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In the player: GameCube promo disc


On the box: Some political discussion on some political bullshit








Know what it’s like to TOTALLY run out of money? It sucks. Well actually, I guess I don’t have it quite that bad it’s not like I can’t afford food and stuff, but games and DVDs are definitely out of the question at the moment. Plus the missus and I are going away next week, so I really need every penny I can save. But there’s so much stuff I want to buy… Jeez, maybe it’s time to get a real job.




No amusing anecdotes or anything this week, since I’m on vacation and I’ve just been killing time around the house. In between trying to set up my TV/VHS/DVD/consoles setup, I downloaded HyperSnap DX, so with any luck I can start taking grabs for my DVD reviews (soon as I figure out how to actually display the signal from the player). I’ll let you know how that all goes, and then I’ll start updating everything I’ve posted so far.




Something that might be of interest is the most recent wrestling column I’ve written; “THE FIVE MOVES OF DOOM~!” is my own Scott Keith-esque rant looking at the five main reasons why the WWF has all but imploded. I don’t usually plug my wrestling stuff on this side of the fence, but I got a good bit of feedback on it, so what the hey.




Kind of a quiet news week, but still time to get to the content, I guess, because tomorrow’s gonna be a long day of CHOCOLATE EATING AND WHITE RUSSIAN DRINKING, BABY~!












A pretty strange week only one or two big releases, but quite a few obscurities that look pretty interesting. Oh, if only Communism worked.




A Beautiful Mind and Gosford Park are the biggies this week, and although both are absolutely loaded with extras, are anamorphically enhanced, are actually pretty good movies and have generally done the format proud, I’m not giving them any juice because 1) the former (like most of the other winners) didn’t deserve the Oscars it won, and 2) I’m English, and even I hate this period drama bullshit. I mean, I know it’s one of the things British filmmakers do really well, but we’ve totally put ourselves into a corner with it, and with every one that comes out no matter how good it actually is it just sets back any chance we have of being known for any other genre of film a little bit further (rant over, moving on).




Both regular and special editions of Armitage Dual Matrix street this week, and although I couldn’t usually give a crap about anime not called Akira or Crying Freeman (or Vampire Hunter, or Northstar… aw crap), there seems to have been quite a bit of uproar about this set which you should probably be aware of if you’re thinking of buying it. Apparently, of the original 140 minutes of material that comprised the four volumes of Armitage III, only 90 minutes are actually used in the “Movie” version on this set the rest has been completely hacked. The original Japanese language track has been done away with too, which is sure to piss off a lot of fans. Don’t say ol’ Jay didn’t warn you.




Attack The Gas Station is super, super-cool Korean action movie about a bunch of kids who stick up a local gas station, then get caught up with the cops and gangsters (since they didn’t pay for the takeout food they ordered). If you’re a fan of Hong Kong action flicks, you will LOVE this. And speaking of Hong Kong action, I have no idea what the hell 10 Faces of Sonny Chiba is about, but come on IT’S SONNY CHIBA.




There’s a couple of Bruce Lee double-packs, The Chinese Connection/Bruce Invincible and Fist of Fury/Legend of Bruce Lee. However, and I know I’ve ranted and raved about this before but I really can’t stress it enough, NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER buy Bruce Lee films from any label other than Hong Kong Legends. These guys restore and remaster each and every frame of film, add awesome commentary tracks by Bey Logan and cram in a mighty amount of extras. Seriously, trust me on this.




Here’s something that made me fall out of my chair with laughter, Grand Theft Auto 25th Anniversary Special Edition. Now, it appears that some people were being perhaps a little too… naïve when they bought this movie, as this comment from an Amazon.com shopper: “I thought this movie was going to be like the video game "Grand Theft Auto", boy was i wrong. Its not a horrible movie or anything but i was expecting alot of blood and violance and it turned out to be a Ron Howard Movie.”


For anyone else not so simple-minded, the disc is all-region, has a Ron Howard commentary and a bunch of interviews, and even has a reproduction of the original presskit. No guns or violence, though.




F**k The Disabled The Surprising Adventures of Greg Walloch sounds really weird, and possibly very cool. From the boxart: “Hilariously self-mocking queer on crutches!” The tagline of the movie is as follows: “SWM 5’8”/165, brown hair/eyes, Disabled, gay and living in Harlem, Cause I like keepin’ it real. Looking for someone to… (see title)” Hey, that’s GOTTA be worth at least a look.




Here’s something interesting; there’s a few budget, four-movie packs going for only ten bucks apiece. The packs include Gunslingers (four Lee Van Cleef movies) and Mafia Greatest Hits (four Joe Pesci movies). I mean, I know they’re bound to be fairly average movies, but come on four Joe Pesci flicks for ten bucks? Hell, I’m there.




Ozzy Osbourne Live At Budokan just sounds like a shitload of fun. I wonder if the Emperor was there? Man, I hope they get and release The Osbournes on DVD soon. That show fucking rocks. And then there’s The Laramie Project, which appears to be some kind of murder-mystery-investigation thing, and not at all related to Springfield’s favourite brand of cigarettes. Vampire Wars sounds like it could be cool, but then Blade’s out in a few weeks, so I’m not all that excited about finding out.




On the WWF (not a sic) front, the DVDs of both Backlash 2002 and Triple H The Game are yours for the taking this week. Was Backlash any good? I’m not sure I even ordered it this year. WWF PPVs on DVD have been pretty devoid of extras lately, so you’re probably better off sticking with the VHS you surely made. As for the Triple HGH disc, well, if the Flair-Steamboat match IS on there, it’s a must-have. If it’s just a bunch of Hunter matches, promos and ass-kissing, well, you can just watch Smack!Down for that.




Daddy of The Week: As usual, I’ve only to look as far as low-quality, softcore DVD porn for my fix of crap this week. Will it be Black Girls Going Crazy Volume 3? Or Beauty and the Breast? How about Deperate Dan’s Show-Me Cam? I’m afraid that’s something that you’ll just have to buy all three discs and find out for yourself.












Quite a few newsbits for some upcoming big name releases.




The very wonderful Panic Room will get DVD’d on September 17th, although nothing has been confirmed in the Special Features department. Given that this is a Fincher flick though, it’s probably gonna be a Seven/Fight Club style two-discer with craploads of stuff on it. Which would be a good thing. And on that note, the long-awaited Special Edition of The Game will see the light of day on August 27th, so go sell your old version quick smart.




Back To The Future (ooh, what was that, a whole three weeks without any Marty McFly news?) now has an official R1 release date, which is December 17th. Numerous rumours are persisting, however, including one that Universal are pushing the date forward to the end of November, and another that the R1 discs will feature more extras than the R4 discs (released in September), namely multiple commentaries. As mentioned though, these are all rumours, and although every rumour about the set has so far proven accurate, make sure there’s plenty of salt around before you get too excited.




While Brotherhood of The Wolf now has a Region 1 release date of October 1st, it will be a rather disappointing effort in comparison to the three-disc R2 version. The Canadian release is rumoured to contain more supplemental material, so you’re probably better to wait and see what that looks like. In any case, the American R1 version looks to contain production notes, trailers, filmographies, with the only thing of note being deleted scenes. As I say, you may do better to wait and see.




A Collector’s Edition of Grease (starring John Travolta in the days before he ate all the pies) looks set to street on September 17th in both anamorphic and pan & scam flavours. The extras look potentially disappointing (NO COMENTARY? It’s not like Travolta does anything these days), with retrospective interviews with all the principal cast, theatricla trailer, and a limited edition songbook (bolted-on to packs as a “while stocks last” type of deal). Still, as a part time Vince Fontaine, I can’t help but get jiggy about this one, fans and friends and odds and ends. Hot on the heels of that will be Saturday Night Fever on October 8th, in anamorphic/5.1, director’s commentary, highlights from Behind The Music, and three deleted scenes (from the TV-only version). And if you STILL haven’t got your fix of John Trav after all that, you’re very sick. But you CAN see a lot of outtakes and rehearsal footage of Johnboy and Winger dancing on the Urban Cowboy DVD, which also streets on October 8th.




The Platinum Edition of Blade 2 has been bumped up from its September 3rd date to August 30th. Um, but isn’t that a Friday? Oh great, now they’re just releasing discs whenever the hell they feel like it. The Scorpion King has been confirmed for October 1st in both anamorphic and fullscreen versions. Extras inlcude a Dwayne Johnson-less commentary, a making-of, “enhanced viewing mode” (a white rabbit thing by the looks of things, allowing you to see alternate versions of key scenes), a look at the choreography and visual effects, Godsmack video, and sneak peak at Helldorado. The set will retail for thirty bucks, but there will also be a Special Special Edition for forty bucks that will also include a bonus CD of three live Godsmack tracks. Cool enough, I guess.












The Black Hawk Down: Special Edition still scheduled TBA for US release has been confirmed for Region 2 on September 16th. There still isn’t a whole lot known about the extras, except that there’ll be commentaries from Ridley Scott, Jerry Bruckheimer and principal members of the cast (Ewan McGregor would be nice), four featurettes, deleted scenes and a number of post/production featurettes.




Cult favourite amongst cinema-lovers and Mini-lovers, classic Michael Caine heist flick The Italian Job will hit the UK’s green and pleasant land on August 26th. Seriously, forget the inevitable awfulness of the remake that’s being planned, and check out this fine piece of film. The DVD looks like a pretty nice set, too, with commentary track (albeit a non-Caine one), three (count ‘em) exclusive documentaries, a deleted scene plus other goodies oncluding an anamorphic transfer and Dolby 5.1. Can’t wait to hear “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off!” in five channels.




The entire run of Gerry Anderson classic JOE 90 is getting DVD’s on Region 2 on September 9th, starting with a five-disc collector’s set containing all 30 episodes, and then subsequently released in individual volumes after September. Every episode has been restored and remastered from the 35mm stock, and there looks to be a HELLA BUNCH of extras, including merchandise, production, source, and behind-the-scenes photos and stills, information files, notes and more. The five-disc set will run £70 ($99-ish), while each volume will go for £15 (about $21) a pop.




Big props to the DVD Times.












Obviously completely unaffected by whatever went on the ECW-WWF-Acclaim-anyone and everyone else who Paul Heyman owed money to situation, Pioneer are set to release their latest ECW DVDs, WrestlePalooza ’97 and Cyberslam ’99.




Both events were… well, they weren’t exactly bad, but hardly the first events I’d be trying to release on DVD, given some of the high points of ECW’s history. Extras look to be pretty minimal (“match previews”), but to be honest, almost every ECW event has already been released on Region 2 DVD by (come back tomorrow night when I'll have been home to check out the address and posted the link here).








Well, that’s all folks. I know I promised not to halfass it this week, but really, it was a really dull one. Oh well, I'm just about ready to head off to a swanky restaurant tonight for lots of food and booze, and then home for lots of sex.













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