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ECWA September 23, 2000

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ECWA September 23, 2000




I just picked up the bare-bones edition of A Night at the Roxbury, so I'll give a detailed movie synopsis since the only extra is the trailer. The movie can be summed up in 3 parts:


The Beginning: From the theme song to when Doug and Steve fight in the van is great. The music is still fresh, almost all the gags are funny. I had about 5 or 6 laugh out loud moments. Most of which happened during the hilarious opening segment.


The Middle: This is when it starts to get a little ugly. Doug and Steve just aren't funny unless they are together. Steve's interaction with Emily is worth a few chuckles, but nothing more than that. Doug just drags along when he is alone.


The End: This is when Doug comes out with the boom box to interrupt the wedding. Everything from here to the end is great again. Doug and Steve have a sappy, yet funny conversation and the final club scene is also fun to watch.


Overall: 5/10




Raw- I liked Raw a lot. I had a bad feeling when Vince started hyping that "HE" would comeback, but thankfully nothing completely idiotic happened. I was expecting the return of "Stone Cold" Duane Gill. I guess I was halfway right since we got DWAYNE Johnson. I'm not usually a Rock fan, but I was happy to see him Monday night because HE is exactly what the WWE needs right now. They just lost their most popular Superstar. Realistically, Austin was only the most popular because the Rock has been off filming Helldorado for the last few months. Hopefully the fans have been appeased now and the loss of Steve Austin will not hit the WWE has hard as was originally expected. As for the King of the Ring, I would have put Rob Van Dam and Booker T in the semi-finals. I think having the nWo cost Brock Lesnar the match by DQ was the way to go. Lastly, Ric Flair. I truly believe Flair has one more great run left in him. Hell, he can wrestle better than most of the WWE Superstars, so more power to him. Who gives a shit if he is 53? I don't see him winning the WWE Title like Hogan did, which is good a thing. We don't need another senior citizen champion no matter how good they are. My favorite Raw moment; Eddy Guerrero playing Austin's theme music and the King ribbing JR for the whole segment because he really thought it was Austin.


SmackDown!- More of the same. The only segments I really watch are with the Hurricane and Jamie Knoble. I guess Heyman has nothing to work with here because he was producing better stuff on ECW on TNN.


Steve Austin- Steve is going through serious personal problems and he needs professional help. He doesn't seem to be himself. For all we know he might have a substance abuse problem or maybe he went off the deep end. As for Debra not pressing charges, that is a bad idea. If she presses charges Steve would be evaluated and given help if it was found he needed some.


EWR- KICK-ASS GAME!! My Ring of Honor fed is doing great. I'm doing all of the stuff the WWE can't do like creating my own stars, pushing them to the main events and booking interesting feuds. If you don't already have this game, GET IT! Actually, if you wait a few weeks a newer updated version will be out, so that would probably be your best bet. EWR


NWA-TNA- I didn't see the PPV, but I have heard only positive comments about it. Most people feel the good outweighed the bad, or the show was just average. Next week's mini-tournament for the X Title sounds cool. Unfortunately, the NWA is still in negotiations with Cablevision, so I won't be able to see the shows for a while. Keep in mind, Cablevision is the same cable provider who refuses to air the YES network in NY. Shamrock winning the title instead of Jarrett was a good decision because nepotism would have looked bad on the inaugural show. It also demonstrated that Jeff Jarrett is willing to put the promotion before himself.


Vince Russo- I was very pissed off on Wednesday when I first heard the news. Today I’m happy because Russo is already off the creative team. Crash TV and shoot angles are the last thing the WWE needs right now. 1bob is reporting that there are rumors that Russo might already be out of the WWE. Maybe Vince McMahon has finally come to his senses and is ready to turn this promotion around.


King of the Ring- My predictions as follows:


Undertaker d. Triple H

Kurt Angle d. Hulk Hogan

Eddy Guerrero d. Ric Flair

Semi: RVD d. Jericho

Semi: Brock d. Test

Final: RVD d. Brock

Molly d. Trish

Knoble d. Hurricane


There are three possible ***1/2+ matches, but the tournament matches, Jericho-RVD in particular, are usually too short to really many anything. Overall, the show will most likely either suck or just come off flat.




ECWA September 23, 2000

St. Matthews Parish in Newport, Delaware

Estimated Attendance was 500-550


I don't really know very much about the ECWA. I know that many of today's superstars started there. I also know that they host the annual Super 8 tournament. Therefore, I decided to dig up some old Moonsaults columns, by Jess McGrath, over at 1bob. Usually I avoid 1bob like the plague, but I was getting nowhere fast on 411 and the ECWA website. Jess' column was very helpful because it showed me that some matches were clipped from this tape. Reason being, Tim Noel personally taped the show himself. The missing matches are, Glenn Osbourne vs. Mark Shrader for the Mid-Atlantic Title and Johnny Maxx, Vincent Goodnight & Benny Stoltzfus vs. Mr. Ooh La La, Persian Prince & Japanese Pool Boy. I'm a little pissed because I have yet to see Japanese Pool Boy in action. All in good time...Anyway, since this is raw footage there is no commentary and the audio is a little hard to hear.


The ECWA has a Tron, similar to the Titan Tron, just a scaled down version. It is used to show backstage segments for the most part. I can't really hear what is being said, but it looks like a recap of last month's show is shown. Crowbar's return to the ECWA is hyped. The Hass Brothers are in the house alongside Kevin Kelly. Yes. THAT Kevin Kelly. I could barely hear anything, so no point here. 0/1


Backstage, Reckless Youth is looking for ECWA owner Jim Kettner. He meets up with the Briscoe Brothers and they point him in Kettner's direction. 0/2


"American Royalty" Robert Evans w/E.S. Easton & The Butler vs. Crowbar

Robert Evans is also known as Bob Evans through the New England indies. Crowbar (Devon Storm) started his career at age 18 in the ECWA, so this is like a homecoming for him. At the time, Crowbar was still working for WCW, but they probably didn't give a shit who he was working for on the side. ECW's Hat Guy is in the front row. Crowbar starts the match with a quick kick and some brawling. He delivers some SUPER STIFF chops in the corner. Just the way I like them. Evans comesback with a shoulderblock, followed up by a choke in the corner. Evans hits some chops of his own. Crowbar catches him with a german suplex and a slingshot somersault-legdrop for 2. Crowbar kicks him in the gut a few times, but Evans grabs his foot and plants him with a powerbomb. Evans argues with the ref as he is kneeling on Crowbar's throat, ala William Regal. Evans gets him with a powerbomb for 2. He covers again and uses the ropes, but still only gets 2. Crowbar is thrown to the floor. Evans, E.S. Easton and his butler triple-team Crowbar. Evans hits the snake eyes on the apron and rolls him back in. Crowbar blocks a suplex and hits a face-forward suplex of his own. Crowbar blocks some punches and backdrops Evans. Slingshot splash, followed by an Asai moonsault for 2. Crowbar baseball slides Easton and skins the cat. He uses his feet to dump Evans over the top to the floor. Crowbar hits Evans and his entourage with a somersault splash. A fan gives Crowbar a chair which reads "This Is Gonna Hurt". Evans is put in the chair and Crowbar hits him with a planca. SICKENING THUD! Back in, Evans scores with a nutshot and a Michinoku Driver for 2. Crowbar applies a dragon sleeper into a reverse DDT for the win. (8:35) *** Good spotfest.


Crowbar is still in the ring with a mic. He reminds the fans that he started wrestling in the ECWA. Cue DEVON chant. He calls Jim Kettner the best scout of young talent in the world. He thanks Kettner for giving an 18 year-old kid who didn't know the difference between an armbar and a salad bar a chance. He tells the crowd to appreciate the independent wrestlers. Not because they are tomorrow's superstars, but because they are today's superstars for all of you. He thanks the fans and says that he will comeback to the ECWA. 1/3


Scoot Andrews vs. Low-Ki

Scott Andrews uses the "Black Nature Boy" moniker and Low-Ki is only the greatest independent wrestler in the world. A nice handshake to start. You don't see too many of those in the WWE. A very fast start here as Andrews backbodys Low-Ki, but Low-Ki lands on the apron and hits Scoot with a slingshot dropkick for 2. Low-Ki applies a side headlock. Scoot escapes with a belly-to-back, but Low-Ki rolls through and dropkicks his knees. Low-Ki hits his trademark STIFF KICKS to Scoot's head. He also delivers FIVE right to Scoot's jaw. Low-Ki hits a handspring spinkick, which sends Andrews to the floor. Scoot tires to comeback in, but Low-Ki catches him with a baseball slide. Low-Ki comes off the top with a corkscrew moonsault, but Scott moves, causing Low-Ki to fuck up his knee on the concrete. The referee ends the match, but says that if Low-Ki's injuries aren't serious, the match can continue later tonight. (4:16) 1/2*


Kevin Kelly comes out to ring with the Rock's theme. He is also wearing the Rock's clothes. FINALLY KEVIN KELLY HAS COMEBACK TO THE ECWA. Kevin isn't all that bad as promo guy. He does a pretty good job tearing the crowd apart. Kelly takes credit for all of the Rock's success because he came up with all of the Rock's catchphrases. Kevin is also angry that the man that he made questions his sexuality. I could've sworn that I just heard a MICHAEL COLE chant. *Shudders* Kevin is willing to prove that he isn't a hermaphrodite incase anyone doubts him. I'll take your word for it Kev. Kevin is also pissed off that he is scheduled to wrestle in a handicap match tonight. All of a sudden THE ROCK appears on the Tron. The Rock tricks Kelly into calling himself a hermaphrodite and goes through all of the usual catchphrases. The Rock leaves Kelly with 3 thoughts:


#1: You don't like pie.

#2: The Rock with always be the greatest.

#3: You will always be a hermaphrodite.


The Rock and Kevin Kelly are always great together. After watching this segment I felt very pissed off that Michael Cole was hosting SmackDown! and not Kevin Kelly. I never really knew how good Kevin could be because I have always seen him on Metal. 2/4


OK, this storyline is going to be tough to summarize, but I'll give it a shot. For the last several shows this mysterious eye would appear on the Tron. Tonight, former ECWA Commissioner Richard Neagle returned to the company. Neagle reveals that he is behind the eye, but all of a sudden the eye appears on the Tron. The lights go out and two shirtless guys in jeans attack Neagle from behind. While all of this was happening, the phrase "FEAR US" was being played over the PA system. I have no idea what all of this means, but I guess it is proof that Naegle has nothing to do with the mysterious eye. This angle reeks so much of early-90's WCW. 2/5


Backstage, Boogie Woogie Brown is with Low-Ki and Scoot Andrews. Low-Ki tells Scoot that he is ready for their rematch later. Reckless Youth approaches both men and asks to be part of their match, thus making it a triangle match. Before Low-Ki and Scoot could respond, Kevin Kelly walks up. Kelly reminds Youth that he is still under WWF contract, therefore he cannot compete tonight for the ECWA. There was some actual truth to this storyline. As far as I know, the WWF signed Reckless to a developmental contract and sent him to Memphis. Youth didn't like Memphis much and left, but he was still under WWF contract. I don't know if legally he couldn't wrestle for the ECWA, or if that was just part of the storyline, but he was definitely under WWF contract at the time. 3/6


ECWA Heavyweight Title: J.J. Johnston vs. Inferno

J.J. is an ECWA mainstay and Inferno is AKA the Inferno Kid. I pretty sure he is currently signed to a developmental deal with the WWE. Inferno attacks Johnston as he enters the ring. Johnston charges, but Inferno catches him with a drop toehold and an elbowdrop. Johnston gets a quick 2 count. Inferno backdrops J.J., who lands on the apron. Inferno baseball slides between his legs and pulls Inferno to the floor. Johnston comesback with some punches on the floor and sends Inferno to the ringpost. Inferno drops J.J. across the ring apron and rolls him back in. J.J. catches Inferno with a northern lights suplex for 2 and a belly-to-back suplex for 2. J.J. goes for the impaler, but Inferno fights out. Inferno picks him up for a suplex; J.J. flips through, so Inferno kicks him below the belt. Inferno dropkicks J.J. for 2 and applies a nasty looking armbar. J.J. fucks up a crucifix pin for 2. Inferno drops Johnston with a stun gun for 2. He covers again and gets 2. Inferno gets in the ref’s face. Inferno gets 2 off a russian legsweep and works on J.J.'s back. A nice reversal sequence results in a stunner from Inferno for 2 3/4. Inferno misses a blind charge, J.J. covers for 2. Inferno gets him with a powerslam for 2. Inferno misses a senton off the second rope. Johnston comesback with some punches, but Inferno graps the waist of his jeans and sends him into the turnbuckle. Inferno gets crotched in the corner, ala X-Pac after missing a Broncobuster. Johnston finally makes a real comeback with a backbody drop for 2 and a fisherman's suplex for 2. A backslide attempt ends up bumping the ref. Kevin Kelly runs in and nails J.J. with the belt. Inferno covers him for the title. (11:54) ** Earlier in the show, Kelly mentioned that he wanted Inferno to win the title, so I guess they have some sort of relationship. Kelly was a heel manager in the ECWA a few years back, so Inferno was probably one of his charges. Inferno doesn't really do anything for me and the match was way too long. J.J. looked a little lost in there.


Scoot Andrews vs. Low-Ki

Low-Ki sells his leg injury from earlier as he enters the ring. Reckless Youth comes out to ringside because even though he legally cannot wrestle tonight, he can sit down and watch this match. The ref makes sure Low-Ki wants to go through with this math and gets shoved for his trouble. Low-Ki nails Scoot with a quick sidekick to the back of the head. Scoot is pissed and begins to destroy Low-Ki's leg with a shinbreaker and a dragon twist. Scoot applies an anklelock variation. Scoot pulls Low-Ki crotch first into the ringpost. Scoot wraps his leg around the post. Back in, Scoot catches him with a shinbreaker and a leg grapevine for a few nearfalls. Andrews continues his assualt, but Low-Ki school boys him for 2. Scoot goes for a Figure-Four, but is cradled for 2. Scoot kicks Low-Ki's leg out from underneath him and goes back to the grapevine. Low-Ki elbows out and applies a Fujiwara armbar. Scoot breaks the hold by stepping on Low-Ki's face. Low-Ki punches his way out of another shinbreaker attempt. Scoot delivers a german suplex. Both men's shoulders are down; Low-Ki lifts his at the last second for the win. (6:53) **1/2 Scoot thinks he won the match until Reckless tells him that he lost. Scoot hits Low-Ki with a Michinoku Driver into a piledriver. That move has a name, I just can't think of it. Scoot puts on a Figure-Four and uses the ropes for leverage. Even after the match he cheats. What a great heel he would make. Just as Reckless is about to enter the ring, Kevin Kelly stops him. Kelly tells him that if he goes in the ring the WWF will sue him. Reckless challenges Scoot to a match next month. After Scoot leaves, Youth helps Low-Ki and they shake hands. Why can't the WWE think of stuff like this?


The Briscoe Brothers vs. Mozart Fontaine & Eddie Valentine w/E.S. Easton

The Briscoe Brothers were still in high school here. Hell, one of them is still in high school now and the other graduated last week. Jay Briscoe is the older and bigger brother, so obviously Mark is the younger one with toothpick arms. I think Jay was 16 in this match, probably making Mark 15. Jay Briscoe and Mozart start the match with a nice sequence. The Briscoe Brothers are by far the most over guys on this show. Both men tag out. Mark shoulderthrusts Eddie in the corner. Eddie goes for a german suplex, Mark flips out of it. Eddie has Mark on his shoulders for an electric chair drop, but Mark victory rolls him for 2. Mark escapes a powerbomb attempt and reverses a flapjack with a sunset flip for 2. They trade nearfalls. Eddie offers a handshake and sucker punches Mark. Fontaine tags in. Mark ducks a double clothesline and hits both heels with an Asai moonsault. Jay tags in and the Briscoe Brothers hit stereo inverted atomic drops and clean house. Mark flies on to Mozart and Eddie with a somersault plancha. Jay follows that up with a BEAUTIFUL moonsault off the top to the floor. Mark tags back in. The Briscoes double dropkick Mozart and both hit him with standing moonsaults for 2. Jay tags in. Mark holds Mozart in the backbreaker position, meanwhile Jay legdrops him off the second rope for 2, as Valentine breaks the pin. Mark tags in, but Eddie enters the ring and german suplexes him. On the other end of the ring, Mozart DDTs Jay. Jay is sent to the floor and Mozart hits Mark with a spinning elbow drop. Eddie tags in. He arrogantly covers Mark for 2. Valentine gets Mark with a SWEET tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2 1/2. I haven't seen one those in a long time. Mark is rolled out of the ring, where Easton stomps him and rolls him back in for 2. Mozart and Fontaine go through the usual heel doubleteam spots when the ref is with Jay Briscoe. Valentine goes for another tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but this time Mark spins out of it and gets Eddie with a Diamond Cutter. Mozart tags in and stops Mark from tagging out. Mozart catches Mark with a spinning neckbreaker for 2. That would have ended it, but the ref was caught up with Jay. Eddie tags in and both heels choke Mark. Mark comesback with some punches. Eddie ends this momentum shift by DECKING Mark. Eddie stops a rana attempt with a powerbomb. BIG BOOT~! for 2. Mozart tags and piledrives Mark for 2, as Jay breaks up the pin. Mark hits a DIAMOND IN THE DUST!! I love that move. If you have No Mercy, it is one of the lockup moves in the corner. Mark makes the HOT tag. Jay cleans house. IT'S BREAKING DOWN IN TULSA! Everyone is in the ring. Briscoes with dual 10 punches in the corner. Mozart breaks out of his 10 punch and saves Eddie. They go for a spike piledriver on Jay, but Mark crotches Mozart. Jay has Eddie in the Downward Spiral position, while Mark bulldogs Eddie off the top for the win. It's a really cool move, just hard to describe. (11:53) *** Another good spotfest here. After the match, Kevin Kelly comes out with the Hass Brothers. The Hass Brothers dismantle the Briscoes. This all leads into our main event...


The Hass Brothers & Kevin Kelly vs. Cheetah Master & Ty Street

The Hass Brothers consist of Charlie and the late Russ Hass. Russ was the WWF developmental wrestler who died of aortic complications earlier this year. I forget the exact details. Sadly, Russ passed away just when the Hass Brothers were about to debut on WWF TV. Cheetah Master has been an ECWA mainstay practically forever. I don't have any background information on Ty Street, so if you have some let me know. Kelly bails as the other four go at it in the ring. Big brawl here, which ends up on the floor. In the ring, Street catches Russ with a flying headscissors. Cheetah chases Kelly around the ring, but he runs into a clothesline courtesy of Charlie. Street flies on to Charlie with a plancha. Russ out does him by going out with a somersault plancha. Finally the match settles down and Street hiptosses Cheetah on to Russ for 2. Cheetah hits three consecutive vertical suplexes for 2. Ty tags in. Cheetah drops Ty (in legdrop position) on to Russ for 2. Charlie hits Ty from behind giving Russ the chance to work the arm. Charlie tags in and goes through the typical armbar, armdrag spot. The crowd is VERY into this match. Russ tags in and they hit some doubleteam stuff for 2. Kelly gets the tag and rips off Ty’s shirt. HEY, I though Kelly said he was straight…never mind, it’s just so he can deliver some chops that are so STIFF they hurt his own hand. Kelly ducks a Street chop and tags Charlie. Charlie drops a spinning legdrop for 2.




Heel triple team in the corner. Russ tags and flapjacks Street into Charlie. Street dropkicks Russ off the top to the floor. Cheetah finally gets the HOT tag and fights both Hass Brothers. Charlie gets Cheetah with an inverted atomic drop. Kelly chokes Cheetah on the bottom rope. Awesome spot as Charlie applies a boston crab at the same time Russ applies a camel clutch. Now THAT is a tag-team finisher. Kelly comes in and works on Cheetah in the corner. Heel triple team, Charlie tags in and puts on a front facelock. Cheetah comesback with an Angleslam. Both men tag out. Ty goes for a pedigree on Russ, but Charlie clobbers him from behind. Russ misses a flipping avalanche. Ty hits both Hass Brothers with acid drops. The Hass Brothers end up on the floor. Cheetah comes off the top with crossbody on to both of them. In the ring, Street abuses Kelly, but Kelly FIREBALLS HIM! I’m not talking about a pussy Hogan fireball either. This was a big one that actually made contact. Kelly covers for the pin. (13:11) **1/2 After the match, Cheetah fights both Hass Brothers until Inferno runs in and attacks him. J.J. Johnston comes out to help Cheetah clean house.




For an indie show, this was pretty damn good. There were no real standout matches, but the show was solid with everything scoring at least ** (hold the two minute match). This tape isn’t for everyone, but I think that most wrestling fans would enjoy it because it has a little bit of everything. Two crazy spotfests, one match full of psychology and a WWE style main event. Since this version of the show was personally filmed footage the only place to buy it would be Wrestling Power. I’m sure if you scour the ‘net you may be able you find another site selling it.



Next Up: I don’t know, you tell me. The Poll. And of course Confidential will be up Sunday.


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