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WWE Confidential: June 29, 2002

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WWE Confidential: June 29, 2002


The WWE ran a little mini-marathon last night, which included the very first episode of Confidential. I started reviewing the show the week after the first, so in the (very) near future you can expect a review of the May 25 show.


The show starts with a look back at the Kurt Angle-Shane McMahon match from last year's King of the Ring. The two guys discuss their game plans heading into the match.


OK, that's the end of the kayfabe. Shane was pretty much finished halfway through the match. Kurt was also tired from his two matches earlier. When Shane suplexed Kurt on the cement, Kurt seriously hurt his back. He thought he broke his tailbone. Somehow both men are up again. Kurt was barely able to toss Shane through the glass, which is why the glass didn't break the first time. After landing on his head Shane was able to see what was going on, but he couldn't hear anything. Kurt was worried for Shane's well being. Kurt wanted to skip the spot, but Shane demanded that they try it again. Shane tried to regroup while lying on the glass. Kurt thought that was the end of it, but Shane wanted to go through the other pane of glass. Kurt couldn't suplex him again, so he just drove him through the glass. Neither guy knew whether or not to go on. They decided to get to the planned finish. Kurt calls this his best match ever. The crowd was on their feet at this point. Kurt told Shane that he thought he broke his tailbone while they were on the top rope for the Angleslam. Originally a board wasn't going to be laid across the top rope for the finish, but Kurt knew that they couldn't stand on the top with out falling. Since that match Kurt and Shane have become very close friends.


I thought the match was surreal the first time I saw, but now I appreciate it MUCH more.


WWE Rewind>> Shane McMahon jumping off the scaffolding onto the Big Show at Backlash 2000.


Segment 1: 1/1


Before They Were Superstars: William Regal

William's tour of England starts at the amusement park, Pleasure Beach. When he and his family came to Pleasure Beach in 1975 he witnessed his first ever wrestling match. Basically these guys would challenge people in the crowd to fight them. In 1983, Regal agreed to the challenge and got his ass kicked, but he wouldn't give up. The following year Regal left school and lived near the amusement park. Regal tells a story of a drunken midget he used to work with. The midget would pretend to be a dummy and he would scare little kids. I already like that midget. Regal tours Blackpool in a horse driven carriage. He stops at a local pub because that was the first place he had a glass broken over his head. He dreamed of wrestling in the famous Blackpool Tower Circus. When he was 18 he had that opportunity. Some clips of Regal fighting a fat guy are shown. I guess they are from a card at the Blackpool Tower Circus. William doesn't wrestle for the money or fame; he does it because he enjoys it.


Segment 2: 1.5/2


Next up we go behind the scenes of the WWE/NASCAR Stacker 2 commercial. Does anyone actually like this commercial? There is a second commercial to follow this one where the NASCAR guys turn on Kenny Wallace (the one who sets them up in the first commercial) and he gets his ass kicked by the Superstars. Interestingly, Bob Holly and Elliot Saddler (in red jacket) are childhood friends. Al's advice to the NASCAR guys, "Keep your day jobs. It's easier to turn left for 500 miles than it is to get in the ring with me."


Segment 3: 1.5/3


Let's take a trip on the Way Back machine to Raw's highest rated segment ever. That's right...THIS IS YOUR LIFE ROCK! Unfortunately the WWE has decided to make this like pop-up video except unlike VH1, all of these pop-ups suck. The segment starts with Mick introducing the Rock's "first girlfriend". I guess the Football Coach and Home Ec. teacher weren't interesting enough for Confidential. Thank you WWE for telling me what a French kiss is with those fascinating pop-ups. The Rock brings up how "Joann" cut him off at second base and sends her packing. The Rock debuts the term "poontang pie" on WWF TV. So Lawler asks JR, "What kind of pie was that?" JR, "I don't know what kind of pie that was, but I'm sure she would be willing to serve it to the Rock piping hot, homemade." Mick, "I had no way of knowing your old girlfriend would be a skank." Mick takes out the people's presents, which are of course the Rock N' Sock jacket and the infamous Mr. Rocko. YURPLE returns to the WWF! Yurple debuted in the WWF on the same night as Mr. Socko incase you forget. Mick is starting to get mad at the Rock for not appreciating all the effort that went into this. Yurple leads everyone in a Birthday Sing-A-Long. Finally the pop-up has some relevant information. The guy who brought down the Rock's cake was also Goldust's usher back in 1995/1996. Rock, "The Rock's birthday is May 2nd you stupid son of a bitch." Mick, "I know that it's just everyday I get to spend a little bit of time with you...it sure feels like SOMEBODY'S birthday!"


This segment originally ran 25 minutes. I really don't think it is THAT funny, nor do I know why this is Raw's highest rated segment ever. I guess it might have something to do with Nitro airing a Konnan-Saturn match at the same time.


Segment 4: 2/4


There are only eight minutes left here and there are two segments to go, so this should suck. Some clips from the upcoming Diva's Undressed special are shown. OK, that was like two minutes long.


Segment 5: 2/5


Terri shows us what she packs for the road trips. She has 3 HUGE pieces of luggage with her. Typical woman. Terri makes the obligatory penis "joke". She seems to have trouble unzipping her bag. There are about two dozen thongs and panties in her bag. I think that is a bit much for four days. She has a whole bag devoted to lingerie. As if this wasn't bad enough Lawler is yelling "BRA AND PANTIES" in the background.


Segment 6: 2/6


Overall the show was bland. The opening segment was awesome, but there was nothing else worth watching. This wasn't worse than the TE2 episode though, so I can't really complain.


I'll be back with the May 22 Confidential and Best of the WWF Vol. 1 sometime this week.


Retro Rob

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