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The Dames

Read it....

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Hey Alfdogg....thanks a lot for telling me. Don't I feel like a dumb bitch now.


Well....now that it works. EVERYONE READ IT!



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Guest eiker_ir

like i said in the other thread i always read ur recaps they're good, keep up the good work......

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Guest evenflowDDT
Awesome review...i would of given HBK-HHH a little more than you did, but im sure thats just a clash of opinions.


Well done


This has been the Taker Mark™

*looks at Sig*






*scratches head*

...What? You don't get my sig? Don't worry, no one seems to...

I get it, and think it's a pretty funny one too. You don't post as often though, so it's like I don't get the benefit of your funny sigs as much...


Anyway, Dames I read your SummerSlam article like I read all your articles (and almost everything that hits the site, unless I get lazy for one reason or another and don't want to think). I think the best feature in your recaps is definitely the match background. It helps so much, especially if you applied it to an older tape review (if you did one, I don't think you have yet, and if so, I must've missed it) or something, since I in all likelihood wouldn't have known what's going on storyline-wise at the time. I wish the WWE would do the same actually, now that they have the storage space of DVDs. Wouldn't it be cool if as extras they had some of the key segments (and maybe an entire match that built up the feud if it was a good match) in setting up the feuds on the PPV?

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