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WWE Confidential: June 8, 2002

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b>WWE Confidential: June 8, 2002


Highest Rating: 1.5 (May 25, 2002)

Lowest Rating : 1.3 (June 1, 2002)


Last Week's Rating: 1.3


Tonight on Confidential we will go behind the scenes of the Tough Enough 2 season finale. "Big" will join Mean Gene to talk with Jake and Kenny via telephone. The Rock will reveal his future plans and the Divas take the Tough Enough 2 contestants on a shopping spree.


Gene starts the show by talking about the Tough Enough 2 controversy. He isn't afraid to say that the decision of picking two women as the winners was not met with a good reaction. Although the Tough Enough trainers think that choosing the women was a no-brainer.


Cover Story: Behind the Scenes of the Tough Enough 2 Season Finale

Big talks about the production meetings and rehearsals before the live show. The Coach tries to look cool lounging in a chair talking about the crowd. Ivory and many of the other trainers didn't want to know who was going to win ahead of time. Nidia thinks Kenny and Jackie will be the winners. A few of the TE2 contestants give their picks. Al Snow understands that the public expected that a male and a female would win. Big chimes in with, "You know what they say about assuming." Now we go to the live show. The Coach and Stacy also didn't know who was going to win before they were given the cards to read. After Linda was announced, Jackie thinks she lost for obvious reasons. As soon as Stacy sees the second card she asks Big if this is a mistake. He tells her it isn't and Jackie is announced as the second champion. It's kind of funny when Stacy begins to say Jackie's name and Jake thinks he won, but then quickly sits back down. Al thinks people jumped to conclusions and thought Jake would win because of his appearance. In the end, Ivory thinks the final result was a shock, but they didn't pick two women strictly for shock value. Kenny mentions that he might not think the competition was actually about athletic skill. I guess we will find out what Jake and Kenny really think a little later.


Segment 1: 1/1


Before They Were SuperStars: Bradshaw

Bradshaw's parents and sister agree that he was always having fun as a child. His mother adds that although his family thought he was funny, his teachers might not have. Bradshaw talks about all the rattlesnakes in Sweetwater, Texas. Bradshaw liked to play sports and wanted to be a rancher. He began to play football in 7th grade. He was benched for most of his first and second year. His sister thinks he was "slower than Christmas". His mom talks about how she cut one of their bushes into the shape of a duck and put a football helmet on it. OKKKK...Bradshaw went on to become an All-State football player. Bradshaw looked a little bit like Lex Luger when he was in his 20's. In a game during his senior year of college, Bradshaw, an All-American, squared off with another All-American, John Randall. Randall was also linebacker of the year one year earlier, so Bradshaw figured that if he beat Randall he would become linebacker of the year. In the second quarter of the game, Bradshaw locked up with Randall and broke his fibula. Bradshaw finished the game and played two more quarters in the next game. He played for the Raiders and then went to the World Football League for two years. Bradshaw closes this piece with, "I can have fun in a ditch." That's just great...


Segment 2: 1/2


The Rock talks about presenting Janet Jackson with an "Essence Entertainer of the Year" award. Some clips of the Rock on the USS Kittyhawk in Yokohama, Japan are shown. Next up he talks about the Scorpion King and his next movie El Dorado. The Rock misses the live interaction with the fans and he WILL comeback to the WWE. In my opinion, the WWE should let Hollywood keep the Rock.


A bunch of the WWE SuperStars do their best Rock impersonations. Al Snow can't think of anything to do. Funaki barely understands the concept of impersonations. Ivory does the "SMELLLLLLLL" part pretty well.


Segment 3: 1/3


WWE Rewind>> Jackie winning the second WWE contract.


Big is with Gene in the studio. Gene seems to be mad that neither of the men won the contest. Big reminds me of the Comic Book Guy. Jake wasn't chosen because he is a slow learner in the ring and Kenny isn't mature enough to be in the WWE. HA!! Maturity in the WWE??? Gimme a break. Jake calls in and says that he left the season finale early because he was upset. Jake asks Big how far in advance the decision to chose to women was made. He thinks that the men shouldn't even have bothered trying out if two women were going to win. Big still thinks that the women were the two best and he adds that there is a chance that two men will win Tough Enough 3. Gene asks Jake if he would do it all over again. Jake says that he wouldn't if he knew two women would win. DUH! Kenny is on the line now and talks about how all the people he runs into thinks that he or Jake should have won. Big tells Kenny that those people are just kissing his ass. Surprisingly, the decision to chose Jackie and Linda was unanimous. Gene thanks all three men for joining us. That was a waste of time. Jake came off as incredibly stupid and bitchy.


Segment 4: 1/4


You know how after the TV taping is over the cameras continue rolling? Well, Steve Austin is known to stay long after the shows to entertain the crowd, so here is some footage of what happens after the broadcast ends. Steve seems to drink a lot of beer after the shows. He also sings songs. Austin does this because he wants to make the crowd leave on a good note, that way they come back the next time the WWE is in town. In one clip Austin berates some of the people in the crowd. One lady works for a Christian Publishing company, so Austin can't say anything bad about her. Mark Yeaton, the timekeeper, thinks that Stone Cold drinks about 24 beers a night. Yeaton remembers one time he ran out of beer and got his ass kicked by Stone Cold. Debra and Kurt Angle analyze how Steve drinks beer. Debra talks about he always crunches the cans at home, but doesn’t on TV. Tom Stewart, a cameraman, talks about how many times Austin has abused him after the shows. Harvey Wippleman thinks the fans who see the antics after the show feel special because it was an exclusive just for them.


Andres Moldonado won the opportunity to workout with Mark Henry. This is so incredibly stupid because Andres has arms the size of toothpicks. After the workout Andres can't even lift his water bottle.


Segment 5: 1.5/5


This following segment was supposed to be on Tough Enough 2, but it never made it to the air. Basically Stacy and Torri dress up the Tough Enough men in bikinis. This probably should have stayed off the air. Gene, "That gives us a better idea as to why there were no male winners on Tough Enough 2."


Next week: Bobby Heenan. A clip of Bobby's interview is shown. He says, "I haven't done it all yet. There are still so many things I want to do. I don't know what, but I don't want to lay in a box with a carnation on me." I'm looking forward to that one.


Segment 6: 2/6



Pretty bad show this week. They hyped the Jake and Kenny segment, but nothing ever came out of it. The Rock announcing his return wasn't really a shocker either. I also don’t understand what makes Big qualified enough to decide who has the talent to become a wrestler. Next week should be good though because I'm a Brain mark and he hasn't been on TV since WrestleMania X-7.


Coming Up Next: Best of the WWF Vol. 6 should be done by Friday.


Retro Rob

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