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Is anyone interested in these tapes ....

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My collection is very small, but I have the following tapes in PAL format:






Summerslam 2002

Vengeance 2001

Survivor Series 2001

Rebellion 2001 (The English ppv/event)

No Mercy 2001

Unforgiven 2001

Survior Series 2001

Invasion 2001

King of the ring 2001

Judegement Day 2001

Insurextion 2001 (The English ppv/event)

Wrestlemania 17

No Way Out 2001

Royal Rumble 2001

Armageddon 2000

Rebellion 2000 (The English ppv/event)

No Mercy 2000

Unforgiven 2000

Fully Loaded 2000

Insurextion 2000 (The English ppv/event)

Backlash 2000

Wrestlemania 2000

No Way out 2000

Royal Rumble 2000

No Mercy 1999

Survivor series 1996

Wrestlemania 12

Wrestlemania 10

Wrestlemania 9

Survivor Series 1992

Summerslam 1992

Survivor Series 1988

Wrestlemania 5




WWF "Hardcore"

WWF "Wrestling super heroes" from 1989

WWF "Eve of desctruction"

WWF "Chris Jericho - Break down the walls"

WWF "TLC - Tables, Ladders and Chairs"

WWF "Steve Austin - Lord of the Ring"

WWF "Viewers Choice - Best of 2001"







Slamboree 2000

Starcade 1999

Uncensored 1999




WCW: "Hitman Hart - Wrestling with shadows"





Ready to Rumble (Film)

The secrets of pro wrestling exposed (First half only)

Beyond the Mat



Tape quality varies, but is for the most part very good. If you want to know more about a show, or about the quality of a specific show then PM me or post here.



If anyone is interested in one of these tapes, then i would most likely trade it for anything I havent got i.e. not on the list (within reason) (as long as your tapes are PAL format)


You can reply here or PM me if you prefer.


If you have any questions then PM me or post here.





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Guest BAR

Anyone in the UK into Puro, if so, where do you buy your tapes? I've ordered from SST but it's been about 2 F'N weeks! :angry: Also does anyone know if Pickstapes accepts PayPal?

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the following can be added to the list:


Royal Rumble 2002




Wrestlemania "The greatest hits" (1992)


which includes the following matches:


Hogan/King Kong Bundy

Macho Man/Ted DiBiase

Ultimate Warrior/Macho Man

Battle royal with stars from the NFL

plus more



Anyone interested in a trade?

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