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Guest TheDames7

NWA: TNA Week 7 Review.

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Guest TheDames7

In a cheap attempt to get people to, you know, READ my articles....here:




NWA: TNA Week 7


Man, it sucks when you’re playing catch up. I missed last weeks show, but you can get an idea as to what happened here.


As for this week, I’m back, baby.


Once again, like every week, big shout out to Big Jose Suazo who hooks me up with my weekly (more like bi-weekly) NWA:TNA goodness. Last time I saw him, he was straight up assing me in Wrestlemania X8 for GameCube, but that’s alright cuz I don’t like that game...its no No Mercy. Anyway, he told me to just come over and order the show and he’ll be home sometime during the broadcast. What a friend.


I’m sitting here with two CHERRY ITALIAN ICES~! and I’m ready to recap!


Show starts and I immediately realize the effect of their cost cutting efforts as the Nashville Fairgrounds looks a lot smaller than their other venue, there’s a lack of pyro and zero video recaps from last week. Alas, they are still paying Don West for some reason.


Our first match of the night:


AJ Styles (Champion) vs. Elix Skipper for the X division title


Why is this match first??


Match background: Technically, the match should be AJ Styles facing “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, but he’s Spicy Drop-ing people in Japan as Curry Man so its Skippers shot tonight, being next in line.


The Match: Styles comes down to the ring with Jerry Lynn. Damn, I really should have seen last week. The last time I saw these two, there were feuding HARD. Now they seem all buddy buddy....something’s not right. Skipper attacks from behind to start. AJ Comes back with a snap swinging neckbreaker. Some brawling before AJ hits a flipping dropkick in the corner and a clothesline for 2. Elix “Matrixes” out of the pin. Damn, I love when he does that. Another flipping dropkick by AJ. Release Dragon Suplex by Elix! Jerry Lynn is at the announce booth singing AJ’s praises. “It ain’t ballet” says JL. I’m sure he must have been told that once. Stiff kick by AJ to take over again...and another. Third attempt is reversed into a beautiful belly to back suplex by Elix. He plants AJ and hits a twisting legdrop in the corner for two. Gutwrench suplex for 2. AJ once again retaliates with some kicks to the ribs but gets tossed for his troubles. Elix with some clubbing blows to the neck, which the announcers point out. He’s trying to soften up AJ for the Play of the Day (Elix’s spinning Rocker Dropper). Double-underhook suplex into a nice submission hold by Prime Time. AJ fights out, attempts a ‘rana, but eats a powerbomb for 2. Elix with a submission hold that I’ve NEVER seen before and that’s saying something. He’s working the neck with it. Neckbreaker. Styles is BARELY selling the neck...grrrrr. Skipper attempts a Northern Light Suplex, but its reversed into a reverse Dragon sleeper (front face lock with arm lock). Elix gets out of it, goes for a reverse DDT, but ends up getting one himself. AJ goes up top and misses a guillotine legdrop, called a senton splash by Tenay. I’m SO disappointed in you, Mike. Elix charges AJ and gets thrown over to the outside. Styles’ Asai moonsault misses. Skipper goes back in and hits a NICE spinning pescado! Best one I’ve seen in a long time. Back in now, Elix goes for the Play of the Day, but its reversed into a Styles Clash attempt, but Skipper reverses THAT to a sunset flip for a near fall.....wow. Elix stands on the top ropes, looking to attempt a moonsault, but AJ dropkick’s him and Skipper inadvertently gives himself an Arabian Press onto his own NECK. That looked NASTY. AJ to the top now, Spiral Tap and its over! Holy Shiznit, Elix looks hurt. Jerry Lynn congratulates AJ after the match.


My opinion: Good match, but it was mostly a one-sided contest until the finish. Styles’ failure to properly sell the neck, especially after the Spiral Tap, really bugged me. Skipper really impressed me here and I hope he prospers in the division ***.


Tenay informs us that Ricky Steamboat has ruled that Shamrock is still the NWA Champion after Malice stole the title belt during last week’s ladder match. The announcers also played up Jeff Jarrett’s refusal to meet with Steamboat earlier during the week.


As they’re talking, the crowd starts applauding, no doubt it’s for a rising Skipper who thankfully isn’t injured. Then, Monty Brown comes down to ringside and proceeds to beat the living hell out of him. This is payback for last week when he set him up and abandoned him against K-Krush. See what happens when you miss a week? Most notable move used here was a press slam into fallaway slam by Brown.


Jeff Jarrett comes down to the ring with a burlap sack...and its moving. He cuts a promo about working his way from the bottom to the top of the fed, so tonight he starts with a midget. He pounds him for a while, piledrives him and gives him The Stroke. Puppet, The Midget Killer comes out to a small pop. JJ insults him for a but, but Puppet isn’t pleased and pulls out a gun! Well...*its fake*! This REEKS of Russo. Security tries to restrain Pupper, but JJ brains him from behind with a chair a few times. Jesus, that was just tasteless. Oh, great, Suazo just walked in. I’ll replay this for him later on.


Ricky Steamboat(!) comes down with security, Don Harris and Bullet Bob Armstrong (WTF is Armstrong going to do....haha). He tries to lay down the lay, but JJ just issues a challenge to the Dragon, which he accepts. He jumps over the ring and gets into KARATE STANCE~! Oh man, as much as I’d love to see the Dragon back in the ring, this really accomplishes nothing. Doesn’t matter anyway, as Scott Hall attacks JJ from behind and JJ takes off. Hall issues a challenge to JJ to make their match tonight a stretcher match.


In the back, Goldilocks conducts and interview with Sonny Siaki. He proceeds to say his name about 85,934 times and stresses his superiority over the other Flying Elvises. Looks like Russo is trying to re-do old heel Rock.


Go the site to read the rest...or click on my sig.



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