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Guest HVilleThugg

SWF's Countdown To Genesis

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Guest HVilleThugg

For the fans in the arena, the Smarktron flickers to life, showing the card of the big show before the big show before we go on the air...


The Card



3rd Newbie Battle Royal for the European Title

Ejiro Fasaki vs. Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous vs. Kamikaze vs. Tim Dillon vs. Jack The Ripper vs. Leon Sharpe©

- This has been a very popular match, and yours truly, HVT, made his name in this match during its inception. Let’s see how all the newbies fare against each other with the European title on the line. Can the impressive Sharpe fight off all this stiff competition to retain his European Title? How confident can he be, knowing that the winner doesn't have to throw him over the top?



Singles Match

“Hollywood” Spike Jenkins vs. Matt Myers

- Myers receives the short end of the stick in this booking fiasco. On Wrath, Myers defeated former champion, Mak Francis, and now he's taking on Mak's shadow in the form of Spike Jenkins. With the sWo still divided, this could settle things with Francis leaving for the SWF. Will Myers just destroy SPike the way CIA did on Wrath, or will he have a tougher time with the dude from Hollywood? CC is not without a heart here, and knowing that Myers is being screwed here, CC fully intends to make it up to him. They PROMISE!



Singles Match

Renegade vs. "Deathwish" Danny Williams

- What's this?? Two WFers have invaded the SJL's countdown! Former JL greats, Danny Williams and Renegade face off here in what is Danny Williams's last match. Will his technical prowess be enough to give him one final departing win, or will Renegade's brawling style be too much to overcome. Don't miss the final match of one of the greatest JL champions right here on COUNTDOWN!




Four-way, Double Elimination Match for the SJL World Heavyweight Championship

Thor vs. Mike Van Silcen vs. Judge Mental vs. Fugue

SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE: “Deathwish” Danny Williams

- What in the blue blazes of hell is going on here?!? Well, I’ll tell you. Commissioner Edwin was less than pleased to see that Mak Francis and CIA both signed WF contracts and are taking their huge Main Event type match to the Genesis main card. As punishment and to save his World title, Edwin has stripped poor CIA of his belt, and is putting it up for grabs in this match. Now, Edwin’s not an unreasonable man, so, in an act of kindness, he allowed both CIA and Francis choose who will take their place. CIA chose Thor, the other top face around here these days, and Francis chose Fugue, his pal who barely lost to MVS on Tuesday. The newbie crazy man, Judge Mental, won his shot in a four way last week, and MVS won his by beating Fugue on Tuesday’s Wrath. Who will be the next world champion? Will Thor finally live up to his own hype? Will MVS realize his dream after being around for so long? Will Mental shock the world with the quickest rise to the world title in SJL history? Will Fugue tap into his immense talent and pull out the victory? Also, despite his impending WF retirement, Williams’s final appearance will be as referee for this match. What impact will the former JL champion have? This match is huge folks, so DON”T MISS IT!!



The world it ready...the fans are ready...Curry, NTD, and the Exploding Chicken are ready...


Are you ready?

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Guest HVilleThugg

Gus: "We're live in three, two, one.. "


The camera sweeps over the audience in Vancouver as they rise to their feet, cheering loud and long as the pyro marking the beginning of Countdown to Genesis explodes from the stage and surrounding area.












The smoke from the fireworks drifts from around the stage, lifting into the upper echelons of the PNE Coliseum. The theme for the upcoming SWF event blares through the speakers as the fans continue to shout, scream, and wave signs. The camera pans around the fans, then finally settles on the announce table. There, replacing the usual team of Axis, Edwin, and the Suicide King, sits a new trio. First is the indifferent Spiceman, Curry! Next to him, the Pantless Wonder, NTD! And finally, the clucking foul.. Exploding Chicken! Upon seeing the three old faces on the Smarktron, the crowd goes wild once again!


NTD: "Just listen to these Canadians!"

EC: "They're all cheering for us! Kaboom!"

Curry: "Well, it's about time Stubby McWeed decided he needed us again."

EC: "Kluk, I did feel like I was rotting there in the back all the time!"

NTD: "And we all know how much I hate the taste of rotting meat."

EC: "Don't talk about me that way, you freak!"

Curry: "What have I gotten myself into by agreeing to do this.. ? ANYWAY!"


Funyon: "Laaaaadies and gentleman! Welcome to SWF's Countdown to Genesis!!"


Again, the Canadian crowd goes absolutely nuts. It takes Funyon somewhat by surprise, and he smiles as he waits patiently for the fans to quiet down. Unfortunately, they don't give him that chance.


NTD: "Yeah, I'd be cheering for Funyon, too! He's got a really silky voice."

Curry: "NTD, I think they're chanting for the fact that they're about to witness.. firsthand! an awesome SWF event."

EC: "Well, first, let's get through the JL stuff!"


Despite the roaring crowd, Funyon continues his announcement in order to get this show on the road.


Funyon: "Our first match of the evening will be a six man battle royal for the European Title!! Competitors are to be eliminated by going over the top rope, and their feet touching the ringside floor. The last man standing will be our European champion! Introducing first!!"


"Sellout" by Biohazard kicks up, arousing a moderate cheer from the crowd. Ejiro Fasaki emerges from backstage and pauses on the stage. He wears a dark blue pair of wrestling tights, and kneepads. A short robe of the same hue flows in his wake as he makes his way down the ramp.


Funyon: "Hailing from Sarasota, Florida.. weighing in at one hundred, eighty eight pounds.. EJIROO FASAKIIII!!"


Ejiro climbs the stairs and between the middle and top ropes, entering the squared circle. With a flourish, Fasaki removes his robe and tosses it to one corner. He then strides to one side of the ring and ascends the ropes, raising his closed fist to the crowd. This action prompts another round of cheers, and a camera bulbs flash. "Sellout" fades and the crowd settles a bit, waiting for the next wrestler to make his entrance.


Funyon: "And his first opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada.. weighing in at two hundred and five pounds.. "


The lights in the arena go down as the theme from James Bond begins to play. A spotlight centers on the stage, and Johnny Dangerous steps out, posing as the masterful Bond once did in the movies.


Funyon: "The SJL's very own Secret Agent.. JOHNNY, "THE BARRACUDA" DAAANGEROUS!!"


Dangerous makes his way down the ramp, his head up indifferently. A sly grin spreads over his lips, and a lady catches his eye. He winks and blows a kiss in her general direction, getting a cheer from the crowd. They continue to cheer as the undercover agent steps into the ring. He begins to pull off his black coat, then casts a wary glance in Fasaki's direction. Though the Asian watches him closely, Ejiro makes no move to attack Dangerous. The theme from James Bond fades as the camera focuses momentarily on the announce team.


Curry: "Despite coming off a brutal loss to Dangerous on Metal, Fasaki seems content to wait until all the contenders are out for this six man match."

NTD: "Yes, why have just one when you can have six?"

Curry: "No one asked you."

EC: "Kluk, Ejiro doesn't seem very content anymore.. KABOOM!"


The camera cuts quickly back to the ring, where Johnny Dangerous lays flat from an apparent attack by Fasaki! The referee moves over to check on Dangerous, but Fasaki continues his assault, landing stomps to Johnny's head and shoulder. The screen splits and the action continues on the left, while on the right, a replay shows. Ejiro watches Johnny as he takes off his coat. The secret agent loses sight of Fasaki for just a moment, and bouncing off the ropes, Fasaki charges Dangerous, laying him out with a superkick under his chin! The shot then fuses with the current action, where the referee attempts to restrain Ejiro.


Ref: "The match hasn't started! Back off, man!"


Dangerous grabs the ropes, pulling himself up and shaking his head. The crowd goes wild as a familiar theme starts up. For the PPV event only, multicolored lights flash along with the metal beats, and then..




Kamikaze jumps out from behind the curtain, wearing his usual dark red tights, but this time.. he's already wearing the kamikaze bandana. With a bit of hesitation, and a glare into space, Kaze strides confidently down the ramp, then breaks into a run as Fasaki bolts past the referee, clotheslining Dangerous over the top rope.


NTD: "It's too bad the match hasn't started yet. Dangerous would have been eliminated."

Curry: "Well, there's no fairness in that."

NTD: "Who said anything about wrestling being fair?"

EC: "Nothing in life is fair, after all!"

Curry: "I know, I'm stuck commentating with you two."


Funyon: "Now entering the ring.. "


The announcer scurries to one side of the ring as Kamikaze tackles Fasaki and punches furiously at his head. Ejiro curls his arms up to protect himself. The frustrated referee moves over to try to break the wrestlers apart as "I Stand Alone" by Godsmack fades from the speakers.


Funyon: "Kamikaze! And their fourth opponent.. "


The rafters give way to green, sparkly shamrocks as they float down into the sea of fans. Dropkick Murphy's "Barroom Hero" accompanies the festive entrance, as Tim Dillon steps onto the stage and heads for the ring.


Funyon: "Hailing from Limerick, Ireland.. weighing in at one hundred sixty eight pounds.. TIM DILLON!!"


NTD: "Oh, how I've missed that voice."

Curry: "Dillon is one of three competitors tonight that have come off a rest from Wrath."

EC: "Kamikaze being one of the others.. "

Curry: "And the current champion, Leon Sharpe, being the third."

NTD: "As well it should be. The champ should always be at his best to defend his title."

EC: "Kaboom!"


Dillon enters in the ring, sliding under the bottom rope as Kamikaze suddenly stands and walks into a corner, his back to the ring and his head down. Tim looks between Fasaki on the mat, Kaze in the corner, and Dangerous finally rolling back into the ring. The referee stands in the middle of the ring, secretly wishing there were about five of him right now. "Barroom Hero" whispers away into nothing, and replacing it is Marilyn Manson's "Fight Song." The lights dim as the music cues up, and the crowd throws all of its collective heat at the stage as none other than Jack the Ripper steps out.


Funyon: "Their fifth opponent, from London, England.. weighing in at two hundred and thirty pounds.. the original serial killer.. JACK THE RIPPER!!"


Jack's trench flows behind him as he makes his way fluidly to the ring. The killer stops at the steps and removes his coat, draping it in the corner before making his way up the steel stairs. He pauses at the top step, however, as the three (Kamikaze is still stuck in Maria-land) faces already in the ring bore into his skull with steely glares. The referee darts his eyes around at the competitors in the ring, trying to anticipate any pre-match brawling.


Curry: "That ref sure has his hands full with this surly bunch.. except that Kamikaze in the corner. He seems a rather mellow dude."

NTD: "He's deranged, that's his problem."

EC: "I thought it was that hot Spanish chick that was his problem, kluk, kaboom!"

Curry: "You mean that one that no one else can see?"

EC: "Kluk, yeah!"

Curry: "I knew you were deranged, too."


The lights in the PNE Coliseum remain dark as "Fight Song" fades out.. it is replaced with Fenix TX's "Something Bad is Gonna Happen." Again, the crowd boos heavily as the smirking Leon Sharpe enters from backstage, the European belt strapped (barely) around his waist.


Funyon: "And our last competitor.. from Detroit, Michigan! weighing in at a thunderous three hundred and five pounds.. YOUR SJL European Champion!!.. LEON SHAARPE!!"


Sharpe waves as he saunters down the ramp. He faces each side, pointing to the shirt he dons, shouting at the fans, even though he is barely heard.


Leon: "Buy the shirt! You know you want to pay my salary!"


Curry: "Leon Sharpe was recently given a number one contendership match for the World Title, which he lost. Who were the other two that got a shot the same night?"

NTD: "Tim Dillon and Kamikaze fought it out with Mak Francis and Manson on Metal. Of course, they got trounced by the luscious Franchise, but they squabbled a bit between clobberings."

Curry: "Kamikaze was more interested in Manson.. well, more like Manson was more interested in Kamikaze."

EC: "He did get a fluke win over Manson. I would be pissed, too."

NTD: "What are you talking about? All your wins were flukes."

Curry: "He had wins?"

EC: "At least I have pants."


Funyon finally exits the ring, wiping his forehead from of sweat. The referee does not look so relieved, however, as Sharpe enters the ring. Leon heads straight for the ref and points a finger in his face.


Leon: "Your boys in the back screwed up! I was supposed to come out first! You're supposed to be wearing my t-shirt! Forget that.. if I lose because I couldn't come out first, your hide is mine!! And then you'll buy one of my t-shirts! Got it?!"


Curry: "Hey! What's up with Sharpe threatening the referee?"

NTD: "Uh, he was supposed to come out first, and he didn't."

EC: "From what I understand.. "

Curry: "That's a little ridiculous. Sharpe should be able to win by his talent, not his superstition that he didn't come out first."

EC: "I already have one of his t-shirts."


Exploding Chicken raises up the first rendition of Leon Sharpe t-shirts. He grins proudly, then lays the shirt back on the announce table. The bell sounds, signaling the beginning of this match (finally!).


NTD: "We're underway!"


Curry grabs Leon's shirt from the table and pushes NTD back a bit, then drapes the shirt over the Pantless Wonder's lap.


EC: "Hey!"

NTD: ".. at least they're not pants."

Curry: "You should be thanking me, Chicken."

EC: "Kluk! Leon's face is all in NTD's.. stuff! Kluk! Nasty!"



With six men in the ring, the action starts right away! Fasaki charges Dangerous, Kamikaze ducks out the way of Dillon's forearm attempt, and Sharpe attacks the Ripper with hard rights. Jack falls back with the heavy blows from the champ, eventually landing against the turnbuckles. The Ripper takes a few more blows from Sharpe before being whipped across the ring. Jack nearly misses colliding with Tim Dillon, as the Irishman is also whipped from corner to corner by the crazed Kamikaze. Dillon hits the corner so hard, he falls face first to the mat, grabbing his back in pain. On one side of the ring, Dangerous holds Fasaki in a headlock, but Ejiro pushes Dangerous against the ropes. The referee intervenes, instructing Dangerous to release Fasaki. Johnny breaks the hold, then delivers a kick to Fasaki's gut as the Asian straightens. Ejiro catches Johnny by the ankle and sweeps his other leg from under him. Fasaki sits out for a leg drop across Johnny's knee.


Curry: "What a mess! Fasaki continues to work Johnny Dangerous's knee, but here comes Kamikaze!"

EC: "Meanwhile, Sharpe continues to manhandle Jack the Ripper.. kaboom!"

Curry: "Kaze with a forearm across Ejiro Fasaki's back!"

NTD: "This is like a four way tennis match!"

EC: "Is that possible? Kluk?"


Dillon climbs to his feet as Sharpe pummels Jack in the corner. The Irishman stumbles over, then gains a bit of momentum, jumping for a swift dropkick to the back of Leon's knee. The champ lurches forward slightly as his knee buckles, but grabs onto the ropes to remain balanced. He turns to face the significantly smaller boxer and swings wide at Dillon's face. Tim slips under the punch and begins laying into Sharpes' ribs with stiff hook punches. On the other side of the ring, Dangerous recovers from his tiff with Fasaki, while Kamikaze keeps him occupied against the ropes with sharp chops across his bare chest.




Crowd: "Woo!!"




Crowd: "Woooo!"




Crowd: "WOOO!!"


Dangerous stumbles over and grabs one of Fasaki's arms, instructing Kaze to do the same. Together, the two whip Ejiro across the ring and then move to the center. Fasaki rebounds back toward the pair and finds himself caught up and thrown over their shoulders with a double monkey toss! Ejiro lands awkwardly on his lower back and hip and rolls away, holding the tender area. Dangerous and Kamikaze face each other, then clasp hands in a gentlemanly handshake. The crowd roars their approval at the show of sportsmanship.. but then burst into boos as Jack the Ripper storms the scene, clotheslining Dangerous off his feet. Kamikaze blinks in surprise, but then attacks Jack with stiff punches, knocking him back toward the ropes. Kaze grabs the Ripper by his wrist, throwing him across the ring. Jack reverses, sending Kamikaze into the ropes. Kaze rebounds and flies at Jack, jamming his shoulder into the lightweight. Jack drops from the shoulderblock, and then bounces as a leg lands over his chest.


Curry: "Fasaki and Dangerous are collecting themselves while Kamikaze and Sharpe dominate their respective opponents. "

EC: "Sharpe isn't going to have to work very hard to keep his title, here. He outweighs all of his opponents.. stands taller.. and has more power."

NTD: "That's what I like in a man.. domination."

Curry: "And let's continue to commentate on the match.. "


Kaze glances around, then grabs Jack by the hair, pulling him to his feet. The Ripper lands a few sucker punches to Kamikaze's gut, doubling the nutcase over. Jack hooks his arm around Kaze's neck and brings him down in a quick DDT. Kam rolls away, holding his head. Jack stands and turns, only to be floored himself by the runaway train that is Leon Sharpe. Jack sells the move similar in fashion as some WWE jobber called The Rock. Sharpe reaches down, picking up the Ripper. He then grabs up Jack, lifting him over his head in a military press. Fasaki rests in the corner, not really wanting to help out Jack the Ripper. Dillon and Kamikaze have tied themselves in a collar and elbow, so don't really notice. Johnny Dangerous scopes his situation, then darts across the ring, lands on the second rope and springboards toward Tim and Kaze, catching them both with a flying body press. Fasaki takes advantage of three men down and also springboards off the second rope, moonsaulting off and landing on top of Dangerous!




The Pantless Wonder begins to stand, but is stayed as Curry grabs hold of his arm, clamping on a death grip.


Curry: "You can't join the match, NTD."

NTD: "Awww, but!"

Curry: "No. It looks like Jack the Ripper is going to be the first eliminated, as Sharpe is unobstructed in his task.. "


Sure enough, Sharpe walks to the ropes, holding a struggling Jack the Ripper over the edge of the ring, before dropping him in a front slam.. all the way to the padded concrete below.


EC: "KABOOM! One man down!"

Curry: "The first competitor eliminated.. Jack the Ripper!!"

NTD: "He did seem like an eternal jobber when I met him.. "

EC: "Kluk, how can someone just seem like a jobber?"

NTD: "I knew about you just from hearing your gimmick."

Curry: "Now Sharpe heads toward Kamikaze.. "


Dillon grabs up Dangerous, whipping him across the ring. Fasaki shoves Dillon out of the way and grabs Johnny in a powerful arm drag, then maneuvers around to lock on an armbar. The secret agent yelps in pain, then recoils away as Dillon drops a kick to both Fasaki's head and Johnny's shoulder. Sharpe, on the opposite side of the ring, picks up Kamikaze, lifts him over his shoulder and heads toward the turnbuckle. Kaze, as if getting slapped by some invisible force, gets incredibly invigorated and wriggles out of Sharpe's grasp. The champ turns around and makes a grab for Kamikaze, but the smaller wrestler ducks under Sharpes' arms and snakes his feet between Leons' legs, bringing the hoss to the mat with a drop toe hold. Kamikaze pops to his feet, jumping and raising his arms in victory, but gets broadsided by a charging Tim Dillon. Kaze topples over the top rope, but just barely manages to grab the rope. His feet, also by chance, slam onto the stairs, thus preventing him from being eliminated. The crowd cheers as Kamikaze makes his way back into the ring, by rolling under the bottom rope.


Curry: "What an incredible save by Kamikaze!"

EC: "Incredible? Try lucky!"

NTD: "Dillon's infamous 'luck of the Irish' wasn't on his side for that one."

Curry: "And now he's too busy with Dangerous to notice that Kamikaze has thwarted him!"


Sharpe whips Fasaki across the ring, lifting his leg for a big boot, but the quicker Ejiro dodges the leg and rebounds off the opposite ropes. Before he can execute a move, Leon grabs up Fasaki with a twist, then drops the Asian across his knee. Ejiro writhes in pain and rolls away.


NTD: "A perfect tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by the champion, Leon Sharpe."

Curry: "Some of these guys are going to have to put their differences behind them and team up in order to get the big guy out of the ring.. if they want to win that badly, of course."

EC: "Makes sense, but, kaboom! Who's gonna swallow their pride?!"


The champion stands and turns to the other three in the ring. Kamikaze remains on the mat, kind of hiding like the Road Dogg.. holding onto the bottom rope as if letting go would mean his life. Dillon has Johnny Dangerous locked in the corner, and is stomping a mudhole into his chest. Sharpe heads for the two in the corner. He grabs Tim by the shoulder and spins him around, slapping a hand around Dillon's throat. Dillon's eyes go wide as Leon lifts him up before he can get out of the grip. Flailing, Dillon goes for a ride as Sharpe slams him to the mat with a powerful chokeslam. Dangerous quickly regains his breath and his feet as he scrambles out of the corner and away from Leon Sharpe. Outside the ring, Jack the Ripper shouts and whines, not at all please with already being eliminated. He darts past the referee trying to get him to go backstage, and pulls Kamikaze to the floor. Kaze leaps to his feet, only to be rocked back with a powerful punch from the Ripper. Jack brings Kamikaze down with a quick snapmare, then jumps onto the barricade. He stands there precariously, then leaps and twists midair, finally catching Kaze around the neck as he stands, dropping him back down in a stunner!



NTD: "The Ripping on Kamikaze!! Outside the ring!! Kamikaze is dead!"

Curry: "He's not dead, nor eliminated.. someone get this hothead from ringside!"


Two referees officiating eliminations quickly detain the very pissed Jack, and compel him to go backstage. After some serious shouting, the Ripper finally agrees and trudges up the ramp. The fans alongside boo and jeer at Jack, but he ignores them. Inside the ring, Fasaki and Dangerous double team Leon Sharpe in the corner. Dillon still lays flat on the mat, recovering from the massive chokeslam dealt to him. The champion flings his arms outward, throwing both Ejiro and Johnny back. Fasaki rolls backward and over his shoulder, ending up back on his feet. Johnny Dangerous lands on his back, but quickly kips back to his feet. The two smaller men square off to Leon, who stalks them menacingly. Sharpe suddenly charges for a double clothesline, but Johnny ducks away while Fasaki lands a stiff kick to Leon's gut, then performs a leg trip sweep! Again, Sharpe goes down and again, Ejiro and Dangerous double team him. Dangerous leans over, grabbing Sharpe by the hair. He shouts at Fasaki to guides Leon to his feet.


JD: "Get Dillon! Our only plausible course of action is to work together!"


Ejiro balks, somewhat unhappy with the idea of taking orders from Johnny Dangerous.. but moves over to help Tim to his feet. Tim quickly shrugs Fasaki's hand off his shoulder, raising his hands in a boxing stance. Ejiro holds his hands up and motions toward Sharpe, who is battling against Dangerous with hard rights. Johnny ends up backing up against the ropes, rocking back and forth with each punch from Leon. Ejiro and Dillon charge at Sharpe, both landing a clothesline to the champion's back, while Dangerous ducks, then lifts Leon's lower body up. The crowd begins to cheer as Sharpe's large body tumbles over the top rope from the force delivered. His leg catches Dillon, however, also knocking him off balance, and the Irishman follows Sharpe, crashing to the mat!


Curry: "Double elimination!! The champion, Leon Sharpe and Tim Dillon.. GONE!!"

EC: "Kluk, kluk, KABOOM!!"

NTD: "Must you?"

EC: "Yes."

Curry: "Now it's Ejiro Fasaki, Johnny Dangerous and Kamikaze! I hope the two in the ring haven't forgotten about him.. "

NTD: "He is taking his time to recover from that attack by Jack the Ripper."

Curry: "Countout rules are not in effect for this match, so Kamikaze has no incentive to get back into the ring. He's playing it very smart."


Fasaki and Dangerous square off, circling each other in the middle of the ring. They meet in a collar and elbow lock up, vying for the favorable position. The two circle in the lockup, neither really able to get the upper hand. The referee finally moves in and urges the two to separate. Amicably, they do, Dangerous with his hands up in peace, and Fasaki with a quick jump back. Johnny reaches out for another lockup, but Fasaki grabs hold of one of Dangerous' arms, and brings the secret agent down in a quick one armed DDT. Ejiro quickly maneuvers around, locking on a Fujiwara armbar.


NTD: "And now we slow down.. "

Curry: "The action still continues outside the ring! Sharpe isn't content with getting Dillon eliminated along with him, now he's taking the poor Irishman to town!"


Leon picks up Dillon, spins him around and then brutally drops him onto the padded concrete. Tim lays still, nearly unconscious after the F5. Sharpe stands, seething with rage. He points at the referee.


Leon: "YOU!! I told you what would happen! Watch your back!"


With that, the ex-champ storms up the ramp and into the back, shouting furiously the whole way. At the ring, Kamikaze finally gets to his feet and rolls under the bottom rope. Dangerous has escaped the Fujiwara, but is still being battered by Fasaki's stomps. Kaze stands, assesses the situation and charges toward Fasaki, grabbing him around the neck and bringing him down with a quick bulldog. The crowd cheers at Kamikaze reenters play. Ejiro gets to his feet, only to be bombarded with chops from Kamikaze. Fasaki staggers back with each blow, finally resting in the corner. Kamikaze rocks the Asian with a few more blows, then grabs an arm and maneuvers Ejiro to the middle of the ropes. He then whips Fasaki across the ring, grabs him on the return, and slams him forcefully to the mat.


Curry: "Powerslam by Kamikaze!"

NTD: "Heeeeeeere comes Johnny!"

EC: "Kluk, you are so lame, NTD."

NTD: "You're not supposed to tell anyone, Chicken!"


Dangerous storms into the picture, dropkicking Kaze in the face as he gets up from the powerslam. Kamikaze reels back and lands flat on the mat. Johnny leaves Kam for Fasaki, picking him up by the hair and guiding him against the ropes. The secret agent whips Ejiro across the ring, and grabs him on the return, throwing Fasaki over in a belly to belly suplex. Ejiro yelps and arches in pain, but gets to his feet. Dangerous continues after Fasaki, throwing punch after punch and backing Fasaki into the corner. Dangerous leans down, grabbing up one of Ejiros' legs and lifting him up, attempting to put him over the top rope. Kamikaze stumbles over and immediately begins helping Dangerous.


NTD: "Uh, oh, looks back for Ejiro Fasaki!"

EC: "Kluk, kluk.. "

Curry: "Not yet! He's struggling against the two larger opponents.. "

NTD: "He's not big enough to make any difference against both Kamikaze and the Barracuda!"


Curry: "Oh! And the fourth man eliminated is Ejiro Fasaki!! It's down to Johnny Dangerous and Kamikaze for the European Title!"


Ejiro lands on all fours, then pounds his fist into the ground, obviously very upset. Inside the ring, Dangerous and Kamikaze congratulate each other with another handshake, causing an uproar from the crowd. The cheers are replaced with boos as Kamikaze pulls Dangerous in for a short arm clothesline. Kaze continues his offensive with stomps to Dangerous's gut. Kamikaze reaches down, guiding Dangerous to his feet. Kaze whips Johnny across the ring, and attempts to grab the secret agent on his return, but the undercover spy slips his grasp, bounces on the opposite ropes and charges Kamikaze. In a quick maneuver, Dangerous twirls in Kaze's grasp, then brings the bigger man down in a hurricanrana!


EC: "Kluk! Dangerous is back in control!"

NTD: "I love a man in a suit!"

Curry: "Johnny Dangerous with an elbow drop to Kamikaze's chest.. "


Dangerous gets to his feet quickly, and shouts at Kamikaze to get up! Kaze obliges him, and is met with a spinning heel kick from the martial artist in Johnny. Kamikaze falls back to the mat, holding his head from the blow. Dangerous reaches down, guiding Kamikaze back to his feet. Johnny pulls on Kaze, whipping him across the ring. The secret agent also runs against the opposite ropes, gaining momentum and hurtling his body at Kamikaze with a cross body block, knocking the wind from both men! The referee checks on both as they mull in the middle of the ring, regaining their breath.


Curry: "A self sacrificing body press from Dangerous leaves both men winded in the middle of the ring!"

NTD: "Who will get up first?"

EC: "Why does it excite you so much, NTD?"

Curry: "You can't figure it out?"

EC: "Eww.. "

NTD: "It's gonna be Dangerous! Johnny Dangerous is up first!"


The Barracuda gets to his feet, breathing heavily. He staggers over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top, turning his back to Kamikaze. Dangerous leaps backward, twisting in midair as he lands upon Kamikaze, leaving both in the middle of the ring once again! Kamikaze twitches with pain as Dangerous regroups. The ref checks on them once again and both men begin to rise to their feet. The crowd is behind them both one hundred percent, cheering for their individual favorite.


Curry: "We're stuck in this predicament again!"

EC: "Kluk, kaboom!"

NTD: "I agree."

Curry: "Who's it gonna be?!"


Dangerous rises to his feet, pulling Kamikaze along with him. Johnny throws punches to Kaze's temple, sending him reeling back and against the ropes. Dangerous lands blow after blow, each time rocking Kamikaze harder and closer to sending him over the ropes. Johnny takes a few steps back, then leaps at Kamikaze, attempting to clothesline him over the top rope. Kaze holds on for dear life, just barely keeping his center of gravity on the right side of the ropes. Dangerous takes a few more steps back and attempts once more to clothesline Kamikaze over the top rope. Kaze refuses to go over. Johnny growls and runs at the opposite ropes rebounding off with immense force, then charges at Kamikaze. This time, Kamikaze ducks down, lifting Dangerous up with his own momentum, and tossing him over the top rope! Johnny reaches blindly for something to grab onto, but finds only air. He collapses unceremoniously on the concrete, rolling into the barricade. The bell sounds as Kamikaze straightens. The referee grabs Kaze's hand into the air, and shoves the European belt into his chest. The crowd goes wild.


Funyon: "Your winner.. and NEW SJL EUROPEAN CHAMPION.. KAAAMIKAZE!!"


Godsmack's "I Stand Alone" kicks up as the crowd continues to cheer for their newly crowned champ.


Curry: "I can't believe it! Kamikaze defeats Johnny Dangerous to become the European Champion!"

NTD: "It just doesn't suit him.. the belt."

EC: "Kluk, KABOOM! No one asked you!"

Curry: "What a match to start off the night!"

NTD: "And boy will there be some Hell to pay when the SJL continues it's normal schedule.. "

Curry: "Yeah, but first, let's move on to 'Hollywood' Spike Jenkins and Matt Myers.. "

NTD: "Those two have no heat with each other.. "

EC: "Kluk! It doesn't matter! It's entertainment at it's finest!"

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Guest HVilleThugg

“So I say to the guy, there’s a reeeassoon why I don’t have pants on,” NTD says, “And so he gets down and…”


“Uh, NTD?” Curry says, “We’re back on live.”


“…Oh…well really?” NTD says, “Well, uh…welcome back to the Genesis III pre-show countdown and such! If you haven’t already, order the Pay-Per-View now, damnit! Call your local satalite provider or cable company and order it! Kids, if your out there, go and look in mommy’s pocketbook and find the ‘credit card’, and call the number you see at the bottom of the screen and…”


“Oh, NTD…” Curry says, “Corrupting the young minds of America. Anyways, welcome back one and all to The Genesis III Countdown Pre-Show! It’s been a great night so far, we’ve seen the third ever newbie battle royal, in which the European Championship was on the line, and the next match on the card looks to be just electrifying!”


“Bah…I wish I could electrify you…” NTD mutters, “Anyways, it’s Matt Myers going against his own stable-mate, “Hollywood” Spike Jenkins. Myers is destroying his own stable of the sWo member by member it seems, and it looks as if Spike is next on the path of destruction!”


“W-w-well…cluuuuuuck…cluuuuck…Matt Myers seems to be suffering from a serious…cluuuck…rib injury…after that –KABOOM!- amazing Hell in the Cell match from no more than a few days ago! …Cluck…Cluck…” Exploding Chicken makes out.


“I agree, my chicken-like friend,” Curry says, “Will the ribs be too much for the Brother Red?”


As Curry finishes his sentence, the arena's lights come to a sudden halt, as the arena darkens for about ten seconds...then...









A huge neon-purple pyro goes off in the middle of the entrance way, as a multi-colored stroblelight hits in the arena, still engulfed in darkness, as the arena turns into a rave-like state. "Rise" by The Cult blasts through the speakers, as the fans rise from their seats. Matt Myers comes out from the smoke pouring out from the entrance way, as he begins to make his way down the ring, and is announced into the arena by Funyon.


“From NEW HAVEN, CONNECTICUT!” Funyon booms, “Weeeeeiiighing in at 229 Pounds, he is “BROTHER RED” MATT MYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEERS!”


“Here comes Matt Myers, and he must be star-struck to be competing in a SJL ring, but an actual SWF ring. The PNE Coliseum in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada is like no arena Myers has been to, so this must be one of his most memorable moments here!” Curry proclaims.


Matt Myers slides under the ring, as he begins bouncing against the ropes, warming up for the next match. He takes off his t-shirt and throws it into the wild crowd, as he hops up on to the second rope, looking back at the entrance way, and lights in the arena start to flicker on and off, as the beginning of "Slit Wrist Theory" by 36 Crazyfists blasts over the P.A.'s. 'Hollywood' Spike Jenkins slowly walks out from behind the curtain, looking out into the fans as they boo him. He walks up the ring steps and into the ring, as Funyon announces him…


“His OPONENT…from Hollywood, California…weighing 220 Pooooooounds, he is a member of the sWoooooooooooooooo, “HOLLYWOOD” SPIKE JENKINS!” Funyon says, as he exits the ring. Just the mention of Spike’s name gets the crowd in a booing frenzy as the ring bell sounds, and the match finally begins.


::Ding, ding, diiiing::


“Cluuuck…well…the bell has sounded and…KABOOM! We’re on…” Exploding Chicken says.


Spike Jenkins and Matt Myers quickly circle each other, trying to feel each other out. Spike dives in for a single-leg takedown, but Matt Myers backs away and quickly gets behind Spike Jenkins, as he locks on a waist-lock. Spike quickly reverses the hold, putting Myers in the waste-lock, as he tries to throw Brother Red over into a Release-German suplex, but Matt Myers uses his agility to flip in the air and land on his feet, as Spike Jenkin looks up to see Matt Myers STANDING! He quickly gets up to one knee as he looks out at the crowd, in disbelief…


“Yeah, that speed and quickness of Matt Myers will get you every time,” NTD says, “He kind of reminds me of a modern-day El Luchadore Magnifico, and speaking of the Smarks Wrestling Federation World Heavyweight Champion, he’s going to be defending his title against a MYSTERY OPONENT TONIGHT! Who is it? Order the pay-per-view, god damnit!”


“Heh…great way to advertise, NTD…” Curry man says sarcastically, “Your soooo nice to the fans too.”


“Oooh. I’m nice to…some of them…” NTD says with a wink.


“I really…CLUCK…didn’t need to know…KABOOM! …that,” Exploding Chicken says.


Spike Jenkins gets up to both legs once again, as he locks up with the former sWo co-leader. He quickly puts a hammer-lock on Matt Myers, as Matt drops to the mat and delivers a quick but stinging kick right to the forehead! The crowd echoes in “OOOOOH” as the kick echoes through the arena. Spike Jenkins lets go of the hold as he crawls backwards toward towards the turnbuckle, and Spike turns around to see Matt Myers rush at him, full speed, and quickly grab on to the middle rope, as he uses it for leverage to do a hand-stand, as he locks his legs around Spike Jenkins’ head, as he throws him over in a hurricane-rana, which gets a surprisingly big pop from the crowd! Spike Jenkins dizzily gets back up, and he turns around to see Matt Myers quickly jump up on to the second rope and come at Spike in a flying cross-body! Matt Myers hooks the leg of Spike and the referee counts…






…NO! Spike Jenkins kicks out at 2 and a half.


“What a flying crossbody from Matt Myers!” booms NTD, “That almost had ‘em”


Matt Myers picks up Spike Jenkins, as he delivers a swift kick to the ribs. He takes the hand of Spike as he irish whips Jenkins across the ring, as Spike comes back at Myers, who tries to hit him with a clothesline, but misses, as Spike ducks and keeps going, as he jumps up to the second rope and comes back at Matt with a jumping side kick from the middle rope! With the grace of a cat, Spike Jenkins lands on his feet as he runs against the ropes once more, as he rolls on the mat and then jumps into the air, coming down on Matt Myers with a rolling leg-drop!


“Wooo! High-flying moves all over the place in this match!” Curry says, “These two completers showing what great Light-Heavyweights they would make if they were to be bumped up into the big leagues!”


Spike Jenkins gets back up to his feet, as he sees Matt Myers trying to climb back up to his vertical base. He quickly runs against the ropes and comes back at Myers, as he sees that Myers is not standing. He slides under the legs of Matt Myers, as he jumps into the air, putting his legs on to the shoulders of the Brother Red, as he tries to hurricane-rana Matt, but Myers uses it to his advantage, as he lifts Spike up on to his shoulders as if he was to do a powerbomb! Matt begins walking to the center of the ring to throw Spike down, but Spike foresees this move, as he jumps, changing positions on the head of Myers so that he’s behind Matt’s head, and falls forward, in a victory-roll type roll-up! The referee quickly begins to count, as the crowd counts along…






THRR…NO! Matt Myers kicks out just in time!


“We’re seeing great technical wrestling form Spike Jenkins here, with the countering of the powerbomb from Matt Myers!” Curry says.


“Yes, but…cluck…that powerbomb was suppost to be a hurricane-rana from Spike Jenkins…cluck…cluck…” Exploding Chicken…uh…clucks.


Matt Myers and Spike quickly rise to their feet, as Spike rushes at Matt, trying to hit him with a clothesline, but Matt comes back with a back-mule kick to the stomach of Spike Jekins, as Spike doubles over. Matt Myers uses his agility and flexibility to do a roll on the back of Spike to get behind him, as he quickly locks on a waist-lock and throws Spike over in a German suplex! He gets up once more, still holding on to the waist-lock as it looks like he’s going to deliver another one, but Spike begins delivering elbows to the head of Matt Myers, and Myers finally breaks the waist-lock. Spike turns around to delivers a kick to the stomach of Matt Myers, as he grabs Matt’s head and jumps into the air, as he spins around, sending Matt to the ground in a tornado DDT! He quickly covers as the referee counts once mooooore…








“Spike looks pissed!” NTD says, “I think Spike thought he had Matt Myers down for the count, but it looks like it just wasn’t enough!”



Spike picks up Matt’s head, as he delivers a few quick punches, as the referee tries to throw Spike off of Matt, but Spike jumps up and gets into the referee’s face. He turns around to get punched in the jimmies by Matt Myers, but the referee had his back turned! Spike doubles over, trying to ease the pain, holding on to his family jewels, as Matt Myers gets up to his legs and delivers a judo side-kick to the ribs of Spike Jenkins!


SMACK! OOOOOOH! The crowd echoes in agony of the sound it makes!


SMACK! OOOOOOH! Another stiff kick, as Spike seems to be trying to hold in the pain, as Matt Myers spins around to his back is facing Spike, but comes around once more, his leg in full-force…


…BUT SPIKE JENKINS DUCKS UNDER THE KICK! He quickly jumps up to his feet, as he locks on a waist-lock, but Matt delivers an elbow to the side of the head of Spike Jenkins, as he reaches back ever-so-slightly, and jumps forward, still holding on to the head, as he falls down to the mat, in a DIAMOND CUTTER KNOWN TO MANY AS ‘THE MEMORY’!


“THE MEMORY!” Curry says, “And Matt Myers is making the cover! It’s all going to be over here!”








“What a reversal!” NTD says, “I thought Spike was going to suplex or backdrop Matt or something, but Myers is just too quick!”


Matt Myers stands up, exhausted, as he shakes his head in disbelieve, thinking “What am I going to have to do to keep this guy down?!”. He looks down at Spike Jenkins, who seems to be knocked out cold. He then looks to the top rope, as the begins climbing…


“Oh god, here we go…” Curry says.


As he finally makes it to the top, as he looks down at the helpless Spike Jenkins. He jumps into the air, turning 460 degrease, as he then comes down on to…








…THE COLD, HARD MAT! Spike Jenkins moves out of the way just in time as Matt Myers hit the mat full force, as he rolls around, trying to re-gain his senses. The referee begins the ten-count, as both completers are out cold on the mat…


ONEEE! Matt Myers and Spike Jenkins are not moving at all…



TWWWOOO! Spike begins to show some sign of life, as he begins to get up to his feet, but ever so slowly.



THRREEE! Spike is nearly up on to both knees, as Mat Myers has rolled over on to his back…



FOOOOOUR! Matt Myers pushes himself up with his arms, as he rolls over on to his leg, as he’s trying to get up now…



FIIIVE! …And Spike is as well, for he is on one knee, as they meet eyes, ready to do battle…



SIIIXX! Annnnnnd they’re both up! Spike rushes at Matt with a clothesline, but Matt ducks and tries to deliver a jumping ax-kick, but Spike Jenkins ducks under the ax-kick, as he launches himself into the ropes and comes back at Matt Myers with a Phantom Neckbreaker! Spike Jenkins quickly gets up to his feet as he points to Myers and makes a powerbombing signal…


“What’s Spike Jenkins going for here…?” Curry says, “I don’t think that this is a usual move that he does…”


“Maybe he…cluck…cluck…is doing this move in memory of his leader…cluck…cluck…Mak…cluck…KABOOM! …Francis!” The Exploding Chicken says.


Spike Jenkins takes Matt Myers as he shoves Matt into a powerbombable position, with Matt’s head in-between his legs. Matt then gets flipped up, but Spike turns to my side in mid-air, having Matt in a reverse DVD position, as he drops Matt down in a reverse Death Valley Driver! The crowd explodes at the rare sight of the move, as Spike Jenkins covers!




“THAT…is called the ‘I just broke your neck’!” Curry says, “And what a devastating move it is! Spike must have been getting desperate to put Matt Myers, away, and the ref is counting…well, it’s over…”









“…He WHAT?!” Curry says, as he sees an elbow jet off the mat as MATT MYERS KICKS OUT!


“HE KICKED OUT OF THE ‘I JUST BROKE YOUR NECK!’…KABOOM!” Exploding Chicken explodes.


Spike Jenkins looks up at the referee, in total disbelief. He falls to the mat, as he begins banging his head against the mat, trying to figure out what to do next. He then looks outside the ring near the announce table…and gets an idea…


“What’s Spike going to do next…wait…” Curry says, “Where is he going?”


Spike Jenkins rolls out of the ring, as the referee follows him. Spike sees the object, as he picks it up and smiles as it’s shape. A solid steel char is in Spike’s hand as he begins to enter the ring again…but something is holding him back! The referee has seemed to have grabbed on to the chair and is trying to take it away from Spike! Spike tries to pull the chair back into his grip, but the referee’s mighty tug is strong, as he tries to pull the chair back on to the outside of the ring. Spike then finally pushes the referee with the chair so that he falls on to the outside of the ring, as he turns around to see Matt Myers JUMP UP TO THE SECOND ROPE AND DELIVER A JUMPING KICK RIGHT TO THE CHAIR, WHICH CLOCKS SPIKE JENKINS RIGHT IN THE HEAD!


“OH MY GOD!” NTD booms, “WHAT A KICK!!! Shouldn’t Matt Myers be disqualified right now?!”


“He can’t…considering that the referee is knocked out cold right here in front of us!” Curry says, “This has just become anyone’s ball-game here, folks…”


Matt Myers quickly exits the ring, sliding under the bottom rope, as he throws Spike Jenkins back into the ring (thankfully without the chair), as blood trickles down the forehead of Spike Jenkins. Matt throws Spike back in the ring, as he covers spike…but no one is around to make the count! Matt Myers groans in agony, as he picks up Spike Jenkins once more, as he scoops Spike Jenkins on to his back in a Death Valley Driver position, as the crowd explodes in anticipation…but Spike Jenkins FALLS OFF THE BACK OF MATT MYERS AND MATT TURNS AROUND TO GET SCOOPED UP INTO A MOVE KNOWN AS ‘THE HIGHLIGHTER’! Matt goes slamming to the mat, as Spike Jenkins makes the cover…


…But STILL the referee is knocked out cold on the outside of the ring!


“Oh…for the LOVE OF GOD!” NTD says, “SOMEONE wake the referee up!”


Spike Jenkins screams in anger as his own flaw comes back to bite him in the ass, as he picks up the limp, body of Matt Myers, as this time he shoves him in a powerbomb position!


“Oh, no, not this again…Spike this time, you really WILL break Matt Myers neck!” Curry says.


“Cluck…I don’t think he…cluck…KABOOM! …Cares!” Exploding chicken clucks.


Spike pulls Matt up in a powerbomb, as he holds Matt up there for a few seconds…until he pushes him up into the air and...




“THE MEMORY!” Curry man booms, “Matt Myers has hit the ever-so-powerful Diamond Cutter and…oh god, now what is he going to try here…”


Matt Myers quickly gets up, as he sees the fallen Spike Jenkins. He looks over to the turnbuckle…


…and smiles.


He begins climbing up the turnbuckle, rung by rung, as he looks out at the crowd, and FINALLY reaches the top. He pauses, as time almost seems to stand still as he looks down at Spike Jenkins in the ring. He then takes the almighty leap into the air, spinning around, and he looks down and sees Spike Jenkins under him, as he soon straightens out and falls RIGHT ON TOP OF SPIKE JENKINS IN A SHOOTING STAR PRESS!”




The referee, who was out cold on the outside of the ring, ahs climbed up to his knee, as he slides under the bottom rope into the ring, as he looks up and sees Matt Myers on top of Spike Jenkins. He uses all his strength to pick up his hand, and slam it down on to the mat once…



















He has trouble lifting it up into the air a third time but…















“YES! YES! WHAT A MATCH! WHAT A FINISH!” Curry booms, as “Rise” blasts over the speakers of the arena, and Funyon announces the winner.


“YOUR WINNER OF THIS MATCH…MATTTTT MMMYYEERRRSS!” Funyon says, as Matt Myers rolls out of the ring.


“I can’t believe it!” NTD says, “I thought Spike had it with the ‘I just broke your neck’, but what a reversal from Matt Myers, as he jumps off of the mighty shoulders of Spike and hits a diamond cutter…and then a SHOOTING STAR PRESS OUT OF NOWHERE!”


“Tell me about it, this man must be aching from the Hell In The Cell match, but he still gave it his all!” Curry says, “Well, don’t move a muscle folks, once we get Spike Jenkins out of the ring and on to a…well…a stretcher, I guess, we can move on to a battle of two current WFers and two of the greatest Junior League Champions of all time. It’ going to be Renegade going against “Deathwish” Danny Williams, don’t change that channel!”


The camera zooms in on Matt Myers walking up the entrance ramp, holding on to his ribs, as it star wipes into a commercial for the newest SWF Video Game, Genesis: The Road Home…

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Guest HVilleThugg

Curry: Well coming up right now, we have Renegade taking on Danny Williams in a singles match.


NTD: Bah, A terrible disservice to Danny Williams if you ask me. Forcing him on the Junior League Show.


Curry: Well how do you think Renegade feels.


NTD: I don’t cary how he feels, he sucks and doesn’t belong in the SWF anyway. Hell, even the SJL is too good for him.


EC: Kluk, Kluck, Kaboom!


NTD: Well said, Exploding Chicken.


Funyon: Introducing first, weighing in at 238 pounds and hailing from Louisville, Kentucky............DANNY WILLIAMSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!


Williams emerges from the darkness of the locker room, like a demonic beast crawling out of the wilderness in search of prey. Williams slowly makes his way down the aisle, with his eyes locked straight ahead at the attractive bright colors of the ring. Smack! A teenage boy manages to reach over the guardrail, and slaps Williams’ across the face. Williams growls like a prehistoric reptile, and jumps over the guardrail. The scared boy curls up in the fetal position in his chair, while Williams’ shadow consumes him. Williams gives the boy a couple of hard smacks, and spits on him! Security rushes to the scene, separating Williams from the boy. As the yellow shirts surround him like an opposing army, Williams jumps back over the guardrail and continues his slow march to the ring.


Curry: Now that is just plain being an ass, Williams had no right to attack that boy.


NTD: That’s the spirit, Williams. Don’t take no crap from anybody.


Funyon: And his opponent, weighing in at 260 pounds and hailing from NEW YORK CITY........RENEGAAAAAAAAAADE!


"Get To The Gone" by Static-X plays as Renegade looks at the ground before he lifts his head up and gives out a self high five. Renegade goes in the ring and climbs the second turnbuckle to do another self high five.


Curry: Renegade is all business tonight, and every night.


NTD: I like that attitude, to bad it’s all a pose.



DING! DING! DING! The audience applauds as the two monstrous men step out of their corners, and meet toe to toe in the center of the ring. Neither raises a fist, instead they pause and stare holes in each other. The crowd shows who’s side their own, by chanting “REN-A-GADE!” in perfect harmony. Both men start to shake as if the electricity of the crowd is charging them up like batteries. Crack! Renegade delivers the first blow, in the shape of a hard right hand to the temple! Williams shakes the stiff strike off and not to be outdone, busts Renegade’s temple with an equally hard elbow! Crack! And the sweat starts to fly, as they start trading super stiff elbows and punches in the center of the ring!


EC: Kluck Kluck Kaboom!


Curry: It looks like these two are coming out with guns blazing.


Renegade’s heavy right hands finally take their toll on Williams, and he’s unable to answer back with strikes of his own. Renegade takes full advantage, and clobbers Williams with three straight right hooks! Out of breath and in excruciating pain, Williams doubles over with his hands on his knees, expecting the worst. Renegade grabs a front facelock, and falls back for the DDT! But Williams doesn’t go anywhere and Renegade lands all by his lonesome on the mat!


Curry: Renegade may have went for that DDT a bit prematurely.


NTD: Unlike me, I never get any complaints about being premature.


Realizing his mistake, Renegade rolls over on his side to get back up! Big mistake, as Williams takes the opportunity to blast his lower back with a stiff kick! SMACK! The front roll fans cringe at the sickening sound of boot against flesh. With a sadistic grin on his face, Williams gives Renegade two more brutal kicks! Using common since, Gade rolls over on his belly to avoid getting anymore shit kicked out of him. Williams kneels down in front of Gade, and snaps on a front facelock.


Curry: It looks like Danny Williams has realized he can’t brawl with Gade so he’s wisely going to try to slow the pace down with that front headlock.


NTD: That’s facelock you idiot.


“HUUUUUUUR!” grunts Williams, as he squeezes Gade’s head with all his might. Knowing that he can’t win a match from this predicament, Gade pushes his way back to a vertical base. But all of Gade’s hard work is in vain, as Williams just snapmares him back to the mat. With Gade right where he wants him, Williams drives the toe of his boot right into his back! Smack! Not giving Gade a break, Williams chops his chest for good measure! Smack! Williams repeats the violent combo two more times, knocking enough of sweat of Gade to fill up a 4 foot swimming pool.


Curry: Williams is tenderizing Renegade like a cheap steak.




As much as he would like to continue beating Gade, Williams opts to hit the chinlock to conserve his energy. Gade will have none of this, and fights his way back to his feet. Gade manages to create enough space, to stab some elbows into Williams’ gut. A pissed Williams releases the chinlock, and starts jabbing elbows into Renegade’s temple. With Renegade stunned, Williams snapmares him back to the mat and hits chinlock once again. “BOOOOOOOOOOO!” Gade tries to get back to his feet, but he can’t seem to find the strength this time. The fans show their support with an uplifting “REN-A-GADE” chant, but it doesn’t help Gade. Gade goes limp, and lifelessly sinks down to the mat. Williams happily releases the chinlock, and covers Gade for the pin.




NO! Gade kicks out with authority, but still doesn’t have the strength to get back to his feet. Williams kindly lends him a hand, and pulls Gade up by his arm. Williams than precedes to hammers Renegade’s jugular vein with a flurry of Mini Chops! Gade’s knees bend inward like he’s going to collapse, but Williams wraps his arm around his head and holds him with a side waistlock.


Curry: Belly to Back Suplex coming up.


NTD: No, you dumbass! Williams is going for the Backdrop Driver!




Gade also knows what this means, and uses what strength he has left to grapevine his leg around Williams’ to block the lift attempt. Knowing that he can’t block the deadly move forever, Gade takes a risk and dives for the ropes. Williams tries to hold Gade in place, but it’s no use. Gade desperately wraps his outside arm around the ropes, forcing Hunt to step in and threaten Williams with a count. Williams slowly unwraps his arms Gade’s waist, and slices his chest with a sharp knife edge chop! Smack! Gade uncharacteristically cries out in pain, not expecting the stiff strike. Williams chops him again, and shoots him off the ropes with an Irishwhip. But Gade keeps his arm wrapped strongly around the rope, and doesn’t go anywhere. Williams quickly becomes frustrated, and unloads a furry of stinging chops to Gade’s chest!


Gade finally weakens from the pain, allowing Williams to whip him off the ropes. But Gade holds on to Williams’ arm, and reverses the Iriswhip! Gade takes position in the center of the ring, and catches Williams on the rebound with a ring shaking Spinebuster!


Curry: Williams taking over with a SPINEBUSTER!


NTD: What match are you watching? Renegade is 6'6" and has long hair! Are you that blind you can’t tell them apart?


The fans comes back to life with a brief ovation. Gade springs to his feet with new found energy, and takes position in the closest corner. Williams slowly stands up, flinching from the crippling pain in his back. Gade charges on cue, with his chin tucked in for the Spear!


Curry: It looks like Renegade is going for a Shoulderblock!


NTD: Dammit man! It’s a Spear!


Williams sees Gade coming a mile away, and side steps him. Williams trips Gade up as he passes, and sends him face first to the mat with a Drop Toe Hold! Williams floats in front of Gade, and traps him in a front facelock. Pissed beyond comprehension, Gade pushes his way back to his feet and charges Williams into a corner! The impact knocks the breath right of Williams, and Gade takes full advantage by hammering his ribs with no less than 10 shoulder thrusts! Gade spins Williams around, and starts ramming his head into the top turnbuckle pad! The crowd counts along, until they reach tonight’s magic number “TEN!”


Curry: And now it is Williams that is being tenderized like a cheap steak.


NTD: Quit stealing my material!


Gade releases Williams’ head, and lets him flop down to the mat. Gade charges out of the corner, leaps damn near three feet in the air and drops a very hard elbow across Williams’ chest! “DOH-HO-HO!” coughs a legit hurt Williams. Williams pushes Gade’s arm off before Hunt can make the count, and rolls out of the ring. Not giving Williams a chance to recover, Gade also climbs out of the ring. Gade helps Williams up to his feet, only to Scoop Slam him on the floor! Thump! “DAH, MY BACK!” cries Williams, in obvious agony. The front roll fans take one glance at the look on Gade’s face, and decide it’s best not to try to reach out and touch him.


NTD: Now this is uncalled for, this isn’t a damn hardcore match! How can the fans cheer this man?


Curry: Well I don’t think Renegade cares what the fans think. He just goes out there to win matches and if the fans like him, they like him.


NTD: Don’t be fooled by that bull “I don’t care” attitude. It’s just a ruse to get fans to like him.


Gade pulls Williams up by his arm, and sends him running with an Irishwhip! CLANK! Williams collides back first with the guardrail, and comes staggering back at Gade. Gade scoops Williams up, and spins around for the Powerslam! But Williams manages to wraps his hands around the ring post, before Gade can fall forward. A frustrated Gade sits Williams down, rams his face into the ring apron, and rolls him back into the ring. Gade casually climbs back into the ring, but to his surprise Williams has already rolled out the other side and collapsed on the floor. With the arena now half full, the fans manage a loud “Danny’s a Pussy” chant.


Curry: And it looks like Williams is running scared.


NTD: You and these fans are such a dumbasses. Can’t you see that Williams is cleverly buying time to recover from Gade’s illegal Scoop Slam on the concrete.


Gade mumbles some profanities to himself, and climbs out the other side of the ring after Williams. Gade pulls Williams up by his arm, and attempts an Irishwhip. But this time, Williams digs his boots in and squats as low as he can to the floor to avoid being ran into the guardrail. Gade pulls with all his might like he’s playing a game of tug of war, but Williams won’t budge. Williams manages to slip his sweaty arm out of Gade’s hand, and whack his neck with two hard chops! Gade winces in pain, and now Williams grabs his arm and sends him running with an Irishwhip. THUMP! Gade crashes back first into the unforgiving steel steps! Williams pulls up the protective padding on the floor despite the warnings of Hunt.


Curry: I wonder why Williams is ripping up the protective floor padding.


NTD: Jeez, I don’t know Curry? I’d say it’s payback time!


Williams pulls the battered Renegade up by his hair, and scoops him up. Williams walks Gade to the exposed floor, and Body Slams him on to the cold concrete!


NTD: That has to be the most satisfying scoop slam of Williams’ career. Hell, probably the most satisfying of any one’s career.


An “Asshole!” chant picks up, and Williams welcomes it with open arms. Williams climbs back into the ring and mockingly jogs in place, while Hunt starts the count out. The fans kill the time by throwing crumbled programs at Williams, he swats them back like he’s playing baseball. Hunt makes it all the way up to eight, before Gade can roll back into the ring. Williams waits for Gade to climb to his feet, and than rips his head off with a nasty Hooking Clothesline! Williams gives the cutthroat gesture, pulls Gade up by his arm and tucks his head underneath his armpit.




Williams falls back for the Backdrop Driver! Gade frantically shifts his body weight in mid air, landing on top of Williams with the lateral press! Hunt drops to the mat, and starts the count.




Williams rolls Gade off, and jumps back to his feet. Williams lays two nasty kicks into Renegade’s back as he tries to pull himself up with the ropes. Williams grabs a rear waistlock, and pulls Gade the rest of the way up. Williams drags Gade a few steps from the ropes, and lifts him into the air! Williams falls back but Gade desperately kicks off the ropes, successfully botching the German Suplex! Gade lands hard on top of Williams, crushing the much smaller grappler.


NTD: That isn’t fair, dammit! He used the ropes!


Curry: Actually you can indeed use the ropes to block a move.


NTD: Than how come you can’t use them to assist a pin or submission hold? Damn the hypocrite that made these rules!


Gade climbs to his feet, and quickly drops a leg across Williams’ throat! Gade scrambles to his feet, bounces off the ropes, and lays another big Legdrop across Williams’ throat! Renegade covers Williams, and hooks his leg for the pin.




TW-NO! Williams kicks out, and Renegade quickly traps him in a front facelock. Renegade pulls Williams up by his tights, and tosses his arm over his shoulder. “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” strains Renegade as he lifts Williams over his head for the Suplex! But Williams slips out of his grip, lands on his feet and runs into the ropes. Renegade turns around in just time, to eat a stiff Running Elbow! CRACK! Renegade crumbles to the mat, and Williams falls on him for the pin.








NO! Gade gets a shoulder up! Williams locks his hands together, raises his arms above his head and drops them down to signal the DEATHBOMB!


NTD: Hehehehehe, It looks like he’s implying that he’s jack....


Curry: Deathbomb! He’s signaling for the Deathbomb.




Williams traps Gade’s head in a standing headscissors, and pulls him up by his tights. Williams digs his boots into the mat, and squats down for the lift! “HIIIIIIIIIIIE!” grunts Williams as he struggles to lift the much bigger man off the mat. Not getting anywhere, Williams adjusts his grip and starts sucking in air for another lift attempt. Gade doesn’t give him the chance, and throws Williams off with a Back Body Drop! Williams stumbles to his feet, only to get kicked in the stomach! Williams doubles over, and Gade twists his head into the 3/4 headlock!




NTD: Dammit Curry! It’s a Renebreak,! Where the hell did you spend the last couple months, Mars?


Williams pushes Gade off, before he can sit out! Gade hits the ropes and comes charging back at Williams, against his will. Williams confidently extends his arm to catch him with a Clothesline! But Gade ducks his head down, and slams into Williams’ stomach with a powerful Spear!




Curry: THE SPEAR! HE HIT THE SPEAR! This could be it!


The crowd erupts as Gade stays on top of Williams’ broken body for the pin.








NO! Williams kicks out! Gade pulls Williams up by his arm, and sends him running with an Irishwhip. Gade catches Williams on the rebound, and drives him into the mat with a Powerslam that nearly shakes the ring apart! The crowd counts along with Hunt.









TH-NO! Williams manages to kick out! Gade pulls Williams up and sets up for a Vertical Suplex. Gade snaps back, slamming Williams with a hard Snap Suplex! Gade keeps Williams in the suplex set up, and pulls him back up to his feet. Gade murders Williams with another Snap Suplex, and pulls him to his feet again! Gade takes a couple of deep breaths, and lifts Williams up yet again. This time, Gade drops Williams’ back into the turnbuckles with the Vertical Suplex! Barely conscious, Williams slides down to the mat and rolls out of the ring. Exhausted to the point of nearly passing out, Renegade lets him go and drops to one knee to catch his breath.


NTD: Uh oh, it looks like Renegade is getting winded. I told you he couldn’t last a long match.


Curry: Well, I would rather be in Renegade’s shoes than Williams right now.


NTD: I bet you would like to get in more than just Renegade’s shoes.


EC: Kluck, Kluck, KABOOM!


Gade rolls out of after Williams, and shouts “GET UP!”. A sore Williams staggers to his feet, and Gade slaps on a front facelock. Gade walks Williams to the concrete floor that Williams exposed earlier, and the crowd rises to their feet. Gade falls back for the DDT, but Williams grabs the guardrail. THUMP! Gade splats hard on the concrete, while Williams remains safely on his feet. Now it’s Williams who shouts

GET UP!”, as Renegade staggers to his feet! Williams does a little spin, and fires the Rolling Elbow! CRACK! Williams’ elbow shatters Renegade’s jaw, and sends him flipping over the guardrail and into the front roll! Williams climbs back into the ring, grabs his back and flops face first down on the mat. Hunt starts the count, while Gade stumbles to his feet on the outside.


NTD: Williams demonstrating his high ring I.Q.. He’s going to buy as much time as he can to recover, before mounting an offense of his own.


Curry: But isn’t he also giving Renegade time to recover?


NTD: Trust me, Renegade isn’t going to recover from a Rolling Elbow. That move was enough to put away the current SWF champ a while back, so Gade’s going to be lucky if he can even make it to the ring by ten.


As a battered Renegade kneels on the floor, the rowdy front roll fans offer him drinks from their beer cups and shout encouraging words like “Go whoop ass!” Renegade shakes the cobwebs lose, and concentrates on getting back in the ring. Steaming mad, Renegade jumps over the guardrail, and hops on to the ring apron. Williams shouts “Oh Shit!”, and rushes to his feet to meet him. Williams pounds Gade’s jaw with a flurry of stiff elbows, before he can get into the ring. After absorbing about ten elbows, Reneagde releases the ropes and falls off the apron! CLANK! Gade smashes into the guardrail, and Williams takes the opportunity to sprint across the ring. Williams bounces off the ropes, gaining speed, and zooms back across the ring like a bullet. Williams dives over the second rope like a mad man with a death wish, and smashes his elbow into Gade’s nose!


NTD: ELBOW SUICIDA! I think he broke Renegade’s nose with that one.


Curry: The Elbow Suicida is perhaps the last artifact from Williams’ junior career, before he ballooned up to heavyweight in the SJL.


Gade grabs his nose, and sinks down to the floor. Williams climbs back on the apron and prepares to step through the ropes, but he catches Gade climbing back to his feet in the corner of his eye. Williams waits for him to get up, and dives off the apron at Renegade again. Crack! Williams smashes Gade’s temple, with a stiff modified Elbow Suicida! Williams jaws off the front roll fans, and tosses Gade back into the ring. Williams jumps on to the apron, and starts climbing the turnbuckles of the nearest ring post. Gade staggers to his feet just as Williams balances himself on the top rope. Williams leaps off the top rope, and smashes Gade with a hard Diving Elbow! Williams rolls Gade’s limp corpse over, and covers him for the pin.






TH-NO! Gade barely kicks out! Williams locks his hands around Gade’s stomach, and pulls him to his feet with the rear waistlock. Despite being knocked silly, Gade knows what this means and darts for the ropes. Williams pulls Gade off the ropes by his tights, and locks on a Sleeperhold! “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Williams wraps his legs around Gade’s waist, and pulls him down to the mat with the body scissors. Gade holds his arm in the air to show Hunt that he’ still awake. However within a minute, Gade’s eyes start to become heavy, and his arm starts to wobble. It isn’t long before Gade goes limp, and his arm drops lifelessly to the mat. Hunt gets ready to do the infamous arm test, but Williams knows this never works. Instead, Williams wisely releases the sleeper and pulls Gade up by his tights.


Curry: Williams perhaps is a bit frustrated that he still can’t Suplex Renegade on his head, so he’s going to ride the rest holds.


NTD: Williams is a genius, and you’re an idiot. He’s going to wear Renegade down with the Sleeper, in order to weaken Renegade enough to hit the German Suplex. It’s called strategy.


Gade’s legs are like wet noodles, but Williams manages to keep him on his fee with a rear waistlock. Williams falls back, and tosses Gade overhead with ease! THUMP! Gade lands right on the back of his head, and folds over on his belly. Williams crawls over to Gade, rolls him over, and hooks his leg for the pin.









THR-NO! Gade escapes the lateral press with a weak kick out! Williams pulls Gade up by his arm, and wraps it around his head. Williams locks his hands around Gade’s hip, and spreads his legs shoulder length apart. Williams snaps back, driving Gade’s neck and shoulders into the mat with thunderous force!





Curry: This is it! He finally hit the Backdrop Driver, Renegade is finished!


Not wasting a second, Williams hooks Gade’s legs for the pin. The crowd holds their breath as Hunt starts the count.











THRE-NO! Gade raises his shoulder up just in time! Williams sits up on his knees, places his hands on his hips, and lets out a sigh. Williams pulls Gade’s limp body up by his hair, only to shove his head down into a standing headscissors. Williams signals for the Deathbomb again and wraps his hands around Gade’s waist, one at a time.


Curry: Williams looking to put Renegade away once and for all, with his patent Deathbomb.


NTD: Looking to put Renegade away? If he can hit the Deathbomb, Renegade is going to be clinically dead.


Williams squats so low to the ground that his ass makes contact with the floor. “HIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” cries Williams as he lifts Gade on to his shoulders. Williams slams Gade to the mat so hard that his body grotesquely bounces upon impact. KA-THUMP! Williams leans so deep for the pin that he folds Gade’s shattered body completely half.


NTD: You know if Gade was into that sort of thing he could kiss his own ass, right now.





















NO! Gade rolls out from underneath Williams at the last microsecond!




NTD: WHAT THE HELL? Now that is a textbook example of a slow count!


With an insane looks on his face, Williams jerks Gade up by his hair and starts driving a flurry of elbows into his temple and jaw! After busting Gade’s face with ten elbows, Williams releases his hair and lets him stand up on his own. Gade wobbles in place, blinking rapidly to keep his glazed over eyes from rolling back in his head. Williams does a little spin, and fires the Rolling Elbow!

Gade ducks, and hooks his arms around Williams’ head and leg! Gade quickly snaps back, slamming Williams hard on his back! Seemingly unhurt, Williams pops right back and charges Gade while screaming a frightening battle cry that can be heard for miles! A surprised Gade frantically scrambles back to his feet! Williams does a complete 360 spin, and fires the Rolling Elbow yet again!




Just like last time, Gade ducks and hooks Williams up for the Capture Suplex!


NTD: NO Williams, not again!


Gade tosses Williams overhead, this time at an angle that drops Williams right on his noggin! THUMP! But Williams pops up again, only to collapse right on his BUTT. The fans give a standing ovation for the fast paced action, that gives the advantage back to the XF9 member.


Curry: What a change in momentum! Renegade looked to be dead and buried all but a few seconds ago, but it appears that he has regained control of this match.


NTD: How could Williams be so stupid to make the same mistake twice? I smell a fix.


Gade painfully climbs back to his feet, wobbles, but regains his footing. Gade takes position in front of Williams and starts yelling “GET UP!” With a blank look on his face, Williams feels for the mat like a blind man looking for his slippers before slowly climbing to the mat. Gade kicks Williams in the gut as he stands up, and scrambles his brians with a Flowing DDT! Gade crawls on top of Williams’ motionless body, and hooks his leg for the pin. The crowd counts along with Hunt!


















NO! Williams raises a shoulder up, setting off a collective sigh from the audience. Gade slaps a front facelock on Williams, and pulls him up by tights. Gade drapes Williams over his shoulder, and slowly but surely lifts him up for a Vertical Suplex! Instead of falling back, Gade keeps Williams suspended in the air for what seems like an eternity.


Curry: Gade holding Williams up all day, letting the blood rush to his head.


NTD: He’s taking too much time, big mistake if you ask me.


One at a time, the fans start to applaud as Gade violently shakes from the strain of holding a 238 pound man up in the air for a half minute. Finally Gade falls back, but he cruelly keeps Williams’ body angled straight up in the air! THUMP! The top of Williams’ head bounces off the mat, causing his body to fold up like a slinky.


NTD: or maybe not.




Gade keeps his hands locked around Williams’ sore neck, and drags him back up to his feet with the front facelock. From the front facelock, Gade slowly twists Williams head over his shoulder into the 3/4 headlock! Gade gets a running start and than drops to the mat, snapping Williams neck over his shoulder! Their isn’t a person in the arena that isn’t standing and screaming at the top of their lungs as Gade rolls Williams’ carcass over and covers him for the pin.














Hunt raises Gade’s arm in victory, and the fans blow the roof off the building! “REN-A-GADE!” forms out of the chaos of screeching cheers.


Funyon: The winner of the match, at 22 minutes and 13 seconds, RENEGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE!


EC: Kluk, Kluk, I don’t what else the hell to say?


Curry: Renegade has overcome the odds, and defeated Danny Williams in perhaps the greatest performance of his career.


NTD: This is disgusting, I’am almost ALMOST tempted to come out of retirement and teach that clown a lesson.


Curry: Stay Tuned folks, we still have more to come. And if you haven’t ordered Genesis, get off your ass and pick up the phone.

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Guest HVilleThugg





The loud chant resounds throughout the arena as the crowd goes insane as the clock ticks down closer and closer to Genesis III! Thousands have turned out for the event, filling the arena up to capacity and making the interior of the place look like a sea of people. The camera zooms across the crowd, picking out signs like “PLAY THAT FUNKY MUSIC, WHITE BOY” with a picture of Fugue locking in ‘Harmony’ against a jobber, “AN MVS WORLD TITLE REIGN: 21 MONTHS IN THE MAKING” showing Mike Van Siclen debuting as Snow Demon and another picture right next to it showing Mike putting the Gokuraku Clutch on Fugue to secure his title shot. Two people hold up a very large sign showing a superimposed Thor Gorilla Pressing the World with the quote: “First the Weight of the World on my Shoulders, Now the Weight of the World Title on my Waist.” A final pan shows the only sign in the whole place for Judge Mental, showing Mental against a red background walking forward with an intensely determined face, under which is printed in black “Judge, Jury, and EXECUTIONER”.




The crowd sings the last few lines as the camera zooms down to the announcers table, where a new bunch (Or old bunch, depending on how long you’ve been here) of commentators sit side by side. The first face introduces himself.


“Hello, and this is the Original Curry man back from a summer sabbatical and back to where I belong-” The man next to him interrupts him.


“At the gym wearing those skin tight spandex shorts?” He asks eagerly.


“WHAT?! Goddamn it, NTD, you haven’t changed a bit during our break from announcing, have you?”


The self proclaimed greatest World, ICTV, and Tag champion gives a dejected sigh at the no, but becomes his happy self again. “No, I’ve keep myself busy working out to my Richard Simmons tapes and shaving my legs. The Pantless Wonder must always keep his sexy thighs in shape.”


Curry gives a defeated shake of his head. “Nope. As much as I hoped you would, you didn’t change at all.” Suddenly the third man speaks up.


“I once met a man with no pants. I felt pity for him until I found a man with no legs. Kluck-Kluck-KABOOM!”


Both NTD and Curry Man give him a long, cockeyed stare before Curry speaks up.


“Uhh… and joining us tonight to make our duo a trio is a man who we haven’t seen in a while... Exploding Chicken!”


EC gives a big “BAW GAWK”, and some of the long-time fans give a couple cheers for the off-kilter commentator.


“Anyways…” Curry says, regaining control of the trio, “We have a big match up tonight for the SJL World Title! We have Judge Mental, a veteran wrestler who is a master of technical wrestling, Fugue, an incredibly skilled submissions master, Thor, a massive Tower of Power, and Mike Van Siclen, a health mix of power and speed. Four men go into the ring, and only one will come out the victor. Any thoughts?” Exploding Chicken gives a random outburst before NTD can respond.


“None, Wink! Now bring out our first contestant! Kluck-Kluck-KABOOM!” The crazy man yells as he points to the entrance ramp as the lights dim down for the first entrance.


In the blackness of the arena the deep, soul darkening tones of Bach’s Organ piece “Toccata and Fugue in D Minor” echo forebodingly throughout as white lights begin to flash, starting every now and then but slowly building up in speed to match the song. The song builds in speed, 64th notes rushing along at a madman’s pace as the fingers of the organ player plays like a man possessed and the white lights begin to strobe. The organ stops its mad dash of notes, holding one chord and crescendoing up, up, and going up to a single note at the top…..


… Where it melds, and then is overpowered by the sound of a harsh electric guitar. The guitar triggers the beginning of “Ashes in the Fall” by Rage Against the Machine and the infamous Fugue comes out swathed in a black trench coat, fedora and sunglasses, hunched over to conceal his face. “Weighing in at 181 pounds…. The man who composes Sonata Submissions and Toccata TKOs…. FUGUE!!” He pulls the trench coat tightly around him with his hands from the inside of the coat as the sleeves hang down limp and unfilled by his sides. The crowd watches in silence as the figure walks quietly and discreetly down the ramp in the flashing white lights, totally devoid of any identifiable features. He swiftly gets into the ring, deftly getting through the ropes without revealing himself at all. Suddenly the lights stop flashing and house lights come up, and Fugue throws his head back and his arms out, the hat falling off to reveal his disheveled long hair and the coat drifting away from his body to show his black baggy pants and black t-shirt. The shirt shows a cracked world, with “sWo” printed across it in large white letters. Fugue rolls his neck around in a circle, sardonic grin stretching from cheek to cheek, and goes to his corner.


“Wow, now that is one freaky man. One wonders why he- HEY! LET GO OF ME!” Curry yells as he shakes the frightened NTD off his arm.


“Goddamn, they just like to let the freaks in here, don’t they?” NTD says, giving a quick shiver. “And damn his baggy pants! They cry out for my lustful rage!”


Suddenly Exploding Chicken speaks up. “The weak shall be the first to feel his wrath! Smile outside, frown inside, indifferent all around! None matter to him, only the driving beat inside that makes him live. His importance comes in the final crescendo… Kluck-Kluck-KABOOM!” Curry looks at each man then buries his head into his hands asking “Why do I still do this?” as the lights dim and a deep, noble blue spotlight comes across the entrance way.


The guitar chords of KISS begin to play as smoke filters out onto the stage and a single solitary bolt of light streaks across flashes across the entrance way. The crowd begins to cheer as Gene Simmons begins to sing.




BOOM~! A blue pyro and a white pyro cross over top of the stage. BOOM~! Another set goes off, this time the light showing a massive shadow in the smoke. BOOM~! A third set goes off, and the shape materializes more, forming the outline of a huge man. BOOM~! A fourth goes off, and the man comes out of the smoke, uncovering the hulking body of the Norse God of Thunder himself, Thor! The crowd goes into bedlam, creating noise rivaling most major airport runways. “Weighing in at 345 pounds… the mythical Warrior from the Halls of Asgard…. THOR!!” The Legendary man walks down the ramp in his blue tights and sleeveless shirt, focused on the match ahead, as the crowd sings along to the song, yelling their favorite part the loudest.




Thor climbs into the ring, and Curry gives some commentary on the larger-than-life hero.


“Well, it seems as if Thor is both a former Euro and TV champion, just like Fugue and MVS. He’d need a win here to complete his set and join the ranks of such wrestlers as Stryke, The Boston Strangler, K-Os, and Renegade.”


“OH GOD! OH GOD! OH GOD!” NTD yells as Curry looks at him with a disgusted look.


“Calm down NTD! He’s not that exciting!”


“Huh?” a confused NTD replies. “What are you talking about? I’m just trying to get his attention.” And Exploding Chicken comes in with yet another cryptic remark.


“Noble by birth, baptism by fire. Wielder of the Armageddon, his honor is above all others. The Man-God shall hold the fate of the world in his hands, but shall his judgment be wise?….. Kluck-Kluck-KABOOM!” As he finishes up the lights dim for the third time with a light blue spotlight shinning down on the darkened stage.


“I Shut’em down…”


The arena rises to their feet with cheers as LL Cool J’s “I Shut ‘em Down” pulsates throughout the arena as the one, the only, MVS steps out on the ramp, raising his arms to his fans and watching them go wild. “Weighing in at 237 pounds…… The Amazin’ One…… Mike Van Siclen!” MVS begins walking down as the mad rhymes LL Cool J. BOOM~! A two huge red pyros go off on either side of the ramp as MVS passes down. BOOM~! Another set goes off as the Amazin’ One approaches the ring. Every couple feet, the series repeats in a stunning pyrotechnical display. He climbs into the ring, and gives a long, angry glare at Fugue before going to his corner.


Curry gives a small, familiar smile. “Well, here’s someone I definitely know. Mike Van Siclen has around for quite a while, and this is his big chance to show the world that hasn’t been a waste of their viewing time.”


“Well, watching him certainly hasn’t been a waste of my time.” NTD remarks, but Curry gives him a strange look. “What? I find his style of wrestling extremely entertaining. I’m always up for some power grappling.” Before Curry can even say how wrong that sounded, Exploding Chicken gives us another insightful comment.


“Once a pauper, now a prince, the wayward son returns. Touched gold he has, but never held the spoils of victory. He controls not his fate, nor his direction. Like a child banging on piano keys, his song of fate is random…. Kluck-Kluck-KABOOM” NTD looks at EC with a confused look for a moment and then talks.


“Wayward son? Isn’t that some song by Kansas?”


Once again, the lights dim to a deep, sickly red to signal the final wrestler’s entrance.




Fiery pyros shoot up from the stage like hellfire from a pit of brimstone as Rage Against the Machine’s “Testify” begins mid-song. The flames die down, and out onto to the entrance ramp steps Judge Mental, cloaked in his usual attire of black flowing Judicial robes. He steps down the ramp intently focused on the ring, ignoring the presence of the booing crowd. “Weighing in at 266 pounds…. District Attorney of Destruction and Anhillation…. Judge MENTAL!” The man walks down, emotionless in his stride and stony in his expression as he enters the ring.


“Wow… Well, I suppose this is the big guy Edwin picked up. If he’s up to the level these men are at with his age, I’m thoroughly impressed.” Curry says as the Judge takes off his judicial robes.


“I’m just happy he doesn’t have any of those saggy Flair tits. They are such turn-offs.” Comments NTD and the Exploding Chicken spouts out yet another surreal phrase.


“A fallen angel, his heart’s fire burning like Lucifer’s sword. Demons of past and present him, and his future lies uncertain. He walks as a ghost of his former self, thirsting for revenge that will never come, a spirit that may never be released. Forsaken by all, shall he find forgiveness in God?..... Kluck-Kluck-KABOOM!”


Suddenly, the grinding guitars of “Calculating Infinity” by Dillinger Escape Plan as the special ref, Danny “Deathwish” Williams runs down to the ring in the striped ref shirt and black pants. On his shoulders he carries the vacated SJL World Title, the last title he ever carried, the only title he ever really carried. He walks down slowly and solemnly; Tonight is the night that he retires, and this is may be the final time that he walks down the ramp to his music. As he gets into the ring, the some scattered claps can be heard, building into applause, and in only a few moments, a standing ovation for the most technically adept wrestler ever to grace an SWF ring. Danny takes a microphone from Funyon and begins to speak.


“Hello people.” He says, speaking to the crowd. “I come here tonight to finish my long, illustrious career in the SWF/SJL. I held this belt on my shoulder,” Danny taps the belt with his free hand “For 23 days. For those 23 days, my life was mix of heaven and hell. It was fantastic being the best nearly a month, but every time I went into that ring after that I was a marked man.” Danny looks down at the ground. “I was the man everyone wanted to pin, I was the ONE person that everyone wanted a piece of.” He looks back up. “But I made it through, and in the end, I left on top. When I made Frost submit in that cage back in June and making sure I left on top, I knew I was the best.” He looks at each one of the wrestlers vying for the title. “Which one of you, thinks you can be the best? Which one of you can leave on top? Do you have the skill-”


-Fugue snaps his neck to the side, giving it a healthy crack-


“-the strength-”


–Thor stretches his arms out over his head, showing off his ham sized muscles-


“-the experience-”


-Judge Mental pulls one of his arms across his body to loosen it up-


“-or the drive-”


–Mike Van Siclen keeps his eyes closed and clenches his fists in a moment of silent intensity-


“-to be the World champion? Can you take the pain with the glory, the suffering with the honor, the sacrifice with the pride? You’ll have to fight old friends, new enemies, and everything in between to keep this title. Ask yourself, ‘Am I willing to do anything to hold on to this belt?’, because if the answer is no, you should leave the ring right now.” Danny looks around at all four men, who don’t move from their corners. “Well, if you’re all ready, then let’s see who is really worthy of holding this belt.” Danny takes the belt and gives it to one of the timekeepers, who takes it back to the time keepers table. Danny comes back into the center of the ring and signals for the bell.




“And this match is on! The Main Event for Countdown has started! The Big One! The whole spicy Enchilada! The Numero-” but before Curry can ramble on NTD interrupts.


“Curry, every one of these guys would be such jobbers in the WF that they would put JD’s streak to shame. Give it a rest.”


Charging out of his corner first is Thor, who runs at MVS full speed with his arm outstretched for a clothesline. MVS tries to avoid it, but the bad condition his knee’s are in prevents him from moving out of the way. Thor’s arm connects right with Mike’s neck, and Mike nearly does a flip from the force of the move as he drops to the ground like a sack of bricks. Thor has no time to react himself, as Fugue and Mental run up behind him and jump into the air, delivering dual dropkicks to the back of the Asgardian Warrior. Thor stumbles and flips right over top of the ropes and on to the concrete below with Exploding Chicken giving a big “KLUCK-KLUCK-KATHUNK!” as Thor lands on his back.


“Wow, Thor comes in with a clothesline from Valhalla, but Mental and Fugue come up from behind with dual dropkicks to send him flying out of the ring.” Curry says into the mic as Thor groggily gets up from the outside and Danny begins his count.




Thor reaches one knee….




And gets to the edge of the ring and slides in next to a recovering MVS. The Judge and the Musical Madman immediately begins stomping him down, trying to keep him on the ground until MVS gets back up and grabs Fugue in a back waistlock. He easily lifts the small man into the air and brings him down in a release German Suplex that puts him into the center of the ring. Meanwhile, Mental continues to kick Thor as the Giant struggles to get up under the beating. Mental brings his leg back for a big kick, but Thor seizes the chance and jumps up putting his shoulder into Mental’s stomach for a big spear. Mental hits the ground hard as Thor gets up off his kill and stares at MVS. Thor stands up and puts his hands outstretched in front of him, challenging Van Siclen to a test of strength. Mike accepts, grasping his hands in Thor’s and begins to push.


“MVS has accepted a challenge of strength! I don’t remember him being all that strong, though. I think he may be out matched here.” Curry says but NTD shakes his head and watches in excitement.


“What are you talking about? He’s trying to please the fans! We all know that the fans want to see two big sweaty men grabbing each other, vying for position so they can be the one on top. This is GREAT!” Curry gives an ‘Oh dear God…’-look and even Exploding Chicken gives NTD an odd stare.


Thor begins to push MVS backwards, Van Siclen’s legs beginning to quiver. But with a loud grunt MVS pushes back, evening himself out with the Thunder God in an amazing show of strength and determination. Thor pushes Mike back a couple more times, but each time Mike pushes back to a standstill. It seems like it could go on forever until…




Thor stumbles, and Mike takes control of the situation. He bends and wraps Thor’s own arm around his face, moving into a standing Crossface, then sits out, pulling Thor down right onto the back of his head.


“Crossface Halo! Crossface Halo!” Curry yells into the mic. “A surprise attack on Thor pushes the God right into the Crossface Halo, and that’s one gamble the really paid off for Mike.”


MVS hooks Thor’s legs for a pin as Judge Mental drops down on top of the God’s upper body, and a recently recovered Fugue jumps on top as well, trying keep the Norse God down. Danny instantly hits the mat and begins his count.














Thor kicks out a second too late, sending MVS rolling away.


“Interesting tactics by the other three men on Thor; all three jumped right on top of the big man for the pin, making it so that Thor couldn’t kick out in time. They obviously want to get him out of this match first.”

“Wow, they really man-wiched him in there,” Remarks NTD. “I wish I could have been right in there with that group.” Curry opens his mouth to say something but NTD cuts him off. “What? I like their teamwork.”


Mental and Fugue both roll off the giant, who is now quite angry at being pinned so early in the match. The man slowly gets up, right into a right hand from MVS, but ignores it as if it were like a gnat bite. He backhands Mike right across the face, sending Mike right down the ground in a flash. He raises Van Siclen up to his feet with one arm and grips it around Mike’s throat. He holds him up into the air for a moment away from his body as Mike struggles hard to release the vice-like grip of Thor, but swings him around and hits a spinning Chokeslam!


“Incredible move by Thor!” Curry shouts excitedly as the crowd goes wild. “He just lifted MVS up one handed and turned around for a spinning Chokeslam! MVS called down the Thunder God and just reaped the whirlwind!”




Meanwhile, Fugue and Mental go at each other, testing out each others weaknesses. Mental catches Fugue for a moment, sparking a quick grapple. Using his strength to quickly gain the advantage, Mental lifts Fugue up for a vertical suplex, but the maniacally musician twists and flips out of it, landing right behind Mental. He quickly locks in a full nelson on the surprised Mental and NTD screams “Full Nelson Leg Sweep! Set up for the Major Chord!” Before Fugue can sweep Mental forward the Judge recovers his wits and puts his right foot behind Fugue’s and sweeps it out, causing both men to fall backwards. Fugue releases the hold and grabs his injured back as Mental rolls away rubbing his neck.


“Wow! Fugue reverses a vertical suplex into Full Nelson Russian Leg Sweep, but Mental trips him backwards, hurting both men.” Curry notes as Thor picks up MVS up onto his feet. “True technical wonders fighting in- Thor whips Mike into the ropes…”




“Thor hits Mike with a BIG big boot, knocking the long-time SJL right to the ground.” Curry finishes as Thor goes over to pick up MVS again, but is restrained by a set of arms wrapping around his waist.


Judge Mental, recovering much quicker than Fugue from the backwards fall, gets Thor not paying attention and quickly wraps his arms around the big man and lifts him up….. And over for a big German Suplex! Mental holds onto Thor as he bridges the move for a pin, and Danny slides in for the count!





T-NO! Thor gives a HUGE kickout, sparking a cheer from the crowd!

On the other side of the ring, Fugue gets up rubbing his back a little, and notices MVS beginning to struggle to his feet. Like a vulture swooping in on a dying animal Fugue swiftly runs over to where Mike is and does a quick knee drop on to the back of Van Siclen’s knee. Mike gives out a yell of pain, and Fugue quickly works his way around MVS’s legs. He bends the left ankle into the crook of MVS’s right knee, and bends the right leg over the top to lock the left ankle in place. The submissions master puts his leg between the entangled legs of Mike and falls back, making Van Siclen scream in pain as he completes Contrapuntal! Mike tries to claw toward the ropes, but Fugue puts more pressure on the leg, causing Mike to make a quick tap so that he may be able to walk later. Danny signals the tap out to the timekeeper’s table and makes Fugue break up the hold.


“Strategic tap there by MVS. He knew that Fugue could cause much more damage to his already frail legs, and he tapped out quick as possible to preserve whatever he has left of his knees.” Explains Curry as Van Siclen struggles to get up.


Thor tries to catch the swift Mental opposite Mike and Fugue on the mat, missing with swipe and receiving a quick jab in return. He advances still on the Judge, who drifts closer and closer to the oblivious Fugue. Fugue looks at Mike with evil eyes as he grabs Van Siclen’s leg and begins to drag him into the center of the ring. Suddenly he hits something: Judge Mental trying to back away from Thor. Turn and look at each other for a moment, and Mental grabs Fugue by the arm and whips him right at Thor! Fugue, not able to react quite in time, hurtles out of control and the behemoth, who grabs him on the way in. The Thunder God takes Fugue and flips him up onto his shoulders almost as if he were going to do a torture rack, but the goes down to his knees, piledriving the mad musician into the mat and the crowd thunders to life.


“RAGNAROK! RAGNAROK! THOR HIT THE RAGNAROK!” Curry screams as Thor covers up for the pin.




Mental drags a pained Van Siclen to his feet and says something really quickly….





Mike gives a quick nod of approval, and both MVS and the Judge discreetly move around behind Thor.






“And Fugue loses one of his falls! He was really preoccupied with MVS there. You have to wonder how bitter he is over his loss to him this past Tuesday on Wrath.” Curry speculates as NTD gives him an answer.


“Trust me; it’s not that hard to be preoccupied with MVS. Why do think I’ve been so quiet for the last couple minutes?”


As Curry tries to forget why NTD could be so damn interested in Mike, Thor begins to get up from pinning Fugue and standing right into….


“DUAL SUPERKICKS! MIKE AND JUDGE MENTAL NAILED THOR IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD WITH A PAIR OF SUPERKICKS!” Curry yells as the crowd gives a mix of boos and cheers for the move. Thor goes forward out of control, hitting the ropes and flipping clear over them. Danny rushes over to begin the countout as MVS hops a little on one of his legs, the superkick causing some pain in his leg. Mental quickly sweeps the leg out from under him and twists Van Siclen’s right and left ankles around his thighs and locks them in behind his legs.




Mental locks in the face lock and begins to pull back on the weaken Mike, trying to get him to submit…




“Mental locks in a Double STF! Mike can’t get out of this one! It looks as if he’s going to be eliminated!” Curry screams as Fugue begins to raise himself off the ground, shaking his head trying to get rid of some of the pain.




Mike reaches for the out-of-reach ropes but the struggle is ultimately hopeless…




Thor slowly begins to get up, getting to his knee as Mike Van Siclen begins beating his hand furiously against the ground.




“MIKE TAPPED! MIKE TAPPED! Now he’s gone!” Curry cries out as the crowd rains boos on the evil Judge and Fugue reaches his feet.




Danny Williams continues to count Thor out the Norse God reaches up to the mat and begins to pull himself up.




Fugue runs at Judge Mental, leaping into the air….




… A running drop kick! Mental releases MVS as Fugue nails him squarely in the head! Thor climbs up to the ropes and begins to get in, halting a count from Danny. Danny turns around to the action and sees a near-tears Mike Van Siclen on the ground and Judge Mental griping the back of his head as Fugue gets up.


“Wait a second…. DANNY MISSED THE TAP!” Curry realizes after a moment. “He was too busy watching Thor to notice Mike tapping!”


“Well, DUH!” NTD says matter-of-factly. “You don’t catch these things, do you?”


Mental gets up and takes a quick kick from Fugue to the head, putting him off balance and Fugue takes his chance. He rushes at Judge Mental, putting the deranged veteran’s head between his legs and beginning to chicken-wing the Judge’s arms.


“CODA! HE’S GOING FOR THE CODA!” Curry yells excitedly as Fugue tries to chicken wing the arms, but Mental gets one arm out and gives the musical madman a sharp jab to the stomach, forcing Fugue to release him. Mental quickly takes his head out from between Fugue’s legs and lifts him up into the air into Tombstone position. But even before Curry can say “THE VERDICT!” like a Michael Cole clone on Speed, Fugue slips right out of the hold and slides right down the back of Mental, quickly putting him in a full nelson. Before the Judge can even think the sprightly Fugue sweeps him forward, pushing Mental’s face right into the ground, and Fugue bridges the move into the Major Chord!


“Major Chord! Fugue a couple major steps and a few minor ones as well to get out of that and lock in the Major Chord! Mental hasn’t injured his neck yet, but he’s far from any possible help…”


Mental tries to reach his leg over to the ropes as Fugue closes his eyes trying to channel the pain out of his sore back. Mental tries to put his foot to the side, but it just won’t reach! In the interests of saving himself from injury, Mental tells Danny “Mercy!” and Danny gives the timekeepers table a signal for another fall.


“Another strategic tap out, and Fugue now has two submissions on the night!”


Releases the hold, and rolls away to the side, leaving Mental to clutch his neck and give a silent curse or two. Fugue begins to get up, but suddenly is plowed over by a giant forearm! It’s Thor, who has been keeping a distance and waiting for Fugue and Mental to break the submission. The maniacal music man flips head over heels, landing right on his belly. Thor moves on to Mental who slowly gets up with the assistance of the ropes. Before the Judge knows what’s going on, Thor grabs him and puts his own head under the Judge’s armpit. He lifts Mental’s body up with ease and lands him down hard on the mat for a Northern lights Suplex!


“Thor comes back with a vengeance, but oddly enough doesn’t attack the recovering MVS,” says a puzzled Curry, looking at the panting Mike Van Siclen in the corner of the ring. “It’s obvious anyone could pin him, but why didn’t Thor?” NTD looks at Curry and gives him the obvious answer.


“Curry, come on! Why don’t you begin picking up on some of this stuff? Has that ‘honor’ thing. He’s not gonna attack a helpless man. That’s why he waited for these two to finish up.” After NTD finishes, Exploding Chicken, who had sat silently for a good portion of the match speaks up.


“Honor now, when choices are easy, but honor later, when choices hard? The Thunder God will prove what code he abides to in all due time… Kluck-Kluck-KABOOM!” Both Curry and NTD scoot their chairs a little farther away from the odd commentator after that last mystic saying.


Thor gets himself to his feet and grabs Judge Mental and stands him up. Before he try anything, though, the newly recuperated Fugue grabs one of Thor’s big arms from behind and drags him to the ground in a Fujiwara Armbar! Fugue tries to torque it back, but slowly, Thor pulls his arm to the mat, dragging Fugue down next his arm as well. While Thor gets out of Fugue’s Armbar, Mental shakes off the daze he had before, and begins making his way to the resting MVS. He walks over to the turnbuckle, and goes to the nearly unmoving MVS and grabs his shoulder as if to pull him out, but Mike springs his trap with perfection. He gives Mental sharp forearm to the face, stunning him and putting on a front facelock for DDT. But instead of doing a DDT MVS swings around under the Judge’s head and slams Mental’s neck right on his shoulder for a modified swinging neckbreaker!


“Thor powers out of a surprise Fujiwara Armbar while MVS hits the Russian Roulette! It looks like Thor’s plan of having two good guys in the final is working well!” says a delighted Curry.


Thor pulls his out of Fugue’s grip in one strong motion and grabs Fugue by the neck. Fugue claws at the hand on his neck trying to get Thor to release him as Thor gets to his feet and raises Fugue up off the ground. Fugue pulls his legs up for a strong kick to Thor’s face, getting the giant to release the hold, but before he can get away scot-free Thor grabs his arm and whips the mad musician at the other ropes. Thor follows close behind, and when Fugue bounces off from behind Thor gives a big boot….. that Fugue easily ducks! Fugue gives Thor a roundhouse kick, stunning him. He says something to MVS, who is just getting up, to come over to Thor. MVS comes over quickly, and both men put their heads under Thor’s arms to lift him. But as they begin, Mike quickly takes his head out from under Thor and leaves Fugue all alone. Fugue tries once to lift the massive man, but doesn’t even budge him. Suddenly he realizes what is amiss and tries to pull his head out of from under Thor’s arm, but it’s too late. Thor clamps his arm down onto the small man’s head, and lifts the man up into a torture rack-like position, on his shoulder facing the ceiling. In one fell motion Thor goes down on his knees in a repeat of what happened earlier, and goes for the cover.














The crowd goes crazy as Fugue is the first to be eliminated!


“RAGNAROK! Mike tricked Fugue into thinking that he’d help finish Thor off, but instead gets Fugue finished off by Thor!” Curry yells as the crowd screams their contentment.


Thor gets up, and notices that MVS is back up looking at least a little healthier than last he saw him. They both give each other a little smile and look over to see Judge Mental standing up. Thor makes the first attack with a huge clothesline, but Mental ducks it quickly, causing Thor to bounce off the ropes and into a big drop kick by Judge Mental. Thor backpedals a few steps, but receives a hard forearm to the head by Mike.


“It looks like MVS and the Judge are double teaming Thor now, which is definitely the smart move here. I don’t think either of them alone could take on the big man on.” An angry NTD speaks up.


“Aw damnit. I was just beginning to like Thor after that Bradshaw-style Clothesline.” Curry rolls his eyes and responds.


“Yeah, wonder why….”


Thor backs up even more, and both Mike and Mental put their heads under his arms and pull him up and over for a huge double Northern Lights Suplex! Instead of releasing, both men make the bridge and go for the double pin!













A mix of boos and cheers come as Thor is the second to be eliminated!


“All comes as been written out, and the final act is at hand… Kluck-Kluck-KABOOM!” Says an ecstatic Exploding Chicken. NTD gives him an odd look and asks him “What in God’s name are you talking about?” but EC just ignores the Pantless wonder and keeps his eyes glued on the ring.


MVS and Mental break the bridge, and a defeated Thor slowly gets up and gets out of the ring. With Thor out of the way, MVS and Mental take up grappler stances and begin to circle each other. Mental strikes first, trying to punch Mike, but Mike grabs the hand and pulls Mental into a knee! The Judge doubles over and Mike locks in a front facelock, but a quick jab by the Judge saves him from a couple potentially match ending moves. He quickly grabs Mike and picks him up into a vertical suplex position, and drops him right down into a Sit-out Powerbomb!


“Runaway Jury! Runaway Jury! This match is over! We have a new champion!” Curry yells as the crowd boos


Danny Williams goes down for the count, but before he can even say one…..

















Danny Williams looks at Kamikaze for a moment, as does Judge Mental. Mental gives a frown and immediately says “REFEREE! COUNT!” Williams suddenly realizes his duty and begins his count.







“STOP!” Kaze yells running clumsily with his leg brace.








Kaze runs down as fast as he can to the ringside, limping a bit from the leg brace and some of the injuries that happened during his earlier match. He yells “STOP THE COUNT! I HAVE SOMETHING FROM COMMISSIONER MACPHISTO!”


Williams hesitates and stops the count for a couple moments, but just as he’s about to get up Mental yells at him again. “MAKE THE GOD DAMNED COUNT! Williams shakes his head and quickly goes down to the mat.





















“Kaze distracted Williams long enough for Mike to kick out! Mental has to be angry at this!” Curry says, almost inaudible over the sound of the crowd.


Anger is an understatement as Mental gets up into Williams’ face and starts screaming at him for not making the damned count! Williams shouts back and pushes the Judge away from his body. Mental comes back looking like he is gonna kill the ref when Kaze speaks up.


“Do you want to hear what Edwin had to say?”


Both men look at Kaze and he speaks as MVS slowly gets up in the ring.


“He says Williams is doing a good job. Keep up the good work!” Kaze says enthusiastically, giving Williams a big thumbs up.


Mental’s emotions turn from disbelief, to shock, to insane rage as he realizes that Kaze came down to stop him from getting the pin. Kaze looks back with a big smile, and says to his side “This was a great plan, Maria….” Mental nearly dives out of the ring at the crazy man, but suddenly is elbowed right in the back! The crowd once again goes completely insane as MVS gets up and begins rifling off chops at Judge Mental. The Judge stumbles weakly into the ropes, and bounces off them back into Mike. The Amazin’ One gives Mental a huge slap across the face, and while Mental is stunned, Mike grabs and picks Mental up by the legs. He leans back a little bit, and brings him back down, sitting out and spiking Mental’s head into the mat.


“VAN SLAMMINATOR! VAN SLAMMINATOR!” is the only thing that Curry says while the crowd ups the decibel level to deafness inducing as Mike weakly hooks Mental’s leg for the pin.




Suddenly someone runs past the announcers table. Curry looks at the figure says “I can’t believe it! NO! DON’T DO IT!”


The figure dives into the ring past Kamikaze, who gets a brief look and realizes who it is and tries to stop him, but is too late to grab him. He yells to Williams “WATCH OUT!”




Williams hits his hand against the mat and ignores Kaze, thinking it’s just another trick to delay the pin.













NTD is the first to say the name of the assailant.













The arena erupts with boos as Fugue lays out Williams with a chair from backstage. Williams lays on the ground barely moving as Fugue goes over to MVS, who looks up to see what the hell is going on.






Fugue hits Mike with the chair edge-wise, throwing Mike right off of Mental and onto his back. Fugue stands over Mike and begins to speak.


“Did you think you could become a soloist before a duet was done, Mike?” He asks, breathing heavily over top of the knocked out Mike Van Siclen. “We’ve only finished movement one in a grand symphony!” He tilts his head back and gives a disturbing laugh. “I know we’ve been going slowly so far, but the beat is beginning to speed up! Do you thing you can keep up with the music Mike?” Kamikaze runs at Fugue, trying to stop him, but Fugue swings around and nails Kaze right in the leg brace. Kaze keels over and Fugue smacks him right over the head with the chair, laying him out on the ground unconscious.


“Sweet Jesus! Fugue has laid out Williams, Kamikaze, and Van Siclen!” Curry cries as NTD cowers again and grabs Curry’s arm.


“Jesus, he looks frightening and he talks like Exploding Chicken! See why I hate people with pants, Curry? Do you understand now?”


Fugue begins to talk again. “I suppose our friend here can’t.” He says, prodding Kaze with the chair. “But then again, few harmonies blend as well as you and I, Mike. We-” Suddenly Fugue is cut off by a loud “AAHHH!!” Fugue begins to turn right into the 345 pounds of Asgardian Justice that slams into him, spearing him into and through the ropes.


“IT’S THOR! THOR CAME BACK TO SAVE MIKE!” Curry yells as the crowd cheers again.


Thor looks over the top of the ropes at the unconscious Fugue, who lies on the ground, sit smiling. He looks back into the middle of the ring, and sees Mental beginning to crawl toward the downed MVS. Mental glances at Thor, and pulls himself over to Mike in an attempt to make a pin. Thor stands right over him, towering over the downed man, and tries to think of what to do. Should he interfere and cause a man who didn’t cheat at all to lose, or should he stop an evil man from taking the World Title. Thor thinks about it silently, straining his mind for an answer, and finally he closes his eyes….





















And walks right past Mental out of the ring. The crowd looks on in shocked silence as the Asgardian Warrior bows his head down and hopes he made the correct decision. Williams begins to get up just as Mental drapes one arm over top of Mike Van Siclen. He gives a slow labored count.



















The crowd is absolutely stunned as Williams gets to his feet and picks up Mental, holding his hand in the air victorious. One of the time keepers brings the SJL World Title up from the table and gives it to Mental who puts it on his shoulder as the crowd begins to boo loudly. Mental gives one passing look at the down Kamikaze, but scoffs and walks past him as Curry begins his closing comments.


“Wow…….. People, I’m absolutely stunned at the finish of this match. This match was absolutely brutal from start to finish, and right now we have three down men in the ring. This was certainly one for the ages folks, and I’m glad I got called up to commentate it. This is the Curry man, saying good bye for the SJL staff and crew, NTD, and Exploding Chicken. Stay tuned for Genesis III coming on next!”

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Guest HVilleThugg



3rd Newbie Battle Royal for the European Title

Ejiro Fasaki vs. Johnny “The Barracuda” Dangerous vs. Kamikaze vs. Tim Dillon vs. Jack The Ripper vs. Leon Sharpe©

- This year’s winner of the Newbie Battle Royal, and the NEW European Champion….He’s like a missle…he’s on a mission…as suicide mission…KAMIKAZE!



Singles Match

“Hollywood” Spike Jenkins vs. Matt Myers

- “Do you remember the time…when we fell in love…Do you remember the time…”………..Ummmm….I mean, MEMORY!! SHOOTING STAR!! MYERS WINS!! Somebody give this man a title shot!



Singles Match

Renegade vs. "Deathwish" Danny Williams

- In a move that makes Internet smarks very happy, Danny Williams goes out in style…by putting Renegade over, just like anyone leaving should. Danny and Gade put on a hell of a show, and Danny made Gade look real good. **** Match.




Four-way, Double Elimination Match for the SJL World Heavyweight Championship

Thor vs. Mike Van Silcen vs. Judge Mental vs. Fugue

SPECIAL GUEST REFEREE: “Deathwish” Danny Williams

- Wow…that’s all anyone can say about this. Judge Mental come within 2 matches of breaking HVT’s record of quickest to the world title by doing it with 6 matches. New champ…Judge Mental!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Note: Crusen is making the card for the next JL show. It’ll probably be up late tonight, so…send your requests to him.

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