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Hey guys...Popick's dead. Just kidding. Dames here, filling in for him this week and we've got some new Smart Marks participating as well! Lets just get to it.


Dames: Well, tonight WWE really threw us a curveball with Tough Enough 2. Instead of choosing one guy and one girl, both girls got contracts and the guys got nothing....why do you think that happened?


Josh: Probably because the guys will get contracts anyways. But I'm gonna pray that they are trying to build a better women's division.


Jared: If I had the slightest idea, my jaw wouldn't be on the floor. Maybe Linda gave Big some special favors.


Danny: I honestly think it was just because no one expected it to happen. Both guys were more deserving than Jackie, in my opinion.


Dames: Do you think it has anything to do with WWE not thinking the two guys were ready enough to handle prime time? Why do you feel that the guys will land contracts eventually?


Josh: If Maven is ready enough then I think anyone is.


Jared: Well, if that's the case then where is Nidia? It's been nine months and we're still waiting for Nidia to get her contractually obligated SmackDown match


Dames: My personal opinion, Jackie had too much heart & determination to be passed up so I was quite shocked when Linda was awarded the contract first


Jared: I'd agree with that, but Linda had none of that OR the in-ring ability


Dames: However, in retrospect, Jake did absolutely horrible during his interview with Dunn and I think WWE was never truly prepared for Kenny to get that contract to begin with.



Dames: This past week, it was announced that the writing teams for Raw & Smackdown would be divided into 2 groups, with Paul Heyman being the head of SD and Brian Gewertz the head of the Raw team. Both report to Vince & Steph....do you think its a good idea?


Jared: I'd rather Steph not be involved anywhere as long as she's romantically involved with one of the wrestlers, but it's much needed. The biggest complaint is that both shows looked almost identical in terms of content. This way, each one should get its own identity. It helps make the split seem more legitimate


Josh: Don't know... ECW never impressed me very much and Gewertz is the comedy guy right? But as long as they don't fuck it up anymore than it already has been then good for them. I agree with Jared that they should have a seperate feel to them.


Danny: Absolutely. In establishing both shows as being very different, it's imperative that they have different writers. And, if the shows we got this week are any indication, it's going to be an improvement on the previous set-up.


Dames: I'm sure that all of you will agree with me on the fact that this weeks Raw was probably the best one in a long time.


Danny: Definitely. Just for the main event, though. I didn't think the rest was that great.


Josh: Yes it was. I can deal with blown spots if the match is great and I really enjoyed seeing the fan be beatdown. Some direction seems to be taking seed too so that is a bonus.


Jared: I'd agree with that based on the main event alone. I have to admit I'm surprised Heyman isn't in charge of Raw with all the former ECWers being there.


Josh: He's probably not there because he may end up pushing anyone who is former ECW


Dames: Brian Gewertz, who is primarily known as the "comedy" guy, actually penned the Steph-HHH-Angle love triangle to a certain point..i'm sure we all know what point that is. He also did a lot of E&C's booking during their 7 tag reigns, so I think he'll do a fine job as Raw head. Do you feel that with Heyman writing SD,will Brock's booking & such be affected?


Josh: Never know... I still don't know what they are trying to push Brock as.


Jared: Actually, I think it helps. There's the old saying, and I'm paraphrasing, that if the writers appear on camera, they write for themselves. We saw how well that worked when Steph was on TV.


Josh: I miss Steph


Danny: I think everyone would benefit if Brock were traded for Benoit. There are a lot more potentially good rivalries for him on that show…Meaning SmackDown.


Dames: So you feel that if Brock were to be traded to SD, he'd be taken care of by Heyman, almost as if he wants him as his personal project?


Danny: I haven't read anything stating that. I just feel that for Lesnar's career to prosper, he'd be better off on SmackDown. There are better workers over there who can help him get over, which he's had some difficulty doing thus far.


Josh: But... if Brock loses, everyone will assume HHH had something to do with it. HHH Haters UNITE!



Dames: RVD won the IC title this week after having Dusty Finished the World title last week. Is it a depush?


Josh: Depends on how you look at it.... Did the match elevate the IC title? Yes. Could this mean RVD is going to be in the KOR and win and then maybe get a title shot from there? Good possibilty. But we won't know until after KOR


Jared: It's hard to say. Being IC champion is hardly a bad spot on the card, as it's theoretically second from the top. But everytime they give RVD a false start, they risk losing any money he could potentially make for the company. At some point they'll do one false start too many, and when he does get that push no one will care.


Dames: Reminds me of someone else who "won" the World title a few years back


Jared: Exactly where I was going with that point


Josh: People don't care about Jericho because he is a bad heel


Danny: I disagree. Jericho plays a great old fashioned heel. People don't care because he's not booked to look like a threat to anyone. The WWE could help Chris Jericho get over, they've just chosen not to.


Jared: People didn't care about Jericho getting the title for two reasons. One, because he had one too many false pushes. Two, because everybody thought they were getting Austin vs. The Rock at Vengeance and they were pissed they didn't.


Josh: I believe its because people don't really want to boo Jericho. They like him when he is a smartass.

When I was at RAW. More people cheered him than booed him. This was in February.


Jared: There's a simple answer for that Josh. If you don't want to boo Jericho, don't. Eventually the WWE will come around, I hope.


Josh: I think he is doing the role well.... BUT, he isn't someone anyone wants to boo


Dames: Personally, I think he plays a great heel, but he has to be booked to go over at least midcarders cleanly. I mean, come on, when Test can get a clean win over Mark Henry, and Jericho can't, we've got a problem. Not even Flair at the prime of his career had to go to such depths to get a victory over lower card guys.


Jared: I disagree. Flair lost to Road Warrior Hawk by DQ on a pay-per-view once, for chrissakes!


Dames: Ah, but back then, Hawk was a major league threat, not as a singles competitor, but he still had the image of being someone very tough to beat. Mark Henry is no Hawk.


Josh: They should just turn HHH back to heel and turn Jericho back face... then all will be right with the world.



Dames: Ok...final topic of the evening...Would you make a trade for Beniot....if so, for who, and why?


Danny: Yes, because RAW needs more talented guys and he has a tailor-made money fued on that show right now. I'd trade him for Brock for reasons that I've already touched on.


Josh: Brock... because he isn't going anywhere on RAW and there would be better opponets on Smackdown.


Jared: I have mixed feelings. Raw needs more talented guys on the roster, but keeping Benoit on SmackDown gives more potential for match of the year candidates. Unless you're building a new Four Horsemen, I say leave him where he's at.


Josh: Besides Benoit vs Austin is gold, as is Benoit vs. RVD, and Benoit vs. Booker T


Dames: Guys, if you couldn't trade Brock, who would be your runner up?


Josh: I would consider Booker T.


Jared: I would consider the NWO. If Heyman can't get them over, nobody can.


Dames: Does your NWO consist of Booker T, Jared?


Jared: No it doesn't. I'd have Booker turning face just before KOR, having the blowoff at the PPV, and making the trade the following Raw.


Danny: I'm going with Regal. It'd get the Euro title on SmackDown, which is where it needs to be.


Josh: I would have to agree with Regal except it would seem like an unfair trade.


Jared: I could agree with Regal. Guys like Lance Storm, Angle, and Jericho need a singles title to shoot for.

If they're not going to main event anytime soon, Regal's the way to go.


Dames: Alright, here is my two cents, feel free to comment on it. Benoit for Brock probably wont happen, because of the "forces" that work on SD...so, if you trade Beniot for the NWO...you're trading one guy for 3, 4 if you count Booker T. If thats the case, I say...trade both Storm and Beniot to Raw for the NWO and now you have even more fresh matches on Raw, seeing as how Storm hasn't really been given much of a push on Smackdown.


Jared: And it's still a good deal for Raw.


Josh: I say keep Storm with Jericho/Christian/Test as some canadian faction.


Josh: If you want to be real heels, insult America. Sure its rehashed but it works dammit!


Dames: well, right now, its just Storm & Test...and who knows how long that will last. Putting Storm on Raw at least guarantees good matches with RVD, Eddie, and Austin. Plus, he'll get a chance to shine, along with Beniot.



Jared: No, we've done Team Canada to death in the last five years. Patriotic heat should stay buried in the mid-80 where it belongs.


Josh: But it would give them a place to start. Not the patriot shit but just enough to get them booed straight to hell.


Jared: I'm not going to boo somebody because they're from Canada. We're not at war with them.


Josh: But it means crowd response and that is more important, I think, then if we as smarks think its a good idea. Do whatever it takes to get them over even if it's cheap heel heat.



Dames: Anyone have any last comments they’d like to make?


Danny: I do, but they all involve imploring people to read "The Riot Act."


Jared: I read the Riot Act, I found it wordy and poorly thought out.


Danny: I'm speechless!


There you have it folks.

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