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My condolenses.

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Last week, I was able to see the show, however, wasn't able to tape it, therefore, I had no real way of reviewing the show. Yes, yes, I know....I shouldn't have to tape it, but my reviews come across really half assed if i do it while I watch the show and I'd rather not do that.


Eh, last week's sucked....the triple ladder was ok, but disappointing....yet understandable because 2/3's of the participants had already wrestled for close to an hour.


Seeing as how next week is a recap show for the most part....there will be no recap. The following week is 9/11, 'Nuff said.


Hopefully, I'll get the chance to see 9/18 and the week after that.....but I guarantee that I'll have another review once Cablevision gets it on 10/2.



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