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Best of the WWF Vol. 6

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Best of the WWF Vol. 6



I finally saw The Fast and the Furious. I really liked the movie probably because of the cars. Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were both great in their roles. If you don't like cars or racing, this movie is definitely not for you. The movie gets a 7/10. The DVD has a TON of stuff. The end scene is shown from eight different angles. There are some deleted scenes. None of which really added to the movie. The "Making Of" featurette was also very good. Overall 8/10.




Raw- I'm torn of this week’s show. The reason being, everything was good besides the opening segment and main event, which I really disliked. Having Flair play the face while still being a heel was very fucked up. This was most noticeable when the fans didn't know who to cheer for. Having Rob Van Dam face Eddy Guerrero in the Qualifying Round of the King of the Ring was a mistake, but I guess the WWE was just looking for a way to score a few quick rating points on a hastily written show. I'm not sure if Brock Lesnar is ready for a main event push. Then again, if you throw enough shit against a wall, some of it is bound to stick. Having McMahon regain complete control was a good idea because I'm sick of having two evil owners, now we have just one. I have no idea where Flair will go from here. Maybe he'll manage Benoit or something.


SmackDown!- HORRIBLE! This is what pissed me off the most:


(May 30) 20 minutes are spent setting up a Triple H-Undertaker match at the King of the Ring.


(June 7) 30 minutes are spent establishing who the number one contender is even though the Undertaker already accepted Triple H's challenge for the King of the Ring one week earlier.


(June 14) 15 minutes are spent signing a contract for a match that was already agreed to on May 30 and set up for a second time on June 7.


That is one hour wasted on the exact same concept over the last three weeks. What the hell is wrong with Paul Heyman? It's not even like the match will be good.


Steve Austin- I do not understand what the hell he wants. I can see why he didn't want to work with a sloppy wrestler like Hall, so the WWE fires Hall and Austin is still unhappy. Austin wants to feud with the best wrestler in the WWE, Eddy Guerrero. The WWE gives him that feud and he is still unhappy. He is asked to job to Brock Lesnar, gets pissed and walks out. How anyone can side with Austin is beyond me. Many wrestlers jobbed to Austin on his way to the top, so he should be willing to return the favor. Plus this is WRESTLING. It doesn't matter who wins and who loses. Austin has to make up his mind. Either be a company man and do what your boss asks you to do for the benefit of the company, or get the hell out of the business. Just because he is unhappy, he doesn't have to take the whole ship down with him. It was very obnoxious for him to walk out of the Raw and not even tell the writers. I seriously hope that Austin doesn't comeback because I have lost almost all respect for him. Speaking of respecting Austin, I'm looking forward to this week’s Confidential. I also think that this is a shoot and the WWE is just trying to cash in on a bad situation.


Tough Enough- Isn't the object of Tough Enough to win a WWE contract? What I want to know is why are some of the contestants that lose offered contracts. If even the losers get contracts, why strive to win? Some people think this isn’t a big deal because the show is really just a way to generate ratings for MTV, but I still think that if you lose you shouldn’t be offered a contract. If I was Maven, I would be pissed that Chris Harvard is now on the active roster. While I'm on the Tough Enough subject; Nidia and Jamie Knoble have to be the most annoying couple in the history of wrestling. Nidia sounds like Stephanie McMahon when she talks, while Knoble is a hick with a high-pitched voice. What a horrible week...




1. “Classie” Freddie Blassie, not Gen. Skandor Akbar, accompanied the Iron Sheik for his title match against Hogan. I was thinking of the Sheik’s Mid-South days.


2. The Big Boot became a regular move of Hogan's in 1990, so I shouldn't have expected it in any of the matches.


3. Gorilla screwed up this time. He called Valentine the Intercontinental Champion during his match with Hogan, which took place in August. Valentine won the title in September.


Thanks to Black Tiger and BigDaddyp01 for those corrections. It seems like the only time I get feedback is when I screw up. Therefore, from now on I will purposely make mistakes in the hope of getting e-mail.



The "Best of the WWF" series began in the mid-80's. I believe this series was the WWF's first foray into the world of Home Video. I reviewed Volume 1 last year, but I won't post it here because my style has changed since then. If you really want to read it, e-mail me and I'll send you a copy. Let’s get started.


Best of the WWF Vol. 6 (1986)


Gorilla welcomes and runs down the lineup. The matches don't look spectacular on paper, but lets see what happens. 0/1


"Leaping" Lanny Poffo vs. Terry Funk ~ July 13, 1985 (Madison Square Garden)

Lanny Poffo is the brother of Randy Savage. Although Lanny is the better wrestler, Savage has the better personality and more charisma. Plus Lanny got into some trouble with the law at one point. The Funker was a spry young man at the age of 41. Funk bitches out Mel Phillips before the match. Mel was one of the members of the WWF's staff who was accused of sexual harassment. He supposedly had a foot fetish and used to get off on playing with the ring boy’s feet. He was fired along with Pat Patterson when the lawsuit came up. Both returned to the WWF after the lawsuit, but Mel didn't stick around very long. I have no idea where he is now. I thought I would explain Mel Phillips in detail because many people have asked questions about him on the board. There is no commentary for this match. Or maybe the audio is so bad I can't hear it. Funk starts with some forearms. Poffo wind up for a big punch, but a charging Funk grabs the ropes. Funk with some stiff chops and a headbutt. Poffo whips Funk, who gets tangled in the ropes. Funk bails. Back in, test of strength. Funk puts an end to that with a kick to Poffo's mid-section. Nice armbar sequence into a Poffo hammerlock. Both men go over the top to the floor. Funk stomps Poffo from the apron. In the ring, Poffo hits an atomic drop, which sends Funk to the concrete. Funk takes his time getting back in. Funk hits Lanny with some chops and punches in the corner. Funk uses some really nice jabs and a headbutt. Terry goes for a Figure-Four, but Lanny kicks him off. Poffo mounts a comeback with some uppercuts. Lanny stomps Funk in the corner, but Terry stops the momentum shift with a headbutt. Funk falls through the ropes to the apron. From there he suplexes Lanny to the concrete floor. Poffo has a really fucked up look on his face, which reminds me of Johnny B. Badd. Funk hits Poffo with some JYD-style (crawling) headbutts. Funk suplexes Poffo back in for 2. Funk gets pissed and shoves the ref. Terry catches Lanny with a wicked neckbreaker for 2. Poffo comesback with a sunset flip for 2. The bell is accidentally rung. Lanny with some uppercuts in the corner. Funk takes the Flair Flip and is kicked to the apron. Poffo flips Funk back in and slams him. MOONSAULT off the top for 2. Lanny pulls out a standing rana for 2. Funk quickly applies a sleeper for the win. (13:03) ** The match was nothing special, the highspots were cool, and the finish was lame. After the match, Funk brands Poffo with his rubber stamp branding iron.


WWF Title: Hulk Hogan vs. Randy Savage w/Elizabeth ~ December 30, 1985 (Madison Square Garden)

Lord Alfred and Gorilla Monsoon are the commentators for the FIRST EVER Hulk Hogan-Randy Savage match. Both men flex. Hogan blows Liz a kiss. The matches takes a while to really get started. Hogan applies an armbar, but Randy breaks the hold with a gouge to the eyes. Savage hits a kneedrop. Savage gets caught up in the ropes and lands on the back of his head. Hogan comesback with a clothesline in the corner and an atomic drop, which sends Randy to the floor. Hogan follows him out, but Randy pulls Liz in front of him. Hogan, being the REAL AMERICAN that he is, backs off. Back in, Savage comes off the top with a crossbody; Hogan catches him and delivers a backbreaker. Once again Randy uses Liz as a shield. Randy argues with a fan, giving Hogan the chance to attack him from behind. In the ring, Savage comes off the top with an axehandle for 2. Randy throws Hogan to the floor and axehandles him from the top again. Randy stomps Hogan on his way back in. Savage hits with a few elbows and covers, but Hogan kicks out at 1 WITH AUTHORITY! HULK-UP!! Hogan no-sells everything and hits the Big Boot. Savage rolls out of the ring, Hogan follows. Liz pleads with Hogan, so Hogan picks her up and moves away from the action. WHAT A MAN!! Back in, Randy mounts a comeback and hits his top rope elbowdrop for 2. Savage thinks he won and shoves the ref. Hogan accidentally runs into the referee. Randy knees Hogan to the floor and gets the WWF Title. Savage hits Hogan, who is on the floor, with the title off the top rope. Randy gets back in and revives the ref. Countout. (10:01) **3/4 Savage gets pissed when Hogan is announced as the champion. Liz puts the belt around Randy's waist and they begin to leave. A bloodied Hulk Hogan shows us why he has GUTS PERSONIFIED when he attacks Randy from behind and brings him back to the ring. Hogan swings the belt at Savage, but Randy slides out of the ring and runs to the back. I had to minus a little bit for the lame finish. Why didn't Savage roll Hogan back in, revive the ref, and actually win the title?


Jesse Ventura Meets the Public: This is from TNT, the WWF's variety show. Some old guy asks Jesse a long-winded question that makes no sense what so ever. The guy was obviously a plant, but it seems like Jesse wasn't in on it because he looked legitimately confused and nervous. 0/2


Butch Cassidy vs. Haiti Kid ~ December 30, 1985 (Madison Square Garden)

This match is from the same show as the Hogan-Savage match earlier, so Gorilla and Lord Alfred are the commentators. Lord Alfred wonders if some midgets are stronger than other midgets. He also tells us that he never tires of the midgets. For the record, I do not blow over midget matches. I actually review them. Reason being, the midget match at Ground Zero was ***+, so why not rate and recap midget matches? A lot of stalling to start. Haiti hits two quick armdrags. Butch complains about Haiti pulling his tights. Haiti slams Butch, hits a couple more armdrags, and puts on an armbar. Haiti hits a hiptoss and a backdrop followed by a standing dropkick. Butch begs off, but is rolled up by Haiti for 1. Haiti stands Butch on his head and gives him a spin for 2. The ref catches Haiti when Butch kicks out and throws him back on top of Cassidy. That happened a few times. Butch shoves the ref for helping Haiti. Butch gets Haiti with a waistlock takedown. Test of strength, Butch wins, so Haiti stomps his feet. Haiti with a slingshot and some chops. Haiti drops an elbow for 2. Haiti smashes Butch into the second turnbuckle twice and hits a headbutt for 2. Cassidy offers a handshake, but Haiti bites him instead. Haiti no-sells Cassidy’s punches. I guess a little but of Hulk even rubbed on the midgets. Haiti hits a standing dropkick for 2 as Butch got his foot on the rope. Butch chokes Haiti and whips him hard to the corner. They fuck up something, which may have been a leapfrog. Haiti backdrops Cassidy for 2 and follows that up with a reverse neckbreaker. Now Butch is no-selling. Butch catches Haiti with a snap suplex for 2 and a gutwrench for 2. Criss-Coss. Haiti gets him in an airplane spin and wins with a strange scissors-lock kind of pin. (10:32) ¾*


Johnny Valiant w/Captain Lou Albano vs. Ivan Putski ~ September 24, 1979

Vince is commentating. I have a feeling Putski was feuding with the Valiant Brothers because one month later he and Tito Sanatana would beat them for the WWF Tag-Team Titles. Putski was sporting a pretty nasty wart on his back. Albano distracts Ivan, so Johnny pearl harbors. POLISH HULK UP!! COMPLETE WITH MAN-TIT SHAKING!! They seriously trade punches for the next four minutes. Ivan hits Johnny with the Polish Hammer and the sit-down splash for the pin. (4:31) DUD As long as the horrible matches are short, I won’t complain.


Advice for the Lovelorn: This is also from TNT. Vince interviews Lord Alfred about how far you go on a date in England. Here is what Alfred said:


First Date- Hold hands with gloves on.

Second Date- Brush lips against a woman’s cheek.

Fifth Date- Hold a woman’s waist as long as you’re standing side-by-side.

6 Months- The first LIP-TO-LIP KISS!!


I found it funny. 1/3


Ricky Steamboat vs. Bob Orton Jr. ~ 1985

Gene and Gorilla are at ringside for this one. Steamboat works on Orton’s already injured are like a MOFO for a pretty long time. Orton finally gets some offense with a bodyslam. Steamboat hits a slam of his own and goes back to the arm. The crowd is really into this one and the heat adds to the match. Orton tries to escape from the armbar with a hiptoss, but Steamboat keeps the hold on. Looked pretty painful. Orton finally escapes with a headbutt and a huge hiptoss out of the corner. Orton catches him with a flying headscissors. Orton charges at Steamboat, but ends up flying over the top to the guard rail. Orton takes a fan’s soda and throws it in Ricky’s face. Back in, Orton catches Ricky with a facebuster and a kneelift. Orton applies a neck wrench and spins Steamboat’s neck like a corkscrew, ala the Giant at Fall Brawl 1995. Orton drops an elbow to the throat for 2. Orton misses a falling forearm and gets WHOOO BY GOD CHOPPED by Steamboat. Steamboat picks him up for a slam, buy Orton falls on top for 2. Orton hits a Rockbottom like move for 2. Steamboat comesback with about a dozen knife edge chops. Orton goes for a piledriver, but Steamboat backdrops him. Steamboat comes off the top with a crossbody for 2. Fistdrop for 2. Orton delivers an inverted atomic drop out of nowhere. Steamboat skins the cat and catches Orton with an eniziguri, sending him to the floor. Ricky suplexes him back in. Steamboat goes for a HUGE splash, but Orton gets the knees up. Orton loads his cast. Orton hits Steamboat with his cast off the top rope, so the ref calls for a disqualification. (14:04) ***1/2 After the match, Steamboat gets his revenge and Orton hightails it. GREAT MATCH!




As far as I’m concerned, if you are looking for a Best of the WWF video, this is the one to get. You can’t be too picky when it comes to Coliseum Home Videos. I don’t know of any site that sells this tape, so just look around Ebay

for it.



Coming Up Next- Confidential will be done on Sunday. I’m looking to review an ECWA September 2001 show for next Friday.


E-mail me any corrections at Retro Rob

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