention. Hopefully they don't get sued by those anti-smoking Truth people.


Supposedly Father James Mitchell will be back as well.

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Guest Zack Malibu

The Disco segments could be good if they use it as a Piper's Pit style segment where he instigates with people, or helps to further feuds.


I'm psyched for the Styles vs. Skipper match this week. Styles has really grown on me, and I've always liked Skipper.


Lynn/Low Ki should be a very good match as well, probably less "spotty" than Styles/Skipper.


And the number one reason why this weeks show will rule:STEAMBOAT~!

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Guest Tony149








Borash said on a radio interview, which is up on 1wrestling, that the J.J./Hall match will be a Stretcher Match (Makes sense since J.J. threw Hall off the stretcher in week 3).


Borash also said Lo-Ki & Jerry Lynn will get "20 minutes to tell their story."

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Guest Zack Malibu

See, the NWA is doing the right thing with the gimmick matches. Rather than just stick two guys out there in a stipulation match, they make them mean something. Whether it's continuity (the proposed stretcher match) or to cover for someone's weakenesses to make them look good (Sabu's ladder matches), they have done a good job thus far.

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