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The Crossface: Vengeance 2002

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Crossface: Vengeance 2002


Jared, Peter, and Stephen are the guests for this Vengeance edition of the Roundtable. The format is simple. After the PPV we sit around and share our thoughts on each of the matches. You could say it’s a barometer of how well the PPV went, or just us pimping ourselves like mad fools. Anyways, on with the show. Oh yeah, this month your favorite CrossFace moderator Stephen Popick is stepping up the hosting duties…but Jared is editing and posting because Stephen had a little too much to drink tonight. And with that, let's roll.



WWE Vengeance 2002


Tag Team Tables Match:


Peter: WHAT THE FUCK?? Why did Benoit and Guererro job to The Dudleys? Hell, this was Benoit’s first PPV match back, and he loses to a tag team specialist and a jobber. I really don’t see the point in pushing the Dudleys over Benoit and Guererro. I felt like throwing a brick at my TV, but I couldn’t find one, so I just settled for throwing my pillow to the floor. The match itself was pretty good though. Good effort from all involved.


Jared: I never thought I'd see the day that a match that had

both Benoit and Eddy Guerrero in it would bore me to death, but sure

enough, that's what happened here. Not that it was bad as a straight tag team match, but what was the purpose of it resembling a straight tag team match for the first ten minutes? And I've never understood the WWF/E rule of "it doesn't count if you put yourself through a table". Decent enough opener, but not a good table match.


Stephen: I liked the match, though I had Benoit winning. They all put forth a good effort, with the first mark-out spot being the Dudley Dog through the table on the outside. I'd like to see Benoit and Bubba feud in some singles matches, which I hope they set up in the coming weeks.


WWE Crusierweight Title Match: Jamie Noble vs. Billy Kidman


Peter: I didn’t know what to expect of this match coming in, as the WWE style seems to kill some of the excitement from cruiser matches. This match had excitement though. There were no outstanding spots that we are to expect from the everyday cruiser match, but it was filled with more scientific wrestling, which was good. I’m really starting to get into Noble; he shined tonight. I like how he concentrates on one part of the body, like he did tonight with Kidman’s arm. Sweet Tiger Bomb to finish it off. One of the better Cruiser matches the WWE has put out recently, but this doesn't touch Styles vs Low-Ki from earlier this week on TNA.


Jared: Easily the second best match of the night. Good spots, good psychology, with only a finish coming out of nowhere putting

a damper on it for me.


Stephen: Like Peter, I'm going to give props to Noble. He used psychology and focused on the arm. And, he figured out HOW TO POWERBOMB KIDMAN. It's simple… you hook his arms. Noble gets props, Kidman gets props, and I go home happy. I can't wait for Mysterio.



WWE European Title Match: William Regal vs. Jeff Hardy


Peter: Ok, this match blew donkeys. I didn't really pay attention, but from what I saw, this match sucked. Regal doesn't work well with anyone, let alone Jeff Hardy.


Jared: Why did they even bother? If you weren't going to give it any longer than you gave their Raw match, why did you even bother? Just like their match on Raw, it was just getting interesting when they ended up. Just like their match on Raw, the wrong guy went over. Why

did they even bother?


Stephen: Damn, can someone get me that shit Jeff is smoking, because it has to be good with all that crap he wears. Otherwise, this match was a bathroom break, and deservedly so. Jeff and Regal did not mix, but after two pitchers of beer, I really didn't care.


Chris Jericho vs. John Cena


Peter: Hmm, thank god they didn’t go through with scrapping this match. This is the fourth time they’ve wrestled, but hey, I’m not complaining. Another good match from Jericho and Cena; who is really showing promise, despite only facing guys like Angle and Jericho. I really dig his music too, for some reason. Cena gets the upset victory; which may be too much too soon. I mean, Cena’s looking good, but he shouldn’t be going over former Undisputed champions in his first PPV match. Poor Jericho. Eh, what are you going to do? There are worse things out there.


Jared: And speaking of the wrong guy going over, who thought this one up? I always thought that a PPV event was supposed to put

over the guy who had been losing the feud. Who the fuck did Jericho

piss off? Decent match for what it was, and Cena has a ton of potential, but did he have to get a PPV win so soon against a guy so talented?


Stephen: I just have one thing to say. What the hell is up with Cena pinning Jericho. That's all I have to say. I'm mad, furious, filled with aggression. I hate HHH. I blame him.


WWE Intercontinental Title Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Brock Lesnar


Peter: This match could have gone either way… it could have really sucked or been really good. I’m leaning towards the latter personally; I liked the match. I’ll admit that I wanted to see that Van Terminator at the end though. Van Dam and Lesnar seem to work well together, Van Dam keeping the match at a nice pace, while Brock fills in the rest with his power moves. Sick F-5 on the chair at the end. I don’t see why Lesnar had to lose. I would have booked him to win by DQ; that way Lesnar goes into Summerslam undefeated (making him look like a bigger threat), while Van Dam still gets to hold

onto the IC strap.


Jared: Brace yourselves for a bit of a shock, but I rather enjoyed this one. I don't even have a problem with the finish.

In fact, it's about damned time pulling the referee out of the ring before he finishes his count is a DQ. Hardly match of the night (and hardly proof that Brock is ready to main event), but some good action and some surprisingly good selling by Lesnar.



Stephen: Great match like it should have been, and with the finish I called at KoTR. Looks like we will be seeing a fatal fourway for the title at SummerSlam pitting Brock, RVD, Undertaker, and Rock. Color me happy.


No DQ No Countout: Booker T vs. The Big Show


Peter: *YAWN* God this match sucked. Nice Axe Kick on the announce table by Booker T, but besides that there was nothing. Woo, thank god Booker won, he desperately needed a singles win on PPV… something he hasn’t experienced since February of 2001, when he was in WCW. Worst match of the night.


Jared: Good to see Booker go over. Great to see the return of the Harlem Hangover. I don't care if he's from Houston, it will always be the Harlem Hangover to me. Too bad this match wasn't any good

outside of the finish and the scissors kick through the table.



Stephen: Guess I am a mark for a Booker T spot fest. Axe Kick, Axe Kick through the Spanish announce table, and the re-debut of the Harlem Hangover. Now can you dig that SUCKA!


Triple H’s contract signing


Peter: Well, hopefully D-X won’t be reforming. The angle died years ago, but the WWE seems to be living in the past so who knows? I thought it was pretty obvious that HHH would go to RAW, and he delivered. PLEASE NO DX! PLEASE NO DX! PLEASE NO DX!


Jared: Does anybody really care? I didn't think so. Look, it

doesn't really matter which show HHH goes to, because it's all WWE

anyway. To waste upwards of half an hour over the course of a show that we're paying $35 for is idiocy. The fact is that nobody likes Stephanie, nobody really likes Bischoff, and outside of one line from HHH, HBK got the only pop of the segment. *sigh*


Stephen: I am a proud member of the HHHaters, and therefore I have no comment on this abuse of power.


WWE Tag Team Title Match: Edge Leslie and Hulk Hogan vs. Lance Storm and Christian


Peter: Not a bad match really, even with Hogan involved. Storm, Christian and Edge made it watchable, I actually enjoyed this match. I was on the edge of my seat (no pun intended) as to if Edge would turn or not, though I didn’t think he would. Man I could just hear JR if Edge did turn, “BAH GAWD, HE WAS CANADIAN ALL ALONG!” As I had predicted, Test and Jericho interfered, costing Edge Leslie and Hogan the titles, and throwing more heat to the Jericho vs. Edge feud. Decent tag affair.


Jared: Right team going over, wrong guy getting pinned. And I'd have rather seen a clean finish to it, but the Jericho run-in makes sense. Now the catch is setting it up so that people care about the tag team division, and with the good tag teams not being on SmackDown, fat chance of that.



Stephen: Hogan is great in his role. Edge is getting a rub. Christian and Storm are getting over. Jericho regains his heat and furthers a good upper-card angle. Rikishi and Test continue their feud but don't fight. God Bless America. And God Bless the Canadians.


WWE Undisputed Title Match: Rock vs. Angle vs. Undertaker


Peter: I don’t know about everyone else out there, but I really liked this match. The Rock showed a little rustiness, but it didn’t really shine through much. Angle did a good job covering up the other guy’s faults. The match had decent storytelling and was suspenseful; I actually got into it. I was pulling for Angle all the way through, even though deep inside I knew the Brahma Bull would pull it out. No complaints from me though, I’m a Rock fan. Finishers were thrown around left and right, which really added to the suspense of the match as it felt like anyone could win at any time. This was one of the better main events this year, without a doubt.


Jared: Well, surprisingly this was the match of the night in my opinion (in other words, it's the only one that had me marking out worth a damn), but let's do the math. You have A) a legit amateur wrestler with a great look, a ton of charisma, and the ability to work any style, and is able to put himself and his opponent over win or lose, B) an aging man who, although his best days are behind him, can still go on occasion and still gets pops no matter how heelish you make him, or C) a guy who, although over, is leaving for Hollywood in six weeks. Who should go over? If you said A, you'd be smart, but if you said C, you must work for the WWE. Good match, wrong guy goes over.


Stephen: I call it right now, controversial finish. And there will be a fatal fourway at Summerslam. And I give this match a great rating, they really impressed me, so I'll be satisfied regardless. Wow, to see a psychological, thrilling wrestling main event. Made my day.


Bottom Line:


Peter: I liked the show. Only two matches on the card outright sucked, those being Booker T vs. The Big Show and The Euro title match, but I’ll forgive the first match because Booker finally got a win on PPV. The main event was pretty awesome if you ask me, and the rest of the matches on the card were solid to say the very least. Nothing “ground breaking” as Bischoff had said on various radio shows, but still a very good show. Worth the price of admission, as this was one of the better PPV’s this year (not that that’s saying much, but still).


Jared: Nothing actively bad, but nothing standing out. Half an hour for a freaking "contract signing", and not that much combined for matches 2 though 4, all of which should have been good? Can I have 10 of my 35 bucks back since I paid for wrestling and not an interview? I think the WWE owes me that much. Thumbs in the middle.


Stephen: Thumbs up. Best non-big PPV in a long time.

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