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This past week, RAW was privy to some Hot Lesbian Action while Smackdown was supposed to enact the first gay wedding in wrestling history. And in case you forgot (because WWE apparently has), there is a PPV in one week. We tackle these topics in typical Smart Mark fashion, but not before we introduce the players...


Brandon Truitt: Brandon is a regular here on the Crossface and happens to own a heaping helping of shoot interviews. Look for his recap of the Legion of Doom shoot interview and make sure to check out his recap of the Smokey Mountain Wrestling Fan-week BBQ 1994.


Damian “The Dames” Gonzalez: Dames keeps busy with the NWA:TNA recaps and whatever else he feels like chipping in with. Check out his latest piece of art as he recaps Summerslam 2002. Hey, he's been sick but the man is back!


Dean Rasmussen: A nice guy who happens to help operate one of the coolest and informative sites on the net. Dean brings the workrate every week with his Smackdown Workrate Reports. Participating in the Crossface for the first time, Dean promised us he wasn't drunk!


Dr. Tom: Tom brings the content every week, providing the reader with his Smackdown recaps, The Mid-Week News and movie reviews! This week, Tom also went above and beyond duty by recapping Sunday Night Heat.


William Helmick: If you're interested in writing for the Smart Marks, drop William a line. For now, he'll be moderating the discussion.



William: On RAW, they are building toward an RVD-HHH match at Unforgiven. Do you see anyway in hell that RVD comes out on top?

Dr. Tom: Hahahahahaha! You're a funny man, Will. RVD got the pin on HHH during that tag match, so you know Hunter's going to call it in when the match actually means something.

Dames: There's no way that HHH is going to have a title reign of 2 weeks. The only thing I can see is a DQ victory, at most. RVD will probably chase the title for another month or so before Bubba Ray gets his shot.

Brandon: I see RVD following a distinct pattern with his career... he's becoming Jericho II. He'll become HHH's new bitch.

Dean: I don't see any way in hell it will be any good, Will. HHH is even more straight pro style than Benoit and Benoit couldn't get RVD to sell enough to make the match work. And there is no way RVD wins!

William: Does everyone else agree with Dean? Is this match destined to suck?

Brandon: The match *MIGHT* be good... RVD pulled a good match out of Undertaker for God's sake.

Dean: I take that back. If HHH puts him through some tables, it might be fun

Dr. Tom: I don't think it'll suck. It won't blow the world away, either, but it should be somewhere in the **1/2-*** range when it's in the books.

Dean: I love HHH. He could POSSIBLY sell for two in a match with RVD.

Dames: Well, as long as RVD times his comebacks correctly, I think it has a chance of being decent. And to his credit, with HHH as a heel again, his workrate has improved.

Brandon: Dames, you're including the HBK match in there which was ALL HBK.

Dames: Brandon, HHH did control a large portion of the beginning of the match.

Dr. Tom: He's supposed to, Dames. He's such a bland babyface, which is a shame, because he sells well enough to be convincing in the role.

Dean: HHH was man-sized in the HBK match hitting the gusher. I don't think he likes RVD enough to do that for him.

Dames: Has anyone ever bladed against RVD?? Hardway does not count here fellas....

Dean: Why would anyone sell those strikes- much less blade for him?.

Dr. Tom: In WWE, I can't think of anyone blading for him, Dames.

Dean: I'm sure Sabu did back inna day.

Dames: The only thing that I can see anyone blading off of is a Van Daminator.

Dr. Tom: Did Dreamer blade for him in the "final" hardcore match? I can't recall now.

Dean: Even then, his offense is fruity and gymnastic; it would seem out of place without heavy garbage elements.

Dames: So....yeah, no chance for RVD walking out with the Big Gold Belt.

Dean: No, no, no


William: Well, after watching RAW Monday night, it’s obvious the show is absolutely in the gutter right now. For example, the entire show was centered on Hot Lesbian Action. Do you see anyway the show could improve?

Brandon: Will, if they drop HLA how can it NOT improve?

Dames: The writers need to stop trying to hot shot angles to get ratings and start building characters again.

Dean: Sounds like it needs to start aping Smackdown. Get Heyman to book it

Dr. Tom: Yes. Concentrate on the actual wrestling, and fire Jerry Lawler.


Brandon: Lawler needs to go. Ross might need to leave TV along with him.

Dr. Tom: I can put up with Ross being a little slow on the take these days, Brandon. Lawler, though, is a revolting imbecile on the air, and really needs to go. "Puppies, puppies!" ad nauseam during a match hasn't been amusing in years.

Dames: Sadly, Bischoff is doing just fine in his role and I have a feeling he'll be blamed for it… or Flair & Jericho, somehow.

Brandon: In Flair's case, it may be slightly justified. Flair has being treated as a top guy on the show.

Dames: when he's booked one week and not booked the next, and jobbing to everyone, no. What did he do this week? Nothing.

Brandon: Dames, they've been putting him in main events and over guys like Eddy and Jericho. Bad booking or not, they're still treating him as a top guy in the ring.

Dames: both of those were on PPV, Brandon. On Raw, he usually jobs.

William: Ok, but you guys are touching on a small part of the problem. With their current roster, can the show improve? Even when they attempt to concentrate on wrestling, the matches are usually below average.

Dames: Endorse Jeff Hardy, yay!

Dr. Tom: Maybe Heyman does need to start writing Raw, Will. Or at least start offering a few opinions on it. He was always great at making sure his wrestlers' strengths were always emphasized.

Dean: Heyman also has a base of Benoit/Guerrerro and Angle to carry all the faces and set up the PPV matches. Raw doesn't have that.

Dr. Tom: That's true, Dean, but Raw still has guys who are quite capable of at least putting on average matches in the ring. They don't have to be great, but they shouldn't be actively bad like they have been.

Dames: Raw definitely needs a good worker on their side.

William: So do we need to see more crossovers?

Brandon: I hope not, Will. They really need to finalize the rosters for the next few months.

Dames: We need maybe one or two...

Dean: No crossover! No Big Show! Nnoooooo!!!

Dames: For example, botched powerbomb or not, D'Lo Brown should be on Raw.

Dean: But Dames he's not over nor is he a super-worker to justify a big spot.

Dames: well, I’m not saying that he deserves a big spot, Dean, but he'd still up the workrate on Raw a bit.

Brandon: Dames, that's a mute point. Jumping from Heat to RAW or Velocity to SD is considered normal.

William: So we'll go from there... who on the RAW roster does deserve that big spot?

Dames: Booker T. He's got star potential all over him and he can carry himself in the ring. The fans know he can be a main eventer, yet he's tagging all the time now.

Dean: You could put Booker T and Jericho in those spots. Guys who are over and whom you could use to push your big guys with and then later give them a bigger push. That's what they are doing pretty successfully with Angle and Benoit on Smackdown.

Dr. Tom: Booker, certainly. Kane's also decent enough in the ring to warrant an upper midcard spot.

Brandon: Booker T needs to be moved up out of the tag division because he's VERY over and is above average in the ring. Rico is the same way and will HOPEFULLY get a decent push now that his exodus was the main point of the wedding angle.

Dames: Put Shelton Benjamin on Raw, lets see what he can do against someone who isn't Shawn Stasiak. Let the Island Boys wrestle.

Brandon: I agree, Dames. Benjamin is a good talent and should get a chance on RAW. It couldn't be worse than watching Bradshaw or Johnny the Bull on RAW

Dr. Tom: At least Bradshaw's gone for a few months, Brandon.

Brandon: Thank God for small favors, Tom.

William: Well, once the ratings came in for RAW, it's obvious we aren't alone in our feelings. The course they are on is NOT the right one.


William: Well, on RAW we had Hot Lesbian Action. On Smackdown, we had the "wedding". Is this a case of bad taste or just bad writing or both?

Brandon: It's a case of bad taste, bad writing, and McMahon stupidity Will. Vince thinks that HLA is good and Steph wanted to get her name in the papers over the wedding angle.

Dames: Well, I'd say the wedding did far better than HLA did, but I don't know where they'll go from there. The wedding at least had a point. The HLA segment made ZERO SENSE.

Dr. Tom: On the John Waters scale, I think the "commitment ceremony" was good bad taste, and the HLA was bad bad taste.

Dean: Well, y'know Will, I think if they would have gotten married and not broken Kayfabe like a bunch of scared pansies, it would have been gigantic The HLA sounds a lot like the Miss NWO pageant.

William: And do you think that would have been a better direction, Dean?

Dean: Yeah, gay couple cheesed off and stalking tag teams on RAW would have been FUN!

Brandon: I disagree with you Dean. That segment would have died a horrible death if they hadn't gone in the direction they went.

Dames: Brandon, I'm going to have to go with Dean on this one. WWE would have gotten a lot more mainstream exposure.

Brandon: The sequence was pretty boring going up into the end of it. I can't think of any payoff involving them going through with it that topped the Bischoff / Island Boys / Rico business.

Dean: Fake gay couple mad at a manager so they jumpo to RAW, WHAT?

Dames: A friend just told me that Smackdown made him want to watch Raw. Mission accomplished.

Dean: It made me sad that Chuck and Billy are leaving Smackdown!

Brandon: Dean, the payoff of it may not truly be seen until we know if Rico will benefit from it. Rico gets to break away from a bush league gimmick and possibly get a real singles push now.

Dean: Chuck and Billy are the ones ya want to look at. They are the good heel team that now has to wrestle face.

Brandon: I don't think so, Dean. Chuck and Billy combined aren't worth what Rico's worth. Billy Gunn has been proven to be useless outside the tag division and Chuck hasn't really shown any greatness outside of this gay business.

Dean: Their matches on SD have been great faux MX matches. Chuck and Billy are a good heel team, Brandon! Rico has more offense then you would think but he is too old and too small to get pushed too far. I was surprised they even brought him in, even though he was the best thing on those OVW tapes.

Brandon: Dean, they only brought him in because Jim Cornette forced them to. Cornette knew how talented he was and that he was going to waste in OVW. Since the writers didn't have anything for him, he got this dead-end stylist gimmick and they really have made it work . They're a tag team on a show where there are no tag belts. They might as well be the Hardyz on RAW, back in April, when the tag belts were on Smackdown.

Dean: Yeah, Brandon, but with Chuck and Billy you had a heel tag team in the midcard that got really good heat during their matches and could make your faces look god-like. Now they are faces and are useless to you

Dames: Will they still have their awesome theme is what I want to know!?!


William: Well, Smackdown didn't just have the wedding angle; they also had a kickass Rey-Angle match. Does Angle deserve better or are you guys content in seeing him in great matches with Rey?

Brandon: The best we can hope for is Angle putting on good matches with Benoit, Rey, Eddy, etc.

Dr. Tom: Sure, he deserves better, but it's also good to see him in great matches, no matter who his opponent is.

Brandon: Angle deserves better but won't get it with Brock and Undertaker as the top two guys on Smackdown.

Dames: Well, Angle IS getting better now with Benoit, but his program with Rey didn't do anything for him

William: But the matches have ROCKED Dames!

Dames: The matches did rock, but whom did they benefit?

William: THE FANS! Me in particular.

Dames: I meant in terms of Angle or Rey. The feud has done nothing in terms of their upward mobility.

Dean: Angle stays way over so keep slowly building him up until he can have a successful title run. You build him to Angle vs. Lesnar down the line and it will rule,

Dames: I think they've been doing that for a while Dean, with subtlety.

Dean: Side draining to get Rey over with the heavies is a good move.

Dr. Tom: Yeah, I think a nice, slow build to Angle-Brock at WMX9 would be a good long-term move.

Brandon: Tom, that's if someone doesn't convince Vince that Taker should win the belt off of Lesnar. If booked properly, Angle winning the belt off of Lesnar will be a HUGE match.

Dames: Brandon, do you honestly believe Taker is winning the title off of Lesnar… especially since Taker had the title for a few months a few months ago?

Dean: Actually, I could see Lesnar going through everybody once. Maybe bring the Rock in after it's all over to get his win back.

Brandon: I'm afraid of the possibility, Dames.

Dames: No way Brandon, Taker is being fed to Lesnar to make Lesnar look credible.

Brandon: Taker and HHH basically castrated Lesnar the night after Summerslam. If he doesn't draw after that, one of the two will get to beat him.

William: Well, speaking of Taker and Brock, is this match at Unforgiven just another notch in Brocks belt?

Brandon: Will, it better be. If not, then the Youth Movement is over and a new dark age will hit the WWE.

Dean: Oh yeah. At the LEAST, Will, they are building up HHH taking the title

Dames: I certainly think it is. They aren't going to give up on Brock just yet, not after everything they've done.

Brandon: You'd think so, Dames, but Vince isn't the most patient of men.

Dean: YEah, Brandon, but Vince knows what he has with Lesnar. Ideally, HHH should put him over clean once and then chase him for a while

Brandon: Dean, Vince has a habit of letting the wrong people convince him to pass up a great thing.

Dean: It would be stupid and bad business to not protect Lesnar with a Goldbergian-level push. Lesnar is Goldberg with ability to wrestle.

Dames: ...and respect for the business Dean.

Dean: My love for Lesnar is endless, Dames. Don’t get me started.:-)

Dr. Tom: Lesnar has looked very good in his matches of late, the botched powerbomb on Bob Holly notwithstanding. Finally, they're constructing the matches to let him be a monster and actually get over while doing it.


William: OK, Dean has hinted at this but lets develop it further. Who does Brock finally lose to and WHY?

Dames: Brock loses at Mania... I WANT to say to RVD but I'm thinking more like Rock or Angle.

Dean: I would say The Rock after he goes through everybody else.

Brandon: The best choices for Brock to lose to are, in order, Angle, RVD, and Edge. Angle-Lesnar is a natural feud and the other two are guys positioned to be the next Main Event faces.

Dean: He should lose to HHH if HHH shows ANY inkling that he can draw

Dames: A Brock/HHH match would be pretty damn slow, IMO and NOT GOOD.

William: OK, we have several names thrown out there. Who would be the best choice?

Dr. Tom: I say Angle. The Angle match would be the best one to watch, and Angle is way over. They could get him over as a face if they wanted to, or use Brock as the face against him. It's the most versatile in that regard.

Brandon: Angle by far, Will. Angle can put on a great match and can get people involved in a feud. Edge and RVD can't put together a total package with a green wrestler at this point in their careers.

Dean: Money-wise= The Rock. Wrestle-wise= Angle

Dames: I think RVD would benefit a hell of a lot with a Brock win.

Dean: Dames, I think RVD is far to small and far to BAD to get a win over Lesnar

Brandon: If Lesnar's in-ring ability develops by early 2003, then RVD would be a great choice because it's time to pull the trigger on his big push.

Dames: I'm not saying he should, but he'd probably benefit the most. The way his matches were booked with Lesnar, fans bought RVD coming out on top. The Five Star was protected in those matches too.


William: Well, we are discussing Wrestlemania and future possibilities BUT there is a PPV this coming Sunday and only three scheduled matches. Why should we care about this PPV when the fed obviously doesn't?

Dean: I'm gonna watch it…

Dames: I know why I care... Angle/Beniot.

Dean: Angle vs. Benoit? Hell yeah!

Brandon: The only reason a fan should care is if Angle-Benoit is guaranteed to hit ****+.

William: Besides, Angle-Benoit, what is there to look forward to?

Dean: That's enough for me

Dames: Eddy and Edge again, maybe? Their match was decent enough for me to look forward to a rematch.

Dr. Tom: I'm not paying $35 for Angle/Benoit, as good as it should be.

Dean: Dr Tom, it's deeply worth five bucks at a sports bar though. I'm sure there will some semblance of wrestling worth watching. Plus I'll be drunk by that point

Dr. Tom: Sure it is, Dean. Or worth a six-pack to watch it for free at a buddy's house.

Brandon: Noble-Rey has potential, as does Eddy-Edge, but they're not the kind of matches that sell the show.

Dames: Brandon, where do you see Noble-Rey coming from?

Brandon: Meltzer's predicted it, so I'm mentioning it.

Dean: Noble vs. Rey will rule it!

Dames: Well guys, you could do what Dames does and steal....um..."Borrow" cable.

William: Summerslam had great buildup and the show was worth the money.

This show has no buildup and most of the shows with little buildup come off horribly. Do you disagree?

Dr. Tom: Financially, Will, I'm sure they do.

Brandon: I'm going to wait on the replay for this one... this is going to be the first PPV I've had the opportunity to order since the late 80's, and I'm not spending $35 on THIS card unless I know what I'm getting.

Dames: Shows with little buildup do come off horribly... unless the wrestling makes up for it.

Dean: I've only seen two WWE PPVs this year. The first, I was so liquored up that Undertaker vs. HHH seemed okay. The other was the awesome Summerslam.

Dames: Oh Dean, you must have been cranked.

Dean: It was a big day, young Dames.

William: My God Dean! You must have been straight up shitfaced!

Dean: Someone else was buying so it got bad.


William: Well let's speak on this... we are nine months into the year and I have not seen one legit MOTYC from WWE. What are your early candidates for MOTY?

Dean: Lesnar vs. The Rock was my WWE MOTY

Dames: Lynn/Styles/Low-Ki from NWA: Week 8 or Low-Ki/ Christopher Daniels/American Dragon from the first ROH show.

Brandon: RVD-Eddy from RAW, Angle-Edge from Judgment Day and SD, Rock-Jericho from Royal Rumble, and Lesnar-Rock from Summerslam. RVD-Eddy was bar-none the best TV match so far this year.

William: I have seen those matches and I thought Angle-Rey from Summerslam was worlds better than anything else mentioned but not a MOTY.

Dean: I thought Angle-Rey from last Thursday was better than the PPV match. My overall MOTY is prolly Meiko Satomura vs. Chikayo Nagashima or Ran Yu=Yu vs. Misae Genki

Dames: Dean brings the FOREIGN~!

Dean: I'm a frEAK!

William: Dammit Dean, I don't get puro until a good 16 months after it happens!

Dr. Tom: I missed a couple of the early PPVs, so I haven't seen all the "big" matches this year. But I'd have to say the RVD/Eddy ladder match, Lesnar/Rock from SS, even HHH/HBK as a sentimental vote, just for the crowd reactions and being able to see that Michaels could still go.

Dames: Hey Tom, if crowd reaction were a measurement, Hogan/Rock would be MOTY.

Dean: Actually, the Puro MOTY is Lyger/ Inoue vs. Kikuchu/ Kanemaru. I love that match.

Dr. Tom: LYGER~!

William: Well, from the Far East, I would say the Kobashi/Misawa vs. Nagata/ Akiyama from the same show is fucking great! Actually, the best match I have seen this year is probably the Low Ki-American Dragon match from the 2nd ROH show

Dean: Will, that match rocks it.

Dames: I still haven't seen the match, Will. Can't concentrate. My ex is there with another dude.


William: OK, on the other side of the fence, we have the WORST MOTYC. I throw Undertaker-HHH into the hat as my choice. What about you guys?

Dean: Y'know Will, if you drink enough Yuengling on tap, HHH vs. Undertaker wasn't bad!

William: I was piss drunk that night Dean and that match as an absolute embarrassment.

Dean: Will, you weren't drinking enough.

Brandon: HHH-Undertaker was a marquee match between two "well respected" wrestlers who stunk up the arena BADLY.

Dr. Tom: The Jackie Gayda tag fiasco.

Dames: The Jackie Gayda tag match.

Brandon: Guys, that shouldn't count because Gayda barely qualifies as a wrestler.

Dames: *high fives Tom* She has a WWE contract as a wrestler. She's a wrestler.

Dr. Tom: She was in the ring, Brandon, ostensibly to wrestle. That makes it eligible in my book. * high-fives Dames*

William: I disqualify that Gayda match because it was ultimately meaningless and had no major implications.

Dames: Will, Worst Match of the Year doesn't mean “WMOTY with consequences”.

Dr. Tom: The fact that nine weeks of training on an MTV show doesn't really make someone ready for the ring isn't a surprise to anyone not in WWE offices.

Dean: Y'all act like Cheex never existed.

Brandon: Most of us ignore NWA: TNA for whatever reason, Dean.

Dames: Dean, I saw that....

Dean: Dames. i'm sorry I opened up some wounds....

Dames: It’s ok Dean....I've pretty much blocked it out…except for his thighs.

Dean: Now you are opening up my mental scars, Dames.


William: Well, speaking of NWA:TNA, X-Pac is rumored to appear on the next show along with Hall. IS that the best decision to make for a struggling company?

Dean: Will, that would be the worst decision. How the hell are those guys gonna draw to justify the expense?

Brandon: Will, it's a VERY dumb decision. X-Pac is notorious for dogging it unless he's got his back against a wall and Scott Hall has been falling apart for about 8 years.

Dr. Tom: Will, he brings name recognition, but that's about it. I don't see him and his negative heat contributing much beyond the predictable chants he always gets.

Dames: I disagree. As long as they remain a tag team, NWA could market these guys as big names.

William: Ok, Dames, you are outnumbered. Defend yourself!

Dean: NWA:TNA was doing okay getting some new guys over. They should do that- especially since they are... you know... BROKE

Dames: IF they remain just a team, which I know they wont, they could be THE heel tag team of their putrid tag division. but as singles, Hall is Hall... but X-Pac, if he doesn't pull any of his shit could help some of the younger guys by giving them some credible jobs.

Brandon: Dames, Scott Hall was in THE tag team of WCW and it killed the division because they never lost. Or, rather, they'd lose clean but still retain the belts through the power of Illogical Behavior.

Dean: Well THAT and the fact that Hall and Nash never had ONE good match in WCW.

Dames: Brandon, I'm sure Jarrett isn't going to have anyone just go on a TEAR, Goldberg excluded.

Brandon: These guys are notorious politicians, Dames. The LAST thing a struggling company needs is a guy like this coming into their locker room.


William: Well, lets play clairvoyants! With seemingly horrible decisions and only

The X-Division producing entertaining TV, how much longer will this company last?

Dr. Tom: They'll be done by X-mas.

Dean: I was talking to Schneider today about this, and he was convinced that even SCSA couldn't turn that company around. None of these guys draw outside the context of WWE and it's not like they have anybody to wrestle. Hall vs. Jarrett?

Dames: It’s been done, Dean.

Dean: See what it drew. Why waste money on them?

Brandon: This company is on life support. When the cruisers move on to another federation, it will pull the plug on TNA.

Dames: Brandon, do you really think WWE is going to give the X guys any sort of chance? This is all they've got.

Dean: They need to go the ECW Cult of Wrestling route

Brandon: If they wanted to kill off their only competition, they'd sign them. They'd consider taking Jerry Lynn back, and have expressed interest in AJ Styles and Low-Ki in the past.

Dean: WWE could use Low-Ki and Aj Styles.

Dames: Well, Low-Ki was passed up several times for being too stiff.

Dean: I think that's all internet rumor.

Dames: Dean, Low-Ki told me that personally. Because he refuses to change his style, WWE won't sign him.

Dr. Tom: I'd like to see them land in WWE and see Velocity turn into the cruiserweight showcase.

Dames: Tom, I'd love if they'd use Smackdown that way... at least 30 minutes of it.

Dr. Tom: I wouldn't mind that, Dames, but if you give them their own show, even if it's a B-show, you can still put 4 or 5 matches out there.

Dean: I figure Smackdown is moving towards a Cruiserweight undercard.

Brandon: Thank God, Dean... I'm tired of having to watch Velocity if I want to see a good cruiser match.


William: Well, one guy that NWA and WWE don't have on their rosters is Goldberg. He is currently squashing the future of All Japan. Does this guy come back to the states?

Dames: Will, where's all of the puro hatred for Goldberg? I want to SEE IT. Will, Goldberg will be signed with WWE by next year... and it'll be a bad move.

Dean: Tim Noel saw Goldberg live in Japan and said he is completely rep and no work.

Brandon: Goldberg will come back to the states when someone sets up a big payday for him. Vince will probably put money into him if he gets desperate and/or needs a ready-made opponent for Brock. Brock-Goldberg is a natural feud.

Dean: Goldberg sucks and Lesnar rules. WWE doesn't need a guy who can't work and whose drawing ability is suspect.

Brandon: Granted, the matches will be brutal, but it will draw at least once and will be enough to pay for Goldberg's downside that year.

Dr. Tom: I hate to say it, but I think it's inevitable Goldberg will land in WWE. I wouldn't be surprised to see him show up as a late entrant in the Royal Rumble.

William: So as puro fans, should we hope he comes back to America. And as WWE or NWA fans, do we hope he stays in Japan?

Dr. Tom: If he does come to WWE, I hope he goes to Raw. I don't have to recap that show.

Dean: Well, yeah, if they send him to RAW I will never have to see him

Dames: As a fan who doesn't see too much of NEW Puro... keep him there!

Dean: I heard he is going to try MMA or something. He'll wrestle Muta at the Dome and then I won't have to think about Goldberg again

William: Well, then as wrestling fans, we should just pray he goes the MMA route and disappears from our beloved "sport".

Brandon: Could be worse Dean... you could watch Chyna matches from New Japan.


William: Goddamm it Brandon! I am trying to keep the chat Chyna free!

Dean: That's the most horrendous thing ever

William: OK this chat is officially over, dead, kaput!

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