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WWE Confidential: June 22, 2002

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Guest TSMAdmin

WWE Confidential: June 22, 2002


Highest Rating: 1.5 (May 25, 2002)

Lowest Rating : 0.8 (June 7, 2002)


Last Week’s Rating: 1.2


I missed the intro to the show, so lets jump right to the first segment.


Cover Story: Diamond Dallas Page

Jesse Ventura inspired Page to become a manager. The AWA was interested in his promo tape and he went on to manage Badd Company. At 35 years old, Page wanted to be a wrestler. Regal talks about helping Page workout with Kanyon and Kidman. Kidman says that Page was a workaholic. Hogan was surprised Page was able to make it in the business because he started at an old age. Page's first match was three weeks after he started at the Power Plant. Some clips of Page teaming with Hall, Nash and Raven are shown. Nash talks about how choreographed Page's matches are. Page thought of the idea of him turning on the nWo. WCW management was against the idea because Page wasn't an established star. That is one of my all-time favorite moments in wrestling. After Diamond Cutting Hall and Nash, DDP ran through the crowd for the first time. We jump to DDP winning the WCW Title in a four-way against Sting, Flair and Hogan. Clips are shown. Page brings up teaming with Karl Malone and Jay Leno. Even after going mainstream, Page still wanted to go to the WWF. He was happy with the stalker angle, but he wanted to once again be the "King of Badda-Bing". That is the reason he is reluctant to retire now. Great interview, great clips. Kudos to the WWE for actually taking advantage of their archived footage.


Segment 1: 1/1


Before They Were Superstars: Stacy Keibler

She was an only child. She started dancing at age 3. Her dance career led to her becoming a Raven's cheerleader. Her parents never forced her to do something she didn't want to do. She had one boyfriend for seven years. They went to each other’s proms. She wanted to be a TV/Movie star. She cheered for two years and only quit because of the Nitro Girl contest. She was a fan at the time. Her audition is shown. She was a Nitro Girl for a month and then became MISS HANCOCK~! A few months after that she was a pulled from TV and sent to the Power Plant. When she entered the WWF, she told them she had no wrestling experience. I find that funny. Clips of the marriage and pregnancy angles are shown. All her hardwork finally paid off.


Segment 2: 1.5/2


William Regal discusses his REPTILE COLLECTION! He's a cooler guy than I originally thought. He has been collecting reptiles for 25 years. Currently he has 6 reptiles, a big iguana (Bluey), a little iguana (Grinch), a 5-foot TU (Billy), a snake (Toad), and a Tortoise (Speedy), and another big lizard (Wally). Billy is so smart that he was able to break out of his cage. Funny story, when Bluey is ready to breed he starts humping Mrs. Regal's head. Regal says that the reptiles would fight to the death if put in the same cage. Cue Raw Promo: Wally vs. Bluey. He wouldn't mind having his Pug fight one of the lizards.


Rob Van Dam and Eddy Guerrero discuss who has the better Frogsplash. RVD likes his better because he gets higher up in the air. Eddy thinks nothing can beat the original. Eddy adds that his looks more devastating, but RVD's is prettier because he is more graceful. Now they talk about the ladder match. This was Eddy's second ladder match and he admits that his first one was pretty bad. RVD came up with most of the spots. When the fan ran in, Eddy thought it was someone from the back with a new finish or something. Once he figured out it was a fan, he nailed him. RVD wants to do it again.


WWE Rewind>> Eddy Guerrero returning to the WWF and attacking RVD.


Segment 3: 2.5/3


Lita's been depressed lately. She noticed that she has no friends outside of the WWE and the highlight of her week is waiting for Matt to come home. Well, that was a nice uplifting bit.


Back to Austin. A part of Vince McMahon's speech on Raw is shown. And that's it. What a waste of 8 minutes this segment has been.


Segment 4: 2.5/4


Before They Were Superstars...again: Diamond Dallas Page

By the time he was 3, his mom was married, divorced, and had three kids. He lived with his dad for a while and then ended up with his grandma. DDP became a bouncer and dreamed of running a bar/night club. He ran his first bar at 21. He had dyslexia and ADD. He was reading at a third grade level at 30 years old. He dreaded reading outloud in school. At 32, he read his first book cover-to-cover. 10 years later he wrote his first book. DDP gives the usual pep talk about achieving your dreams.


Segment 5: 3/5


The divas talk about their proms. Two interesting facts:


1. Terry was a red head.

2. Molly was turned down twice, then she paid a guy to go to the prom with her.


Segment 6: 3/6


Next Week: Behind the scenes of Divas Undressed. Gene hints at a Jesse Ventura interview in the upcoming weeks.


If you feel the urge to speak with me, e-mail me at Retro Rob

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