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The Best of the CWF (10/07/89-11/25/89)

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The Best of the Continental Wrestling Federation: October 7, 1989 – November 25, 1989


Since this is my first tape review on the NEW and IMPROVED Smart Marks site, I’ll tell you how I plan on writing these columns. I’ll try to write one review a week. I’ll also try to write about shows/tapes you have never seen before. Since just recapping a video can sometimes be a bit dull, I’ll start each column with a few thoughts that have nothing to do with wrestling. When I review a video, I rate matches with star ratings and I use the point system for everything else. I think this would be a good time to get started.



I have a rather small DVD collection, but that’s OK because I have a bunch of classics like THE BAT! The Bat was originally a play, and there are a few different versions of it on film. The only version released on DVD is from 1959 starring Agnes Moorehead as Cornelia Van Gorder, a rich, author living in a mansion. Vincent Price is also in this flick, but don’t expect much from his character. The plot of the movie is that a mysterious murderer (the Bat) kills women by slicing their throats open with his claws. As you could probably guess, the Bat eventually goes after Cornelia. This is your typical “Who Dun It?” with the identity of the Bat staying a secret until the very end. Personally, I wasn’t thrilled by the movie, so I’ll give it 5/10. The transfer was all right, but the opening credits were pushed over onto the right side of the screen, so part of them was cut off. The DVD itself has no extras at all, just four chapters. Overall, the DVD gets 3/10.




Has anyone tried the special Easter M&M’s? Basically they are the size of peanut M&M’s with a speckled, pastel colored shell and only chocolate is inside. I can’t get enough of them. You only need to eat five to get the chocolate equivalent in 15 regular size M&M’s. Unfortunately, I only have one bag left. There’s always next Easter…


Why couldn’t George Lucas have left the Star Wars phenomena alone? I don’t understand the logic he is using when creating the new movies. First of all, why are the ships in Episode 1 and 2 better looking than 4, 5, and 6? Doesn’t common sense dictate that as time goes on, the technology improves. Secondly, I heard Jar Jar Binks has a cameo in Episode 2. Didn’t Lucas get enough BS from putting Binks in the last movie? Lastly, Episode 1 wasn’t even in the same league as Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, or Return of the Jedi. Hopefully Lucas will not once again tarnish the legacy that is Star Wars.




I’m sure many of you don’t know much of anything about the CWF or the Alabama region in general. Well, guess what…neither did I. I only knew what I read in Have A Nice Day and what I saw on this tape. I did a little reading about the promotion at Kayfabe Memories and here is what I picked up.


In late 1985, Ron Fuller became the promoter of Southeast Championship Wrestling. The SCW was a success and drew many top names. In 1988, David Woods bought the company from Fuller and renamed it Continental Wrestling Federation. The company continued to gain a following and had their greatest success with Eddie Gilbert as head booker. With stiff competition in the region and the WWF in their way, the CWF folded in 1990.


Things start off pretty quickly here as we jump to a clip of "The Beauty" Terry Garvin and "The Beast" attacking Miss Linda. Miss Linda was Adrian Street's valet at the time. If I'm not mistaken, I'm pretty sure they are married now. Anyhow, Beast wraps Miss Linda's arm around the ringpost, hits it with a bone, and tears her cast off. Wouldn't it of made more sense to tear the cast off first? 1/1


Dennis Condrey, the CWF Heavyweight Champion is interviewed by Johnny Rich backstage. They talk about Condrey attacking Wendell Cooley and we jump to a clip of a Unified Title (AWA/USWA Title) Match. As you could probably guess Jerry Lawler is defending the title against Wendell Cooley. We join the match with the ref down. Cooley hits Lawler with a bulldog, his finisher, but Condrey runs in and attacks Cooley. Condrey takes out the brass knux and attempts to hit Cooley, but hits Lawler instead. Cooley covers Lawler for the win. Cooley's celebration is cut short when another ref comes out and the decision is reversed. We rejoin Condrey backstage as he makes a $1,000 DDT Challenge. Basically, Condrey will pay anyone $1,000 if they can get up from his DDT and touch all four corners. Condrey also lays down a challenge for Wendell Cooley. Speaking of Wendell Cooley, he has a rebuttal. Cooley not only accepts the challenge, but he specifically wants an "I Quit" match. 2/2


Next up we see exactly what led to the first clip on the tape. We join the match between Adrian Street & Todd Morton vs. Beauty & The Beast for the finish. All four men are fighting in the ring. Morton comes off the top with a dropkick to knock the Beast to the floor. Street and Morton get Garvin with a double backbody drop. Street pins Garvin with an Indian Deathlock into a bridge. (0:28) The Beast attacks the faces with his bone. Garvin hits Morton with the Sleeping Beauty (spinning facebuster). Miss Linda comes in the ring and gets nailed by the Beast. Garvin and the Beast reinjure Miss Linda's arm (see two paragraphs up). 3/3


Johnny Rich is backstage interviewing "The Exotic" Adrian Street. Street says that Miss Linda is not well. Of course she isn't, she got hit with a fucking bone, that should keep her out for a few weeks at least. Street goes on to blame himself for Miss Linda's injuring and starts to cry. Pretty good promo from Street, albeit a little short. 4/4


Johnny Rich is back now with Adrian Street and Todd Morton. Street and Morton talk about their upcoming "Loser's Must Split Up" match against Beauty and the Beast. Street says that Miss Linda will not be at ringside and goes on to talk about jigsaw puzzles. Todd Morton says Daddy a few times and that's that. 4/5


"Beauty" Terry Garvin and The Beast also talk about their upcoming tag match against Morton and Street. Garvin is great as the crazy, quasi-gay, heel. Garvin cuts a nutty promo as the Beast shakes and laughs behind him. 5/6


Charlie Platt interviews Ron Fuller who just returned to the Continental region. Ron thinks he is the real Tennessee Stud and his brother, Robert (AKA Col. Robert Parker), is nothing more than the Tennessee Dud. Ron adds that he is wearing a mask because he is ashamed to be a Fuller. Pretty damn good promo. The crowd was very into it also. 6/7


We join a match between The Southern Boys (Tracy Smothers & Steve Armstrong) against a pair of jobbers. The Stud Stable (Robert Fuller, Jimmy Golden, Brian Lee, Sylvia & Downtown Bruno) run in and attacks the Southern Boys. Smothers gets tied to the ropes, while Armstrong is double teamed. Both of the faces juice and Jerry Stubbs runs in, but he is quickly thrown to the outside. All of a sudden, a masked man, with a Confederate flag cape, comes in the saves the faces. 7/8


Johnny Rich interviews The Southern Boys. The Southern Boys introduce us to their secret weapon Dixie Dynomite AKA Scott Armstrong under a mask. Armstrong used the same gimmick in Smokey Mountain Wrestling as well. The Southern Boys and Dixie challenge the Studd Stable to a Six-Man Tag Tornado Match. 7/9


The Stud Stable accepts the challenge and makes the match No DQ. Fuller cuts a pretty intense promo, while the rest of the Stable yells and laughs. You got to love old-school heels. 8/10


The Stud Stable comes out to the ring. Fuller challenges the Southern Boys to a Football match. Basically, Bruno is locked in one cage and Dixie is locked in the other. The keys are taped to the football, so the first team to unlock their respective cages gains the advantage. Fuller introduces us to the newest member of the Studd Stable, CACTUS JACK MANSON!! 9/11



Cactus Jack Manson vs. Johnny Gilbert

If you are wondering why I included a picture of Cactus Jack, it is because that picture is actually from 1989. Gilbert is actually pretty funny to look at as all of his weight is in his stomach, ass, and pecs, so he giggles every time he gets hit. Cactus beats on Gilbert with some weak brawling for 2. Cactus throws him to the outside and gives him a backbreaker on the floor. Cactus comes off the ring apron with his trademark elbow drop. (1:45) DUD Mick Foley actually mentions this match in Have A Nice Day. He brings up how the production guy aired his elbow drop from a distance instead of a close up. So Foley confronted the guy, who was actually a college student studying production. Foley claims that after he saw that, he knew the promotion wasn't going to be around much longer.


Johnny Rich is back to interview The Southern Boys (in Football gear) and Dixie Dynomite. Dixie decides to change a few of the stipulations Fuller announced earlier. Instead of having Bruno in the cage, he wants to put Sylvia in the cage. He also challenges Bruno to a match earlier on the card. If Dixie wins he gets to pick what Sylvia has to wear while she's in the cage. If Bruno wins, Dixie will take off the mask. Johnny Rich, the "promoter", agrees to all of the new stipulations. 10/12


Charlie Platt is back with the Studs who like the stipulations added by Dixie. I personally would love to see a Football match, I know there have been a few them in the Memphis region, but I have never seen them available on tape. 10/13


Loser's Split Up Match: Beauty & The Beast vs. Adrian Street & Todd Morton

This is one of the blowoff matches in the Garvin-Street feud. I'll get to the final match in their feud a little bit later. The Beast gains the quick advantage on Todd Morton. Morton fights back and sends both heels to the outside. Morton comes off the second rope with a crossbody, but the Beast catches him with a punch to the gut. Garvin tags in, but Street also gets the tag. Street and Morton hit Garvin with a double elbow for 2, followed by a double clothesline for 2. The clipping in this match is horrible, as is the quality of the footage, but that is understandable...I guess. The faces get Garvin with a double backbody drop for 2. Morton tags in and comes off the second rope with a sunset flip, but the Beast breaks up the pin. Garvin comes back with a clubbing forearm and tags the Beast. The Beast hits Morton with a STIFF clothesline, followed by snake eyes. Garvin tags back in and comes off the second rope with a fist for 2. Morton small packages Garvin out of nowhere (or maybe that was the clipping...) for 2. Garvin comesback with a gutwrench suplex and tags the Beast back in. The Beast comes off the second rope with a splash for 2. Garvin is back in, but Morton catches him up top and slams him to the mat. Street gets the not so hot tag and cleans house. All of a sudden everyone is in the ring brawling. Things begin to settle down when the Beast tags in. The heels hit Street with a Hart Attack/Doomsday Device move. The heels continue the doubleteam while the ref is with Morton. The Beast gets the bone, but he accidentally hits Garvin with it. Street covers for the win. **1/2 (6:24) Personally I can't stand clipping, but the match was non-stop action, so it wasn't a complete waste. After the match, Garvin is in denial about the breakup. He challenges Street to a "Loser Leaves Town Match" and if he wins, not only will Street leave, but Beauty & The Beast will also get back together.


Charlie Platt interviews Adrian Street (w/Miss Linda & Todd Morton) the following week. Street accepts Garvin’s challenge on behalf of Miss Linda, Todd, and the fans. Street says that if he can't beat Garvin, he is better off gone. I personally think Street should lose the match…but lets wait and see what happens. 10/14


Brad Armstrong, the number one contender for Dennis Condrey's CWF Heavyweight Title, has a few words for the champ. I think it is cool how the regional promotions would bring in a guy for a few months to fight in the big feuds, and then let him go to another promotion. That way the main event feuds would always be fresh and a lot of wrestlers would have a shot at the title. Anyhow, Armstrong introduces himself and his family, claiming that the name "Armstrong" is synonymous with "Greatness". I think WCW fans would have to disagree with that statement. Personally I always thought "Armstrong" was synonymous with "Jobber". Armstrong cuts a decent -> good promo on Condrey. 11/15


Charlie Platt is with the CWF Heavyweight Champion Dennis Condrey, who is out to respond to Brad Armstrong's comments. Condrey tells Armstrong to call Tom Prichard, Danny Davis, and Kerry Von Erich so they can tell him why Dennis Condrey is the "Lethal Weapon". 11/16


We join a match between Jimmy Golden and Jerry Stubbs VERY much in progress. Stubbs has just applied the Figure-Four when the Stud Stable run in. The Southern Boys and Dixie Dynomite come to the aid of Stubbs. IT'S BREAKING DOWN IN TULSA!! The faces clean house and Stubbs gets his revenge with a Figure-Four on Robert Fuller. The one thing you could always expect from any Southern promotion is a pretty damn good brawl and this was no different. 12/17


Charlie Platt is back with Dennis Condrey. Condrey cuts another promo on Brad Armstrong. Wendell Cooley comes out and challenges Condrey to match right then and there. In a rather disturbing moment, Condrey bends over and slaps his ass in Cooley's direction. OK....12/18


Next up is a very cool Cactus Jack music video. I'm pretty sure Mick mentions this video in Have A Nice Day. 13/19


Charlie Platt interviews the Stud Stable about the upcoming Football Match. Robert Fuller isn't with them because he is in the hospital after the attack from Jerry Stubbs. Nothing new or interesting is sad, but it is pretty funny hearing Jimmy Golden trying to grasp the English language. 13/20


Now we get a Sylvia music video!!! The entire video is her hitting people with a kendo stick. Incase you are wondering, *I* DON'T think she is attractive, so you're not missing anything. 13/21


We join a match between The Beast and Todd Morton for the finish. The Beast gets a chair and belts Morton and the ref with it a few times. The ref regains consciousness and rings the bell (0:50). Adrian Street runs in, but the Beast easily throws him out of the ring. Street comes back in behind the Beast and nails him with the chair, sending him to the floor. 14/22


Terry Garvin has a few words for Adrian Street concerning their upcoming match. He delivers one line that I really liked, "Some people think I'm eccentric, some people think I'm crazy, but everyone KNOWS I'm the Beauty." Garvin goes on to cut another good promo. I'm surprised he never made in the big two. He had the look, the charisma, and the verbal skills, plus he was pretty good in the ring. I guess we could add him to the list of the wrestlers who were overlooked in the 80's/90's. 15/23


Charlie Platt interviews Adrian Street who cuts a promo very similar to the one he gave last week. 15/24


Cactus Jack Manson w/Downtown Bruno vs. The Panther

WOO-HOO!! Another squash!! Rob Fuller is a guest commentator for this match. He talks about the football challenge. Essentially the same match as before, just a little longer and a little bit more move variety from Jack. Cactus wins it with the Cactus Elbow, which IS caught on film this time. (3:29) 1/4*


The Stud Stable is backstage to cut a promo on the Football Match. Bruno has his head shaved, he probably lost a gimmick match at a house show. Conspicuous by his absence, Fuller isn't with the stable. 15/25


Johnny Rich is backstage with Adrian Street. We jump to a clip of the match where Miss Linda broke her arm for the first time. It was a cage match between Adrian Street & Miss Linda vs. Terry Gavin & The Baroness. We join the match as The Beast makes his debut in Continental by nailing Todd Morton with bolt cutters. The Beast breaks into the cage and attacks Street with the bolt cutters. Garvin holds down Linda's arm and the Beast misses it by two feet with the bolt cutters four times. Rich is back with Street now. Street talks about what a great partner Todd Morton is and how he ran "Terry Garbage" out of the CWF. Now we go to the finish of the Loser Leaves Town match. We join the match as Garvin goes for the Sleeping Beauty, but Street moves, sending Garvin to the floor. Back in, Street hits Garvin with a diving forearm. Both men are down. Garvin puts on the brass knuckles and swings at Street, but Street hooks his arms and wins it with a backslide. (1:01) 16/26


Charlie Platt interviews a distraught Beast at ringside. Rob Fuller comes down to try and cheer the Beast up. Fuller decides to give the Beast a new beauty, Miss Sylvia. The Beast (with Sylvia on his shoulder) runs to the back. This segment always brought a tear to my eye...16/27


Next up is Dennis Condrey in the ring with $1,000 in his hand. He challenges anyone to take up his DDT offer. Robert Fuller enters the ring and adds $1,000 to the pot as long Jerry Stubbs accepts the DDT challenge. Stubbs offers Condrey $1,000 to take his Figure-Four and then touch all four corners. A huge brawl erupts. Stubbs puts the Figure-Four on Fuller, but Condrey saves with the DDT. The Southern Boys, the Stud Stable, and 10 other guys charge the ring to get in on the action. KICK ASS BRAWL!! 17/28


Charlie Platt interviews Jerry Stubbs, the Southern Boys, and Dixie Dynomite. Stubbs challenges Fuller to a match anywhere, anytime. Dixie and the Southern Boys are also ready to war with the Stud Stable and Dennis Condrey. 17/29


Charlie Platt is back with Dennis Condrey. Condrey talks about fighting Jerry Stubbs and another contender, the Dream Warrior (?). 17/30


Charlie Platt is now joined by Adrian Street. Street says that getting rid of the Baroness and Terry Garvin isn't enough for him. He also wants to run the Beast out of the CWF. 17/31


The Beast cuts a “whacked out” promo on Street. I never took notice until now, but the Beast has some killer facepaint. 18/32


Robert Fuller and Downtown Bruno come out to talk to Brickhouse Brown. Fuller offers Brickhouse a spot in the Stud Stable. Brickhouse accepts the offer and signs the "official" contract. 18/33


Charlie Platt interviews Jerry Stubbs. Stubbs blames Fuller for his car troubles and talks about their cage match. 18/34


The Stud Stable throws Bruno a birthday party backstage. They sing him happy birthday, he blows out the candles, and Fuller gives him Brickhouse Brown. That's great, the heels con the naive black wrestler isn't being given away as a birthday present to the 21 year old white manager. Gotta love those Southern angles and storylines. Ironically, according to Mick Foley, Bruno was one of the most racist guys in the CWF until Brown pulled a gun on him backstage and made him cry in front of the rest of the locker room. 19/35


CWF Heavyweight Title: Dennis Condrey vs. Brad Armstrong

Things get off to a quick start here as Brad Armstrong charges the ring and sends Condrey to the floor. Condrey takes his time getting back in, only to be dropkicked and sent to the floor again. Condrey contemplates leaving, but reluctantly returns to the ring. Armstrong catches him with a powerslam. Condrey comes back with some shots to the head and a snap suplex. Condrey goes outside and brings a chair into the ring. The referee pulls the chair away from Condrey, so Condrey nails him. Armstrong quickly DDT's Condrey on the chair, but the ref is still down. Condrey is bleeding, but is able to regain the advantage with brass knuckles. Condrey returns the favor and DDT’s Armstrong on the chair. The ref gets up, calls for the bell and disqualifies Condrey. (4:20) * Dixie Dynomite and some other faces chase Condrey out of the ring, as Armstrong is literally lying in a pool of blood.


Charlie Platt interviews Dennis Condrey at ringside. Condrey talks about beating a bunch of young punks and how no one should ever use his DDT on him again. No wonder this promotion died, they waste SO much time on pointless interviews. 19/36


Brad Armstrong and the Southern Boys come out to ringside for a few words. A very bloody Armstrong talks about his upcoming rematch with Dennis Condrey in Pensacola, Florida. 19/37


Charlie Platt is ringside with the Stud Stable. They talk about the upcoming "Mink Coat Tournament". Fuller tells Brickhouse Brown that his first round opponent will be Brickhouse Brown. A pre-recorded bit from Dennis "I Like Contact Sports" Condrey is shown. Condrey says nothing of note. SURPRISE!!! We go back to the Stud Stable now. Brown says that he will go through everyone who gets in his way, whether it's Dennis Condrey, the Armstrong Boys, or even Robert Fuller. 20/38


Johnny Rich is backstage with the newly turned face, Ron Starr. Starr claims that WWF, NWA and Stampede have all contacted him. Riiiight...Starr talks about wanting a match with Cactus Jack, whom he has been following around the country for months now. 20/39


Charlie Platt is back with the Stud Stable...AGAIN! Fuller tells a story about Ron Starr fucking a Spanish girl in Texas. As if that wasn't enough he also claims Starr has an illegitimate child there, which is why he returned to the CWF. 20/40


Cactus Jack Manson vs. Ron Starr

This match also starts right away with Starr attacking Jack. Starr irish whips Jack over the top rope. They brawl on the floor, as Cactus blades 0:43 into this match. Starr backbody drops Jack over the security barrier. They continue to fight into the bleachers. The ref rings the bell at 1:57 calling the match a double countout. 1/4* They continue to put on a damn good brawl eventually making it back to the ring. Cactus runs to the back, while Starr plays the crowd.


Ron Starr joins Platt and Rich at ringside. Starr goes on to say that this is just the start of their feud. 20/41




I personally enjoyed this tape more the first time I saw it a few months ago. It seemed to drag at times because of ALL of the interviews and the lack of lengthy matches.


This tape is recommended for people who...

- Enjoy old, regional shows.

- Are fans of Southern Wrestling/The Armstrongs/Robert Fuller.

- Who like their matches short and their "Entertainment" long.


This tape is not recommended for people who...

- Are looking for good wrestling matches.

- Have short attention spans and easily get bored (LIKE ME!!)


If YOU don't fit into any of those categories, use your best judgement when deciding whether or not to buy this tape. I bought this tape at Wrestling Power. It is American Tape #138 there. Wrestling Archives also has many CWF tapes, but not this one. John McAdam also has a few CWF comps in his Alabama section.


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