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Hello once again from SmartMarks headquarters...We have Mark and Danny here again tonight, and I'm Stephen, moderator extraordinaire.


Stephen: Here comes the first topic...Will RVD become the latest to JERICHO a false title-switch?


Mark: RVD's already ahead of the game a bit, considering he took the pinfall immediately following the reversal and while he was still distracted by Flair. Jericho on the other hand, had to wait to the end of the show, have another match, and then, while the sides were even up, take a clean pinfall. By moving that along, RVD has a better excuse for dropping the "rematch" and holds onto his heat more easily.


Danny: I think it's unfair to place the blame on Jericho for his failure to be elevated after that. But it's a completely different situation here. The WWE has the back against the wall, basically, and I'd be surprised if they don't at least give someone with the sort of following that RVD has a chance with the belt. What could they possibly have to lose? So I say no to that question. I think he is built up a bit more and then elevated completely, unlike Jericho.


Stephen: Don't you remember when Jericho won the title...The crowd pop was unbelievable. Why? Because the audience wasn't expecting it. I think people Monday were expecting the finish.


Danny: Oh, I think so too. But they have no reason to expect the WWE to follow it up, which is all the more reason for them to do so.


Mark: It wasn't so much that the fans weren't expecting Jericho to win as much as they wanted him to. I don't expect Albert to beat The Rock, but doesn't mean I'm going to pop for it either. People wanted Jericho at the top of the heap, and WWE decided that they knew better than the audience and kept him off the top of the mountain.


Stephen: Well...the WWE could certainly do the same thing again.


Danny: And their not capitalizing on that momentum has hurt his career immeasurably. They can't run the risk of that happening again with RVD.


Mark: They just don't have the number of "future stars" on the roster anymore that they can just waste them like they did in the past.


Danny: Well, almost all of those stars are still there. They've just been ruined.


Mark: What I mean is, where are the next Jericho's and Rock's and Triple H's going to come from because I don't see Edge taking up that role and he's the only younger guy I see even being close to that level.


Stephen: We all know Edge will be jobbed to Storm in two weeks anyways.


Stephen: Well, lets tackle another supposedly failed angle...Ruined Stars...Well, a few existed in the nWo till they fell. Now, did the Nash Promo on RAW successfully revitalize the nWo?

Danny: Yeah, but why bother? These guys are basically a lost cause and I don't think any portion of the fanbase will be willing to buy them as a legitimate threat at this point. Stirring speech or not, it's still Big Show, X-Pac, Kevin Nash, and Booker T. There's just no value there. I still hold out hope that the eventual purpose is to push Booker as a face, but I don't know how effective associating him with the nWo is going to be.


Mark: You can't revitalize a concept in interviews. Perhaps the greatest promo guy ever, Ric Flair, couldn't get Paul Roma, Jeff Jarrett or Steve McMichaels over as Horsemen. You have to take actual action in order to been seen as legitimate. I can buy The Big Show and Booker beating someone up backstage while X-Pac dances around like a nimwit. Just saying, "Let us be bad asses, starting .... NOW" isn't going to get the wrestlers or the stable over.


Stephen: It really seemed to me to turn the nWo face, but maybe that was just the crowd being amazed with all the Sexiness in the ring.


Danny: I'd say that Nash is still getting residual pops from when he was good, but I don't think that applies in his case.


Mark: Well, the fans actually do want to have an nWo, they just didn't get it while Steve Austin was vetoing jobs all over the place.


Stephen: Well, speaking of what the fans want, what about Hogan retiring? Were we teased too soon?


Danny: Anything for ratings, I guess. Of course, Hogan no longer draws ratings so I don't see the point. I really think he should have retired there. I mean, what is the point of keeping him around?


Mark: To build to a finale, which could still provide a draw. Telling the people that, "hey, this is your last and final shot to see this guy" is probably the easiest story to write ever.


Danny: But is it worth the damage it's doing to the company in the interim?


Mark: Now that the title is off Hogan, he shouldn't ever be in the main events again (until the final loss) so what damage are we talking about; Hogan being on the show period? He's more entertaining than some guys, like Mark Henry, so why not have him around in a reduced role where he's not the top guy, just the legend Vince hates?


Stephen: Sounds like a good idea Mark.


Stephen: Fellas, time for the final question. Now that Excess is dead...how will Coach spend his weekend?


Mark: Actually coaching?


Danny: I suggest taking up drinking, personally. He could use a little edge.


Stephen: Maybe he'll beat Edge…This has been CrossFace…We'll see you next week, when Benoit comes back to save us from this crap.

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